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  1. I remember meeting Nick at my first Half Ironman in Canberra in 2009. At the race brief Nick really made sure that us virgins knew what we had to do on the day and after the brief he said he would stick around and chat to us newbies if we had any questions. He took the time to reassure us and make us feel welcome and part of the family. I met him a few times later at other races and he always seemed to be smiling and happy to just chin wag while having a million things going on in the background. First impressions last, Nick gave me a very good impression of Ironman and has stuck with me since. RIP
  2. Much longer?
  3. Congrats to them both for doing an amazing achievement.
  4. Best of luck all racing and cheering tomorrow.
  5. Great post Pete wish i could be there for both events but ill be stuck in front of the pc watching the day unfold/
  6. Dreadful news and concur, no words can come close to the sadness I feel about this. My thoughts go out to all.
  7. Im sure its so they can get some awesome pics of them crossing the Harbour Bridge
  8. how long do you think an untrained fat bloke would take ?
  9. Who want to do this next year?
  10. Best of luck to all the guys and gals living up there. I hope the damage is minimal and easily replaced. Stay Safe!!!!!
  11. Im going out on a limb here. FREO for the premiership 2017
  12. Im sure once she see's me adorning such classy clothing she will never want to run away. Im in my mid 30's (39) and she is in her late 30's (35). 39 and 35. Thanks for the great responses guys. It'll be interesting to hear from the ladies in the group to get a woman's perspective.
  13. After separation from the wife and getting life and kids stable I've now found myself a really nice woman that seems to be a keeper. I have 2 kids aged 12 and 10 and she has none. She is 35, sane and really stable in life. When I first met her I asked where she could see herself in 5 years. She said blah blah a couple of kids blah blah. At this early stage of the relationship I thought that having more kids would be ok. A bit of time has past since that first conversation and I have now decided that I don't want to go back to nappies and being a taxi for kids for another 10 or so years. It was a hard decision for me to make as I thought to be a complete family again then a new partner would either have her own kids or we would have some together. I knew I had to tell her my feelings and did this in a very difficult conversation. I effectively told her i was walking away as i didn't/don't want to be that guy from stopping her from having kids. The unconditional love that kids bring is greater that the love I can give her. She then went on to say she was willing to not have kids to be with me. She wanted a month or so to think about it while she got to know me some more. The relationship has been going really well and we havent spoken about the kids thing since that day. I really like this woman a lot and would like to be with her but the real question I have to try and answer is "Can I be that person to prevent her from having children?" Even if she decides that she is willing to be with me and not have her own children, will I ever feel guilt free? Am i being a prick? Shall I walk away effectively taking that choice away from her? Any advice would be greatly appreciated from the Tranny collective.
  14. Sorry i send the link from my phone this is it https://www.youcarin...rowsmith-731367
  15. Awful news again. Get well clappers. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk