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  1. Merry Eid day to everyone. Or whatever they say. Sam Dastyari was filmed outside Lakemba mosque today repeatedly saying 'it doesn't get any more Aussie than this'. Rightyo then Sam. If Muslims celebrating outside a mosque that has Wahabi influenced dogma dripping from it is the epitome of Aussieness I think our country is gonski 2.0. On the bright side with the end of Ramadan, The chance of terrorism occurring has dropped by half. Should be just 50 people dying from terrorism a day globally now, 50% off markdown.
  2. Everyone is the way they are for a reason. She's messed up for sure, I wonder why.
  3. It is as I said.
  4. No one has mentioned the 'T' word as yet, but you can bet everyone is wondering to themselves. I wonder if lighting a fire in a high rise would have been in ISIS's manual that was downloaded 50,000 times in England? It certainly fits their M.O of causing maximum damage with minimal resources.
  5. Yep and us the Brits, the French, Germans, Swedish etc are all going to have to get used to more and more terrorism. And terrorism is pretty low-down the list of problems with Islam. Letting in so many Muslims is an immigration mistake that our countries will never fully recover from.
  6. Considering what Waleed's own religion does with homosexuals his condescending and sanctimonious attitude was very hypocritical. He is such a wordsmith he makes everyone love him as he ostensibly is calling for 'inclusion' and reducing 'division, but if you break down what he says it's usually him saying "Don't worry about Islam, there's nothing to see here at all'. This breakdown of his BS is terrific:
  7. Just checked into the lounge: Japan- DGAF. Love it.
  8. Fair point. I should have worded it better, I guess I meant all Australians. But the direction Australia has gone recently, I'd have to clarify and say 'what Australians actually think' as probably most would lie as to their actual feelings.
  9. I don't like it, but It bothers me and I think everyone far less than what happened in Manchester. England are our allies and there's a far argument that we are at war, so who gets bothered as much at when the enemy suffers from losses? And when I say enemy I mean the Islamists seeking to dominate the world. In just 48 hours : Explosion in Manchester Explosion in Bangkok Car bombing in Syria ISIS attack in Marawi Suicide bombing in Jakarta All done by radicalized Muslims and yet people still defend and defend Islam as a religion of peace I can't help but notice that you are sounding more and more like a member of a group such as Hitzbut Tahrir, Hamas etc. Ask them to condemn a terrosit attack against us and they ignore the question and focus on people dying in the Middle East. On a radicilastion scale of 1-10 where a suicide bomber is a 10 what score do you think you'd be?
  10. Good for Lance. Ive forgiven.
  11. There are 4,000 radiclised Muslims in England alone who are on 24 hour, personalized monitoring, at the cost of millions of pounds. And still the bleeding hearts want to let more in! And cry inclusiveness, intolerance, bigotry and acceptance. And the Muslims play the victims and get more support for sideways glances than bomb victims. The world has had gone completely and utterly mad.
  12. I pray for a world where the followers of this backwards, violent, racist, mysoginistic and homophobic ideology are left to blow themselves to pieces as much as they like in their own sand infested shit holes for the next 600 years until the catch up with the civilized world and leave the rest of us alone.
  13. So you want to tolerate 8 year old girls being blow to pieces at a pop concert? I dont want to tolerate that at all.
  14. And there is one thing in common with all the attacks. It starts with an I. And be I don't mean 'Idiots' putting their head as far up their own arse as possible and pretending these are 'lone wolf' attacks and making up hashtags about deviceness and hate.