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  1. no-one's worried about where it is.
  2. I have no argument with any of what you say. But like the indigenous speaking out on Australia Day, this woman obviously knew what she was doing and what publicity she would get, despite it having next to no relevance to the day (in contrast with Invasion/Australia Day issues). The bolded bit I especially agree with. Which makes me uncomfortable when I see people complaining about disrespect if a business opens on Anzac Day, while opportunistic pubs fence off their car parks and basically allow hordes of 20-somethings drink until they are paralytic and play two-up. I drove past 2 venues at 5pm on Tuesday to watch absolutely blind young men and women behaving antisocially as they spilled out. Lest they remember?
  3. Like your response and well played moderator1 for the move. I agree, zealots at either end are quick to break into outrage at an opinion the polar opposite of their own. I am guilty at times although wouldn't class myself a zealot.
  4. my Mum gets 3 Alpacas delivered on Sunday. Had to wait until the day after her road is closed for targa rally to go past. She gets grass kept down and we get beanies and socks once a year. win-win.
  5. As ill-advised and ill-timed as this woman's comments are they do highlight the freedom of speech and democracy that our services have fought to uphold. Don't have to agree but fight for the right sort of stuff. There is someone who pops up and uses Anzac day every year to publicise their seemingly irrelevant line of thought or protest. But to say that freedom of speech only applies to those you agree with is a bit hypocritical. There are opportunistic shit-stirrers from all walks of politics and the media who aren't afraid to use any opportunity to generate some publicity and try and make a point.This is their livelihood. Hanson gets no votes and no funding if she doesn't whip up some xenophobia and this presenter gets invited back on Q and A by sticking her head up and disrespecting Anzac Day. it's a game to them. I try and ignore them now and not get too worked up. I even look forward to reading Ford's columns sometimes now as they make me think a little from another point of view.
  6. Being met with widespread international support. Except his bud Putin, and the Iranians. Based on that he may have pulled the right lever on this one. Certainly blowing Assad off the face of the planet seems justified to me watching half a world away.
  7. Can someone give Kochie and his whole team some Tiki gods to bring home
  8. I see flogs every day in the gym. Doing complexes (a circuit for dumb people) using dumbells on an incline bench in the squat rack, then med ball situps on the deadlift platform followed by some other franken-list of stupid exercises clogging up every piece of usable space on the weightroom floor. Then proceeding to leave every piece of shit they've used for their invisible mum to pick up
  9. MJK is spot on with the building constitution. Your bones will have lost density, tendons will not be as healthy, muscle gone to shit. Gradually loading the chassis is key to not getting injured. Start running 3 times a week and you will be injured at 4-6 weeks. Do some "weight training" (calf raises, bodyweight squat/single leg squat, bridges, single leg balance, theraband crab walks etc) instead of stretching. Aim for walking 7,500 steps on top of your incidental activity for 5-7 days a week consistently before you start walk/runs every second day. My generic walk/run program takes you 4-6 weeks to run 3x 30min runs a week.
  10. They have looked at keeping them off multilane arterials. Surely that can be the only reason they are sending them on a 50km detour along Cooks River bike path etc to come in from the North side of the harbour. Nuts.
  11. some people believe IJ when he tells us all he is awesome......
  12. Could somebody explain in plain English why the LNP is making changes to 18C? What does the population stand to gain from their proposed changes?
  13. Bucks days have mutated. A day at the races and then into town has now become a week in NZ, a 6 day bender going Aus-Vegas-Cabo and return, Thailand Tattoo retreat. These are average joes not your cashed up banker types. More expensive than the honeymoon. Kids these days etc....
  14. Did Penrith really only send 3 athletes to this?