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  1. Sunny coast before Worlds and then world champs. Port Mac was the 4:30's. My swims in Honu have been 3-4mins slower, the ride 5-10mins and the run................. 😳 Lots slower.
  2. .
  3. Good stuff mate, I would go to Hawaii with time goals not in mind, go there just aiming to get the best out of yourself, it's a hard course, very slow regardless of weather. As an example my last four halves outside of Hawaii are 4:20, 4:32, 4:20, 4:35 and last two years in Honu are something like 4:42 and 4:47. If you have any questions about the race give me a holla, been three times, it's rad
  4. I have ridden hed, Zipp, Flo and Caden over the last three years. Caden are by far the best value and feel as good if not better than the other wheels mentioned. 60/90 option is what I ride
  5. Although it says it's a yamba race if you look at the maps it's actually at Maclean (20km from yamba) and where the course is situated is pretty ordinary. My inlaws live on woodford island, I ride the course often, the roads are bumpy and shitty. I would swim in the river where the swim is except my father in law is a professional fisherman and the stories I hear have me avoiding the waters like the plague.
  6. It's a cracking spot for a holiday, we did ironman 2012, I spent two weeks there at Christmas then another week start of this month, plenty to do with the family, roads are good but it's hot, a lot hotter than Hawaii. Best advice for anyone looking at this race is do heat acclimatization work and know your sweat numbers. Any specific questions regarding the course/langkawi as a holiday destination Fire away.
  7. You have the pleasure of riding up over the train bridge now, it's a nice little pinch after 400m on the bike! Enjoy it guys
  8. My school of thought is that when you are doing specific work towards your race season it should be done in your race position (tt bike) but during build phase of your training or your offseason it's a lot more enjoyable sitting up on a roadie, whichever bike you are riding it shouldn't matter a great deal as long as they are both setup correctly and you are riding often. A good read regarding this subject from Mat steinmetz, explains the subject well (particularly the pictures re the position shift around the bb)
  9. Done this race 3 times, 4th time 2017,best race I have done, only real thing I can add to peters stuff is if you haven't booked inter island flights look at a flight/accom deal with Hawaiian, you'll save a bulk load on one of the joints out waikoloa way. Don't stay at race start, anywhere in waikoloa will be good as there is shops/restaurants there. FYI we have stayed four different spots out there and I would suggest Marriott or Hilton. Any questions fire them through mate, I should be able to assist
  10. Hy vee 2012 didn't he end up cooked in an Olympic distance? Agree 100% with CEM, his running gait won't lend itself to running a marathon off 180k. wouldnt surprise me if he goes well in his first full distance IF he races somewhere that heat won't be an issue (low 20's) then steps up to Kona and ends up looking like Jonny in the last itu race. Don't know why but I would love to see him hung out to dry on the queen k.......... possibly because we have seen him be so aggressive during the bike in the draft legal stuff.
  11. Is this enough to cause a complete divide in world sport? Will Russia come up with its own "olympics" and possibly have zero testing? It's fair to say that the vast majority are taking illegal supplements so the Russians would have to be dirty about being used as the scape goats.
  12. Traffic free...... is that closed roads or is the course on super quite roads up there? Lots of good options around Maclean/townsend/brooms/woodford island to get km in
  13. I'll second that
  14. Whoever you are there with just get it from them as soon as you can on the run, if they are down near lava java or somewhere like that it's only a couple of km until you get it. Good luck Brett, enjoy the day