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  1. Been working through Veep ahead of the new series starting shortly, it's good stuff. Some of the finest swearing on TV. See Monkey Magic is getting a reboot, filming in NZ as we speak. The original was the show of my childhood. Guess they'll PC it up a fair bit for the new version.
  2. NBA

    Great first day of the playoffs for the Aussies teams. Spurs grind out a win over the Grizzlies while the underdog Bucks and Jazz get away wins. Antetokounmpo for the Bucks is so good to watch, first player ever to rank in top 20 in the regular season in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. All at 22 years old.
  3. NBA

    Playoff matchups are set, will be cheering for the Aussies on the Spurs, Jazz and Bucks.
  4. Chinese GP as entertaining as usual. The in-car footage of Verstappen off the start line was one of the best bits of driving I've seen.
  5. You freaking beauty! Go Tiges, young Rioli getting better by the week.
  6. Looking forward to this round of footy. Swans vs Pies and Hawks vs Gold Coast in clashes of 0-2 teams, pressure will be building on the losers of those games. Swans rightly favourites but have bought in plenty of youngsters in the last few games, they need Parker, Hanners etc to lift. Good tests for Tigers and Port vs WCE and Crows in the 2-0 teams. The Showdowns are usually good to watch. GWS came good vs a woeful Suns last week, North away will be more of a test. Freo rebuild has started 2 weeks late after Ross makes 6 changes. Interesting how teams are playing the new ruck rules, Cats, Hawks, and Crows have all experimented with not bothering to nominate a proper ruck at times and instead having an extra midfielder at the contest.
  7. If the Cronk to Bulldogs rumours haven't started yet I'll start them now, get it done Des.
  8. Was that the Zietz barrel? Got a standing round of applause in my lounge room, instant 10s from all judges. JJ Florence at a different level to the rest in todays conditions.
  9. Some epic conditions for the Margaret River Pro.
  10. NBA

    Picked at the start of the season that MVP would be between Harden and Westbrook, less then 10 games to go and that's still the case. If I had to pick right now I'd go Westbrook but could be the first shared award. Both in action in good games today. For coach of the year I'd pick between Mike D'Antoni and Eric Spoelstra.
  11. Drive up to Whistler and Squamish for a night or two. Vancouver Island is pretty good, Victoria is nice. You can catch a ferry from there down to Seattle as well. We did a massive road/ferry trip up to Alaska, but over 2 months rather then 10 days. You are probably looking at flying up and back to get a look at Alaska. Around Vancouver itself the hike up Grouse Mountain is good. Hire bikes and ride around Stanley Park. Go watch a Vancouver Canucks or Vancouver Giants Hockey game.
  12. Tipped Bombers over Hawks but didn't see Port over Swans coming. Swans with a lot of inside 50s but they generally just seemed to pump it in there rather then look for quality leads or players in space. Hawks play Crows and Swans play Bulldogs next week, will both need to lift to avoid 0-2 starts.
  13. Sounds like The Art Of The Deal needs a rewrite, - Have a dodgy idea/product that you don't know much about - Don't really communicate or offer any compromise, mainly just threaten people, mainly people on your own team - Give up on it after a week - Deny that you said there ever was a likely deal to begin with
  14. Good to get the win and let the post Round 1 loss overreactions be elsewhere. Most of the new guys were pretty good. Tyno summed it up well, Half Back line needs a lot of work, telling that they sent Vlastuin back there in the 4th quarter to shore things up a bit. Jake Batchelor had a good game in VFL yesterday, might be back in the 1sts next week.
  15. Title updated for the new season. Noticed I had Freo a lock for Top 8 last year so keep that in mind with my predictions! As good as the Finals series was last year the makeup of the Top 8 was known after 6 Rounds, hopefully it's a lot closer this year. Freo and Bombers are better then your average bottom 6 teams from last year but get the easier draw so both should improve a fair bit. I'll pick two changes to the Top 8 for this year, Roos and one of Cats or Hawks to drop out. Demons and Suns to make the 8. Swans my tip to win the lot. The Bont to win the Brownlow. Richmond might not win many more games this season but should at least be a bit better to watch and hopefully avoid a few of the floggings from last year.