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  1. I don't have any recent experience with such units but that one sounds borked.
  2. About an hour's worth of mowing today. I also have a small trailer for it that I used to shift a stack of gravel today as well.
  3. It'd still need to detect potential hazards and safety protocols to avoid running over things it shouldn't.
  4. Yeah the only time you might want to use that is for tricky mowing locations but otherwise I think such mowers will need self driving car tech (which is not yet there) to become safely useable.
  5. Need more than an ADA, need someone to check their shoes for springs. Some context:
  6. Actually to make the array formula easier, can be just: In column F: =FREQUENCY(B:B,$E:$E) In column G: =FREQUENCY(C:C,$E:$E) where Column E contains the dates for the date range you are interested in plotting, with 1 day per cell row. If you enter the first date in top cell and then simply copy down a formula which adds 1 to the cell above, it will auto update based on the start date
  7. Create a table with a frequency array formula. Then can plot the lines in the manner you are after. Sample shown using your sample data. You need to create a table with the day for each date in the date range for the dataset and then create an array formula as shown: For an array forumla, you need to select the range you want to enter it, type in the formula and rather than hit <Enter>, you hit <shift>-<Ctrl>-<Enter>
  8. Don't understand what you are trying to plot. Are you trying to visualise a work flow of some kind?
  9. Thanks for comments. I can mow OK although it's bumpy, we get quite a lot of small ant mounts and terrain is mostly gentle to moderate slopes. No orchards nearby, just cow pasture in the paddock below us and bushland which is what makes up most of my block. Plenty of weeds, I've no idea what they are apart from the thistles. No way I'll be paying to turf, perhaps one day the sections of grass immediately surrounding the house but not the wider grounds.
  10. I thought about 2nd hand but I decided best thing was for an expert that sold various types of mowers to come and visit my property to give me advice on the right mower for the cutting jobs I have, and also my issues given prosthetic limb means foot controls are no good for me. I ended up buying a zero turn mower with 42" cutting deck. It's solid bit of kit and is more stable on the sloping terrain I have than the tractor style models. Also the service centre is just 15-min away. I put a bracket on it the other day and can now also tow around a small tip trailer I bought from Bunnings which is handy for moving stuff around when using a wheelbarrow is a bit hard. I have 12 acre block but only mow ~2 acres of that. There's about another 2 acres I could possibly mow but CBA, A tractor slash job once or twice a year will do I think. Over time I'd like to transform the 2 acres into nicer grass but that's some way off and need advice on how!
  11. RAAM requires a following support vehicle and crew IIRC.
  12. It's both terribly sad and terribly unsurprising. Condolences to friends and family.
  13. lol I had to go for the zero turn type with all hand controls as I can't easily use a mower with foot controls. As it turns out the size and difficulty of terrain meant it was more stable and suitable option.
  14. Why not? A teaser... Yesterday I hooked up a tipper trailer so I can more easily move stuff about - have massive piles of woodchip mulch for garden beds to be moved and also gravel to get around the joint. Wheelbarrow is OK on the flat bits but not so fun for longer drags on the hills!
  15. You can already do this, it's called putting yourself into the biopassport and whereabouts program and paying the associated program fee, which is circa $10k/year. As for 24 hours notice, indeed any notice, that renders testing rather pointless. You already get to miss a couple of whereabouts checks/tests in a 12 month period.