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  1. http://konafive.com/ invented for IP and AP

    One day, maybe, hopefully...
  2. Season 2017/18

    Current Schedule LCW (really need to look for accom and actually enter - And talk my wife into the sprint distances) Hartley IMNZ
  3. Zwift setup; whats the best tech.

    The KICKR broadcasts ant+ (and BTLE) For Zwift(insert cycling application here) to be able to use this data, the computer also needs to be able to listen to the datastream. If the processing computer is remote, and you are just streaming (well, casting) to the TV, then the data from the KICKR won't transmit to the controlling computer, which in turn means it won't work. (Really long USB cable maybe? note: 5m max before a powered repeater is required) I think I did see something about the possibility of *just* using the appleTV, but I have no working knowledge of that as a solution.
  4. Zwift setup; whats the best tech.

    Just remember, you will need ant+ or bluetooth for sensor integration from your cave to your beast...
  5. Another AG race controversy

    And how much skin is shown on instagram...
  6. WTB - Overly large Womens wetsuit

    Nope - no idea on size. Okay, some idea. Size18-22, Height 157cm. If someone has something suitable - awesome, if you have some idea about a company that makes/sells obscure sizes - please, let me know.
  7. WTB - Overly large Womens wetsuit

    Not seeing a problem - Some of us like it that... I'll finish that line of thought now...
  8. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    27th-29th October (And maybe?)
  9. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    Current mara pb is 5h55m... (off the bike) Aim would be ~5hours
  10. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    Question for Emo - What is the run cutoff time for the mara at Jervis Bay?
  11. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    I was referring to my usual team's performances, do well at the start, then crash out and not finish. Maybe next year I will choose my team based on the premise of "Who do I want to see do badly?"
  12. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    Yep - Same I have been on and off about Jervis Bay LCW - But after reading through this over the last few days, I am thinking I am going to have to drive down to the coast... (Still not sure about 42km on the Sunday)
  13. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    Yep Now screwed. Thomas and Porte out, and Dan Martin on the deck - last night was not good for my team... (Knew I should have picked Contador...)
  14. OT saving lives

    #71 for me today And my first post donation faint... no idea... /headdesk...
  15. Cross bike

    NSWCX seems to be MTB only in Cgrade ACTCX is Agrade = CX only, B/C can use MTB's (technically, MTB is allowed in A grade but only on 33mm or less tyres)
  16. Tenby Long Course Weekend is here....

    Best of Luck.
  17. Cross bike

    Currently running a Spec Crux (Alu) - does double duty as a commuter and the sled that comes last at every CBR CX race... My preference is Alloy, but that is because I would rather a cheaper commuter. TRP HY/RD brakes make an interesting mix, cable to the unit, then hydro for the calipers. full hydro would be nice, but... will wait until I need to rebuild the drivetrain. By preference, get discs, and hydro. I sold my previous CX bikes for braking issues in the wet. (2010 BMC CX02, Avid Shorty Ultimates) - braking on the new bike is SO much better. Looking at keeping it until I crash it properly, no reason to update it atm.
  18. Tour de France Tipping Contest

    (finally remembered to join the league) And it looks like my team will do what they did in the Giro - sit top 3 until halfway through the last week, then tank...
  19. Cyclist hater who killed a cyclist gets 8 years

    Question - (One I have posited before) For many people, Driving (at least in Australia) is seen as a RIGHT,not a privilege. So When their licence is suspended, they will continue to drive, and even when caught again, and their suspension is extended, they will (still) continue to drive. The loss of a licence is no deterrent, the fines are not a deterrent. Other than the following option - What can we do other than jail, as a deterrent? (Because Jail is not specifically a place of rehabilitation, and for some of these people, more of a drain on tax payers money than the benefit to the community etc.) [hmm... 30hours of community service a week until their suspension is up? as well as the below option?] Option - with the caveat. Crush their car.If they are driving someone else's car - Bad luck to the other person - Crush the car. If you let a person with a suspended licence drive your car, bad luck, you enabled their behaviour, you are an accessory to their crime, and therefore should also be called to account. Maybe we could be nice - First offence - 3months of lockup for the car. Crush on second offence. So the person with no licence can keep buying bangers, if they so feel the need (and lose them weekly, if targeted by the cops), but their friends will learn very quickly to not enable them. And the public outcry really should get up enough noise to start the whole community down path of acceptance of this idea that 'Driving is a Privilege, not a right.'
  20. Motorist hits cyclist - gets 1 demerit point

    Agree. The excuse of "I didn't have control" means shit - When you consider that they had the ability to NOT lose that control in the first place (All they had to do to not lose their control would be to not imbibe in the first place) - They made a conscious choice to give up control, therefore anything that that do while under the influence should be classed as premeditated.
  21. Does a oly distance even count as a warm up for you these days? (And who would you be representing, Aust/Hawaii/USA? considering that it is USA Triathlon offering the slot...)
  22. Zwift v TrainerRoad v Full Gaz

    As johan said It is easy to use trainer road and zwift at the same time, just helps to have a second ant+ stick. (one per program) Set zwift up using power only from the kickr (ie. don't have the kickr under the controlled trainer setting), and set the kickr up as normal in trainer road - Then you get the prettiness of Zwift and the session from TR. Easy.
  23. 920XT still the best option?

    Stock strap here, well, the pod from my 500, and a polar strap because - it just works...
  24. Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    I thought yours was the one with the gold stitched URL on the back? the special single order one...
  25. Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    So now I am just trying to work out how many spares you have lying around at home... (I also have a feeling that a small stack will be taking to each beer mile for a little while) EDIT: - and why do I always seem to get the top of the new page )