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  1. Whos in? I made sprint and std, but picked std. So Turts is in for Standard
  2. Thank you, thank you very much 😁 (I assume you meant cool)
  3. Yeah, mine might be a fair taper. We arrive n Europe 10 days before. Most likely just some running unless the hotels are well equipped.
  4. Hmmmm. Didnt order extra for that. Not swapping my only one! But thanks for the heads up
  5. Great work mate! It was definately about race selection for me too. One race would probably have done it, but my best was my last in Devonport too. And I had fun doing different races I wouldn't have normally travelled to. Yeah, it does add up. But it's my first go around there (only been in the sport 14 years though). My husband and I are in the race hotel - pricey, but it's the atmosphere. Around $700 on gear, but I lashed out, and a t-shirt for the hubby too. Might be a once shot opportunity! We're arriving 2 weeks before and doing London/Paris/Lucerne/Venice/Florence/Rome/Amsterdam/Rotterdam. I was lucky to wrangle that much time off work as in a new job. We should keep in touch! There are a few trannies racing
  6. Don't spoil the lines - learn to ride with a camelbak
  7. I just noticed. Ur turtles having a poop
  8. Yep i do. Im short with extra short legs. But also been working on keeping my stride short with a faster turnover as i get injured less. Im still slow tho. Eta: That also includes morning activities before running, so could be a bit out actually. Will look next time
  9. Getting there. Still limited to stationary bike (upright or recumbent) and cross trainer. Mostly just the neck muscle whiplash and ribs still troubling me. But at least i can get a bit of a sweat up pushing big gears!
  10. Mine hits 10,000 arund 6km in a run. Lately though, my steps have been low as my injuries (and sling for 2 weeks, which was my Garmin arm!) keep me from doing anything that brings on any sort of jiggling.
  11. But "shoot" could have been their very clever play on words, as they did have a special camera crew!
  12. Thorlo experia, or hilly twin skin
  13. Positive. Extra TV special, IM film crew, and family in the finish chute " What a great day, and sharing it with so many friends was amazing. There were so many people cheering on the run, along with the Ironman film crew following me around - watch out for the hour long Ironman special on Channel 7 sometime. The best part was coming down the finish shoot to see John and Ryder there, absolutely amazing that Ironman organised this. " From Facebook post
  14. So waaaaaaay back when I posted that they mentioned on Facebook that they were both finishing with an IM at Port, someone (I'll go check who) noted that neither of their names appeared on the entry lists for either the iM or half. So obviously IM did them both a service (and got promotion from it obviously) by allowing them a late/refunded/late payment entry just for Deb? (been pretty out there about how IM treated them etc) So, presumably she had decided do finish with a full possibly to do it with John? But when he was out of action, why still do a full instead of completing the run of 100 70.3 's? I don't know. Just looks odd.
  15. Entries, results, dnfs etc. I cant see the diff either
  16. A good effort indeed
  17. Most recent Facebook post says 23 x IM 27 x 70.3 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1743778282579210&id=1644626402494399
  18. Im at 4761 for the day. And i aint doing much more tonite!
  19. Yeah i think someone thought they said in their sunrise interview. Not verified tho. Ill look it up
  20. Website says "All donations made to Iron Century will go towards Australian Red Cross’ disaster relief and recovery fund, supporting people in disasters both here and overseas. " i hope so.
  21. On the Rotterdam website thet are promoting a bike carrier. But proably just europe. Could get it shipped to ur departure hotel? http://rotterdam.triathlon.org/athletes_info/bike_transportation/
  22. Its all IF tho. We dont know for sure either way about their expenses. Maybe roxii could do a follow up q&a, and ask that among other questions about how it all panned out
  23. With extra preservatives!
  24. Ive had gels waaaaay past. All gud