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  1. You're a MKC Coaching follower so plenty of good stuff and ideas that he already published are available. Go back through his vlogs and see if you can find a common theme! ======== My opinion: Firstly, I'd keep doing what you're doing mostly, you're on the right track and consistency pays off. Spicy it up a bit if you really feel the need, but very cautiously. Something like 50% easy, 30-35% moderate and 10-15% hard (in this order i.e. start with easy -> mod -> hard) once a week for swim/bike/run. Repeat for another 4-6 weeks and see how it feels, then adjust accordingly. Above all, stay consistent and do not follow advice from people telling you to change things up dramatically. That's what people who have no trust in their training would do. I do the same thing with very little variation pretty much every single week of the year and am yet to see a real plateau, except for when I'm doing nothing like right now
  2. @RunBrettRun
  3. I'm a big fan of second hand stuff but would be very hesitant to go that way with a powermeter. I've used Quarq and am now on stages and the dual vs one sided stuff never made any difference to me.
  4. Powertap single pedal @ Pushys with $150 off that's $750 not a bad deal.
  5. After the deals I saw from Shimano at Port this year, I don't I will ever buy wheels elsewhere again.
  6. I find them pretty good too. Bookings with no upfront payment, good competitive prices, decent app etc.
  7. Always remove the derailleur. It's so easy, why wouldn't you since that's likely to be the most fragile part of your bike.
  8. A quick glance at the results shows very fast times and pretty deep fields for most age groupers. Top 10 on 35-39 all went sub 9h30.
  9. Exactly like every other year. Bummed to be missing it, great race and location!
  10. Definitely 165mm for TT bike it's a no brainer. It will either open your hip angle or make you more aero, or both.
  11. Just cut a bit of tape off in that section?
  12. Are sure that's not the super's admin/management fee charge?
  13. Thanks for the reminder as I've been meaning to give my feedback too! I've got nothing to compare it to but as someone who has been used glue only I am never ever going back to it again. Tape is just that much easier and tidier, I will never use glue again! Thanks again to Ben for the trial!
  14. PS: I'm sure you can sweet talk IP into supplying the disc with one.
  15. mine has got a modified cassette which IMO is the best option. Pick a versatile ratio (mine is 11-28) and based on the fact that you will only ever use this wheel for racing you will never have to worry about it again.