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  1. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    thanks, while i like my gadgets, i can't see it when running as don't run in reading glasses.
  2. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    Would you class slow as holding a proper conversation?, I have slowed my running down, but not to Sammy's leave and found it helps, but is the above the non gadget guide?
  3. New Fenix 5

    I found the optical to be useless for exercise, doesn't drop when recovery in a session I'm using a Garmin Vibofit or something. I have it pick up the strap when in exercise mode
  4. Truce

    Surely the NRL/AFL will start soon so that the papers can fill 30 pages up
  5. What training did you do today?

    You could try "whanau fishing". need big net, and explosives. throw explosive device in river and wait downstream with net. I kid you not, people been prosecuted for this. may take the skill out, but guaranteed catch
  6. Wet / Cold weather gear

    Having spent allot of time in Taupo and 3 Taupo IM's If wet could be wet all day (2011), then a thermal is your best bet as a coat will let the water in. One for the bike and a dry one for the run. Gillet/wind proof vest and arm warmers can be good for the ride as could be chilly on the first part of the ride. Thermal in the run special needs if you think you will be out there a long time. Maybe a light nylon jacket if really worried. Two i have done an heat was more of a problem, the third was shortened to a 1/2 the next day and i think wore a thermal on the bike and took it of for the run. Also some shark repellent for the swim
  7. Trannies Strava Page

    roxii can I join Richard Houghton thanks
  8. Running iPods

    This is me, running is me time, but i do it without headphones etc. This is the only real time i am available from external inputs. I rarely carry my phone, even though i am on 24hr call. Therefore like Alex and FB how each person gains time in their own world is different. It is funny as when i run sometimes i close of the outside world to much and am in more danger of an accident, than when i have external stimuli (music, podcasts, etc). I have a commute which is where i listen to music and podcasts
  9. Trannies Strava Page

    you need to listen IMtalk for there "Wanger of the Week", which is there Strava leader board summary and recognition. This tread is nearly as funny. No i don't belong to strava
  10. 2017 Totals - training / racing / stuffing around

    mine is just Garmin tracked, i know it is missing some. But not a real worry.
  11. 2017 Totals - training / racing / stuffing around

    swim: 51 times for 73 km, as you can see not a big swimmer Bike: 161 times for 6045 km run 128 times for 1105 km (twice 2016) this is up on 2015 (year of injury), 2016 (year of recovery) at 50 years old, the biggest thing is that i can still do the sport!
  12. Your 1st race

    First tri was Rotorua 1/2 Ironman in 2006. I had been doing run/bike/kayak endurance racing for about 12 years prior to this, had wanted to do an Ironman since early 90's when i flatted with some others who did them. I couldn't swim, never really learnt as a kid. The distances were short compared to some multi-sport events, so went in super confident Mid 2006, went to the local pool and swam? 25m, stopped rested, swam back to the start of the lane, repeat. First swim was probably 300m in 40min. Continued to go back several times a week and drag myself up and down pool. No squad, no lessons, no technique, just brute strength and determination. I think I watched some video of swim technique and maybe read a book. I got pneumonia about 4 weeks prior to the December race, so that meant my tapper was long. Started the race with this is a learning and can/will pull out if need/want to. Swim was in beautiful fresh water lake (Blue Lake), so when i got dunked on the start line and had a panic attack, at least i drunk fresh water. Got swum over by all the following waves. But i survived so thought it would go well from there Bike was a steep hill out of T1, grabbed a handfull of jet plains and shoved into mouth as got on bike, couldn't chew, breath and climb so swallowed the lot. Then felt like throwing up the rest of the bike, trying to drink with this solid lump in the stomach. Run, ran with stitch from the start until had to walk, just wanted to throw up, but kept going. walked most of the run (did 2 1/2hrs) (considering i was in 90 min 1/2 marathon form in October) Cross the finish line and slowly drinking a coke, stood up and threw up in some bushes, felt so much better, and got applauded by those around me. Certainly came away with a great list of things to improve on. And my ass handed to me on a plate
  13. Christmas & New Year

    Mine is 16 and this is a good description of the room, it will be this way, until they discover boys, and eventually turn into their mother, and then heaven forbid if you put something down wrong.
  14. Pedals: clipless vs flats

    alot depends on how much grip is on the pedals. Do your pedals have studs that will grip your shoe, or are they smooth? MTB shoes are generally stiffer, not grippier than sneakers. The grip comes from the predal
  15. Trannies Strava Page

    whats ironpro up to?
  16. Tubeless. Road. Anyone Running ?

    My bike is wheels are tubeless compatible, and I want to change them across (been doing this on the MTB bike with mixed success due to age of rims). I have changed the valve stem, put in sealant, pumped up and sprayed sealent around as it filled the holes and sealed them. What I'm finding is the pressure drops relatively quickly, no holes appear, i have cleaned the rims/beads. Couple of questions for 25mm tyres what pressure are you running at? do i need to put an additional layer of tubeless tape on the rims recommended tyre to run tubeless? as tyres have a few nick's, cuts in them thanks
  17. Help building a 70.3 plan

    Having been on this site for 10 years. I would accept advice from Ruley, AP, Rog, RBR, Paul E these are guys with the run's on the board. But their approach differ, so it should be pick one and stay with it Allot of others probably know what works for them and have good advice, Me I know what works for me, and delivers what i want from the sport. This doesn't work for others.
  18. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

  19. So froome is a drug cheat

    Unfortunately this is the truth, surprised no, disappointed that the sport hasn't moved on. Also ties in with the reported Sky culture and British Cycling of TUE's, jiffy bags, appealing missed whereabouts, comments about pushing TUE's recently, staff not fronting enquiries etc. This to me tarnishes all UK cyclists unless the Governing body steps up and issues some very strong actions
  20. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

    NICE AS but have to be on the appropriate bike or BIG ASS if more appropriate
  21. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

    How about PAID NO FAT HAPPY
  22. Taupo 70.3 swim cancelled

    Taupo 70.3 just had swim cancelled due to algal bloom in water. Who needs a shark!!.
  23. Things which are just wrong with the world today

    My daughter (16) would rather be dropped of by me in the ute , than in the passat. My ute has uncool cred factor i'm told
  24. What gets on my quince....

    people who throw a few foreign words into an English sentence. just joking "yeh na all good in the hood bro"
  25. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    from my experience with my kids laptops cheap ones the battery life can be short, and a problem at school buy what the school supports as then the school will help, it will be overpriced but IT support is easier you can buy and throw away 3 windows laptops for the price of a mac one of the smaller mac's has a solid hard drive which lasts better than a spinning hard drive (real tech stuff) smaller machine is better as less weight to carry the protective bags they will try and convince you to buy your child will not use, so just buy a trendy padded sleeve get a backup service at home Apples operating system on a mac is nothing like on a phone or ipad both my kids eventually ended up with mac's in year 10 after windows machines