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  1. Rode 57 km in 3 hours. Missed 1 repeat due to mental fragility.
  2. Cairns 2019, Ratty.
  3. What was visibility like Ex?
  4. I really hope not. I've been thinking, I really should tick "YES" to the "Do you have a mental illness?" question if I'm honest with myself
  5. My wetsuit was purchased 6 years and 25 kgs ago. Don't wait for me.
  6. Could be your standard crap sandwich style feedback - put the bad between 2 slices of good to make it more palatable. This specific example, I don't reckon the Manager worries about the positive feedback if she really has it in for her. See if it's possible for the girl to approach the manager again, after the heat is out of the issue: "Yesterday, you mentioned understanding what the account managers go through, is it possible for me to shadow an account manager for a day to gain a better understanding?" It might be not be possible, but at least lets the manager know she is willing to work on her perceived limitations.
  7. Doesn't look good for anyone involved.
  8. Isn't all of Brisbane supposed to be a dam this weekend? What day are you planning? I'm soft, will I be too cold?
  9. IM Columbo. Why not?
  10. I broke my duck today, mid way through week 3. I think I will struggle to make the 50 .....
  11. NBA

    I can't really believe how easily the Warriors are handling the Spurs. I know kawhi got hurt, but it hasn't even been close so far.
  12. I had the same experience as Pieman. 90 -> 100 kg + on Fulcrum 5s with no spoke issues. But, that was a set from 2011 ish.
  13. So, where are all the expedition pics and blogs and sponsor shout outs RS??
  14. Lid = ON. Hope the man of sticks is busy.
  15. So bloody selfish!