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  1. keep the fitness ticking over by doing what you want when you want. Rather than the plan If you feel like doing nothing do nothing, if you feel like a really quick 5km do it. The down time is as much mental as physical. If you don't have a mental rest and put some fun into it, about 6 weeks before busso you will be really over the structured training. (this is from experience of me doing the Cairns/Busso double). Trail running and MTB, bunch rides are a great way to stay fit but have more fun/social exercise
  2. being from WA why don't you just cut out the bike altogether
  3. nice photo, all the other have posted of themselves or kids wearing there hat. wheres your hat?
  4. The joys of living in Sydney do cane toads have tails?, as will be sent home with them between their legs if they have them
  5. Rory dog looking good in the cap. Thanks Roxii and Cranky for the cap.
  6. Please don't take offence, but get one of the girls to do the design, they have more style
  7. Can i ask the cost and where from. Also does it fit on a 10 speed wheel?
  8. I live in the suburb next to you and want a beanie too. Can it be a nice merino wool one, (as a kiwi i'll take 10) Would be great for walking the dog and the snowboarding; when not wearing the helmet.
  9. my favourite toy would be my HED Stingers, they make a great sound waste: ISm seat, never got to like it, and tried for 10 months with lots of help in setting it up lust after: next generation ridable to the MOP TT bike with disk brakes. Then will buy a really nice set of wheels to share with the road bike.
  10. If you are new to the sport, I would just ride what you have. At some stage potentially go to a 60mm deep wheel. If you are new and not hugely technical and mechanical, then keep it simple with a AL brake track running clinchers. Then there is no need to change brake pads, adjust anything. I would also keep the front and back the same depth at 60mm then you can put them on the road bike and look cool as well. If you want to go fast there are other more cost effective thinks you can do: like helmet, clothing. Buying second hand here of a crediable poster will give you piece of mind and network if something goes wrong.
  11. i'm just going to scored at a race Y meet my wife at a race
  12. Is this the findings from catching up for a coffee?
  13. sounds like the girls on the forum need to send out some cans of HTFU
  14. First the set-up is not from the laptop but from the little button on the Di2 control unit. So the first ride didn't work then i re-read the very clear instructions and followed them. Yesterdays ride was with it working. The changing up gears it works really well and was seemless; you just keep changing up so makes it kind of 1x17 in just using the right shifter. Changing down was a bit disconcerting as you feel you are going to get stuck in to high a gear on the hill. Also it has a bit of a cadence spin as seemed to go front then rear (similar feeling to dropping your chain momentarily) For me it took some disipline to use and not change the front ring manually. If you were new to the sport it would be good or possibly on the TT as only need shifters on the left side. If riding in a bunch one less thing to think off. I will potentially look at moving where it shifts as it was in the area that i most commonly ride. Overall bit like Di2 in general; nice to have, takes getting used to, could easily live without, saves thought and energy
  15. does TA have any resource to arrange shipping as there must be a few who have this same problem. Especially if they could sea freight a container back (6 weeks) then distribute from central point. Could be worth asking them!