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  1. Just borrow Roxii's
  2. you can just call me you know Nealo... Pretty sure I could work something out!
  3. Dimond sounds like it's at it's end. Rapp will get sued. Will counter it and probably lose. Had he not signed a new contract and merely purchased and was riding a different bike I reckon he would've had a leg to stand on. I'd wonder who his manager is or if he even has one. Seems like a stupid thing to do.
  4. Just showed the wife and she doesn't like the colour... sorry! Might just get her a matching canyon.
  5. How much sear post is left?
  6. when did they release 6900? Or did you get it off Yo2? probably $160 or there abouts. They're about $200 new from wiggle etc
  7. I don't think that'll ever happen...
  8. I'll forgive you and still get you a shirt... will have XS through XXXL.
  9. Amateur for the win??? ian dempsey
  10. Never heard of any of those blokes except for brownlees.....
  11. They must be getting some vvveeerrrryyyyyy good coin to be riding them. Never had or will own a Scott bike. I know someone who has one with a couple of cracks in the head tube. Old mate at the bike shop filed some paint off to confirm and now Scott are refusing to replace under warranty because of the paint being filed off to confirm the size of the crack at the bike shop. WTF?
  12. If you enter and want to join a team search for "RunWith" I'll make sure any tranny that enters gets a nice running shirt (with my logo all over it, possibly your name if I can) PLUS an infamous headsweats visor (also with my branding). Sweet huh?
  13. where's my lotto winnings? sent you a PM mate.
  14. Red start for me and cheapish at $57
  15. What size are you after??