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  1. Bike Lights eh..... I don't suppose you've heard my cow story then!
  2. So you're good to go next year Bored. I must admit, with the swim around the pier this is one race I'd like to do before it disappears. Living 5 hours from the Coast I'm a little bit spooked about meeting a Noah in that swim so I'd been waiting for them to invent a shark repellent sunscreen before I had a go. Maybe I just need to live dangerously and have a crack anyway. Not sure when I'll get time to train though.
  3. Great work Zed, I'm the same as you. I'm not a real big bloke but if I'm confident that someone's getting bullied or the crap kicked out of them for no valid reason then I'm prepared to take an educated risk and step in. Personally in OP's situation I don't think it's worth the physical or mental risk to Andrew. I'd throw on the Frozen soundtrack and 'Let It Go...'. (Now try and get that flamin' song out of your head!).
  4. Once again I don't disagree with Derny Driver, you will definitely get improvements by changing it up, just make sure that you don't let it destroy you. PS, I've enjoyed watching your progress so far and think that you've been going great. If there's any particular goal on the horizon that you want to aim at then let us know and maybe we can suggest some specific training for that. It doesn't have to be a race goal, it might be running your fastest 5km run, or perhaps a swim or ride that you want to do.
  5. Lots of good advice on this thread, just take the stuff that you think will work for you. I'm with Rog that consistency's the key, but I also agree with Ex that if you want to get faster then you need to practise going faster. My view... Given that you do this sport for health, wellbeing and fun then you need to do what you're happy with and will keep doing. I can teach you to go faster in all three disciplines, but if your goal is to eventually race long course then keep doing what you enjoy. Ultimately they're all good K's in the bank if you're enjoying them.
  6. If she reckons you look old in yours then she'll think I'm prehistoric in mine!!! Great work Roxii & Cranky, I got mine today and I'm a very satisfied customer.
  7. Bugger, only just noticed this 'a touch over $20...'. You shouldn't be out of pocket, you should have charged $10 postage! Thanks again for supporting this.
  8. Agree, major bummer. I keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason though... Sliding Doors type stuff. Maybe a slight stack at 5km and a withdrawal might have saved you from a tragedy later in the event... who knows. Either way not much you can do about it now except get on with things which it sounds like you're doing Prince. Hope you didn't damage yourself too much in your fall.
  9. Anyone going to the Glow Worm Trail Run? It's a great weekend of running and I've had a great time the past couple of years but mates have all decided to skip it this year due to other priorities. So, just wondering if anyone's going... I'm a social creature. http://www.glowwormtrail.com/
  10. Well Done Burgs and everyone that raced. Really impressed that you haven't forgotten the 'small' people Burgs, I think I'm even more impressed with that than your actually win! (Although the win was pretty impressive too - and I'm not usually impressed - look a blue car!).
  11. Favourite Toy - Old school Cube TT Bike with 650 wheels that I bought for $300. Waste of Money - I'm pretty tight with my spending on Tri stuff so don't believe that I've ever 'wasted' money on anything. Lust for Items - There's not really many items that I lust for, I'm pretty happy with most of the gear I've got. Maybe a really fast but reasonably stable racing kayak would be nice, but so far I've been more than happy with my old $300 TK1. The one thing that I really would like more of is time... I never seem to have enough time to do everything that I want to do! Timely. Let me know if you do put your kayaks up for sale... I'm in the market. No rush though, I won't be paddling over winter, just want to be sorted before next summer.
  12. Would love to do it with you but there's no way I can commit this far out... I'm a last minute decision kind of guy (read disorganised and chaotic) so you're better off locking in someone else if you can. The distances look like they really favour a swimmer. Hey Ex, you interested?
  13. Don't really think that wealth has a lot to do with it Goughy. I guess maybe having a few dollars behind you might mean that you've got one less thing to stress about, but those who've got it seem to worry about losing it anyway. Hope all's ok A Zed. Yes, it's shocking news about Nick Munting,
  14. In recent years I have prepared and delivered the eulogies for the funerals of my sister and my nephew (brothers son) who both chose to end their own lives. They both had previously had such amazing and very full lives, with family, friends and business success. No doubt both could have gone on to live very satisfying lives until their natural deaths, but their mental health and some triggers at the time meant that they saw suicide as their only way out. The scary part is that mental health effects so many of us and I can easily see how sometimes even the smallest of issues, if they hit you at the wrong time, can cause you to make the decision to end your own life. If you need help, ask for it. If you don't get it, keep asking or ask someone else. Don't give up, there is a light at the end of that tunnel.
  15. Yep, been there, done that... (More than once ). Yeah... Don't face plant! . Good luck with it Limited, you'll love it!