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  1. IMNZ 2018

    I finally have a 15h finish.
  2. Lazer Tardiz helmet visor???

    I have a TARDIS and visor, not impressed with visor, more info when I have a real keyboard.
  3. Busselton swims modified?

    Well this is disappointing https://amp.watoday.com.au/wa-news/finished-ironman-wa-organisers-call-time-on-iconic-jetty-swim-due-to-shark-concerns-20180219-h0wbnw.html
  4. Geelong 70.3

    No idea, but I had a half decent race Best conditions since I first did Geelong in '13
  5. Geelong 70.3

    Flying down on Friday, last long training day before NZ. 5th time around.
  6. OT saving lives

    22 Donations last year. First donation this year resulted in a Phone call from Red Cross saying I am not allowed to donate for 6months and go see my doctor - NOW. (2 sets of blood tests since then, and now a list of specialists to see, and not close to a diagnosis on why my bloodwork is... 'not normal') If some other Canberra peoples could join the Red25 club and donate in my place, that would be good - keep our end up
  7. TriCanberra

    I think you might be right. Somedays I wish I didn't have morals...
  8. TriCanberra

    Saw that, but I am thinking he may have skipped one lap on the swim, being that a 17:02 swim seems unlikely. (Or was the bloke in the 30-39 swim cap who started two waves earlier...) - For reference - it looks like the next fastest swimming took 20:08 for the swim.
  9. Trannies Strava Page

    One word answer - Zwift.
  10. TriCanberra

    Might have been me, I know I exchanged pleasantries with a someone once or twice. (To the amusement of a set of bike riders who was rather tickled that two guys were calling each other trannie)
  11. TriCanberra

    I noticed. You are welcome. (For those playing along at home, I am surprised they didn't have someone from event management triple checking you were okay, you were spent.) Anyone else notice the shoutout to Trannies by the announcer?
  12. TriCanberra

    Yep, Good day out.
  13. TriCanberra

    Bugger. Slow swim for me then Last two LBG swims were 10min flat for 500m, and 24min and change for 1k... both no wetsuit (although why you would wear a wetsuit for a sub km swim I am uncertain.)
  14. TriCanberra

    You have been talking to me recently? Considering my swim atm (Oh please let it be wetsuit legal...) - Maybe I can get done for blocking on the bike, while we have a chat
  15. Wetsuit life

    I have a set of blue seventy core shorts that do maybe an hour in the (chlorine) pool a week, and have since March 2014. A small tear is all the issues I have had with it, so I would suggest that the lifespan of newer suits can't be that bad.
  16. TriCanberra

    Last wave in the Mens - Awesome, I won't get run over by the ladies in the swim (45min between our wave and the next). (Just on the bike... and then the Run...)
  17. TriCanberra

    I am in for the olympic as well. Will see how that goes...
  18. Icarus

    Best doco I saw last year. Something about being in the right place at the right time. So saying, I think even without the sochi issues, I think it would have been a very interesting doco anyway. (And I might need to listen to Lance' podcast, if only for the interview with Fogel.)
  19. What training did you do today?

    Best 1km swim TT in 16months this morning... 18:03 Can I say I was disappointed to not get under 18min flat?
  20. 40 Kona Slots

    Minor technicality
  21. 40 Kona Slots

    What about legacy slots?
  22. Long Course Weekend 2018

    Well, I guess I should try again and this time actually finish... Might wait until after I get the results from the blood tests first...
  23. 40 Kona Slots

    What we don't see is the number of entries, and their distribution. It is quite likely that more than 50% of the tickets were purchased by Americans.
  24. most patronising thing said

    My In-laws don't get it - the FIL made the statement that it doesn't take much for me to win, I just have to hope those in front pull out. with my best IM time at just under 14 hours, I don't think that I will ever pull a Bradbury. If everyone in front of me was to pull out, there are worse issues, and the race will have been cancelled, and I will get pulled as well. Apparently this means I have the wrong attitude... And I thought it meant I have the correct attitude. I am not in this to win, I just want to go out and smash myself, and have a little fun at the same time - Winning? Meh - that sounds like hard work
  25. Trannies Strava Page

    Had a "Poor" on Wednesday night. That was after the first 6 mins of a training run, which was started about 10mins after finishing an aquathon which included my fastest 5k in about 2 months... "Recovery time: 3.5 days" was what the watch told me post training run...