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  1. #1 - Sync TrainerRoad to Garmin - hmm... I thought this was done through but apparently not - Answer, if you are running the 935 at the same time, that will sync the qorkout anyway, so possibly not needed. #2 - Please define - If you are using ant+ for all inputs, then you can just have cadence/speed/power (if you have a PM/smart trainer) hooked in as you usually would while you are out for a ride. - Or is it that you want the virtual power from TR to output on your 935? (in which case, it *might* be possible, but I am uncertain) #3 - just like every other HRM/device. Making the assumption they haven't change anything from the 920xt - setting -> sensors and Accessories -> add new -> (and just click search all, or Heart Rate - unless you know the DevID etc.) Feel free to ask more questions
  2. Looks very pretty - will need to add this to my lists of races to do.
  3. So I am just waiting for the Port18 report Didn't stop for a beer around the mid20's mark, walked the last 15km... Nice write up
  4. This Wish I could be there, even if to just hand out drinks.
  5. Rode at ~68% at IMWA 2016 - still ran like crap. (training for any and all disciplines may have been a good idea)
  6. Don't worry about it, apparently I didn't swim between 21st Sept and IMWA last year (And haven't swum since... ) Swimming - It is just like riding a bike... It comes back to you. (And over 3.8k, you have a while to remember how...)
  7. Sure, I'll set up a team.
  8. Yes But then again... When does that ever stop us?
  9. No issues here swimming with the sleeved suit on under the wetsuit.
  10. So - similar to Emo's F2 race at the regatta? I like the idea (But again, location is a big decider if I was to race)
  11. Lego Batman - Agree with goughy - Not worth spending money on (Kids may love it, but way too many flaws, pacing was off etc) Ghost in the Shell - I really wanted to like this. And I nearly did. There was just something... missing. (Rough outline - The existential questions asked of a cyborg - who are you really?) Power Rangers - reboot of the 90's tv show/s. Results - first half was good, story worked, pacing was good, then it went to shite. Life - Good movie - a few 'issues' (You are on space station, you had years to prepare, and yet you didn't setup the lab to be able to be ejected and nuked? really? - and they still could have continued the movie as it was had they had fixed this...)
  12. You'll be fine. I have a feeling you might have done more than I did before my last IM. (first swim in nearly 4 months was the race.. oops)
  13. Okay - So I got my profile pic back and working (in horrible quality, I seem to have lost the original And flickr (or the tog) have taken it down. It was from 6+ years ago) Question - Under a users profile page, how does one change the profile background? (ie. Roxii has his Ireland WC shot in profile, and a softride in this background)
  14. Got a feeling you might be right
  15. Currently Zwift feeding a kickr runs off a dedicated pc in my house. Runs both Zwift and Sufferfest App at the same time (2x Ant+ sticks) 16gig of ram and an AMD A8-3800 or some such cpu+apu Does the job. (not bad for ~300 in computer hardware) - but if I was buying the whole thing now, I would still custom build the computer (basic is fine) - but I would be looking at the TACX Neo, not the KICKR (Cobbles feedback in zwift :D)
  16. This. Most important is fit, everything else is secondary. ( #1 The biggest impediment to aerodynamics is the lump ontop of the saddle - #2 - the 'most aero position' is useless if you cannot run well when you get off.) Once you work out what frames will fit, either test ride and buy what you like, or custom build up a frame, find contact points you like, and build it up to your $budget$
  17. Also - from memory, from a frame only point of view, the difference between a p2 and p3 was just the fork, the frame is the same, just a different colour scheme.
  18. look like fun to me
  19. RE: optical vs 'old strap' HRM (Garmin HR vs Fitbit ChargeHR) The fitbit took a lot longer to notice a ramp, and was usually 20%+ out while exercising. (was fine for non-active times)
  20. (another) KICKR owner here - Get a TACX Neo. And a bigarse fan
  21. Platelet donations scheduled for me on the 7th and 21st of April here.
  22. My apologies 369.99, inc postage from Bikebug. (at that stage, they wanted 500+ for the blue, and 650+ for the black)
  23. Hopefully not too late - 1x Cap please.
  24. My 910 shat itself (again) at IMWA. After testing, basically it looks like it gets a memory fault in any file over ~4hours, 2 months ago, I purchased a 920XT. I will admit I am liking the 920. Would I upgrade to the 935? with the difference being an upgraded CIQ and Optical HR, the answer is... no. (Esp as I managed to find the 920 for less than $320 delivered - can't fault the pricing - I have have to deal with it being red/white)
  25. They have reset his position to the ACT border where he was stopped. Also - Jacqui Bernadi has apparently stopped in Bright and turned off her tracker to spend some time in reflection.