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  1. Yep, that's the plan!
  2. I'll be there. Ice skates for the run?
  3. If you see a 56cm Cannondale Evo with Sram Red, let me know....
  4. Yeah but even then would be tipping over 600 in the half and up on last year
  5. We were told today 1400 people racing..
  6. Thanks guys, Really appreciate the info. Was having a look today and can stay reasonably cheaply in Edinburgh so thinking about even just staying there for the two weeks and trying to rent a car for that period.
  7. Hey guys/girls, I'll be racing Staffordshire 70.3 on June 18th and Edinburgh 70.3 on July 2nd. Looking for some ideas on where is best area to stay in UK in between for training friendlines? Cheers, Lachie
  8. Couple of days putting some k's onto the new Dimond with some solid swimming and running to boot. Melbourne weather struggling to make up its mind..
  9. Up at 4.50am, 140k on the bike including 6x5min @ threshold and a 30min tempo piece, packed up the car, drove to Albury, arrived at 4.15pm and headed put for a 1.40hr run including build and then 40min tempo. Cooked now. Bit more training and drive up to Syd tomorrow.
  10. Was just rolling some laps of centennial park (girlfriend just moved to potts point so will be splitting time between here and Melb) and saw old mate still rolling laps on the TT bike. Was suprised he was still riding at 3.30ish. Makes for very long days. After 45k of laps around there (first time riding there), the thought of doing 180k followed by 42k running just in the park is now only further beyond my imagination
  11. Haha if only it was that easy! Whilst it's not a Geelong 70.3 level field, there is still a few strong fellas there. Still early in the year with a focus on June-Aug in Europe so will roll the dice and see if they land in my favour!
  12. One of the most sensible things I've ever read on the interwebs. Couldn't agree more.
  13. Cheers mate, appreciate it. Had a few wins at local races I guess (i.e. the Benalla world champs). Was great to be a part of the Nagambie race and I reckon it has a lot of potential. We drove down race morning and it was no problems at all. In any case it was a great little hit out to get the legs moving after christmas/festival season and hopefully can continue to build on the form that I began to find at the end of last year
  14. Nice little local hitout at the Sufferfest Half Iron distance up in Nagambie. Rode hard and managed to get a good lead so was able to just manage the run without going too deep in the 34deg weather. All in all a really well run event and am looking forward to jumping in on a few more this year
  15. Had a trot at the Two Bays Trail Run 28k. Legs are cooked even after just trying to cruise it. Would take some serious strength and skill to be at the front.