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  1. NBA

    Jonah Bolden drafted at Pick 36 by the 76ers to team up with fellow Aussie Ben Simmons. Overall the T-Wolves the big improvers on the night getting Jimmy Butler without having to give up too much.
  2. Just wanted one lousy little Mountain Biking ticket, didn't get it. Stuff 'em, I'll go for a ride at Gap Creek instead.
  3. NBA

    Don't think it'll end up being a historically great draft class but the trades are very interesting. Porzingis to the Suns is another one I've been reading about, Phil Jackson about to undo the one good thing he's done while at the Knicks?!
  4. Trump is doing his bit for American jobs in one section of society, all his cohorts have hired lawyers, and even some of the lawyers have hired lawyers.
  5. NBA

    76ers in a potential trade with Celtics to move up to number one pick and take Fultz. Hope the 76ers can get all their young talent fit and on the court together at some point in the next few years. Seems Celtics had been looking at Josh Jackson as their pick anyway so can still get him at 3, and would be committing to Thomas as their long term point guard.
  6. NBA

    Cavs starting Centre produced 0 points and 3 rebounds in Game 3, you can see why they signed Bogut. Unlucky he got injured, would have been good for 10 and 5 plus some assists and general solid play in the paint.
  7. NBA

    It's official, Cavs vs GSW rematch for the Championship. With the addition of Durant bringing some extra firepower on offence and defence I think the Warriors will take it, hope it's a good series through.
  8. Vancouver - hire bikes and ride around Stanley Park, catch ferry across to North Vancouver and hike up Grouse Mtn. Head up to Whistler and Squamish for a look if there for a while. Seattle - Museum of Flight, watch live MLB/NFL/MLS/WNBA, catch ferry to one of the Puget Sounds islands for a days hiking, Orca spotting cruise, Museum of Pop Culture, Space Needle. Portland - haven't been, on to-visit list. Craft beer scene pretty big in all 3 cities these days.
  9. Cool to see former basketballer Hugh Greenwood making the Crows team for Saturdays game vs the Lions, good luck to him.
  10. Thankful I got to see him perform 4 times, twice with Soundgarden and twice in solo acoustic mode. Hell of a talent, his friends, family and bandmates will be shattered. Sounds like all wasn't well with him during that last show in Detroit. Only Eddie Vedder left of the big 4 Seattle band lead singers, someone put a moat around him! And Mark Lanegan while their at it.
  11. White House in lockdown after someone was seen scaling the fence, not sure if they were trying to get in or out. Trump seems to be in trouble but I hope he last long enough to go on this overseas trip next week, will be hilarious to see him on the International stage. Can't imagine anyone at NATO even wanting to be seen with him.
  12. NBA

    That was about the least interesting way the order could have fallen. Celtics will take Fultz, Lakers get Ball (and his dad, might have been better for him to have to leave LA), Philly should take the next best guard, Suns should get a crack at the best big in the draft.
  13. NBA

    Yeah why not, Celtics also hoping for a good result in the NBA draft lottery tomorrow our time.
  14. As a currently Brisbane based Richmond fan I try to get down to a game at the MCG each year. Just got back from this years trip, a great weekend spoiled somewhat by the Tigers after the siren loss to the David Mundy/Freo goal. Life got in the way last year and I missed the trip down to Melbourne, the previous years trip had been, yep you guessed, the Freo game won late on by Mr Mundy. Think I'll pick a different match next time we are drawn to play Freo (or Mundy if he moves clubs)!
  15. NBA

    There's your movie Tyno, Ingles with some big 3 pointers late on to win the game over the team that cut him.