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  1. Ten Questions with Roxii

    The land of the mean pie and Schooner
  2. Triathlon entry numbers baffling

    Wasnt Huski on same day, and Wanaka the day prior? Would be good to dig into that issue ....
  3. What training did you do today?

    lol I hop on Zwift and find a trannie... It's a small world after all FFF you put me to shame with your dedication. I drag myself onto the bike at 8am and you are at 5am pounding away. Good stuff. I'm doing a bit... not often enough to call anything training. Not running or swimming much. Still got a few issues post 2016 crash. Glad to see a lot of you are active. Stick at it all! I'll check back in from time to time.
  4. The most amazing 2 hour long tribute today to an enormously talented man. What a shame that a light can burn so bright that all can bask in it, but within there is just dark. Farewell.
  5. Sorry to inform you that Rory of Thin Arthur fame in Aunty Jack (and much more in between being a good AG (68) Warringah tri club member) has passed away. I don’t have any details as yet beyond he was in hospital. He was active on Facebook a few days back with a lovely photo holding his Grandaigher. Ran a 5 k pb a few months back. I assume a few old dudes here would remember him or raced with him in recent years).
  6. Ted. I shared the story. Many people loving it. Rory’s wife said. “What a lovely memory Michael. Thank you for sharing”
  7. Rory had an album a few years ago. Featured a song about triathlon, and a member of Warringah Tri club Mike Smith aka Iron Mike https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/ballad-of-iron-mike/526575007?i=526575358
  8. That is a great story. I hope you dont mind, I will share it on the Warringah Tri Club site. I am sure many will get a laugh. A few of us are going to a memorial / service for him tomorrow at Riverside theatre parramatta. He had a one man show out there a few years back.
  9. Tubeless. Road. Anyone Running ?

    Anyone running tubeless on the road. Interested in experience / problems etc. Thanks . FYI I have some HED Jet Plus + wheels which are tubeless compatible.
  10. Bike stolen - Busselton

    Xentis. Good Wheels. Not that common. Pricey. I had a front tubular for a few years. Nice wheel. Great story of Jan Ulrich having one of these fitted wrong way around back in 2006. Cost him 20 watts! http://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/product-news/xentis-mark-1-wheels-74420
  11. I thought a bit about posting this... but given what his daughter has bravely shared, and when we look a the mental health issues shared here... this what happened. below... So bloody sad.... as it always is... “Many of you are asking what happened and how Dad died. We feel it’s important to share that Dad had suffered from severe depression and mental illness for many many years. He sadly took his own life while being treated in hospital. Dad had a long battle with his demons and despite his amazing life, talent and success, he was not able to overcome the illness that plagued him. We hope that by sharing this we can bring more awareness to the serious issue of mental illness and that we can support those in need. If only Dad could have read all your lovely words and thoughts. He touched so many people with his light and talent. He was surrounded by so much love, it’s such a tragedy that his illness prevented him from feeling it. Your love and best wishes are deeply felt by all the family and very much appreciated.
  12. Housing Bubble thread.

    Mosman 5-10% off. Few properties getting to auction as buyers take an early offer. 3 months or so now. About to rent for another 12 months having sold in April a few ks west of Rog aka Mr Manly
  13. Kona Counts

    Random comments They are no longer a Canadian brand - bought out 5 years back by PON (who do Focus I think). 3x original designers are gone I think. Vroom White and ? When I came back into riding after a decade out, I went to an S2 as I liked the brand and the Aero story and it was a cool looking bike. A few months later, I was in Hawaii and a p4 was fro sale real cheap (Bike Works I think). Guys told me they sell a few new bikes each year as people fly in with the measurements and then race... no idea if true and how much this changes things Triathletes are sheep a bit. Zipp wheels and Cervelo bikes ... bbaaa (I do not exclude myself from being a sheep! -I own 3 Cervelos. 1 Road (s3), 2 x TT P1 (Aluminium) and a P5 ).
  14. What training did you do today?

    Did my first "race" in 13 months . Club Duathlon 3/21/5. uuggghhh I have lost near 1 min a k in run pace .. but it was better than sitting on my butt at home. Also kinda forgot how much it hurts to wind it up and hold on ...
  15. Your best concert memorabilia........

    Took my 8yold to see Lorde at The Hordern Pav a few years back (pre real famous). Post event I said lets let the crowd go, avoid the rush blah blah. So we went to the front and checked out the stage set up etc (my kid sings a bit). A women came up and started talking to us - well my kid mostly. Long story short - it was Lorde's mum. 5 mins later she has a song sheet signed to my daughter with thanks for coming to your first concert to see me - signed Lorde. lol..wonder if she will ever top that
  16. Trail Running

    Not been on here much and what do I see ^^^^ this = not good - get better
  17. SPAM Accounts

    Fake news ?
  18. Kona LIVE Coverage 2017

    Was originally in April I think
  19. Tubular tyres

    Went to 25mm clinchers. Latex. Match them with the right tyre (prob a 23mm conti) and get good aero and rolling resistance. 30 years of tubbies or singles as they were. No more.
  20. Ironpro what are your thoughts on your new canyon

    P4 had that ie Bottom Bracket fill in bottle. UCI banned it but Tri's we're allowed I haven't seen the bottle is better on down or seat tube. Would love to see the testing on that.
  21. Sydney CBD Bike Service

    Not a bad idea. I can't recommend anyone in city. Mark Newtons specialised shop maybe. But the above suggestions not bad. Walk over the bridge or get a ferry. They may even have a shower you can use ...
  22. Sydney CBD Bike Service

    These were the guys I was going to sugggest.
  23. What training did you do today?

    First time I've done all the sports in this comeback (ssshhh don't say that word). One was a 4 k jog with the dog. And one a slow broken 1200m swim. And some time on the trainer. Still lots not right re body. But improving. Slowly.
  24. garmin TT mount

    A reasonable priced option, come in diff sizes. www.99bikes.com.au/profile-sp-computer-mount-25mm