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  1. That's right - smok'n Joe threw a bunch of federal dollars at rebuilding the pool to the 'correct length', so fellow fatarse Griggs could get a headline. Money would have been better spent on a public pool on the other side of Bagot Rd - where there are none until you get to Palmerston (and the poor folk who live there could actually really use a public pool). Really stupid decision since the Council already had the funds to upgrade Parap pool in a few years. They don't call him Eleventy Joe for nothing! That said, last time I swam in Parap Michelle Galley pulled out a baby crocodile!
  2. No court - lots of reports and case preparation though!
  3. Sunday I have my last long brick - 2km swim, 2:30hrs on the Kickr, 30-45minute run. Then taper time
  4. Where is the 2019 Race scheduled? Or hasn't it been announced yet?
  5. My new TT bike comes with SRAM BB30 cranks - 53/39 chain rings. Which is nice, but I prefer a 52/36 set up and was wondering what my options were to change over the chain rings. Any body have some suggestions? Want to get it done before I fly up to Cairns next weekend ...
  6. Parap must be beautiful at this time of year - start of the Dry, water still warm ... sundowners at the Ski Club after a 4km afternoon session! 😎
  7. 20km run - last and longest run before Cairns IM 70.3 😎
  8. Noice
  9. I think try a swimming pool ... Springwood if in the lower or mid Blue Mountains. Not sure what your significant other makes of your priorities for the minimoon. ... If you are staying at The Fairmont at Leura they have an indoor 24M pool. Could squeeze in a km or 2 before your partner even notices ...
  10. This. Putting on a 70.3 at the same time as an ironman makes the economies of scale that much better. It is the model of the future and will save ironman racing in this country. All three ironman races in Australia now attract over 2000 competitors and that 'future proofs' them to a very large extent. In my view WTC should expand the concept to the Sunshine Coast race in September. Then we would have 4 IM/70.3 event festivals per year. Geelong could also consider that approach for the largely untapped Melbourne market. That & shifting Port Mac back one month will provide both stability and growth potential for WTC and long distance Triathlon generally in Australia ...
  11. So yesterday morning I discovered that the Sea Baths in the Gong were closed so I did 2km in the Boat Harbour - around a nice ~270M triangle with my steamer that I haven't worn in over 18months. It felt very fast. According to my Garmin I was bullshit fast! 2km on 25 minutes averaging 1:18/100M Now I was going to write this off as a Garmin sat-Nav error except for the following: 1. The last time I was at or under 90kg the suit actually fitted me and I could hold 1:15/100M in the pool comfortably. Yesterday was the first time in 5years that the steamer actually felt comfortable. And I felt fast through the water ... and 2. The Garmin was showing exactly the same distance for each lap. Usually when the sat-nav plays up the readings are all over the place. Plus I'm using the new 935 ... I just hope i can swim that fast for real in Cairns! this morning I did 20 x 100M on 1:45 (averaging 1:33 per 100) at Prince Alfred pool at central. 2.2km in total.
  12. Awesome - I'll pick up the visor in Cairns 😎 Do i hurl my money at TenPints?
  13. Excellent!
  14. Decision time - should I do a wetsuit swim in Wollongong boat harbour OR go down to the sea baths ...
  15. Recovery swim done. 10.2km for the week 20km in total for the first three weeks of winter fish