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  1. I am leaving tomorrow to spend a couple of weeks cycling in the Pyrenees. I will be half way up the Col de Peguere to watch the TDF on Bastille Day. The other days I will be cycling the Pyrenees mountains in the morning and watching the TDF in a bar in the afternoon.
  2. My 920XT came with the TRI chest strap. When I run I find it slides down to my waist. I use it for cycling though. For running I use the Scosche Rythm optical strap on my arm.
  3. I race at Busso, I only use 2 or 3 gears. I might need to cut 50 chains instead.
  4. So to KQ I just need to cut the gear cable on the 50 bikes belonging to the guys faster than me . Deflating the tyres wouldn't gain me enough time.
  5. I signed up to the above web site. They have the red Garmin 920XT with HRM for $375 which seems cheap.
  6. Also check out the Citibank Plus Transaction account - no overseas in-network ATM, purchasing or currency conversion fees.
  7. My LBS fitted me to my bike when I bought it. My position was too uncomfortable to maintain for 90km. I went to a professional bike fitter and was able to stay on the aero bars for 180km with out problems. Money very well spent.
  8. After ~ 400km the sole is down to the soft white part in areas. The rest of the shoe is perfect apart from the red dust.
  9. That is my experience also.
  10. In a pack I agree that verbal calls are better than indicators. When I am cycling on my own it would be handy to have indicators so that I can let cars know what I am doing. There are some rear indicators, but there do not seem to be any front indicators.
  11. I have really enjoyed watching the mixed Triathlon team relays in the past. Great to see it added to the Olympics. I think that the mixed 4x400m relay in athletics will be exciting to watch also.
  12. Like Pieman I would like indicators. Usually you are braking to go around a corner and unable to use your arm to signal. You would need indicator lights front and rear.
  13. If you take pharmacy medication make sure that it does not contain Pseudoephedrine. You can check the WADA list at:
  14. If you are thinking of buying a disc wheel, consider buying a wheel cover and see how you go. There are a number of companies that make them. Mine is a Dyma. If you haven't had a bike fit yet you should. It will make you more aero, more efficient and more comfortable.
  15. I would definitely wait until after the race. Getting rid of them after wearing them for so long could trigger PF, Achilles problems, knee problems, etc. Go and see a podiatrist, preferably one who specialises in sports, and get a professional opinion.