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  1. Is this the findings from catching up for a coffee?
  2. sounds like the girls on the forum need to send out some cans of HTFU
  3. First the set-up is not from the laptop but from the little button on the Di2 control unit. So the first ride didn't work then i re-read the very clear instructions and followed them. Yesterdays ride was with it working. The changing up gears it works really well and was seemless; you just keep changing up so makes it kind of 1x17 in just using the right shifter. Changing down was a bit disconcerting as you feel you are going to get stuck in to high a gear on the hill. Also it has a bit of a cadence spin as seemed to go front then rear (similar feeling to dropping your chain momentarily) For me it took some disipline to use and not change the front ring manually. If you were new to the sport it would be good or possibly on the TT as only need shifters on the left side. If riding in a bunch one less thing to think off. I will potentially look at moving where it shifts as it was in the area that i most commonly ride. Overall bit like Di2 in general; nice to have, takes getting used to, could easily live without, saves thought and energy
  4. does TA have any resource to arrange shipping as there must be a few who have this same problem. Especially if they could sea freight a container back (6 weeks) then distribute from central point. Could be worth asking them!
  5. was about to say this, most on a hard pack gravel bike trail. Very senic but weather can be crap. Will get you family bonus points
  6. Stone read this I started when I dislocated my Hip 2 years ago, I have recovered although have yet to run more then 20km. The tread makes my comeback minor compared to some of the injuries. Hope this helps you stay in the sport. Also you can apparently (i have found out) have fun with sprint/xterra tri and MTBing. Edit to add: This is to say you can continue in the sport if you want.
  7. I have just loaded to bike and set to fully sync. that is front and rear changing from what i understand. Easy to do on laptop, couldn't do on phone as phone to old. Will see how it goes on tomorrows ride
  8. 100km MTB race with 1613m climbing and the same amount of decending. 6hr 51m with an average HR of 150bpm At present 5hr later, upper body and mind are the sorest. The level of concentration especially on the descents is a killer. This was after camping at the race venue the night, and then the 2hr drive home this afternoon.
  9. I think that 800 lumens on flash will hurt your eyes. I use about this on steady beam and a lower powered flash. The reason for this is the bright/dark/bright/dark does my head in, especially when reflecting of a sign ahead when I'm riding. Also coming towards one hurts my eyes especially if poorly aimed
  10. You have enough running experience to run on feel, you will trip yourself up if checking watch consistently. The only way i would use it is with Virtual partner and glace at the line in the middle of the straight. Carry it as the data afterwards could be interesting. You know what the pace feels like, so just enjoy the pace and let the race unfold, as you have said it is not your A race. it the pace or body says to much just pull back It is going to hurt more than an ultra during and after the race.
  11. Having done both I agree Also Port needs to be moved back to late March / early April where it was 2008-10 when i did it, it was starting to get cold and dark training which put people off.
  12. In comparasion to IMNZ 50% roughly overseas entries Good pro field no qualifing at a half etc Just think that you are barking up the wrong tree. Pro's go to the money, AG go to either cost or interesting course
  13. Do you drive your ride on mower between clients?
  14. Saturday the All mountain was open as well, that was great, allot of varied descending. The trail took me about 35 min to descend with a few stops. My arms were shot from the previous day and every corrugation in the trails hurt. The flow trail was getting very corrugated. I didn't ride the downhill but my son did and said there were no jumps and was really rideable and a little more advanced than the flow trail. He also really enjoyed the All Mountain Trail despite having to peddle occasionally. While the trails were fantastic, it was a bit limited as to the number of trails on the hill. Would have loved to do the Thredbo Valley Trail as well. I think if going again stay in Jinabyne; Thredbo was expensive and boring to stay in. For a return 3 day trip I would. Ride Thredbo Mountain first day, second day ride Jinabyne and surrounding area on XC/enduro to give upper body a rest and see more of the place, possibly ride Thredbo Valley Trail if can get a shuttle/ride. Third day go back to Thredbo and ride again. Off the places my son has ridden (remember he lives in NZ), his preference was Rotorua for the variance of trails, or Queenstown again for the greater number of trails. Thredbo with another 3 trails descending would be as good as Queenstown and the distance of the trails would win it out. In saying that the offer of another trip to Thredbo would not be turned down. Tip: make sure your breaks are in top condition as you could both the flow and downhill trails without peddles on a single speed. The bike shop at Thredbo doesn't carry a huge range of spares, but you could rent the ideal bike there (160mm dual suspension)
  15. Today was fantastic. only flow and downhill open. Did 11 circuits of the flow. About 6000m of decending and minimal pedalling. Was alot of fun. I was riding on the limit of my ability and confidence. Yesterday rode north of Jindabyne which were great xc single track. The bike shop a Jindabyne was great old school style. We did some shuttles on the pink trail and filming for my son.
  16. Diamonds Thanks heaps for the above, we will try them out if plan A isn't a go're
  17. I just saw the update on the rain and possible snow We leave tomorrow (Wednesday) head down Going to Stromlo on way day and riding loop 2, then arrive Thredbo late afternoon. We can ride in the valley if lifts closed. We are there riding thurs, friday, sat so hopefully get a day or two in on the lifts. or will end up shuttling the valley trail possibly
  18. I don't think from what I have read/heard that it will be ratified by IAAF as: pace car including pace and drafting set up, so the runners are tucked in behind fairing special shoes, including "spring type propulsion" in sole 3 day window on a car race track and will go when atmospheric conditions are optimal 3 runners especially trained and prepared for this This is a Nike publicity event as only Nike sponsored athletes (the current world record holder is with Adidas), it is to see if it can be done and could potentially have the Banister effect
  19. PM Ex he probably got first he is that old!!
  20. have you tried
  21. i wonder if i can hook it to the internal motor then it will be like riding an automatic.
  22. I would either have snowboard or MTB with me to go to Whistler.
  23. if possible measure the old one.
  24. Quick review on the Guji. as said previously has a distinctive flavour which I particularly liked. it was my preference over the Bifdu. I have the Maria Rosa to start in the next few days. As noted above also that the grid is slightly courser than others, took me most of the 250g bag to get the grind right for my taste; was so hard drinking all that great coffee. As over the last 3 months; since moving back to Sydney, I have been trying lots of coffee to find the ideal one (probably 8 different ones, as buy from local roasters), the Guji would be my preferred to date.
  25. Thanks for this i also found Flow's 6 best trails for Stromlo and loop 2 covers the best 2 trails so that may be the go. Also will suggest the Vapour trail for son. The stop is really to break the travel to Thredbo