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  1. Too many great antiRappstar comments from YoYo to mention but this threads a good summary
  2. Been going a few years some crazy people think that winter is a good time to swim (to work on it for the upcoming season) some aim for 50km, some for 100 km over 50 days from 1 May (even though winter not until June..) I like the May start cos then I will at least get my 1.5km in Byron bay included...
  3. He got mowed down by a car and left for dead, if he was worried about anything it would be riding on the road surely....
  4. You entered?
  5. Dont let that stop you trying... some of the warranties will still be honoured after the deadline
  6. M. Robson...
  7. Not an expert but yeah I agree...
  8. New thread: My Powermeter from my Giant doesn't fit my new Cervelo, what should I do now....?
  9. You dont have to necessarily not like something about your current bike to want a new one, especially if the Financial Controller has given permission....
  10. Mainly serious
  11. Damn...
  12. He's a trannie now so get on board.... but yeah...
  13. Link? I think you'll find that price is USD?
  14. Way too much training for measly Olympic distance....
  15. Does anyone think that all Olympic distance etc will be made draft legal/TT illegal? Unless TA is in kahoots with the road bike industry there will be a lot of $$ worth of bikes that are unusable anymore..