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  1. #1 - Sync TrainerRoad to Garmin - hmm... I thought this was done through but apparently not - Answer, if you are running the 935 at the same time, that will sync the qorkout anyway, so possibly not needed. #2 - Please define - If you are using ant+ for all inputs, then you can just have cadence/speed/power (if you have a PM/smart trainer) hooked in as you usually would while you are out for a ride. - Or is it that you want the virtual power from TR to output on your 935? (in which case, it *might* be possible, but I am uncertain) #3 - just like every other HRM/device. Making the assumption they haven't change anything from the 920xt - setting -> sensors and Accessories -> add new -> (and just click search all, or Heart Rate - unless you know the DevID etc.) Feel free to ask more questions
  2. Looks very pretty - will need to add this to my lists of races to do.
  3. So I am just waiting for the Port18 report Didn't stop for a beer around the mid20's mark, walked the last 15km... Nice write up
  4. This Wish I could be there, even if to just hand out drinks.
  5. Rode at ~68% at IMWA 2016 - still ran like crap. (training for any and all disciplines may have been a good idea)
  6. Don't worry about it, apparently I didn't swim between 21st Sept and IMWA last year (And haven't swum since... ) Swimming - It is just like riding a bike... It comes back to you. (And over 3.8k, you have a while to remember how...)
  7. Sure, I'll set up a team.
  8. Yes But then again... When does that ever stop us?
  9. No issues here swimming with the sleeved suit on under the wetsuit.
  10. So - similar to Emo's F2 race at the regatta? I like the idea (But again, location is a big decider if I was to race)
  11. Lego Batman - Agree with goughy - Not worth spending money on (Kids may love it, but way too many flaws, pacing was off etc) Ghost in the Shell - I really wanted to like this. And I nearly did. There was just something... missing. (Rough outline - The existential questions asked of a cyborg - who are you really?) Power Rangers - reboot of the 90's tv show/s. Results - first half was good, story worked, pacing was good, then it went to shite. Life - Good movie - a few 'issues' (You are on space station, you had years to prepare, and yet you didn't setup the lab to be able to be ejected and nuked? really? - and they still could have continued the movie as it was had they had fixed this...)
  12. You'll be fine. I have a feeling you might have done more than I did before my last IM. (first swim in nearly 4 months was the race.. oops)
  13. Okay - So I got my profile pic back and working (in horrible quality, I seem to have lost the original And flickr (or the tog) have taken it down. It was from 6+ years ago) Question - Under a users profile page, how does one change the profile background? (ie. Roxii has his Ireland WC shot in profile, and a softride in this background)
  14. Got a feeling you might be right
  15. Currently Zwift feeding a kickr runs off a dedicated pc in my house. Runs both Zwift and Sufferfest App at the same time (2x Ant+ sticks) 16gig of ram and an AMD A8-3800 or some such cpu+apu Does the job. (not bad for ~300 in computer hardware) - but if I was buying the whole thing now, I would still custom build the computer (basic is fine) - but I would be looking at the TACX Neo, not the KICKR (Cobbles feedback in zwift :D)