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  1. The rudy 57 is good too, just very fugly.
  2. That Giro TT looks alright
  3. If you're looking for real aero advantage, road helmets are not what you want, even the aero ones. Off that list the only one I'd consider is the bambino.
  4. Buggered replaced under 2 year warranty.
  5. Mine did a similar thing the day before my last IM in Cairns and it was actually a good thing in hindsight.
  6. Depends on how much he spends on the bike. I think 1h35m is probably achievable based on previous race performance not on your brick times (because I reckon they mean nothing).
  7. Seriously is that what the guy is referring to as a tear? What a ****wit.
  8. I don't get it, you still have to open the bottle to drink regardless of where you're storing it so why does it matter if it's behind the saddle or between the arms? by the way if it's just one bottle behind the saddle it's not a parachute at all.
  9. You can't, just suck it up they will try protect the seller no matter what and there's nothing you can do about it.
  10. From memory it does if the applicant doesn't quite meet the requirements for skilled migration as they can gain extra points for skilled employment within Australia.
  11. Good work, I'll be there keeping you honest
  12. I hope you finally put some compact cranks on that bike of yours old man!
  13. My worst nightmare. How did you tear it and was it unbelievably painful?
  14. I'd say the larger. My Cliftons are true to size to my 10.5 Nike Pegasus.
  15. Sent you a PM.