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  1. Well he's out for now after tripping, falling and tearing something in his shoulder. So not even able to support deb on course. Can babysit tho!
  2. Yeah i rode home. Then went to hospital. They let me out this morning. But they had good drugs!
  3. Worst ive ever had. I think the only words i could say for10 min started with s and f
  4. Nothing much for a wee while. Stacked my new toy on saturday. Broke it a little bit. Broke myself a little bit more. Probably just walking and easy stationary bike once i get past the sore head
  5. You were my inspiration!
  6. Hey thread revival. The decision was??
  7. He said he has a lawyer who approved his post. To me, it seems foolish and opening himself up to further litigation by admitting he lied and provided false advertising to others. Either that or hes lying now about thinking them unsafe. Either way, doesnt seem a good move and something a lawyer should have advised against. Wheaties packet? Plus loss of value to those who have one?
  8. Knee felt almost better this morning, so 35min easy on bike indoors on trainer. Not bad. Not sure of problem, but been going on a while. Physio next week.
  9. From his original post/ novel, after earlier in the post talking about how dangerous and life threatening he thought they were at the time. I wont copy the whole thing but someone shoud! "It was then that I also proposed to give away my old Dimonds as a way to leave a positive impression of the brand. How did I mentally justify giving away frames that I believed were unsound? Denial. I had forced myself to believe that the frames were sound and that I had been able to "fix" the defects. How else could I have ridden them? After subsequent discussions, it became obvious I could not give these away, which broke my heart, because I love what I have been able to do with my giveaway. "
  10. Rapps certainly done his reputation admitting he was promoting they were brilliant bikes while personally now saying he thought they were unsafe. And saying when he left dimond, he wanted to gift his bikes to others to help the brand! Maybe left himself open to other punters suing him?
  11. Nuffink again - knee still sore. Fortnately it felt good enough this evening to take my new toy for a spin. Money cant buy you happiness. But it can buy you toys!
  12. Facebook https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1734330336857338&id=1644626402494399
  13. When he kicked back to doing halves i think she got a lot of support from being with her. But they didnt always ride and run together. She did draft the swim off him. But going back to IM when shes at 90 and struggling seems odd. Apparently BOTH foing the FULL at port mac
  14. I think i need a bigger one.......
  15. Done Yes, yes i did.........
  16. Nooooo! Then how will anyone know who i am? My midlife crisis is in the D/S bike i bought that i pick up tomorrow. Then my shed will have a roadbike, dirt bike and quadbike. Plus pushbikes.
  17. Nuffink, sore knee. Just wanted to test out my new name!
  18. Just dont sell it to a guy in perth or we'll have to start paying zed
  19. But thenswim is the least likely place to need sun protection anyway. And also the place calf numbering is pointless!
  20. I did an oly race in tassie in march. Number tats for both arms and both legs. Too bad if u had a sleeved suit and calf guards
  21. I scooped Peter!!
  22. 12k run, 64m elevation gain (the bridge iver the river). Still struggling with the distance but can feel an improvement. Gonna be a long slow recovery from 12 months of being crook and digging myself a big hole. I probably wont ever get back to where i was 12 months ago but at least im better than i was 2 months ago
  23. I dont think the worry is about the speed of exiting the suit is for race time purposes.....more like getting it off before vesuvius!
  24. I like the headline WINS London marathon. With two ** Further down it says ** win means the F40-44 age group. Funny.