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  1. Saturday the All mountain was open as well, that was great, allot of varied descending. The trail took me about 35 min to descend with a few stops. My arms were shot from the previous day and every corrugation in the trails hurt. The flow trail was getting very corrugated. I didn't ride the downhill but my son did and said there were no jumps and was really rideable and a little more advanced than the flow trail. He also really enjoyed the All Mountain Trail despite having to peddle occasionally. While the trails were fantastic, it was a bit limited as to the number of trails on the hill. Would have loved to do the Thredbo Valley Trail as well. I think if going again stay in Jinabyne; Thredbo was expensive and boring to stay in. For a return 3 day trip I would. Ride Thredbo Mountain first day, second day ride Jinabyne and surrounding area on XC/enduro to give upper body a rest and see more of the place, possibly ride Thredbo Valley Trail if can get a shuttle/ride. Third day go back to Thredbo and ride again. Off the places my son has ridden (remember he lives in NZ), his preference was Rotorua for the variance of trails, or Queenstown again for the greater number of trails. Thredbo with another 3 trails descending would be as good as Queenstown and the distance of the trails would win it out. In saying that the offer of another trip to Thredbo would not be turned down. Tip: make sure your breaks are in top condition as you could both the flow and downhill trails without peddles on a single speed. The bike shop at Thredbo doesn't carry a huge range of spares, but you could rent the ideal bike there (160mm dual suspension)
  2. Today was fantastic. only flow and downhill open. Did 11 circuits of the flow. About 6000m of decending and minimal pedalling. Was alot of fun. I was riding on the limit of my ability and confidence. Yesterday rode north of Jindabyne which were great xc single track. The bike shop a Jindabyne was great old school style. We did some shuttles on the pink trail and filming for my son.
  3. Diamonds Thanks heaps for the above, we will try them out if plan A isn't a go're
  4. I just saw the update on the rain and possible snow We leave tomorrow (Wednesday) head down Going to Stromlo on way day and riding loop 2, then arrive Thredbo late afternoon. We can ride in the valley if lifts closed. We are there riding thurs, friday, sat so hopefully get a day or two in on the lifts. or will end up shuttling the valley trail possibly
  5. I don't think from what I have read/heard that it will be ratified by IAAF as: pace car including pace and drafting set up, so the runners are tucked in behind fairing special shoes, including "spring type propulsion" in sole 3 day window on a car race track and will go when atmospheric conditions are optimal 3 runners especially trained and prepared for this This is a Nike publicity event as only Nike sponsored athletes (the current world record holder is with Adidas), it is to see if it can be done and could potentially have the Banister effect
  6. PM Ex he probably got first he is that old!!
  7. have you tried
  8. i wonder if i can hook it to the internal motor then it will be like riding an automatic.
  9. I would either have snowboard or MTB with me to go to Whistler.
  10. if possible measure the old one.
  11. Quick review on the Guji. as said previously has a distinctive flavour which I particularly liked. it was my preference over the Bifdu. I have the Maria Rosa to start in the next few days. As noted above also that the grid is slightly courser than others, took me most of the 250g bag to get the grind right for my taste; was so hard drinking all that great coffee. As over the last 3 months; since moving back to Sydney, I have been trying lots of coffee to find the ideal one (probably 8 different ones, as buy from local roasters), the Guji would be my preferred to date.
  12. Thanks for this i also found Flow's 6 best trails for Stromlo and loop 2 covers the best 2 trails so that may be the go. Also will suggest the Vapour trail for son. The stop is really to break the travel to Thredbo
  13. I'm going to Stromlo next wednesday on the way from Sydney to Thredbo; this will break up the drive There will be my 17 year old son and me, after a nice loop that suits me XC, him all mountain. The website has 6 loops listed, any recommendation on the best flowing, rideable one. or do we just follow our nose on trails. Also any must see MTB bike shops in Canberra? cheers
  14. listen to the IM talk podcast ( with Emma Mackie (episode 555) who talks about using heat rather than cold for recovery. She did her Masters in recovery or something like that so some science.
  15. If you have the gearing right for you a 1 x 11 (or 12) can be great. My niner is a 1x10 and is overgeared for some climbing, and i should spend some money to change to 1x11 or 1x12. but this bike is more for shuttle runs and currently running xtr so cant bring myself to replace with a lower spec. I can't reduce the front chainring size due to being old design and would need to replace bottom bracket as well. my Felt cross country bike is a 2x10 and this i really like the range, especially for long races. both these bikes are 3-4 years old The new 1x11 or 1x12 with the right front chainring is the way to go as simpler, and lest chance of dropping chain on the front chainring. This will be what i spec on my next bike.