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  1. Wearing Face Masks for Cycling

    If memory serves, I saw a study on small particulates, specifically comparing commuting via car and via push bike. (With the original theory that as you are breathing harder, and outside, riding a bike was worse for your lungs than sitting in the car for the same commute.) Results were that being that little bit further away from the cars, and continuously moving, in dense traffic, a bike is better for your lungs, not withstanding that a rider on a bike means one less car.
  2. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    heh - forgot that bit. As Shane says, uturn is a 3-5second hold.
  3. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    You should be able to uturn... - And I would expect the icon to change to left/straight/right when you get to a turn area. But due to the second bit, maybe they removed it? (Except I thought I saw the uturn button last week) Initial route setting would be via the login screen, so would not be something in the companion app. Same with the start/stop - You start by selecting route before you start, then jump on the bike, and you don't move until you pedal, stopping, well, same again, you stop when you get off at which point - why have it on the app, when you have the computer.
  4. Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Problem.

    I found the straps on the garmin hrm's would last about 3months before they started giving funky readings (and then no readings the month after that. Answer - Buy a Polar strap (you don't need to replace the pod, just the strap) - My Garmin HRM on the Polar strap has been going for 5 years without issue. (Starting to get a little frayed, still works fine). Ie. - http://www.highlytunedathletes.com.au/Polar-Pro-Chest-Strap-Only-M-XXL.html (This is making the assumption that your strap has a pod that comes off, unlike the garmin tri hrm)
  5. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    If you can see the map (the actual map, with your position) it is connected properly. There is another page that has a button to u-turn, and I believe that page then displays turn buttons when you come up to a turn. There used to be another page for the different emotes, and for giving kudos, I think it may have been integrated into the messaging page.
  6. How u ever volunteered at an IM

    I have vollied at a few halfs. (Plus shorter races) Like Kieran says, it is a bit hard when your location puts you a long way from a race. Currently, If I am not up fitness wise for IMNZ, I will end up volunteering for this coming year.
  7. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    That is why I mentioned the term guest. Unfortunately, I cannot see into your network, so I don't know your current setup, some networks are setup so that while you can connect many devices, the devices can only talk with the outside world, not with each other. This will break the zwift communication between devices. May I ask, what do you expect the android device to do, you said that it shows the map and lists riders nearby. Being that I cannot see what you are seeing, I have a feeling that it might be working as designed, and may be connected. Once you are riding (all controlled from the computer) The companion app will show riders nearby (which it won't do if you are not connected) - It has a screen to show current power/cadence/HR etc. (assuming you have cadence and HR connected to your computer), there is a screen for changing direction, sending ride-ons, in game chat, etc. It does not have the ability to be used as a game display. (I am trying to remember if it can be used to stop a ride, to save and upload a ride, I will have to test it tonight, now that my phone is back and working)
  8. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    The Android app is a companion app ONLY, it does not allow you to ride. They are working on bringing out a riding app for android later, but it hasn't been released yet. For the companion app to work properly, it must be connected to the same network as the computer that is is running zwift. (ie, if on wifi, the then wifi cannot be in guest mode)
  9. Aero position

    As others have hinted at. Aero becomes less important when it starts to impact the run. Which in turn then means it isn't a general 'if you ride more than 6 hours, a road bike is better for you' If a 5h bikers needs a VERY aggressive fit to get to 5hours, but cannot run at all off the bike, then the aero benefit is wasted entirely. If they can run off a fit that slows them by 15mins, then less aero is better overall. Personally, on a flat course, I would prefer to ride the TT over the road bike, If I go 6 hours on either, I find that I am more comfortable on the TT bike, and my legs feel better to start the run. The fact that I need the extra 15-20w on the road bike on the same course for the same speed has a bit to do with this. But I am not hugely aero (Just better than on the roady.) Also comes down to the rider, if someone has underpowered legs, but a very strong core, then they should be able to hold the TT position easier for longer, so a TT bike WILL benefit them more than the person with more leg strength who spends 20mins on the TT bars, and then sits up like a sail for the next 6 hours.
  10. Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Note. I believe this is the case for bluetooth (but IS the case for ant+) -Your can only have one application accessing the comms device at a time, So if you did want say, zwift and trainer road both running at the same time, and accessing you datastreams, you would need two comms devices. (Ie. for my pc, I have two ant+ sticks, one for zwift, one for sufferfest OR trainerroad OR Garmin Connect, and of those 3 appilcaitions, only one can run at a time, or there is a device conflict and some won't work properly.)
  11. Athlete tracker

    4am only exists if getting up for a race, or off to the snow.
  12. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    I got mine from my local specialised shoe shop (The Runner's Shop, Canberra)
  13. Tubeless wheels

    old tape was usually tufo branded, if memory serves. (And on the topic of rolling tyres, I have seen two separate people roll off road tubeless clinchers in the last year )
  14. Tubeless wheels

    Either 'This is the traditional way' (And I have seen tape on the track, and rolling tubs is painful - has tape got significantly better?) Or - "Find me a better excuse to get high from glue flumes?"
  15. Sydney ocean swimming logistics

    Another vote for dragging a dry bag with your kit in it.
  16. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    I will say The usage of phones in general weirded me out - I don't do much group running or racing, and so I only seem to run with people around in tri's, where there is usually a no headphone rule. So being out there, with all the different groups, different distances etc, and so many with ear buds (or in some cases, full over the head cans), pulling phones out, not to take photo's, but to call people, etc. - really confusing.
  17. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    So a quick look around on the start line for the LCW marathon showed that of the 10ish people in my near vicinity, more than half were wearing Hoka's of some description.
  18. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Well, the bike leg is harder than Busso or Melbourne (but that isn't hard to see) There are some definite benefits, if you can recover well after the bike, you should run better, which means easier to recover as a whole. Having the other groups racing as well makes for a good atmosphere. I liked it, and plan on going back next year. (sans 5+kg and +20-40watts)
  19. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Home and hosed now. (Just a short drive to Canberra post race.) Run was good. New PB is always nice (5h21m) - Still lots of work to do, but it is nice to see improvement. Trying not to second guess myself about the ride. Maybe I am a little more of a masochist than others, but I will standby my opinion that the first lap of the bike should have been last - I would have preferred the larger hills closer to the end (and being in full shade, that would have helped as well, which in turn means we would have hit Braidwood Rd earlier.) Right - now for sleep, and my best robocop impression at work tomorrow...
  20. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    I'll race you for last.
  21. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Started seeing things on the second lap, while trying to not fall asleep, legs had nothing. pulled the pin at the end of the second lap. Got dragged to medical when I went to register my dnf (then got called afew hours later to see if I was still on course...) See you in the morning for the run.
  22. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Well, if you see me ATM, the answer seems to be 'twins'
  23. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Good news.
  24. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Correct. I don't know when he started, just that he finished. They should fix the time (at which point I drop a place, I Am expecting)
  25. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Hmm.. A guy with a last name of Monk has a swim time of 2h47m https://www.multisportaustralia.com.au/home/results?c=1&r=6307&e=1&gdr=Male I'll make the assumption Monkie got to start...