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  1. Theres ya problem right there matey!
  2. Yep received last week. Great work!
  3. What is that they say about inverse proportions?
  4. So far ive only had good booking stories though them. And i use them alot...... even for Halls Gap!
  5. I love my fenix 3 anyway
  6. Eh? Thought i was round here enough to not miss a raffle. Bugger.
  7. First up im not complaining. Looks like good product and effort and outlay by cranky and roxii. Just funny how a $13.50 hat ends up being $28 tho. Ibwas close! Nothings as cheap as it looks to start with. Great work tho folks!
  8. They look pretty good - thanks Cranky and roxii for making it happen! Order up roxii. Money and PM sent
  9. Option 2
  10. Option 1
  11. Wouldnt match you, but i run in -4 or so,. I wear a balaclava! My nose gets cold!
  12. Oh s##t
  13. Mine was a cross between hypothetical and sarcasm. Im fat and slow. I have 60mm carbon wheels. The benefit i get is psychological. Pure and simple i like them and think they look good. They make me feel good.
  14. Cool! Can i order a tranny beanie? Wink wink