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  1. Ryf is still racing isn't she? id say she'd need a full 12 month build up & be on the right side of 40 to have a realistic crack at beating Angry Bird ...
  2. Going to watch a Scarponi tribute on U-tube for my TrainerRoad session on my Kickr in about 5 minutes ...
  3. Shocking and another reinforcement of my zero road riding for training regime!
  4. That's right. It should. But it isn't!
  5. So. Xt910 wrist band shat itself and my 2 year old Timex ironman battery died. I took these as omens to purchase. After comparing with the Fenix 5 I went with the Forerunner 935. Doesn't seem as plastic as the xt735 and it certainly is lighter than the Fenix. Being able to use a triathlon band later is also a bonus - I love it! Opticval HR seems to be giving appropriate data and distance, lap pace etc seems bang on. one problem I'm having is pairing the device with TrainerRoad. Was able to pair Xt910 watch and HR band as well as Kickr and Wahoo cadence sensor, but the 935 is not being detected by TrainerRoad - regardless of whether I use the app on my iPad or iPhone. Suggestions?
  6. Reversing seat point probably effective. Otherwise one of those Thompson (?) forward posts. Might need a different stem as well.
  7. Awesome cognitive dissonance mate
  8. Same
  9. Maybe city pools closed for Good Friday. I suspect crazy traffic in the park, hence the switch.
  10. Port Stephens is a good race - 20th May
  11. Thanks. I'm already regretting pulling the pin already! sunshine coast 70.3 is just around the corner though!
  12. Should actually be easier to swim with a properly fittest sleeved trisuit under a properly fitted sleeved wetsuit. Far less rashes. Easier to get on and off. Just like surfing with a rashy under a steamer. anyway - I've had no problems over the past 3-4 years. Swum with a sleeved tri suit sans wetsuit, with a fully sleeved wettie and also a sleeveless wetsuit. All were very comfortable experiences.
  13. Fun facts. Nobby did get his run time down to 3:45 one year. I trained with him in 2004/5 when he was making a comeback to IM after about a decade off. He was really focused on running under 3:30, unfortunetly he got stun by a bee about 70km into the bike and had an allergic reaction. Day was done. I don't think he did triathlon after that. The funniest thing was his 'Nobby tuck' - putting one arm behind his back whilst in the TT position on the bike - like he was a distance speed skater ...
  14. Ozchat died in early 2003, about the time I left my then employment (and work email), so I didn't get the email that Bernie and Mike Buddy sent to all ozchatters (I think Ken B must have let the ozchat email list escape ...) when they started transitions. I only discovered transitions in June 03 ... My user name goes back to ozchat - originally I was the only 'Andrew', I noticed after a while there were other Andrew posts that I didn't recognise as others also just used their first name. In a stroke of complete unoriginality I changed mine to Andrew #1 to avoid confusion. Just don't have the imagination to come up with a brilliant nom de plume ... I was always envious of Swoonking and Khamal ...
  15. 5, 7 & 8 ... but would prefer a white option