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    New Road Bike

    I have di2 and disks on my road bike, very good. If wanting clip on aero bars then get a 7 port box for d12 so you can have changer on aero bars and brakes. I really like disks, have had them on my MTB for years and waited for them to come to road bikes. I also have a Felt AR which is 5 years old (equivalent to S3) and used for tri's including IM. I like the aero road concept especially if only having one bike. I would have broght an S3 when i brought a new bike early last year, but the disk model wasn't out then.
  2. rory-dognz

    dropper seatpost on a budget

    Thanks, my son's was an external routed one, which he converted to internal when he moved it to the new bike from memory. Now if you are running a 1 x set-up (no front derailleur), and you want to be fancy then the dropper leaver sits styled where the left hand shifter was.
  3. rory-dognz

    USA Shootings #2

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/world/104061419/drugged-students-and-abortion-blamed-for-school-shootings apparently it is Abortion at fault for the shootings,
  4. rory-dognz

    dropper seatpost on a budget

    they are good, my son has been using one for about 4 years He even swapped out the one on his new bike 2 years ago for the giant one, that was how i got introduced to dropper as i got the removed one
  5. rory-dognz

    Major fault in 100 runs in 100 days

    If you set the goal of time, then work out the process to achieve that 6h IM Bike split, equals 30km hr, equals x watts, now if you maintain the x watts, but there was a strong headwind on the way back only on the last lap and you do 6hr.15min., you have failed which can mentally stuff your run, but you achieved your goal of x watts, potentially having a good run. Or you could have pedalled harder to achieve 6hr bike and then run 1hr slower because you blew up. also depends if you focus on the goal and don't achieve does that muck up the rest of your race mentally or can you reset and carry on.
  6. rory-dognz

    As a mid life cyclist

    that was so ture
  7. rory-dognz

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    The swim at IM Aus is narrow, with the first turn close to the start 20m, then the second 200-300m max. Then swimming back the way you came. A mass start would not work on the current course as too narrow congested. But on a course like Taupo it can. Due to the narrow course I thought the staggered start was better than wave starts; because i am a crap swimmer and then just get swum over by the next wave. I did the old 2 lap course with mass start in 08,09,10. I think the 2018 course was better. The issue i had was not the staggered start, but the lack of hype, build up of what you are going to achieve was lacking. There was only standing in ques; registration, bike racking, swim start. This took the shine off the weekend.
  8. rory-dognz

    Road bike v Time trial bike

    If you are of the 1 bike crowd, then a aero road bike is the way to go. I have a Felt AR, these tested more aero than the Felt DA at the time (frame only I think). I just have mine with clip ons as not at the fast end. With Di2 get a 7 port box (not standard 5 port), then you can run shifting from the clip ons. If you get more serious then swapping out standard bars for a tri bar is not hard, especially with Di2. just have to do the brakes. If you are into technology you can get an aero road with disk brakes, which is the way to go.
  9. rory-dognz

    Double Crash Day

    It's funny this perception that it is a young persons sport. It is probably the one form of cycling that you will see all ages from about 8 years up doing the same trails. Go to Thredbo and be surprised when the downhill guys take of there full face helmets, alot of middle aged / older men and women enjoying themselves. I road on Sunday on easy fireroads and would have seen a even split over the ages. Certainly allot more even than road cycling or Tri's. It is the one sport that i do with my kids (16 and 18 years old), yes they are faster but we ride the same trails, and i have the endurance to out last them. I don't ride as aggressively as them, but never have.
  10. rory-dognz

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    I did the survey, and still wondering how much i spent in Geelong has to do with Ironman Aus. To summarize my survey response was that not having the pasta dinner and the way the start had no vibe, just a que getting shorter. It was no different to a half or club race. It was the events around the race that made IM unique.
  11. rory-dognz

