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  1. Stages Power Meter

    to the torque wrench, not for this job i do for anything carbon, or could crush For a crank arm why upgrade? other than looks/weight. Me if i had 105 would stay with 105 and spend the difference on learning how to use the Powermeter or a better head unit. Like above the Garmin 910xt doesn't work with Stages if on wrist
  2. Stages Power Meter

    I have the gen 2 stages and no issues I run ultegra on two bikes (different versions so colours don't match) and swap cranks at least 2x a month, easy task, just have to remember the sequence. Takes 5 min going slowly, 3 tools (something to remove dust cap, allen key to loosen crak, screw driver to lift looking mechanism, slide of crank arm)
  3. Is there an "easier" IM to qualify for Kona?

    easiest way to get to kona - lottery, ebay auction you just need the money and buy your entry $30 -50k will get you a charity slot http://www.ironman.com/triathlon-news/articles/2013/04/ironman-foundation-ebay-auction.aspx
  4. 9 weeks till Ironman Australia

    just booked accommodation, need to enter next. Was tossing up this or a week mtbing in Tasmania, about the same cost ex Sydney. This will be Port number 4, first time on the new course; last time i did it was a 2 lap sim/walk, 3 lap bike, hill on the run.
  5. hi, is the accommodation still available and what cost

    thanks richard

  6. New Zealand is officially better than Australia

    Having lived in Wellington, i would go Wellington over Christchurch. Wellington and Melbourne have allot of shit weather in common
  7. New Zealand is officially better than Australia

    Yes there is that upside to
  8. New Zealand is officially better than Australia

    Because my wife made me come back!
  9. New Zealand is officially better than Australia

    Is that so they can do the full distance in Tri's
  10. Is 70.3 a brand or distance?

    It is a brand it is Ironman Inc brand for a half ironman it is the sum of the distances in miles
  11. Track Cycling - Chasing the Funding?

    interesting strategy, NZ and UK sent teams to the worlds
  12. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    I was meaning for the Annual membership to get preference. then there are those like me who are annual members but can't qualify as not a citizen. Which start would i be in. Imagine that race based start waves!!, that would certainly get some media interest.
  13. Mooloolaba Start Waves

    Or TA member waves, then we would get something back for our membership. if not TA member can't qualify for worlds so a way of taking discretion out
  14. Mental Health Excuse

    BW, what Tim sent is totally inappropriate and offensive to me. Especially given what you posted. Best advise would be ignore it if you can.
  15. Femoroacetabular Impingement (my hip is stuffed)

    From my discussion with the hip surgeon when they rebuilt mine after a bad dislocation, nearly 3 years ago. A replacement will last 15 - 20 years. So you dont want to be looking at a second one in your 80's as you may not recover well. They can do it but your physical recovery will be slow.
  16. What exercise did you do today

    This is interesting. I exercise as i enjoy exercise, to no real set plan. Sessions are about how i feel mainly time based and run, cycle to feel. Don't go out with a stuctured plan. These are generally runs or rides, not walk the dog which i don't keep track of but are important for his (rory) wellbeing. But i also race. So is my exercise training or exercise?
  17. Who's hi-jacked Bored@'s Account?

    It's great to have some positive and inspiring comments on here.
  18. Geelong 70.3 race day. Women's finish

    Paramedics are not allowed to run as it causes panic in the crowd
  19. USA shootings and gun laws

  20. Height & weight

    186cm and about 90kg Need to drop 5kg if want to go abit better. But I'm a lifestyle athlete so this is fun not ultimate performance
  21. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    For those that want a interesting and challenging course go to Wanaka. Cheaper than WA for those on the Eastern side of Australia.
  22. Trannies Strava Page

    My is saying not logging anything for 3 days now. Or maybe i just haven't done anything. Where is the truth?
  23. WTB AS Ankle Brace - small

    where in sydney? a few of us live here. If close by i could do the pick-up post thing
  24. complete newb - needs advice

    Basically a seat post that you can lower the height of while riding. Most modern one have a lever on the left side of the bars. Means you can lower your seat height for descending. For a XC bike 75mm is fine, for a all mountain/enduro bike 125mm is common. I would rate the dropper seat post as the best advance in MTBing in the last 5 years.
  25. What training did you do today?

    Day 3 of the Snowy Mountains MTB Festive. 45km XC race 3 laps around Lake Crackenback resort. Solid riding with constant undulations. 3hr