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  1. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Being built like a ken doll, I am not sure I really can comment on this front, (or lack of it) (Or I just need to stock up on potatoes)
  2. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Both are valid terms. Both are an affront to nature
  3. Run coaching groups. The new "thing" ?

    That is me on a bike...
  4. What training did you do today?

    Last night was my first 10k run this year (And I even managed to come in under the hour) /happydance
  5. varying cost of Ironman Races

    "Challenge - We Are Family"
  6. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Sluggos... (And maybe a sleeve Trisuit - or I just get a new fusion suit once this one is screwed, and get a big trannies logo stuck on it :D)
  7. AAA 2018

    F*** it. Time to Bandit up a race then (oh, and the week before E'Tape is Hartley, which means another ~150 cyclists riding up Charlotte's each day on that weekend)
  8. Croeso i Ironman Cymru

    I have to admit After reading that, I am inspired. (It helps remind me why I started this stupid sport in the first place)
  9. Croeso i Ironman Cymru

    A picture says a thousand words. and that photo Says exactly WHY it was a 9hour bike split. Well done.
  10. Bkool Trainer

    That looks very... computer generated I think I'll just wait to see what dcrainmaker says... (Note: - Their previous trainers are actually pretty good, esp. when you consider the pricepoint, I think I might just be worried about the stability of the thing)
  11. Run coaching groups. The new "thing" ?

    @7% interest, $200 in 1990 would be $1242 this year @3% it would only be $444 (Not an accountant)
  12. Power meter is doing weird stuff

    As Alex said - the type of trainer is important - Specifically fluid trainers have a very different power curve when cold compared with when they are warm. Check what trainer you have and get back to us.
  13. New Tri Suit

    I think I can see why that might not have sold well...
  14. People might never ride outside. Kickr Climber.

    Nope, newest (release this week) model only. Small changes, specifically, new axle design (the more important bit - it allows for no friction when rotating the bike), and a cutout on one of the arm that holds the cassette in place (So that you have less chance of a bit of your bike hitting the KICKR)
  15. Question for the runners

    Partly yes, and partly no. I cannot run sub5's for 5k atm. (injury a few months ago), I have NEVER been able to run sub 5's for a marathon. I hope that one day I will. There are some people stupid enough (Yes, I am including myself) to start an IM knowing that no matter how perfectly they pace the bike, the run won't be under 4 hours. (My best stand alone half mara is 2h05m, best off the bike is 2h08m?... - And without Fitness Buddy, I think my best off the bike would still be ~2h25m) Some cannot train enough, maybe we are the people who shouldn't race, but then again, I am happy to be a tri-tourist. as much as the sentiment shits me, I am still happy to say I am the reverse pro-cyclist. (When you are oncall and getting paid to carry a laptop, it shouldn't stop you riding, and if you get paid to ride, that makes you pro, right? Just when work rings, you have to stop - thus paid to NOT-train...) Getting stronger on the bike only helps so much, if there is not enough run-base to be able to be able to do something with good legs when you get off the bike. For those who can ride well enough, but can pace VERY well, more running will help more. (This is somewhat course specific, the harder the bike course, the more bike time will be required, ymmv) More training in general will help those 98% of the field. more bike or run, both are needed. (And I do remember a self confessed 'gun runner' swearing at me as I walked past him one IMMelb, as he didn't have the bike training and pushed too hard)
  16. People might never ride outside. Kickr Climber.

    My response. Looks like my Gen1 KICKR will be up for sale in the near future.
  17. I am speechless, and that is rare......

  18. Oakley making helmets now.

    looks like a track helmet. (Nothing wrong with that) Will it be fast, will it be comfortable (subjective), will it have airflow... Will it get A/NZ2063 certification? (most importantly for us in Aus
  19. Garmin Edge 1030... Dayum!!!

    One of the guys in my club is.... very unhappy... with his 1000. So the question is - will this actually be stable and just work.
  20. Question for the runners

    I resemble that remark...
  21. Orica Scott. The Movie

    Saw it last night. Most people afterwards said they teared up at different points in time. More Doco that just a rehash of backstage pass. I found it enjoyable.
  22. kurt kinetic inride or other products

    the values from the inride are going to be close enough to exactly the same to virtual power from trainerroad or zwift, as they are going to leverage the same resistance curve. Basically, as the inride won't change the resistance, there is no reason to buy it if you are using software that calculates virtual power. (And a bucketload cheaper if you don't buy it, afterall, you already would have speed/cadence sensor, and an ant+ stick is cheap, if you don't already have one.)
  23. Which Ironman will you be doing in 2018?

    IMNZ, might see where the finances are, and possibly also do Busso
  24. Lifesavers are being sued

    And ban him from future events - From his own words - he is at risk on the swim leg. (Or do we need to have him go through and get certified to be able to swim the distance?)
  25. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    my n=1 experience with latex has been good. 2 punctures since I started, both had had rather large holds in the tyre, but the tube has deflated slowly (which is a good thing, from a safety perspective), unlike with butyls, which seem more prone to explaosive air loss. (might just be shit tubes, who knows) rolling resistance is a bit betterm but that one takes experimentation to prove. I like them