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  1. Nice session.
  2. What is the joke Roxii. Struggling to get what there is there
  3. Nice work mr IP
  4. Does a label define you
  5. omelette with avocado Mine same no avocado but spinach, zucchini, broccoli, red onion and some tomato sauce.
  6. Just doing what should be the norm
  7. Flogs seen many today. While I was cycling a blind man walking across traffic lights legally, he drops his stick and becomes flustered stops the lights turn green for cars, they start honking and abusing him telling him to get off the ****ing road. I got off my bike and went and helped him and the **** drivers just went straight past us like there was nothing happening we were still on the ****ing road for christ sake. At least we made it safely to the footpath and no one flogged my bike. Seen many flog drivers but today takes the cake this is case of what the **** are people thinking?
  8. Or those that fly past you on the bike, full aero helmet, disc wheel only to see them walking at the 2km mark of the run. It is a triathlon
  9. Josh Harris for the win. Top finisher in the world championships
  10. So it that case we should strap stuff on kids and tell them to run at this pace no faster no slower and see how much the enjoyment factor disappears. Run for free and for fun first
  11. Being soley dependent on it is where it becomes detrimental IMO. I use HRM in the past and still have one. Never a GPS. Use very rarely now just to check a few things but have learnt what it feels like.
  12. Exactly my thoughts
  13. HEY Peter I used some of your medicine. Got the shimano rod out and caught something. You earn a lot of money? have a easy life I have been told and seem to get a kick out being an arsehole to members on here which causes them to leave the forum this has happened in the past and quite recently. You even send PM to members saying you are going to make their life hell. IMO you are keyboard warrior who most likely would not have the guts to say what you say on here to peoples faces. Trying to the be smartarse is not always becoming, you may think it is funny but just remember the target audience could be on the cusp of mental decline. Do you ever think why people put posts on here? Some are after help in training and racing info and sometimes a person posts because maybe it is their main means of interaction with a community of people with similiar interests. Admin should have kicked you off the forum IMO.
  14. Ditch the gadgets and focus on what you are doing rather than what pace your are running. Best attack IMO is to run/walk. 10x2min with 30secs walk in between. Focus on cadence feeling light, running tall. It is easier to do this 2mins at a time rather than trying 5km where you just dig a big hole. Also do some skipping. This will generate some spring and also emphasise light on feet. Start small though 30sec with 15secs rest. As strength and fitness builds then you add time to the run but still maintain that walk bit. Heck a lot of people train to run a marathon by running in a ironman yet probably walk most of it.
  15. Really makes you focus on your efficiency when you create a fatigue overload on the upper body and core