    IM Australia when you are 50

    This is a report from the mid/back pack. If you think that going over 13hr is unacceptable then stop reading. IM Port Mac was a prove to myself, that I could do an Ironman in my fifties. I turned 50 last November. I had done IM in my 30's, 40's so wanted to finish one in my 50's. That was the key goal and the reason I told people when asked why?. Additionally I dislocated/broke my left hip 3 years ago and through the recovery focused on recovering so i could do what a normal healthy person could do; eg walk the dog, walk with the wife, play with kids etc. But underlying that was to get back to doings endurance sport like i had done previously. So i have done marathon MTB races, a marathon, so next was Ironman. My last IM was IMNZ in 2013 in 11hr 23min, and had done Port in 2008, 09, 10. The last time at Port was prior to the 70.3 being on the same day, a 3 lap bike, finish at Westport etc. I also finished in daylight (March race and Daylight saving still happening, start at dawn. I had done a total of 8 iron distance races previously with times between 11:20 and 12:59. Not fast. My training since Jan was consistent with final decision to enter at the end of Feb. I was putting focus into swim and bike, mainly around distance. I don't do allot of run training due to the hip. I also train with the underlying philosophy of arriving at the start line motivated and uninjured. Both of these i achieved. I arrived on Friday and enjoyed the buzz starting to form around town, although felt a little left out by not wearing IM branded clothing, or at a minimum some race shirt. The no carbo party left me with nothing to do that night and no really start to the weekend. Although I then ate what i wanted. The other key communication that wasn't given was about drafting, rules etc that you normally had to sit through. Also no celebration of the first timers or the legends which I used to enjoy. Saturday did a run, swim and bike to a cafe to check things over. My bike is a road bike with clip on bars 6 years old, wheels were my 40th birthday present, so when I racked my bike it was very much the odd one out. Then just wandered around, and sat around. Sunday morning got up and went and did the bike stuff, pump up tires, nutrition on bike, reading glasses on bike (if i need to see up close need those glasses), stand in toilet que x 3. The rolling start while is needed due to the tight cause had no real build up to it. Especially compared to IMNZ with the Waka coming in and Maori challenge. then the bike cannon fire of the start gun. Eventually the que got to the waters edge. Now to the race: Swim was nice, water clear and i seeded myself a bit high (1hr 20min) so got a little bumped around. The buoys were good for sighting, i just moved from buoy to buoy making my way up the course. The weir was a welcome change to break the swim up. Knew i was not going fast but work on survive the swim. Overall swam 1hr:28min, which was a little slower than hoped but no stress this is about completing. T1 was go, nothing exceptional, just making sure I did the process Bike: I got out of transition and focused on holding back, nutrition, not going super hard, and spinning. Did this through town and remembered the hilly nature of the first few km's. It was a beautiful warm sunny day so enjoyed that while keeping moving forward. I am a better biker than swimmer so passing people but remembering not to burn matches. I ride with HR, cadence, 3s power, speed. The first 3 are controllable and the 4th is of interest. On the flat, out of town just settled down to spinning and putting out an even output chewing up the km's. Remembering to take in nutrition to plan. It was nice going past the entrance to Goast Road and not turning into the worst potholes and patches ever seen on a sealed road. On the long straights just focused on en power output and cadence. The lack of wind was great. Lap one then lap two disappeared as the day went by my power was even across both laps when meant even pacing. I was able to stay on the aero bars as much as possible which was go. My hip aches from the same repetitive motion in the same position, which you don't get MTBing due to the continuous changing positions. The power on the second lap was 5W lower than first lap so pretty happy with pacing and endurance. I had no idea of my time as didn't look at time, I knew was getting on in the day as started to cool off. Coming alone the final road just before transition had a guy on a MTB wanting to race, so let him beat me; hell tell is grand kids about the day he out sprinted an Ironman!. Finished the ride in 6hr40min which was okay. T2 change into running shorts and dry top. Run: out onto the run at what was an Ironman shuffle high 6min/km pace. Previously have run a sub 4 Ironman marathon, wasn't going to be today. Today had different goals. I ran the first 2 laps; including gentle hill, except for the aid stations. Lap 3 decided to walk the hill. I had warm clothing in my special needs bag. but I knew if i kept running I would stay warm enough, but if I picked up warm top i could then walk but still be warm. So that was the mental battle each lap was to run past and know that there was no walking until I got back for the next lap. I kept shuffling, the crowd support was great. I shuffled/ran the whole way with only walking aid stations with a time of 5hr 17min. Wearing a Trannie hat got a few shout outs and meet Ironmum as she ran away! Overall time was 13hr 39min which allowed me to achieve the 2 goals of finishing in my 50s and back to pre hip activities. Overall I enjoyed the experience again, remember why i want to do it. It also shows you can do what you set your mid to if you set a plan and manage your expectations and resources.
  12. rory-dognz

