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    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    And with that news... Guess I know what I am doing in 2020...
  2. Cape_Horn

    IMNZ 2018

    I finally have a 15h finish.
  3. Cape_Horn

    Lazer Tardiz helmet visor???

    I have a TARDIS and visor, not impressed with visor, more info when I have a real keyboard.
  4. Cape_Horn

    Busselton swims modified?

    Well this is disappointing https://amp.watoday.com.au/wa-news/finished-ironman-wa-organisers-call-time-on-iconic-jetty-swim-due-to-shark-concerns-20180219-h0wbnw.html
  5. Cape_Horn

    Geelong 70.3

    No idea, but I had a half decent race Best conditions since I first did Geelong in '13
  6. Cape_Horn

    Geelong 70.3

    Flying down on Friday, last long training day before NZ. 5th time around.
  7. Cape_Horn

    OT saving lives

    22 Donations last year. First donation this year resulted in a Phone call from Red Cross saying I am not allowed to donate for 6months and go see my doctor - NOW. (2 sets of blood tests since then, and now a list of specialists to see, and not close to a diagnosis on why my bloodwork is... 'not normal') If some other Canberra peoples could join the Red25 club and donate in my place, that would be good - keep our end up
  8. Cape_Horn


    I think you might be right. Somedays I wish I didn't have morals...
  9. Cape_Horn


    Saw that, but I am thinking he may have skipped one lap on the swim, being that a 17:02 swim seems unlikely. (Or was the bloke in the 30-39 swim cap who started two waves earlier...) - For reference - it looks like the next fastest swimming took 20:08 for the swim.
  10. Cape_Horn

    Trannies Strava Page

    One word answer - Zwift.
  11. Cape_Horn


    Might have been me, I know I exchanged pleasantries with a someone once or twice. (To the amusement of a set of bike riders who was rather tickled that two guys were calling each other trannie)
  12. Cape_Horn


    I noticed. You are welcome. (For those playing along at home, I am surprised they didn't have someone from event management triple checking you were okay, you were spent.) Anyone else notice the shoutout to Trannies by the announcer?
  13. Cape_Horn


    Yep, Good day out.
  14. Cape_Horn


    Bugger. Slow swim for me then Last two LBG swims were 10min flat for 500m, and 24min and change for 1k... both no wetsuit (although why you would wear a wetsuit for a sub km swim I am uncertain.)
  15. Cape_Horn


    You have been talking to me recently? Considering my swim atm (Oh please let it be wetsuit legal...) - Maybe I can get done for blocking on the bike, while we have a chat
  16. Cape_Horn

    Wetsuit life

    I have a set of blue seventy core shorts that do maybe an hour in the (chlorine) pool a week, and have since March 2014. A small tear is all the issues I have had with it, so I would suggest that the lifespan of newer suits can't be that bad.
  17. Cape_Horn


    Last wave in the Mens - Awesome, I won't get run over by the ladies in the swim (45min between our wave and the next). (Just on the bike... and then the Run...)
  18. Cape_Horn


    I am in for the olympic as well. Will see how that goes...
  19. Cape_Horn


    Best doco I saw last year. Something about being in the right place at the right time. So saying, I think even without the sochi issues, I think it would have been a very interesting doco anyway. (And I might need to listen to Lance' podcast, if only for the interview with Fogel.)
  20. Cape_Horn

    What training did you do today?

    Best 1km swim TT in 16months this morning... 18:03 Can I say I was disappointed to not get under 18min flat?
  21. Cape_Horn

    40 Kona Slots

    Minor technicality
  22. Cape_Horn

    40 Kona Slots

    What about legacy slots?
  23. Cape_Horn

    Long Course Weekend 2018

    Well, I guess I should try again and this time actually finish... Might wait until after I get the results from the blood tests first...
  24. Cape_Horn

    40 Kona Slots

    What we don't see is the number of entries, and their distribution. It is quite likely that more than 50% of the tickets were purchased by Americans.
  25. Cape_Horn

    most patronising thing said

    My In-laws don't get it - the FIL made the statement that it doesn't take much for me to win, I just have to hope those in front pull out. with my best IM time at just under 14 hours, I don't think that I will ever pull a Bradbury. If everyone in front of me was to pull out, there are worse issues, and the race will have been cancelled, and I will get pulled as well. Apparently this means I have the wrong attitude... And I thought it meant I have the correct attitude. I am not in this to win, I just want to go out and smash myself, and have a little fun at the same time - Winning? Meh - that sounds like hard work