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  1. Oh I can hear the laughter already when my wife finds me fallen from the wind trainer with broken bones.
  2. I think it's a cracking idea. Matt is a world class commentator and him a Robbie work well together.
  3. 1 x cap pretty please Roxii
  4. Sometimes when I hit a pothole my jocks need replacing. 😔😔
  5. So for those of us not in Cairns how do we go about paying for an awesome new cap
  6. Maybe she could run a conference. .....How to buy a bike for your significant other
  7. So who how and when do I pay my money
  8. Let me know how you got on with this. Happy for you to be my ginea pig
  9. I like number 4 for the cap. Just let me know who I need to pay and when.
  10. Duh. Because there is only enough room for 4 of them to the left of the white line. Can't argue about the best brand of coffee with only 4 people.
  11. The bosses at work were freaking out. North side of brisbane was relatively fine.
  12. Yeah Bradman would have only averaged 80 or so. Bradman was mentally stronger than any other player in the history of the game. He was into mental disintegration 50 years before Steve Waugh
  13. Yes please
  14. Will be driving down from Brisbane on the Friday. In for the Olympic. Never been to Yamba before.
  15. Well they don't seem very impressed? Why would that be?