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  1. Arm angle on TT bike

    Surfer101 I moved to 165mm to open my hip up at the top of my pedal stroke, it helps with running off the bike, power doesn't change.
  2. Arm angle on TT bike

    165mm will be the best investment you have made.
  3. Arm angle on TT bike

    Pixelated as hell but you get the gist
  4. Arm angle on TT bike

    Elbow right in the pad, slightly stretched but at 90ish as my hands are above horizontal. I would gladly ride less elbow angle in more of a mantis position but my tt bars don't allow tilt. After mucking around for a few years with different tt extensions I settled on use Tula 50degrees extensions.
  5. Wheels - again.

    Talk to ben at caden, I moved from hed jets to Caden's and have not regretted it for a second. he will answer any questions you have and explains how his spoke layup is different to others etc. His number is on the website, you will speak to him directly which is reassuring
  6. Port Mac bike course on virtual software?

    Once you find the course online to create the real feel of the ride put your rear wheel on the trainer and your front wheel on one of those wobble exercise machines.
  7. Ironman 70.3 Hawaii

    How did your day end up Surburban Kid? Hope you had a chance to look around the island after the race
  8. 2017 Hawaii 70.3 race report

    Our whole groups (including nuked) race video, it's worth the trip over.
  9. Ironman 70.3 Hawaii

    For those who are interested we took at group of 40 over for the race this year, it was an amazing week. Below is there video of race day
  10. Port Mac 70.3 2017

    How did the Hawaii 70.3 go?
  11. Port Mac 70.3 2017

    Sunny coast before Worlds and then world champs. Port Mac was the 4:30's. My swims in Honu have been 3-4mins slower, the ride 5-10mins and the run................. 😳 Lots slower.
  12. Port Race Reports

  13. Port Mac 70.3 2017

    Good stuff mate, I would go to Hawaii with time goals not in mind, go there just aiming to get the best out of yourself, it's a hard course, very slow regardless of weather. As an example my last four halves outside of Hawaii are 4:20, 4:32, 4:20, 4:35 and last two years in Honu are something like 4:42 and 4:47. If you have any questions about the race give me a holla, been three times, it's rad
  14. Ironman Australia 2017

    Really wanted a slot, missed out due to the age group only having 3slots! 9:31was a decent day for me, would have been great to punch the ticket but I'll have to go quicker again sometime in the future!
  15. New wheels req

    I have ridden hed, Zipp, Flo and Caden over the last three years. Caden are by far the best value and feel as good if not better than the other wheels mentioned. 60/90 option is what I ride