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  1. 2015 IMOz Beer Mile - Definitely one of the highlights of my sporting career! That video is proof that I wore the 'tea cosy' Turts!
  2. I'll start by saying that I'm not a good swimmer, I've never been coached and I don't know much about technique... I use the Pool Buoy between my ankles. I'd like to say that there's too much 'other stuff' between my legs to have it at my crutch but the truth is that I just find it more comfortable between my ankles. It keeps my feet up and my body more streamlined replicating what it would be like wearing a wetsuit. I find it helps allow me to rotate from side to side as if I had a skewer through my body from head to feet and I'm just rocking from side to side on it. Then all I do is just drag my body through the water with my arms. This accounts for about 50% of my time in the water.
  3. Haha, you were always Turts to me anyway! Hope the knee's ok.
  4. Timely, I haven't been on here much lately. Haven't had a swim for about a month and wasn't likely to be going back in anytime soon... was just lacking a bit of motivation. Ok, so have we got a spreadsheet up and running yet? I'm keen for a 1st May start, may as well strike while the iron is hot!
  5. Wouldn't exactly say that I 'organise' it... Just that when I mention that we're heading to the Hotel Bondi for a beer and a catchup after the C2S there's usually about 30 or 40 other mad runners that I know that just seem to keep turning up! Thanks for the reminder Monkie... Time to get an entry in and start training!
  6. Agreed. Strangely enough I was also doing Kozzie that day. From memory it was after the Australian Cross Triathlon championships at Crackenback a year or so ago. I think there may be signs that say 'no running' on the elevated steel mesh walkway, but they make exceptions for us 'special' people. Great day!
  7. First that we know of... A few mates and myself were talking about doing all the peaks a few years ago. We, like many others wouldn't have made a big deal of it and gone to sponsors etc. We would have just done it for something to be able to say we've done, there would have been bugger all other people that would have ever known we'd done it. We wouldn't have done it in 8 days though... If I was spending that much money, and was travelling that far to do something I reckon I'd want to spend some time to see the place and stop and smell the roses. I've done a couple of the peaks, and may continue to tick a few others off when I get the chance, but basically there's other things that I'd rather spend my money on nowadays. Good on Courtney for getting some sponsorship and having a crack though... Why not, what a great experience.
  8. Great work getting this off the ground. PS - Nice colour... I wasn't planning on going back to Kona again anyway!
  9. You gotta do what you enjoy. Sure it's important to do the 'training required' but you also need to fit in a few sessions that you do 'just for the fun of it'. Pretty much all the training that I've done for the past several years has been just for the fun of it, but I've always had a few goals on the horizon that has helped keep things interesting. Not so much this year, and my fitness has been suffering as a result of it. The mojo's been missing for a while but I'm sure it will return... Your posts about doing some sessions you really enjoy is motivating me to get out and do some of the things that I haven't done in years. That'll get the juices flowing again!
  10. Maybe I should join the Merewether Surf Club... It's only about 600k's from here!
  11. A perfect way to set an example, what better reason to do it! Go for it, or at least make a start with the training and see how you're feeling when the entries open. For me it's going to be a logistical nightmare. I live 5 hours from the nearest beach, I've never paddled a surf ski (and can't buy one locally), I've never ridden a board, I would have to train through a Wagga Wagga winter, and I don't even have roof racks on my car... And you're worried about lacking a bit of motivation... Even if I don't get there you should. Just go for it!
  12. Had a couple of dips in the Ocean at Coogee yesterday, a 1km plus a 2.4km without a wettie. Took it easy and just enjoyed it. The water was warm, the sky was blue and it was just a cracker of a day. Can't see why you Sydney folks keep complaining about weather... .
  13. I'm a bit of a traditionalist so I'd probably go with white as well, it's also cooler when we all do Cairns IM in 2019. But of the options available then I'd go with 4 and 7 (You never know, it might be a cool day in Cairns). Great work on making this happen Crankster & Roxii.
  14. Hi mate, yep am in the car on the way down now. I won't make it to your run tomorrow, as I made a last minute decision and did a half marathon this morning. You may need to re-think your plan anyway as I think the registrations for the swim close at 8.30am tomorrow morning at Coogee Beach. Anyone else keen for a dip in the ocean tomorrow morning... http://www.oceanswims.com.au/swims/calendar/eventdetail/49/54/coogee-nsw-e.html (cue Midnight Oil's 'Wedding Cake Island'.
  15. Great idea. I did ask him if he was interested in doing 10 Q's himself when he was messaging me about doing it. Roxii (or anyone else), should we start a Posthumous 10Q's with K2? If someone knows some facts or history of the man intimately maybe they can share some of the good stuff with us. A dummy question followed by the response. Once that question has run it's course then maybe pose another question. It doesn't have to be 10 questions, just whatever we come up with. Where he was living, work etc. I know he was really keen on returning to Cairns for a little while this year and catching up with a few of us. Just a thought.