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  1. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    What race day insurance would he be eligible for? (Not including suing the crap pu of race management)
  2. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    Back on topic. Fundraising page from FB link https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1461320900571377&id=464628876907256 https://www.youcaring.com/gillianrussell-981213
  3. Achilles Tendonitis

    Would Anusol from the supermarket do the same thing without the akward giggling?
  4. Achilles Tendonitis

  5. Achilles Tendonitis

    Ok. So increases or decreases then?
  6. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    Actually, AA7 ppsted this on the kona race day thread "Just read a van turned in front of pro Matt Russell, he went through a window, has a laceration to his throat and is in a serious condition"
  7. Achilles Tendonitis

    I dont get it. If uv just had some roids snipped, wouldnt you want to decrease blood flow? Not increase it?
  8. Ah ok. Havent seen the full ad either.
  9. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    See below. Trannie source.
  10. Could be. Never been thru a carwash. But not sure id use the word "logical"! Whats the link to the vehicle?
  11. What the heck at the weird hairy coloured things around it?
  12. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    If someone feels like shit and still wants to finish, fine with me. If someone feels like shit and decides to pull out, fine with me. The winner doesnt win any less becuse someone behind them pulled out cos they couldnt hack it. I dont agree with the uproar.
  13. Kona race day thread

    And getting close to zippergate! Showin some skin
  14. Kona race day thread

    Red Bull coverge is awesome Picked up one of those chromecast dongle thingies yesty so got it on the big screen. Nice.
  15. Kev and Sid out of Kona

    Apparently race control did a backflip and called them last friday to say they were out. Too much of a risk. Still heading over, at cost of about $60,000, and kev will race as an age grouper https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1926813664238892&id=100007308307700
  16. Kev and Sid out of Kona

    The article says he said he was told "last friday". But he posted the Facebook thing october 3. So he probably meant last friday from that, which would have been sept 29
  17. Kev and Sid out of Kona

    Opps sorry
  18. Hawaii Ironman betting

    51 on ladbrokes atm
  19. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    Grabbed a pair of clifton 4s over in rotterdam, from the Hoka tent. Big evolution from the 3s, in terms of upper, toe box shape and sole fimness. Lovin em so far! ( still love the 3s too tho). Wasbt impressed with the sales guy tho. I asked what the changes were to the 4s from the 3s. His answer? Theyre better. That it . Not real helpfu!l
  20. Swimrun Australia

    So I've been thinking about this concept just to add some fun to my "exercise" (aka training). Looking at a multiloop here which would be 350m swim and 650m run. Any value? Or should I make the legs longer? Since I'm a princess, there are limited spots where I feel comfortable getting in or out of the river - either 350m with the current, or about a 25m swim against the current. I could swim in a few random directions to make it longer, but I know it would feel slicker if it was point to point I can also add to the run by doing an extra loop - but as above, there's a certain feeling about doing it point to point.
  21. Neck Flexibility

    15 min? That doesnt seem long
  22. Compression Leggings

    Fusion does some good tights. Very comfy and seem to be lasting well. Maybe not true compression by name, but do the same thing
  23. Saddles???

    Theres a huge trade in counterfeit ISMs on ebay. Look identical but don't feel the same. Apparently you can tell by the saddle rails. Big issue for the legits.
  24. Obesity being classified as a disease

    Isnt there also something now about how maccas sprinkle sugar on the spuds to make them crisp up more - and makes them tastier and more "addictive"?