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  1. And there is one thing in common with all the attacks. It starts with an I. And be I don't mean 'Idiots' putting their head as far up their own arse as possible and pretending these are 'lone wolf' attacks and making up hashtags about deviceness and hate.
  2. Very litttle drugs here.
  3. Truly sickening. And terrorism is pretty low down on the problems with Islam. The inability to separate church and state and quest for global jihad and domination is a far greater concern. The mentality of the bomber is firmly focused on the promise of nirvana in the afterlife. And yes the 72 virgins. Dont be surprised if the bomber was was born and raised in England and been a bit of a wayward Muslim. Boozing and rooting around etc. and possibly radicalized in jail and no doubt known to authorities.
  4. Yes that's true in Japan. They've done a pretty good job of keeping their society as monocultural. I'll never be Japanese they way an Italian or Greek becomes Australian. Some Koreans and Chinese do make the change though In Singapore it is very multi cultural and they've done it pretty well. Muslims from Malaysia actually integrate pretty well. But the fundamentalism is rising like it is all over.
  5. As in like just the one? And banned from what? Explain yourself properly son. Of course alternatively just shout out 'racist' 'bigot' 'Islamaphobia' at the top of your voice. It'll make you feel better about your open-mindedness I bet. And yes you're bang on. Despite living my last 20 years in countries with people of different colour and culture who I admire greatly I choose to dislike people only on the color of their skin and am a blatant racist.
  6. Some of the best cities in the world. Was as just saying to the wife that you can buy a 3-4 bedroom house in seattle for 400k and that would be a much better investment than a $1m dollar McMansion in bum**** nowhere Sydney. She was not so receptive to the idea unfortunately. Still, great beer, good people, great society and great country. Get amongst it we can still learn a lot from the Yanks.
  7. As the father of a six month old and non Australian residence of the last 20 years I call for an immediate and complete cessation on the use of the word Grub as an insult. It's meaningless, lame, ableist and transphobic. Or something like that. I just hate the word the way Aussies use it anyway. That is all
  8. I think it was the CEO who surpassed the guy who loved the sport, because the guy who made the speech (as I recall) was like a fish out of water.
  9. Me and the $400milion dollar man bonded like besties after he and his sister in law both suffered a knee injury while on holidays in consecutive years. He had flow in direct from Busso apparently, so they must have a nice airport and been looking towards that (rapidly diminishing) private jet market. By the way that loud clang was the sound of me dropping a name I remember a new CEO of the tool company that used to sponsor Busso Full (can't remember the name of the company, but I got a dodgy yellow stanley knife in my kit bag that year) made a speech in about 2009 he mostly said 'I just become boss of this company and have no idea why the fark we are sponsoring this race'. Then the next year I remember 'Sun Smart' taking over sponsorship and that combined with the elaborate metal 15metre sculpture on the side of the road about 150kms from Perth and Busso that served no other purpose that I could tell but to provide drivers with something to look at, made me think - this Govt has way too much money, maybe it's a bubble.
  10. Aaron Kinvig is a Kiwi who has a ticket for the auction and sources some rare cars for enthusiasts. Solid guy can be trusted:
  11. I'll ask around for you. Have some friends in the game.
  12. One day Imma import an EJ wagon to Hokkaido and cruise around the country roads through farm fields in it, being the only mofo cruising around Japan in an EJ Holden. One fine day.
  13. My baby daughter Lola Sue was born three months too soon but fought like a tiger and is now 9 months from her birth date / 6 months adjusted and is thriving, needing not medical assistance at all. We just got back from a trip to Australia were we had a naming ceremony for all the family to meet her where she and her Mum entered through all guests in an arch to Circle of Life and then they did the Lion King lift while standing up on the park bench. As you can see I the photo her 23 year old big sister and her get on great (I bookended my reproductive career) . Now back in Singapore and living in our flash new pad with live in helper and I'm working about 10 hours a week and the dog just arrived from Japan to make our little family complete. The dog does get jelly af of Lola getting the bones though - he's too old to chew them now and she loves em. Im not racing at all this year, so no training plan hanging over my head all day, and the Mrs is done with tris so less family competitive stress We've still got our stresses like everyone and who knows when shit will turn bad but lifes pretty good for now.
  14. . These guys do more EPO than Lance, but do it in places with no mobile phone coverage or doorbells. This is what drug-legal competition looks like. And it was pretty interesting.
  15. Fark sake both of these cretins are pathetic excuses for human beings. I equate them both on the same level as meth-heads or heroin junkies in Trainspotting. They epitomize the solipsism that epitomizes everything that is wrong with our sport and they should never have reproduced because they obviously do not give a shit about their baby and are only interested in trying to prove how awesome they are. I hope they both fail in IM Aus and receive no special mention at the ceremonies. No one gives a shit about your lame ass, excuse-laden efforts, fark off, shut up, go home, stay home and look after your baby.