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  1. Theres ya problem right there matey!
  2. Yep received last week. Great work!
  3. What is that they say about inverse proportions?
  4. So far ive only had good booking stories though them. And i use them alot...... even for Halls Gap!
  5. I love my fenix 3 anyway
  6. Eh? Thought i was round here enough to not miss a raffle. Bugger.
  7. First up im not complaining. Looks like good product and effort and outlay by cranky and roxii. Just funny how a $13.50 hat ends up being $28 tho. Ibwas close! Nothings as cheap as it looks to start with. Great work tho folks!
  8. They look pretty good - thanks Cranky and roxii for making it happen! Order up roxii. Money and PM sent
  9. Option 2
  10. Option 1
  11. Wouldnt match you, but i run in -4 or so,. I wear a balaclava! My nose gets cold!
  12. Oh s##t
  13. Mine was a cross between hypothetical and sarcasm. Im fat and slow. I have 60mm carbon wheels. The benefit i get is psychological. Pure and simple i like them and think they look good. They make me feel good.
  14. Cool! Can i order a tranny beanie? Wink wink
  15. Yep, just looking forward to it! No rush. Its winter after all
  16. How many pairs of shorts/jocks/pants/tshirts do you own? Any more than 2 (accounting for a wash day)? How many glasses? plates? knives/forks? Same deal mate. I have more than one bike/car/motorbike/boat. Different types for different things.
  17. Say I'm fast. Triathlon is my passion (or cycling TT). I invest all my hard erned dosh in a super duper race bike. I decide to commute to work by bike insted of drive/bus/etc as it's a nice day, and whatever..... Am I to be laughed at? WTF? Plenty of times on here when folks are looking at buying a new bike the suggestions are made to get the best one you can to race with, but still do other rides on as well. Drafting off strangers is bad. Drafting on aerobars is bad. But commuting on an exxy bike? Or not going super fast on an exxy bike? Seriously? Whats wrong with that if you don't know the person or the story? Some people are a bit high and mighty about triathletes being wankers, fast bikes can only be ridden fast in races etc..........thats wanky.
  18. Guess im lucky or unworldly. Never been taken down (or seen anyone) taken down from their rear wheel clipped. Ive been front and back before. 2 decks front, none rear. Bur if they get u hard enough anythings possible
  19. Are all folks with TT bars triathletes ? If ur in front, your not going to be taken down before they are
  20. and out in the boonies
  21. And yet now he's saying they always were safe. What to believe? " Dimond bikes are and have always been safe, and Mr. Rapp agrees. Mr. Rapp believes he had a single tolerance issue with his Dimond bikes that was unrelated to safety" One a porky
  22. Safe Not safe Safe Rapps either Liar Petty small man to make up bullshit that isnt true Comment for $$ to say safe now Either way, we cant believe his endorsement on anything anymore
  23. 17hr..... named in honour of the 17hr IM time limit. Cool. Not 13hr for "real"
  24. I run mine up a little at the nose. Stops the forward slide. Then i am a girl.... mite be different for blokes But if ur front ends not agressively low, it mite help