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  1. I don't think from what I have read/heard that it will be ratified by IAAF as: pace car including pace and drafting set up, so the runners are tucked in behind fairing special shoes, including "spring type propulsion" in sole 3 day window on a car race track and will go when atmospheric conditions are optimal 3 runners especially trained and prepared for this This is a Nike publicity event as only Nike sponsored athletes (the current world record holder is with Adidas), it is to see if it can be done and could potentially have the Banister effect
  2. PM Ex he probably got first he is that old!!
  3. have you tried
  4. i wonder if i can hook it to the internal motor then it will be like riding an automatic.
  5. I would either have snowboard or MTB with me to go to Whistler.
  6. if possible measure the old one.
  7. Quick review on the Guji. as said previously has a distinctive flavour which I particularly liked. it was my preference over the Bifdu. I have the Maria Rosa to start in the next few days. As noted above also that the grid is slightly courser than others, took me most of the 250g bag to get the grind right for my taste; was so hard drinking all that great coffee. As over the last 3 months; since moving back to Sydney, I have been trying lots of coffee to find the ideal one (probably 8 different ones, as buy from local roasters), the Guji would be my preferred to date.
  8. Thanks for this i also found Flow's 6 best trails for Stromlo and loop 2 covers the best 2 trails so that may be the go. Also will suggest the Vapour trail for son. The stop is really to break the travel to Thredbo
  9. I'm going to Stromlo next wednesday on the way from Sydney to Thredbo; this will break up the drive There will be my 17 year old son and me, after a nice loop that suits me XC, him all mountain. The website has 6 loops listed, any recommendation on the best flowing, rideable one. or do we just follow our nose on trails. Also any must see MTB bike shops in Canberra? cheers
  10. listen to the IM talk podcast ( with Emma Mackie (episode 555) who talks about using heat rather than cold for recovery. She did her Masters in recovery or something like that so some science.
  11. If you have the gearing right for you a 1 x 11 (or 12) can be great. My niner is a 1x10 and is overgeared for some climbing, and i should spend some money to change to 1x11 or 1x12. but this bike is more for shuttle runs and currently running xtr so cant bring myself to replace with a lower spec. I can't reduce the front chainring size due to being old design and would need to replace bottom bracket as well. my Felt cross country bike is a 2x10 and this i really like the range, especially for long races. both these bikes are 3-4 years old The new 1x11 or 1x12 with the right front chainring is the way to go as simpler, and lest chance of dropping chain on the front chainring. This will be what i spec on my next bike.
  12. Ex which one are you, i don't regconse you from your avatar. And if your avatar is you now you really have let yourself go!!!
  13. turning a serious discussion into a pun thread cos i'm to dumb to think up a pun
  14. I like this idea but in the reverse, that way the pressure builds
  15. i'm happy to throw in some extra for the site. Could be a fund that then builds up so Roxii stocks the subbie coolers
  16. as a slow person, the cut-off of 1.15 would deter me from signing up. it could be an expensive trip to do one sprint i prefer the enduro of continuing around or making the cut of a little longer for the 5 to 6hr 1/2 person
  17. Ex I think cat lady just trumped your 12 page thread with at lease 3 threads of average of 15 pages each
  18. Just been cancelled and full refund issued. This is a real shame a it looked like a real fun way to spend the day, short, sharp racing in a challenging format.
  19. ip may be on dial up out there in the lifestyle zone
  20. email them to yourself, it may ask what size file you want and select small or medium. then save file and attach that is what i did
  21. Nicely played, can i borrow you white flag
  22. i like 2 being a Kiwi only one team wears black
  23. You may want to slow down a bit, seriously. I would be averaging 6.10 - 6.25 on a flat run. think of this as being an easy spin on the bike
  24. just another option Focus Izalco Chrono of P3 Di2 for similar money to the P2 you posted above
  25. prizna are you really pieman as you have same picture? I respect what pieman says, but you