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  1. If the aid stations were more than 2km apart I would run with a water bottle, like I do in training. The advantage of the IMWA run course is that you only need two double sided aid stations to have one every ~2km, as it is a 5km out and back loop.
  2. For Busso 70.3 they only had one aid station in a 45km bike loop and 2 double sided aid stations on a 7km run loop. Which was enough for a cool 70.3. For IMWA they could stretch out the bike aid stations. However on the hot run you really need an aid station every 2km. They do not need vollies handing out drinks. You could grab cups off the table and greatly reduce the number of vollies required.
  3. At Busso 70.3 they had to reduce the number of aid stations due to a lack of volunteers. At both Busso 70.3 and Ironman WA Sunsmart is the title sponsor. With the state government cutting costs this type of sponsorship is likely to be reduced.
  4. Less than 10km, any socks. >10km I wear 1000 mile socks, you can buy them on sites like Wiggle. They have a double layer and stop the blisters that I used to get.
  5. I need wide cycling shoes. I could not find anywhere in Perth to try on the wide versions of the TR9 or RP3. I ended up buying the wide RP3 for $80 from Wiggle. It is wider than standard cycling shoes and I leave the front velcro strap quite loose.
  6. I think this comment on ST about the refund is great. I guess a fool and his money are sometimes reunited. Jesse Thomas won Peru 70.3 on a Dimond bike
  7. Posted by Rapp I have decided to end the GoFundMe and refund all donations. More than ever being about the money, I was looking for support. And that has been made extremely clear. So thank you. The value of that support is invaluable.
  8. What is the Giro Air Attack like in hot weather?
  9. Surely our new government won't break an election promise
  10. Thanks for the article. I am looking at moving my mortgage to another bank through a Mortgage Broker. They sent me a link to You put in your username and password for your bank and they retrieve your statements. I had a read of the FAQ, security set up and did a Google search everything seemed OK so I used the site. The security claim is that as everything is encrypted no one, not even them, can get your password. After reading your article I have just changed my online banking password. Thanks for the info.
  11. Wow that is dedicated. I work FIFO out of Wiluna, the heat and flies over summer makes it hard to do any exercise outside over summer. The heat in Karratha is much worse. Good luck with your training.
  12. Are there safe cycling routes in Karratha or do you have to go out onto the highway?
  13. DC rainmaker talks about interchanging Polar and Garmin hear rate straps. He has a whole article on trouble shooting HR strap problems I find that my Garmin chest strap works fine on the bike. When running I get some weird readings, perhaps due to the strap moving about. I now use the Scosche rhythm when running. Much more comfortable and accurate than a chest strap.
  14. She is spending too much on smashed avocado to afford a house.
  15. My daughter is off to the Nashville festival for the second year in a row. Even flights are relatively cheap. Instead wasting money on flights and festivals she should be spending money on important things like bikes and IM entry fees.