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  1. The guy was a wanker. No question. Cyclist or not. I'm recording you - fk off dick head
  2. I have sold numerous (5+) bikes interstate. I used e-go couriers have had no problems. I get a box from the bike shop pack it up and off it goes. $45 Bris to Syd. Have bought many bikes and had them shipped via e- go too. Nil issues
  3. It's been a while, but I also got somr tape from Ben. Best tape I have ever used. I'll order more that's for sure. I have spent a lot of time gluing in the past and I do it well, but this tape is just as strong as gluing and so much easier. Get onto tubulars, so much better and easier
  4. I have had these for about 6 months now. No issues at all. Perfect
  5. Anyone doing the Straddie Tri this year? Looks like there is a major weather event happening on Saturday. Any news on whether this will affect the race? Don't want to pay $100 for the ferry just to have it cancelled.
  6. Trainspotting 1 or 2?
  7. Wow, low cadence! Serious commitment though. I'm in Brisbane and can't be bothered swimming because there are too many people. Don't ride much because I'm bored of the same old routes (all 50 of them!) Only run a bit because it's too hot for the dog! I'm sure there are more excuses too 😁
  9. I didn't,the guy before me did, but she hadn't had time to change it on even though she had changed it on their site. She honoured the price though
  10. 2018 dates out. 9th to 11th. Accom booked, 200m from transition She matched the price, but said she was putting the prices up straight away when she found out it was tri weekend.
  11. New bike with tubular wheels. Only way to go. A Caden disc maybe!
  12. F**k!
  13. Anyone know the dates for next year? I need to get some closer accommodation.
  14. Wetsuits?