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  1. I know that they are looking at doing a basic test like a road side test when driving to give a prelim test.. If that comes back positive, then you go through the whole testing system. This will enable the testers to do a lot more tests with a lot lower expense which will be great for the sport. I've no idea what PED's they will be able to pick up, however I think it is a great idea.
  2. I think you can just report the person (I don't regard them as athletes if they use PED's) to the relevant governing body.. ASADA do it here: https://www.asada.gov.au/report-doping I'm not sure about any other countries
  3. I'd expect someone to have those improvements over that time frame without any assistance... 3 years - 1hr 15min is def not unreasonable My point is more, why would you need to take PED's when you should expect those gains with consistent training?
  4. Steve McKellar took the last spot in that age group last year
  5. Run Volume may not be the correct answer.. knowing when and how to run will make more difference
  6. Write down what you are looking for in a coach - Do you need face to face, some regular contact or are you purely self motivated and purely need a plan with some guidance here and there? - This will give you a good idea of the direction you go in looking for the right coach Do some research on what different coaches offer, contact a few to find the best fit.
  7. In my honest opinion... The longer you give any plan, the better result you're going to get.. Where I find a lot of athletes go wrong is that they don't give any 1 program the chance to work for them. The right plan will get you fit, help you drop the weight whilst working towards the bigger picture later in the year. You will go through different stages on training, from strength, speed, base & endurance (not in that particular order) which will make your body more durable for race specific training closer to the race. ** FYI, I'm not expert.. just have some experience in this area**
  8. hahaha, I've been in hiding... Staying at a different address every night...
  9. Has anyone thought about this? I wonder if you could get tested if you were not a member of TA (or any relevant governing body) outside competition? If you purely bought day licences, would that mean you could only get tested on race day? ** edited to remove the bold **
  10. It is great that Age Groupers are getting tested.. Just go and test a few different ones.. lol
  11. Take your pic.. Witch hunt is still on..
  12. http://craigpercivalmemorialtrust.com Mitch Anderson is attempting to break the 12hr Bike Record 1 week from today, can he do it?
  13. Just looking at IMNZ start times and noticing that the Female Pros start 1min behind the male pros. Like lots of Pro races of late, does this minute time gap influence the Female Pro race with the strong swimmers being able to get assistance from the male back end bikers? I've seen it happen in lots of 70.3 races and I think the gap should, be 5min in a 70.3 b/t male and female pros, and 10min in an IM race. Thoughts?
  14. I can't answer this question.. I guess they made the decision to make it 12 and the over supply of eligible athletes caught them out?!?
  15. Ironman introduced the Legacy spots to reward the "loyal" customers and it encouraged athletes to do 12 IM's (business decision for $$$)... The problem is now that they are that backlogged with athletes who have achieved this, the number that they give out each year is not clearing the back log as athletes are starting to do 3,4 or 5 IM's per year to reach their 12 and that number is greater than 200 each year. That's one of the reasons that they increased it from 100 to 200, to start clearing it - this will still take a few years. More and more athletes are reaching the criteria. Originally Andrew Messick told people that the would be guaranteed a Kona spot the year after they reached 12, now it is not the case. Source: Horses Mouth - Geoff Meyer Cheers