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  1. Tyres, Tubeless ready, which ones.

    That is the key to cycling, look to where you want to go and not your front wheel, I need to remember this more myself. I rode on Sunday with 26/25 (back/front) which was down from 30/28 and it felt slightly better, so slipping out so will try that again.
  2. Will Sagan be remembered as one of the Greats?

    i think he must go down as one of the greats, or both his results and his personality. When i look at cycling news websites I look for Sagan, Cavendish as they are two of the greats but also personalities that make interesting reading. Allot of others may be great athletes but are just men who ride bikes.
  3. Jobs you never knew existed.

    Demand planners: these are the planners who work on forecasting so that manufacturing/purchasing make/buy what sales want to sell. One could call it useful, get paid to be wrong. These roles only really came into the food industry and others 10 years ago. Was paid a premium over other similar type analysis roles (20-40%). Spent 10 years doing this. Paid to be wrong. Just like being married and have teenagers in the house, except got paid.
  4. Tubular tyres

    yes I would have got it from Bunnings, it is kind of like a scouring pad texture and material, certainly not metal, This sort of thing, the one i use is green, doesn't damage the rim but is quite slow at removing glue
  5. Tubular tyres

    I use goof off, and a circular scrubbing disk that goes into the power drill. Used this to clean years of glue of when i wanted to try tape. Definately heat helps remove the glue
  6. AAA 2018

    from my schedule December / January don't work due to work and family Feb is MTB racing in Snowy mountains hopefully (events 9-11 feb and 24-25 feb) March is great from a schedule view. Is the weather any more predictable/reliable in Dec to Feb over March? Also from events in the area, there are a number of pre existing events that would clash eg 2 MTB races in Feb that i know of, March has Australian Schools MTB champs. Addition of the two Ultra's may change the dynamic on the run slightly and hopefully provide additional income for the Elete to make it sustainable.
  7. Tyres, Tubeless ready, which ones.

    On tubes at 88kg for cross country i run 28 front 30 rear These are on a 29er running approx 2.2 wide. I could go lower i think
  8. AAA 2018

    Paul thanks for that, just to convince the wife of a weekend in the Snowy Mountains and be good to go. Were clip on aero bars on the roady useful or just dead weight? I've raced in the NZ mountain area's so have plenty of respect for mountain area's, and the gear to go with the respect
  9. AAA 2018

    looking seriously at this as something outside the normal. For an 11hr Iron distance completer is the cut-offs achievable? Also what gearing on the bike to make the hills best?
  10. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    Their view was irrelevant, I can't vote so just laughing at process. If i used the e-mail all to sell my car i would be getting more than a visit from HR. Another discussion is that the campaigns are turning people of from voting, people are getting insulted by being told what to think, feel and believe.
  11. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    One of the owners of the company I work for (about 5000+ employees) sent out an e-mail; to all staff, yesterday voicing their view on the issue. The consensus in our area was that it was miss use of company e-mail and detrimental to the support of the persons views. There was discussion about reporting it to HR, as was no different from telling us which political party to vote for.
  12. Buying off Facebook/gumtree - protecting yourself?

    Zed, give us a location and someone here may be able to pick them up for you if need be
  13. Sydney Marathon

    i ran a very measured, calculated and hence somewhat boring 3.58. My plan was to stick to the 4hr pacers the whole way which is what i did. It was good when going through the rough spots as you could see if you slowed immediately. It lacked the start with the most optimistic time hopeful and go until blow up then try not to fade approach i have used in the past.
  14. Sydney Marathon

    starting to think this may not have been the best idea
  15. Sydney Marathon

    I'm in aiming to go 4hr, so will run with the pacer Will be interesting as i have never tried to run to a time and one that slow. This is to prove to myself that i can run again after a hip dislocation 2 1/2 years ago. Previously it was about pushing as hard as possible. Potentially 4hr is going to be tough on the buildup which was all about arriving uninjured and motivated. If you had asked me 12 weeks ago i wasn't sure if the body could do a marathon build. I will be running in my tranny cap
  16. New road bike disc or not

    I am surprised that much difference but just checked the Canyon website for like for like Aeroroad SLX 8.0 is 600gm And cost is $600 more Still personally i would rather the disk option, i would drop the Di option if i was saving cost
  17. Cycling Shorts Recommendations

    I have a pair from Cycology if you want something different looking than the standard, they are comfortable and have worn well. www.cycologygear.com Also use Ground Effect clothing allot as there stuff is great. I'm a fan of shorts for tri's as makes the bathroom easier.
  18. New road bike disc or not

    If you want to run 28mm tires and an endurance frame weight is not an major issue. My Focus Izo Max with disk is lighter than my Felt AR with rim brakes. but that is because of frame design. I cant find the spec's online about the differences in weight between the disk and rim builds. I think if you are using an endurance frame then disks will be better as perform better when conditions are not perfect. On a full on performance bike then less difference and benefit. The rotors use a different hub to a rim brake, also the axle/hub length is different (130mm v 135mm) so wheels are not cross changeable in any way, rims are built differently as no need for a braking surface. Most disk bikes run thru axles so the wheel attaches differently to the frame. Basically the wheels are not interchangeable, bit like some 10 v 11 speed wheels. Unfortunately there is very little cross compatibility.
  19. New road bike disc or not

    I brought a new roadie in Jan with disks; after 15 years of them on mountain bikes. I do less maintenance on disk brakes than the rim brakes. They just work reliably and well. Only go hydro disk brakes, cable ones are crap and MTBer stopped using them 10+ years go. If you are into bike maintenance then it is not hard to learn how to bleed them, my LBS does it during any service, or my son on my MTB's. If you are riding hills and in wet then they feel better, and the braking process is more consistent. The wider tyres will give you a nicer ride on the country roads. If you are using your bike for Draft Legal triathlon you cant use disk brakes, and i'm not sure on road bike races.
  20. Going back to a Road Bike for long course.

    I did this several years ago, went to a Felt AR I don't know anything quantifiable but enjoy riding the Felt Just watch the ride comfort on some of the aero rd bikes as they are rumoured to be quite harsh,
  21. Double Crash Day

    go pro on a chest harness seams the best, that is what my son has found. on Helmet made helmet unsteady on head, on bars to much vibration
  22. The Politics Thread

    maybe he will just teach you clowns to play rugby and netball love your work
  23. Double Crash Day

    Nice, i was out cruising on the MTB today, just firetrails to avoid traffic
  24. Bill Daveron former TA high per coach sacked

    ARU needs help
  25. Maggies and Plovers, dealing with in the yard.....

    feed it white bread and sugar. be dead soon