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  1. The first thing you've done wrong is magento. The other, Australia post. It expensive and shite In my experience. all my processes are automated through Neto, Shop, POS, shipping (sendle automated) accounting (Xero also ties in and is automated). I have to do very little on the process side. It's much much more user friendly than magento...
  2. The bike you want but don't need... On one Fattie- medium i have two fatties. Mrs thinks their dumb and won't ride one. But I'm allowed to sell one and get her a MTB... meh. It has some extras. The cane creek seat post. Bike bag dude frame bags (there's actually 4 of em, one main triangle and two for the fork. only on pictured here). Wheels are custom built with either hope or white industries hubs (will check 100% and update. My memory is shit) vee rubber tyres 4" runs a 1 x 10 SRAM drive chain. SLX brakes. Pretty fun to ride and really not as slow as I thought. Will throw in some spare orange tyres along with it. There ugly and won't match my other bike. As with every bike of mine not much is standard. Good deal at $1k for the lot.
  3. He's got a pretty decent computer to get it workin. Shouldn't be too long before he's back to reasonably fit no excuses now.
  4. everyone will find out in about 3 weeks just a running store I am opening. Will start another thread tomorrow as I need some product testers for running vests
  5. 735 and 935 don't have the same features. Kinda close but not that close. If the 735 is cheaper than $459 it's a good deal
  6. hahahahahaha
  7. Roxii rigged the raffle so only nealo could get a ticket
  8. haha the runners shadow they used is straight from google
  9. Nike free 5.0s are normal drop. Yes, they increase load and you need to work into them slowly. I did years ago and have no trouble running in them now. Set my half mara PB accidently in a pair of 1.0s. I dont necesarilly agree with the BS barefoot thing, but there are benefits if used correctly. Can add me to the list, but I think Salomon speed cross were too high not sure how people wear hokas and other "high" shoes offroad
  10. Roxii is a good bloke for doing such things. I think I might order myself one... so much prettier than my 735
  11. Shit if Alistair Brownlee doesn't have sporting integrity no one does... I don't think he's the kinda dude that takes no winning and/or DNFs lightly. I also doubt he's doing it for the pay check. But I do know he's trying his best to stay injury free and that could have something to do with it... maybe he'll have a win at 70.3 champs. Would that be enough for him to have some sort of sporting integrity?
  12. Don't fix it if it ain't broke people. I too can't run well in hokas no matter what the model so with you there Lunars are a good shoe, just a. Touch too far on the stiff side for my liking. But only done 2 30min runs in them so far. Maybe they'll loosen up.
  13. If just choose whichever colour and style I liked best and go with it. There's nothing lost by getting a 920 over a Fenix 5. You do lose a little on the 5X but that thing is huge. Fenix 5 and 935 are both probably more than most people need. Its cheaper than I can buy them for wholesale sometimes...
  14. It does golf.
  15. I'd have to agree with you really. however the Fenix5 I just like more. The 935 feels a bit cheap. But I dont own either (I've sold a fair few), I use a 735 because that's all I need. Although the Fenix 5 with metal band is quite sexy.