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  1. Sydney Duathlon

    I have signed up for the sprint, bike is 20km 4 laps. Am i better off on? TT bike set-up with deep dish wheels road bike with Di2 and disk brakes looks like lots of turns and hairpins, so braking and accelerating may be more important, also will there be much opportunity to use the aerobars
  2. Sydney Duathlon

    http://www.eliteenergy.com.au/event/sydney-duathlon/sprint/ this is the link, may have to scroll down
  3. Tyres, Tubeless ready, which ones.

    My son converted my Niner RIP to tubeless last week as his school holiday project It is a 29er, i weigh 90kg and will be riding something like Manly Dam, North St Ives so rocky bits What pressure should i run the tires at cheers
  4. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    they will be at the Collins Cup next year in Roth
  5. The Expat Thread.

    You think the banks are bad, try the NSW govt. We moved to Sydney again (from Auckland) in Jan, but as not Australian citizens, we have to wait 200 day or pay 4% additional stamp duty if we want to buy a house. An then if we move back to NZ, we get to pay additional annual land tax if we keep the house. This is just a racist money grab that does nothing to cool the property prices. We wont get into us paying tax and then our kids getting treated as full fee tertiary students.
  6. dropper seatpost on a budget

    I run a dropper on the Felt Cross country bike, and it is great mine. is similar to the one shown
  7. Disc brakes on road and TT/TRI bikes

    To answer a couple of above questions 1. trainers need adaptor kits for thru axles as don't ave a stub on the non release side. This issue has been created by thru axles rather than disks, MTB had quick release wheels until about 2014 in general. The thru axle is also wider than a quick release so can tread it thru the front on the cateye or one like Macka's 2. IronmanFoz you are right in the contact point (tyre) is the ultimate limiter. but the braking until that point has a nicer feel about it in my view. the brake feel is more even, and as above in the wet you don't get that no brake, grab feel when you have to dry the rim first. I am perhaps bias as have ridden and raced my MTB for 25 years and remember the first rides on disk compared to the rim rakes and how much difference it was to confidence on the descents; this being the only place it helps you go faster.
  8. Disc brakes on road and TT/TRI bikes

    Like Greg i have a disk road bike, and my next TT bike will be disk as well. But i never previously swapped wheels between bikes anyway and the 50/90 combo looks weird on a road bike setup. The biggest issue is actually on my trainer where i can't use my road bike as has thru axles and the 90's cateye 1000 is just not compatible The disk/rim is no more complex and limiting than the 10/11/12 speed issues i have on the road and mtb bikes.
  9. Boston Marathon

    Over the same time period on Multisport training but with slightly different focuses, 3 IM and 3 Standalone. IM between 3:58 and 4:05, Stand alone 3:23 to 3:30 so about 30 min difference. i also have some spectacular failure IM marathons where 5hr would have been nice
  10. RAW TRACK starts Friday, anyone??

    it does on face book not sure on numbers
  11. Running two marathons in five weeks.

    When I have done 2 this close, used something very similar to Fitness Buddies above. One key thing is this week and next to move as much as possible but without intensity ie. walk and stretch. Mental recovery can be harder, any training for the first 2-3 weeks needs to be a as want to rather than need to. Try and make it as interesting as possible. Otherwise the last 2 weeks of training is going to be real hard, and race day is not going to happen.
  12. Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    It's because it is so stylish that its like running in slow mo, so the world can see you clearer or at least that is what i tell myself
  13. Cardinal Pell

    are you talking the church or those who give to the church? the church certainly ain't poor
  14. What training did you do today?

    Got up at 5.20am and ran twice this week. Been a while since i have done early morning training. Normally train after work. Feels good all day.
  15. Superleague Triathlon LIVE

    it wont be cold as unless they change the order. Cant image the transition from bike/run to swim and having to put a wetsuit on.
  16. I think it depends on which one is the wife. Always yield to the wife.
  17. I'm a little lost - Post Ironman

    keep the fitness ticking over by doing what you want when you want. Rather than the plan If you feel like doing nothing do nothing, if you feel like a really quick 5km do it. The down time is as much mental as physical. If you don't have a mental rest and put some fun into it, about 6 weeks before busso you will be really over the structured training. (this is from experience of me doing the Cairns/Busso double). Trail running and MTB, bunch rides are a great way to stay fit but have more fun/social exercise
  18. AG Athlete Deflates Competitor's Tyres

    being from WA why don't you just cut out the bike altogether
  19. Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    nice photo, all the other have posted of themselves or kids wearing there hat. wheres your hat?
  20. Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    The joys of living in Sydney do cane toads have tails?, as will be sent home with them between their legs if they have them
  21. Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    Rory dog looking good in the cap. Thanks Roxii and Cranky for the cap.
  22. Transitions Run Visor

    Please don't take offence, but get one of the girls to do the design, they have more style
  23. drive trains and chain rings

    Can i ask the cost and where from. Also does it fit on a 10 speed wheel?
  24. Transitions Run Visor

    I live in the suburb next to you and want a beanie too. Can it be a nice merino wool one, (as a kiwi i'll take 10) Would be great for walking the dog and the snowboarding; when not wearing the helmet.
  25. Tri Toys: best, worst or most wanted.

    my favourite toy would be my HED Stingers, they make a great sound waste: ISm seat, never got to like it, and tried for 10 months with lots of help in setting it up lust after: next generation ridable to the MOP TT bike with disk brakes. Then will buy a really nice set of wheels to share with the road bike.