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  1. anyone know how to setup your TV so that the optical out sound cable sends anything on your TV through your amp. have the cables setup right, just can't get it to send sound for things we plug into TV like apple tv and playstation/laptop through amp to speakers. Foxtel sound plays through amp and TV, have optical from fox to amp though. Thought there was a way audio out on the TV would send any source through the amp without having to connect them all individually to amp.
  2. Roundabout travel. They are in Adl but can get an online quote. Bullshit cheap.
  3. They both speak the Queen's English compared to that bloke on the show with Amanda Keller and the Vet
  4. Thank God Tony axed that Carbon Tax. My electricity prices have been dropping ever since that visionary move.
  5. You people are philistines. What's wrong with a bit of culture once a year with magnificent recipes being thrown together in a chatswood apartment. I can't believe we will have to open the suitcase of courage and dance on the pedals while welcoming a new guard of commentators in the sport of professional cycle racing taking over from the heads of state. Will McEwen mangle the language trying to describe every chateau? Will keenan put us all to sleep? Is there a Keenan-McEwen bingo sheet yet?
  6. Ok, so repeat this every weekend for a decade and you have the Cronulla riots.
  7. I have a Llewellyn. Only road bike I've bought since 1994.
  8. The latest info I've read/heard suggests the opposite, increasing cadence can double the reduction of load at the knee that changing footstrike can achieve. Increasing your cadence reduces stride length and can indirectly alter how and where you land. Instead of telling people to land a certain way, telling them to increase their cadence by 5% can be more effective. Just had a lady finish UTA22 after spinal surgery last year, and pretty much athe most important thing I did was get her to bring in her Garmin, increased her cadence by 10% over a few weeks while she maintained her training volume and her leg pain went away.
  9. All those left wingers like Murdoch picking on poor Donald.
  10. perfect synergy I would have thought. Amway type setup for BS nutraceutical company with "independent distributors" peddling expensive urine.
  11. I live under a rock in outer suburbia. My youth was spent drinking grog and seeing bands. The hardest drugs I was around was blokes smoking bongs at school. How prevalent must cocaine be today? How many people do you personally know who use this stuff? It would seem that coke is everywhere . My o/35 soccer teammates tell me that one team we play admit to a warm up with a few lines (is that the hep lingo?) in the sheds before they run on. My young staff at work horrify me with stories about who uses it (and other stuff) and how widespread it is. (for all I know they are as well)/ Is anyone surprised that well off people in entertainment (Keogh) and sport (NRL) are into this stuff big time. Even I'm not. Unless the cops catch you in posession you have to get tested positive twice in NRL, and three or more times in AFL for the public to hear about it but I wouldn't doubt every pro sports club in the country has skeletons it wants to leave in closets.
  12. I'm just playing around in the gym over the last 4 or 5 months with a 3 x week program where I do one pull exercise, one squatting exercise, one pushing exercise and 2 directions of trunk strengthening exercise each session and keep the reps between 5 and 10 for each set, 3 main sets after 2 warmup sets. I choose from this list Squat: front squat, back squat, bulgarian split squat (rear foot elevated) Pull: deadlift, rackpull, romanian deadlift, landmine 1 leg RDL, cable pull through Push: incline pushups (I have a very dodgy AC joint which did not like bench press as it got heavy and doing 100 incline pushups a session is tolerable) Trunk: crunches, planks, pavlov press (aka parloff press and a heap of other rusky sounding names) My current favourites are the RDL, the bulgarian split squat and the pavlov press but I make sure I mix it up and don't do the same exercise every session. I have been able to do this sort of session and play 5 a side, go to soccer training or play on weekends with no dramas. Lifting heavy things in a gym has definitely helped with flexibility and ability to get shit done overall, but has taken several tweaks over a few years to arrive at something that fits in with other activities and allows my back, shoulders and elbows to be happy as I get closer to 50. There is ample evidence out there that resistance training improves endurance sport results, you can do a simple search and find studies showing improved economy, run and cycle TT times if you want to. Finding a tri coach who is willing to use them may be harder. AP you'd love some of the groups of blokes who do your sorts of stuff down here. The FDIA (fittest drunks in Australia), Wanda Callo's (calisthenics) and locally a group called the legends. They are all groups going for 20+ years, run by old blokes I assume are ex military and surf club guys and all include the sorts of work you suggest, plus some boxing. No BS, a lot of sledging and laughs and then a beer afterwards.
  13. no-one's worried about where it is.
  14. Trump......
  15. I have no argument with any of what you say. But like the indigenous speaking out on Australia Day, this woman obviously knew what she was doing and what publicity she would get, despite it having next to no relevance to the day (in contrast with Invasion/Australia Day issues). The bolded bit I especially agree with. Which makes me uncomfortable when I see people complaining about disrespect if a business opens on Anzac Day, while opportunistic pubs fence off their car parks and basically allow hordes of 20-somethings drink until they are paralytic and play two-up. I drove past 2 venues at 5pm on Tuesday to watch absolutely blind young men and women behaving antisocially as they spilled out. Lest they remember?