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  1. Stock strap here, well, the pod from my 500, and a polar strap because - it just works...
  2. I thought yours was the one with the gold stitched URL on the back? the special single order one...
  3. So now I am just trying to work out how many spares you have lying around at home... (I also have a feeling that a small stack will be taking to each beer mile for a little while) EDIT: - and why do I always seem to get the top of the new page )
  4. seeing that you can buy 5 figure bottles of scotch, (might end up being a supply issue if you tried to drink a bottle a night though)
  5. Seems to be the opposite here in Canberra. Have 20 eye witnesses to an incident of road rage from a driver towards cyclists? No charge, nothing done, 'we'll put it on file' - UNLESS you have video evidence (in which case they go up to old mate and say ' the cyclists got you on video, don't get caught again')
  6. I think one of the big differences is battery life while recording. Official figures is 14hours for the 735 vs 24 hours on the 935
  7. I might consider it, but what would my wife think
  8. Sorry - forgot to write it down (Was planning on it, too)
  9. one option for CC is (Has worked well for myself in Europe, and for internet purchases) No conversion fee, and the cash rates are adequate.
  10. Not so much of a problem - It is only a po box, not a real address (And you could always edit it out, Roxii as a mod can see what you edited out anyway)
  11. Yeah, not sure about the weather thing. (not that it has snowed yet this season on the commute, was hopefully going to happen on Monday )
  12. Roxii did say previously to wait until after Cairns, and then he would orgainse to mail out to everyone else. Your hats will come eventually.
  13. There is always a lot to think about, but most of the time it might not be worth the effort. #1 - Life is too short to ride shit bikes (ie. if you want nice wheels, [and can afford them], buy them, enjoy them. simple) #2 - There should be the ability to hire race wheels, but you may also have friends not racing something who may lend you good wheels too. (And you can always ask to borrow for a test ride so you will know what you want - would Zipp 404 or 808 be better, what about Cadens, or Reynolds, or Mavics, or FFWDs? see what else people have, borrow and test, see what works for you - Ask - at worst they might say no.) [And yes, that means if someone needs to borrow a FFWD 90/Disc combo in ACT and I am not racing that weekend - just ask - bit late for Cairns though...]
  14. More than I wrap my Argon in the same bag. I have a feeling my last trip may have forgotten the seat cover too... (OTOH - if I had an IA, that might be a little less extra padding than what I would be putting in the bag...) Question - how much does your IA weigh? (with everything except wheels/nutrition?)
  15. hmm... Didn't notice it earlier. Juniors should be happy with this - 14-28T cassette...