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  1. Yep fair enough. Some tracks here in south east melb have gates up so lanes 1-2 you cannot run in. We agree on something Peter 😨😨😨😨😨
  2. Yeah disappointing that
  3. Man I have started a procession in this area of taking action 😂😂
  4. In BB defence I do what he does and run in a alternating direction per repitition. Just commonsense doing so. Why load one leg more on the bends.
  5. This may happen. Interview tomorrow with Queensland Cricket
  6. Yes this should apply to those cyclists.
  7. So why do people doing doggy paddle go in the fast lane? Many people at pools are not actually what you call athletes and not swimmers but will swim in the fast lanes despite others being available. I have even seen them hop in when you have high class swimmers doing their training and then proceed to do slow breast stroke in the lane. Some even get upset when told to go to another lane. I am only going by what i see at the pool where I go. Maybe different elsewhere.
  8. Time pace signs are better than the slow med fast signs. Some people think 2min lap is fast
  9. Similar happen to me but a lady walking her dog. Every lap the dog tried to go at me. Why would you walk your dog at a track
  10. This is where things sit at the current time. The guys membership has been frozen so he has no access to any of the ATF Gyms. However he was informed of this and then said he will cancel his membership. I told the owner if he cancels his membership it will stop him from joining another ATF and then after 30 days he can access my gym again. The owner said ATF Head Office have to process the reports and then he will be most likely terminated. The video footage has been saved. In reference to the police well I would first want to discuss the incident with other parties (not him but those who helped involved as they saw things in a different view. Their input can help make further decisions considering that one was actually told to keep his hands off him. I would have all things together for the police even have a witness come with me which then maybe taking more seriously.
  11. Yep. Whether it was a 20 yo, a mother with two kids in the back seat or a 87 yo lady they have all done the same thing. If they use their phone parking they use their negotiating the roads through traffic which no matter your age is irresponsible and illegal. Problem is they do it once and no one says anything, do it again and still nothing happens but there will come a time when you will hurt someone or you will get caught doing it. Sometimes the person you hurt maybe yourself and anyone with you in the car at the time. People who use their phone when stopped at the lights think it is no big deal but when they take off and they get a beep on their phone to signal a reply to their previous usage most likely they will grab their phone and check but this time they are moving in traffic. Police should set themselves in a building on a intersection and take footage on these people and book them. When you are the cardio equipment at gym where I am on a busy intersection you can see it as clear as day.
  12. Go see a physio get a assessment done on your body then spend the next few weeks addressing any issues. Set you up better in the long run
  13. Sounds great in theory but I would do that to anyone
  14. Na. Be too scared to even enter doors in one of those gyms
  15. Yeah that is how I see it too at present. He wont be back at the gym as his membership is frozen until head office process the incident report. Shining light for me is that there are good people about who actually came to help and not be a bystander.