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  1. Gelatin

    What quantities of electrolyte and gelatin do you use?
  2. Velothon Sunshine Coast

    No they just closed the sections designated for sprint and KoM sections otherwise controlled roads. We were given right of way for right turns and some roundabouts otherwise fully open so occasional red lights and give way at junctions. Though through the hinterland not many of those! Definitely would recommend to others and dates set for the same weekend next year oh and I made it up Obi Obi
  3. Velothon Sunshine Coast

    I'm in for the three days. Been a good boost to the bike training for the tri season. Not sure what shape I will be in by the start of Sunday's ride but the courses are great so at least will be suffering with scenery
  4. I'm a little lost - Post Ironman

    The most important people to ask are right next to you not on the other end of a computer keyboard. Have a break from serious training and prioritise what the wife and kids want. Ironman can be a very selfish pastime so good opportunity to spend some quality time with the wife and kids doing what they want.
  5. No wonder cyclists are hated!

    Mah - He's a bike rider, not a cyclist
  6. Cairns Cap Count and Visor Volumes

    ...but your bike is on a plane to Perth
  7. 70.3 Sunshine Coast 2017 any dates?

    Bike course for 2017 is confirmed as similar to last year's WC with only one lap on the motorway before heading out to do two laps around the hills in Didillibah. Happy with the change as two laps of the motorway was pretty dull. http://m.ap.ironman.com/~/media/ff62625187d54141bb9dd047e2c50a69/im703sc17 bike.pdf
  8. Ironcentury Update Thread

    There would have to be a hell of a lot easier ways to get attention
  9. Marathons - any recommendations

    Sunshine Coast Marathon in August. Great time to visit - lots for the family to do too.
  10. Ironman Australia 2017

    And pleased to see everyone
  11. Transitions Run Visor

    4 for the cap, both visors are good options
  12. IM Cairns 2017

    Definitely not too early. Cranky started the Cairns 2016 thread in June 2015.
  13. Transitions Run Visor

    Cranky - Put me down for another visor (so 2 all together) and I will get a cap too PS Who is Go Visor?
  14. 10km Swim - Burleigh to Surfers: Paddler needed

    My sister-in-law was asking me to do the 10k with her so as not to require a paddler. Have you confirmed with the organisers? I think you can swim as two "individuals" but "solo" means you aren't swimming with anyone. I may be wrong and it wouldn't be the first time!