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  1. I was just havin a go. No harm intended. I'll keep my post to myself next time.
  2. There was a Bikie bloke turn up well ventilated at Tweed Hospital today.........
  3. At 100 kg +, I find I keep out of the way of other people by not going anywhere near a track
  4. I have to go to the Burpengary weigh-bridge to get an accurate number.
  5. I follow her on twitter. Her run across India was epic. She hasn't posted anything since the end of March, I guess i know why now.
  6. Tyno entered and has booked accommodation. Tyno is breaking an 8 year old pledge never to do another half. Tyno should start doing some of the sessions he is paying someone to write for him.
  7. The visor has gone straight to the pool room!
  8. Because I saw on twitter that I'm missing the Brissie Birdman gig tonight.
  9. I think that fits in with AP's general advice. Bit of rest right after, then exercise, but not training, for a while before easing back into training. Focus on enjoying time out with the fam bam before becoming a selfish ironman prick again
  10. Do these guys even triathlon?
  11. I don't understand what you're paying for with the Tri? Allocated seating? Standing around the Broadwater park?
  12. ITU as well?
  13. NBA