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  1. Hope he doesnt have any political aspirarions!
  2. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    And the opportunity to use ur work time as some training time. Great outcome!
  3. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    Thats a heck of a lot. Not sure many here could do that with work and family. How do u manage work hours, sleep, recovery etc? And the mental side of that level of commitment with no event goal?
  4. ATEC Expo Cancelled

    With so many events now, and all the individual expos at those, plus all the onine and social media exposure, i suppose the demand side has now shifted from one "big" expo of the same stuff. Pity for the organisers
  5. Why do you/don't you wear Hoka's?

    Ive just ventured into cliftons and love them. Prior, long trail runs in stinsons, road in Valours.
  6. Quadruple channel crossing

    Article says first tme anyones attempted 4x non stop
  7. Quadruple channel crossing

    Spoke on 3AW with Neil Mitchell this morning. Bugger that! But said thwthe lanolin grease coating is for chafing and does nothing for the cold. Huh.
  8. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Nice. Half of my leave will be unpaid as I've only been in a new job a few months. The other half is using the small amount of annual leave I have accrued.
  9. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Yep. Guess I wasn't as lucky as you. Then again, I didn't fly. All by bus. Couldn't afford to go to games o/s. Picked the wrong sports too I spose. Sailing was also a pricey one to rep at. Oh well.
  10. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    there's weight classes in a lot of things - like boxing, wrestling, weightlifting etc. Similar.
  11. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    The opportunity. If I was good enough to expect to be paid (cash or inkind) for my efforts I'd be a pro. It's amateur sport. My local/state etc hockey association never gave me anything when I played and represented them. Or my national sailing association. I still paid all my associated costs then too.
  12. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    So from my perspective, going through the qualifying races and getting a spot for Rotterdam (no matter how pointless you think it is). I paid my TA membership - which I would have anyway. I paid race rego to the small companies that ran the races I did. Not TA directly. In addition to the WC race entry, I paid a team supplement which goes towards TA support over there - mechanic, doctor, insurance etc. approx. $400. I had to buy the race uniform - not from TA, and standards/rules not set by TA. So not TA directly. Not sure how else TA is milking me as a cash cow? Is it because you have to be a TA member to go?
  13. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Can u elaborate a bit on this? Like how much and from whom, makes it a cash cow for TA?
  14. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Like x alot. Ive avoided repying but well said Stu. There's a few here going.
  15. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    So what is the geographical membership distribution?
  16. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    Like AP says (and others) about putting in the training and headpace to kq..... if its important enough to you, you'll make the effort and travel to qualify. If travelling to a regional race is too much effort, then it cant be that important.
  17. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    But if WA only had one, it would mean anyone wanting to qualify would have to travel to the east coast - I think it makes sense for them to have 2.
  18. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    I think it's least fair on Tassie and SA - they nnly have one each, and a massive drive to anywhere next closest. NSW with one, but not everyone is in Sydney. ACT, Vic and QLD races might be very close for a large proportion of NSW triahletes. NSW is the most central of the states, so probbly the easiest access to races in other states. And if you're in Sydney, your flight connections are greater. Any country person has to travel no matter what. I'm technically in Vic, but my closest race is SA.
  19. Gelatin

    Its easier to buy than roast ur own. Ever tried catching the buggers?
  20. Gelatin

    I use this stuff. Not totally unflavoured, but pretty innocuous. I make jelly and cant even taste it And buy from this site too https://www.optimoz.com.au/products/great-lakes-unflavoured-beef-gelatine-collagen-joint-care
  21. KQ questions

    Didn't we all....
  22. Fenix 3 support group

    So I have a question for all the Fenix 3 experts out there. When you press the top right button, it brings u a list of workouts to choose from. I have worked out how to create a custom workout, add my own workout type, and add fields and metrics. BUT my question..... is there a way of deleting the ones I don't want to ever use? I'm a bit sick of scrolling through things I won't ever use it for like golf, rowing etc. ( I know, it's probably a simple no. Or easy. Either way.... help? )
  23. Rooad ID shipping time

    Shoot them a messge. Theyve always been really responsive to me
  24. Rooad ID shipping time

    Normally a lot quicker than that. Did u get a ship date for your order? You should have got one at the time u ordered. Usually about 5 days after ur order date. Mines always turned up about 2 weeks from that.
  25. Fenix 3 support group

    Ul be happy to know it wouldnt let me remove golf. Just had to hide it. Bizarre.