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  1. Update? I've seen some decent training on strava so does that indicate you're kicking some goals training and goal wise?
  2. Was the issue ever settled of what bike will you be riding...?
  3. Gee i miss Trev/Bourne.... 😁
  4. Similarly, why the disparity between men? Between women?According to WTC, ITU and Challenge websites they all pay equal prizemoney so the differences are due to differences in races attended and prize purses... If you were comparing Richard Murray and Ryf and they had both placed the same at the same races and there was still discrepancy then we could start asking questions...
  5. some think they're swimming 2 mins per 100 but actually 2 mins per 50...
  6. Starting to think he's the IM brand manager..
  7. http://www.ribblecycles.com/au/fsa-powerbox-power-meter-alloy-road-chainset/?currency=AUD&gclid=Cj0KEQjwyZjKBRDu--WG9ayT_ZEBEiQApZBFuKOIPRhEFZlKj7hIS9Iwml_85HSsSqCd9eBicJijjp8aAkoA8P8HAQ#pid=36923 https://www.powermeter24.com/en-au/fsa-powerbox-aluminium-386evo-power-meter-1053 or twice that price (plus duty etc) for a carbon one... the australian distributor (if worried about warranty etc) is cassons who are listing a much higher rrp http://www.cassons.com.au/IN_Listing.asp?vid=000000KECS0000000009&catid=000000UPWB000000000B
  8. From DCR So what’s the FR935 all about? Well in a nutshell it’s a cheaper version of the Fenix 5, with a plastic shell as opposed to metal. Basically – it could be named the Fenix 5P – for Plastic. It’s got a barometric altimeter (and WiFi!) that the FR735XT lacks, and also adds in things like the new Training Load/Recovery features found in the Fenix 5, as well as Bluetooth Smart sensor support.
  9. So 735 doesn't have Wi-Fi and only connects to sensors through ant+ and not Bluetooth by the sound of it... not sure i need Wi-Fi but the Bluetooth thing would be useful
  10. Thought I'd heard something like that with people saying 735 not able to record an IM... obviously they're not sub 13 real IM... 😂
  11. Difference between 735 and 935? My local has a ripper deal on 735 and the product descriptions list the exact same features...
  12. How did you get that for $3k it is well over that on the Bicycle express website?
  13. Canadian
  14. Most of the models i clicked on have said arrive late July..
  15. Brookes grand daughter (by Ridge) is late 20's and is marrying Eric soon....