    IM Australia when you are 50

    Thanks. You are one of the Tannies i look up to about recovery and still doing what you want, not what people tell you you can post injury.
  13. rory-dognz

    complete newb - needs advice

    Here's my ute, sons with his norco and my niner on the roof. Just because I can!
  14. rory-dognz

    complete newb - needs advice

    Nice bike, the Norco's are great value. My son has been riding one for 3 years. If it doesn't have a dropper post then i would recommend getting one. It makes any descents easier as just drop the seat and weight back. I run about 28psi rear/26psi front on tubed tyres, if super rocky the go higher to save pich flats and your rim's. Tuning your suspension can make a huge difference to the way the bike rides, so if you don't have a shock pump they are worth getting. (my son rides my bike then adjusts the suspension, i ride it until he adjusts it again, each time it rides better after he has played with it.) go have fun
  15. rory-dognz

    Double Crash Day

    Tyno, are you running a dropper post, best invention for mtbing since front suspension in my view. If not drop your seat min of 10% of that you would normally ride, going over the bars generally means you are not going back far/fast enough and weight is to far forward.
  16. I just do what my wife tells me and beside every time move country means i get a new bike!
  17. Sorry, I thought Australisia was the continent. Now called Oceania. Australia is a country which has more poisonous things than anywhere else.
  18. I would like to point out Australia is not a continent.
  19. rory-dognz

    Ironman Aus 2018 - The good, the bad and the ugly

    My first at Port since 2010. So before the combined 70.3. No carbo night which was kind off missed as a opening for the event and getting into race mood. But upside was got to eat my choice of food. Town was busy. Felt left out because I wasn't wearing IM logo clothing. Race day. The rolling start doesn't build any its race day. The gun is going to go and go. The que evently shortened and i got into the water and started swimming. But on that course a mass start wouldn't work as to narrow. The support on course was great. Lots of people out supporting especially at the south end of the course. they were there till the end as I am slow. The run support was fantastic. The extra lap ment more times seeing the same supporters. Great vibe. I got a few best wishes from Trannies as i was wearing my cap Distance was close enough on my watch. The finish line was great with the crowd, certainly having in on the town green meant more people around. Overall enjoyed the experience hugely. And 15 is the new 13 as we all get older.😤
  20. rory-dognz

    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    Thanks for the support out there. The course support on the run was great even for those of us that were well into the night
  21. rory-dognz

    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    front wheel, anyone leaving Sydney?. justification for a new wheelset, Honey i had to buy one cause i drove all that way and forgot to take it, I may be stupid but not that stupid No just joking i packed that
  22. rory-dognz

    Port - Right Here, Right Now

    Good to be back in Port after 8 years. Things are looking a bit changed.
  23. rory-dognz

    IM 70.3 Western Sydney (False Advertising??)

    Perhaps, new course. Swim by Opera House, ride M2/M7/Great Western Highway to Blue Mtns, run to 3 sisters Has anyone checked the updated course maps!
  24. rory-dognz

    IM Texas on now

    Was that at Mission Bay? IMNZ 2006 was even shorter 90km bike. 21km run IMNZ 2012 they cancelled and had the first Taupo 70.3 so it didn't count
  25. rory-dognz

    IM/LC racing. Value/worth thoughts

    my return to LC is because I turned 50, after 5 years since i did my last. I did a IM in my 30's, 40's and now I'm 50 want to do another. That is my motivation, after Sunday will see what happen next. I still enjoy just being out and exercising, like a few it is a lifestyle to be fit, and AP's benchmark is a good one.