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  1. What would you do?

    We were almost neighbors, I'm from Raetihi. Taupo is my pick when we finish with city living, my wife's is Wanaka.
  2. First car for daughter

    yes but why would you ever want to drive a manual. The reason my daughter wont learn in a manual is I'm not driving one daily in traffic, also not buying another car just for her to learn in, there is no guarantee of a car when she gets her P plates unless she saves for one (that ain't happening).
  3. 5 Ironman in 5 continents by the age of 50

    Wanaka if it is distance and not brand, most scenic tri in the world. Google Challenge Wanaka. This is my pick of destination races in Australasia. (having done all the current Iron Distance events) Taupo (IMNZ) if the brand is important, in New Zealand. Water is fresh and clean, ride hard, run undulating and senic. Can be a bit hit and miss on weather. Cairns is good if like slightly warmer weather, ride is scenic compared to Taupo, Port Mac, flat run.
  4. Highland Fling

    I finished 8hr 11min for the full fling. 113km with 2143m climbing. set some personal records: longest mtb race, longest time on a bike in a race. That was one trough race, with the most technical trail between about 90 and 105km Some really nice trails in the Wingello forest.
  5. Highland Fling

    I'm doing the Final Fling on the 12th Nov, 120km XC in the southern highlands. Has anyone one it and got any advice for a mid/back packer. How does it compare to Convict which i have done twice. Looking forward to camping the night before and a day of riding.
  6. First car for daughter

    Lesson 2 for my daughter was on gravel, planting foot, slamming on brakes etc. Decided that handbrake may be bit much. She was a bit disconcerted when the Narvara flicked on planting foot. This is a kid who is growing up in Sydney suburbia, not the country as well
  7. First car for daughter

    My daughter is learning to drive in my Narvara. Has cred in a bogan way. If she can drive that she will be fine in anything smaller or smoother.
  8. How u ever volunteered at an IM

    I don't volunteer for IM as multinational corporate that I pay money to. Similarly to Unilever who I buy soap from. volunteer for club races and other charity, community things.
  9. Highland Fling

    Very happy to have river crossings, it the camping and getting ready in the rain that i don't want. At least the rivers will be warm compared to NZ rivers which come straight of mountains
  10. Highland Fling

    Thanks. I'm looking forward to the getting there Saturday afternoon and camping. Hopefully the weather stays dry
  11. what the one event in the world you would like to do

    Being realistic over events: AAA looks like a great one day challenge. I really enjoyed the ITU Sydney and Auckland Age Group races where you go to race with iconic buildings and then watch the pro's race over a similar course. For MTBing Pioneer looks great with a different type of course next year.
  12. Cars, built in satnav or not?

    One benefit of having the satnav screen is the reversing camera if linked. I put in a reversing camera on my Navara and the unit came with satnav.
  13. Short man syndrome.

    or age
  14. Pedals: clipless vs flats

    Still use spd, just simple and work If lots of mud then crank brothers have some good options my son tells me
  15. Tubeless wheels

    thanks, didn't know it was a myth
  16. Tubeless wheels

    Back to tubeless and flying. Depending on what pressure you drop the tyre to to fly, you run the risk of the tyre becoming unseated and the sealent leaking out. The sealent is a major pain if leaked. When flying with mtb left tyres up at ride pressure
  17. Short man syndrome.

    if you want to get married in Australia, yes it does as one of the above can't!!!!
  18. Nepean Triathlon

    That was alot of fun. Really enjoyed myself. Met flanman which was neat.
  19. Drug & Alcohol Tests

    I work in an office on a manufacturing site. Our policy is for everyone and was one way to get accepted by the unions is all staff in the company are under the same drug policy. This applies from senior managers to casual staff.
  20. Dairy free Recovery

    Whey protein concentrate just is less filtered than the isolate. There are no fillers added unless the nutrition company is adding them. From a nutritional view you can get the protein from wpc. Only time wpi has benefits is striping for a body building competition. (Calorie restriction and max protein intake). Is the suppliment company is credible as the ingredient list should be as simple as possible. Most products are over engineered for our requirements. Disclaimer: I worked in the suppliment industry and tthe dairy industry.
  21. Dairy free Recovery

    If it is to try and increase protein for recovery, try beef jerky or something similar. Unusual for whey protein concentrate or isolate to give you the shits. That is usually lactose (milk sugar). What are you adding to the whey protein?
  22. Crank length for a 29er

    I checked my daughters Trek Fuel which is a small and again 175mm cranks. I think this is a Trek one size fits all. There is no way she should be riding same cranks as me.
  23. What nutrition do you use

    Training under 1 hour water over 1 hour Use Pure Nutrition electrolyte and endurance (carb/protein mix) for long rides. This stuff has no artificial flavors or colour, running tend to use SIS gels, water from taps or camelbak if want solid food "One square meals", or whatever bar in fridge Racing bike will use 1 bottle with total ride nutrition in it, plus water from course/camelbak. run whatever is on course, very partial to coke, but trend seams to be towards fancy drinks now Two rules: keep it simple and must want to consume it as sitting in bottle ain't doing you any good
  24. road bike disc brakes compatibility

    there is no standard, things to consider are thru axle diameter, rotor diameter, rotor attachment to hub, frame/fork caliper attachment. the above is all quoted buy the No camp for why disks aren't in the peleton. Like FP i have a focus and use the RAT system. 12mm seams to be the road standard. Disk diameter there is no standard. MTB XC uses 15mm as a standard but that may be because there are few fork manufacturers, where on the road each bike manufacturer makes there own fork.
  25. Crank length for a 29er

    Is your seat lower than the equivalent on the road bike?, traditionally ran seat about 10% lower to allow moving around, and moving of the back. Currently i have my seat up like the road bike but use a dropper post to move the seat down when descending of doing technical riding.