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  1. I only worry when they come from the right. Not much to bite on the left!
  2. Sports betting will be the root of bigger scandal in the years ahead in the manner doping has been.
  3. Reminds me of this:
  4. I've not done any analysis myself but saw something on twitter reposted by Ross Tucker that suggested the car set up draft was was worth ~90 seconds. Not sure how reliable the assumptions or methodology used below are though... That said, I'm pretty sure a better designed draft vehicle and placement would be enough to make the difference to reach 1:59:59
  5. We tried with the smart phone screen but she hates all the screen tapping and swiping required. And it seems to not take much to get lost on those phones, an accidental swipe, software always wanting to update etc. Hence looking for simple button style phones.
  6. Thanks, yeah I checked the same Nokia but when I looked at it, it's no good for Australia.
  7. I need to find a mobile phone my Mum will use. She had an old Nokia mobile phone but that was replaced by Telstra last year when the 2G network was shut down. She got a cheap-ish smart phone sent to her by Telstra but she hates it. Alcatel Android. Anyone out there had a similar scenario that could recommend something? She doesn't care for smart phone features, just wants to be able to make/receive calls and have buttons easy to see/use and a display that's readable and not confusing. I googled and oh lord what a load of crap sites there are on the topic of mobile phones for seniors. Anyone used one of these? Looks like the right sort of phone:
  8. dead link
  9. Yes, shame you can't buy the vids now. I have some and you can use Perf Pro to sync the video with the erg file.
  10. Have a plan but keep it fun. Far more indoor trainers end up as garage dust collectors than are used as a training aid. Use well, they are very effective at improving cycling fitness.
  11. Running yes there seems to be a bit more evidence on the economy side of things, but for endurance cycling the body of evidence is fairly equivocal. Yes you can find studies that show a positive benefit however there are also studies that show a negative impact, and not one single study on use of strength training for endurance cycling demonstrates better results than doing specific on-bike interval work (and effect sizes from strength training groups are pretty small). You can't just cherry pick the studies and data that support your belief.
  12. Running, jogging, skipping or brisk walking are examples of far better exercises for BMD than lifting weights. It's the slight jarring of the skeletal system that seems to provide the best stimulus for bone regenerative growth.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion but it's mostly an asphalt surface, not sure dragging something like that up and down will help much.
  14. Off topic but likely a similar crowd - yesterday I did some road pothole filling with gravel (used mower + trailer) just to provide some relief for the car. Any thoughts on good ways to self repair potholes? I was looking at EZ Ashphalt, anyone used it?