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  1. 30kms south of God's Country.
  2. Near Mick Moylan's... That might stir the memories of the shire crew....
  3. can u hear me chuckling
  4. I've followed Rapp for a while, bright guy, cutting edge thoughts etc etc re aero etc ... This sucks and reaks of sales spin when he was sponsered, too dangerous for him yet he then thought it would be nice to give the bike away. WTF dude ? Credibility = zero zilch naught nufin GAME OVER As for DIAMOND. They are not much better ...
  5. Yeah I wondered about that (I had a front tyre go at 70kph + c1985) I wonder if its was a pothole ie snakebite. Very very sad.
  6. Yeah but where are the wipers?
  7. Seemed out of my reach way back then. And even when I have had enough coin, the bloody space in the kitchen has been too small! I must talk to my thearpist about this ... Or buy a Mcmansion
  8. I love it. But I could only find a LIKE button
  9. bugger..I was under my data quota for the month and you go ask this
  10. wow I am (sadly) impressed that ANY action is being taken. How many fines in NSW I wonder ...
  11. Nice I had a weird one the other day. HSBC US sent me an email saying their was a suspected fraud on my account (this was not a surprise as I have a few $ in an account and a debit card attached and it had just rejected at a vendor). However the weird thing was this email took me to another page and asked me to log on. While I knew this was probably a real email from HSBC, it just looked suspect so I rang them and said I am never going to put my details in on a web page that is selected off an email link. Especially with all the truncated (tiny) web page addresses on say twitter, on a phone it's hard to see what site you are really on at the best of times...
  12. That explains why you swim on your bathtub... cant get to the "local" pool
  13. Tough times. Good luck. Seek help if it gets too tough.
  14. Drunk one night mid 80's ... I wrote down 3 goals on a beer coaster. Fridge with and ice maker, a hugo boss suit, and one of these beauties in white!! Congrats!!! How does it handle? Tricky?