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  1. It's not her go...
  2. FFS Foz, get your act together will you?
  3. Yeah. iFoz is fast 😆
  4. It's 8am now
  5. This Drugworld is a filthy, despicable place full of filthy, despicable people I'm all out of f*cks
  6. No they haven't
  7. I got Rattie back to Sydney a couple of years ago A most entertaining and educational day
  8. Good point Won't quite be the same without Cranky though
  9. The difference is that nobody is calling on what she said to be made unlawful, which is what 18c does She has made a stupid comment as she should be entitled to do, and she is being criticised for it as everyone else should be entitled to do That's how free speech is supposed to work. If you want to say stupid shit, the court of public opinion will hold you accountable for it
  10. I have to be there to make the group photo look good
  11. I hereby confirm my intention to attend this training event
  12. Longest sessions done Hope I've done enough...
  13. Indeed, TPP certainly is one of a kind!
  14. 18-106: IronmanFoz 293: IronJimbo
  15. Agree with all you've said Foz. Fantastic race, and the added bonus of catching up with your good self And beating you again