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  1. Right so your own comfort and safety is paramount I get that. But what if you ask all these kind and friendly people you speak of what they think of: - FGM - very likely they have arranged it for their own daughters or condone it - Acid attacks or honour killings if their daughter shames her family by falling in love with the wrong guy. 3 acid attacks a day in pakistan alone - What is the correct punishment for people who insult Mohamed or Islam by drawing a cartoon? Over 90% likely think the Danish cartoonist deserve to die - What should be done with homosexuals, atheists, christians or apostates. Most will suggest death as a reasonable punishment Im sure you know the answers to these questions. And yet still you defend defend defend. And refuse to utter one word on criticism of these beliefs. It's kind of amazing how an outspoken proud strong women like you has been brainwashed. Amazing and pathetic.
  2. Whether otherwise incompetent pampered oil rich retards in the Middle East enjoy their lives or not is not my point. Nor whether the lackeys they hire live comfortably or not either Im talking about issues of bigger substance.
  3. So ironic how you never engage on the actual topic. Seems to be indoctrinated into Islamists and you've caught the Taqiya bug. Come to think of it ive never seen you write one word suggesting there is any problem at all with Islam. Or critiseit at all. all I ever have read from you is praise.
  4. So now you are concerned with my health. I'm touched. Inshallah I will lead a long a healthy life. But hopefully not too long because if the civilised world keeps turning the other cheek to Islam the whole planet will be an Islamic shithole in 2-300 years. And I'm doing what little I can to prevent that happening while I'm alive but they seem to be pretty much futile, so I'd prefer not to be around to see it actually happen
  5. I got the impression you were saying 'yes Islam has problems but what about Christianity.' And hence deflect the attention away from valid, and much needed criticism of Islam. Yes there are are ways to work out what is worse. Anders Brevik was a one off. There have been maybe 1,000 Islamic terrorism attacks compared to that one Christian act of terrorism. Who is to say 1,000 terrorism attacks are worse than one? Well I think most people. Well I think if you could sit down and have a talk with those two people you'd soon work out which one is likely to be 'worse' than the other. Ask that sort of hot and most definitely free and empowered American bird: - What do you think should happen to people who draw a picture of Jesus and publish it? - What do you think should happen to gays? Apostates? Adulterers? - Should men and women be allowed to sit together? - Should women be allowed to choose their own husband? Should they be allowed to be educated the same as men? Should they be allowed to drive cars? Wear what they choose? And then ask your ISIS man in the pic the same questions and maybe you can pic which of the two is likely to cause more problems. And if Oh can clear your mind of the overly PC bullsit the Australian media and society have made you feel you're bad person unless you swallow. And then realize why I call the bullshit Fairfax, most TV stations and you are pedaling here as false equivalency and holding us back from a brighter future for the planet. IMO Islam is a much bigger threat to our future than climate change People aren't saying that Islam is the only religion with problems. You just read it that way. But it does have big big big problems. And one of them is the inability to accept criticism. With an array of tactics specifically designed to prevent criticism it remains strong. It uses things including murder, blasphemy laws, terrorism and the word Islamaphobia, its an expert at avoiding critique. And with today's SJW putting being offended on the same level as murder they are being played like a guitar by Islamists. Islam actually needs all the criticism it can get.
  6. F45

    I spoke with an owner this morning and think it's only about 100k actually. Its a a lot less injury prone than cross fit as the exercises are more carefully selected and it is not as competitive, more. 'We are in this together' mentality rather than 'Imma be the best and baddest' of crossfit. I'm definitely interested in the health benefits of HIIT. With the litany of heart and other health issues surrounding extreme endurance sports it does become harder to argue that they are healthier than HIIT.
  7. Well that was a frustrating 15mins. There re are so many logical and historical holes in that talk that if it was a block of Swiss cheese it wouldnt have any cheese in it at all.
  8. More false equivalency bullshit. Of course any internet discussion ends up with a comparison to Hitler. But if ever it is apt on this topic it is to compare the expansionist Violent and crush any descenting view mentality mindset of Islam with the same in the Nazis.
  9. What's wrong with putting a personal hero on! I'm guessing you didn't read the reason for my profile pic. This is a photo of an Adelaide Imam named Shaikh Tawihidi who is a moderate Muslim and one the chief driving force behind encouraging Islam in Australia to abandon their plans for a caliphate, appoint female Imams, accept gays and lesbians and abandon violence. And of course with such radical views like these he gets 100 death threats a day and is now in hiding. So yes This guys is my personal hero at the moment. A very apt profile pic. At at least do me the courtesy of readin about him before you delete the pic again, while allowing profile pics of Adolf Farkin Hitler. P.S I think Rocket Salads pic should be allowed but unlike most Australians these days I am pro free speech and pro offending people especially those who need to be offended.
  10. Since the Cucks are wringing their hands in a larger of PC jism, I changed mine to Iman Tawhidi. A new personal hero of mine. True story
  11. Sorry for font doing 300watts
  12. This - reaching for a false equivalency has become a classic reflex reaction of the modern day left. The thought doesn't even have to go to the brain - it turns around at the spinal cord and goes straight back out the mouth or on the keyboard. 'There are some problems with Islam that really need addressing' Reflex - "What about the KKK? Westbro? Islamaphobia. Catholic Priests? Bigot. Racist. All very effective in shutting down valid concerns All very easily refuted. Chistrianity of 800 years ago was the greates force of evil in the world Today some Christians appose gay marriage and try to get it blocked legally. Meanwhile in Islam, there are 12 countries where homosexuality is punishable by death. THESE ARE NOT EQUAL! And should not be put forward as a defense of Islam. I really would like to know if you (or anyone) really believe that modern day Christianity is equally as dangerous and problematic as Islam? And I mean really believe that is true? Not just something big you say to appear open minded . Because I cannot imagine that is possible of any sane human being believing that.
  13. Well Australia has been involved in wars in the Middle East. Unfortunately the mentality of this religion is so aggressive and violent towards people who don't believe or join it - the violence towards infidels is actually the cornerstone to it's success - still is and it's headed for No. 1 with a bullet. With this mentality and violence in the text and lack of reformation means that there is ALWAYS going to be fundamentalist terrorist committing terrorism where ever you get large numbers of Muslims. It's a statical certainty. Yes there is a large number of peaceful Muslims, but is that a reason to accept more when we can guarantee there will be a certain percentage of terrorists? Anyway terrorism is pretty low down on the list of problems with Islam. The drive to instill a caliphate and Sharia law everywhere they reside is a far greater concern. And the associated treatment of gays, women, children, atheists and 'nonbelievers' that goes along with the religion. Oh and don't get any Andrew Bolt over here and don't think I have ever watched Fox News for a period longer than 5 minutes in my life. Unlike most Australian Cucks, I do however have a brain that is not infected by overly PC bullshit and am still capable of forming opinions.
  14. F45

    F45! Aussie High Intensity Interval Training. Opening up branches all over the world. It's kind of a big deal.