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  1. Due to unforeseen events I was not able to collect my visor at Cairns. Can I just hurl money into your account and then PM you as per your instructions Roxii?
  2. Sorry to hear about your race Prince. I'm very envious of those who got to race, so I can feel your frustration - race conditions seemed just about as perfect as you could hope for on that course. Alas
  3. It's not like its a spectator sport, so who gives a faark- besides i bet the organisers knew that AB was focused on Leeds when they signed him. He gave them good value - lots of pre race publicity. Pushing the best for the swim, bike and first lap of the run. Sure, he might have done himself some PR favours if he ran the last 14km at tempo - as a cooldown at 4min/km, but really other than picky Trannies I don't think anybody else cares ...
  4. So the DNF in last weekend's Challenge Championship was merely strategic? BTW - is this race a British (England) Commonwealth Games Selection race?
  5. Some very slick times recorded. Fast conditions?
  6. I like that you started off at 4mins/km pace and did what you could to make it stick. The 400M/1KM reps that Ruley suggests are the go, except - given your first km pace above I'd suggest aiming for 3:45-3:50 pace for the 1km reps. When I ran sub 19 minutes I did 400s on Tuesday night and 1km repeats on Thursday, with a 12km tempo run on Wednesday nights (my other 2 runs were a 7km social run on Saturday morning and 18km long social run on Sunday).
  7. There is a $600 cure for those itchy fingers. ... You know you want to ...
  8. I was worried about the same thing when I checked out the 735 a few months ago - felt cheap. But the 935 feels great. It's both light and substantial enough to - imo - avoid that comparison. I think it perfect
  9. What was the weather like for the 70.3?
  10. Hi everybody thanks for all your kind wishes. I'm just back from the hospital and it seems that Mia is doing ok - enough to be bored and start to play up. It also is clear that she didn't go into cardiac arrest yesterday - thank god! My wife just had a massive panic attack when Mia went into a dead faint in front of her - when she was alone in the ward room with Mia & the emergency staff put her on the crash cart and gave her oxygen and started feeling her chest and got the paddles ready just in case. After being non responsive for about 10 minutes they gave her a big injection - which Bernadette thought was adrenaline- but was in fact an emergency epilepsy drug. Mia's had about 6 such seizures since Friday afternoon and about a dozen lesser ones. So - it was bad, but not as bad as I was first lead to believe. Long term it is clear that Mia will need a series of very invasive brain surgeries- but the extent and timing of that is unclear and has been the subject of extensive debate by her surgical team over the past 18 months. My sense is that this episode will accelerate the decision making and the timing of the surgery. Of course, being the long weekend the full team will not be in a position to assemble until next week at the earliest. Fingers crossed!
  11. Could affect the selection of the third athlete for each sex - go for someone who has super fast twitch muscles for the super short sprint distance involved, but you'd expect the No.1 selection (and pwrhaps the No2) over the Olympic distance to also be in the top 2 for the sprint relay format. a bigger question is whether the Grand Prix / Formula One / Triathlon Suoer League format will replace the men's and women's Olympic distance events. I reckon that ultimately a version of that type of racing will and that will be awesome!
  12. All the best Stu - I'm on a plane back to Sydney - sitting on the Tarmac waiting for takeoff - ✌️
  13. The 935 is basically the black plastic version of the F5 - so it really comes down to personal preference - I'd rate the 935 and F5 as equal overall ...
  14. Like you I was in two minds but went with the 935 - best purchase ever. Do it and you won't regret it!!
  15. Good luck to everyone racing. Having been a late entry to the 70.3 I'm an even later withdrawal. I've been carrying a head cold all week and only made the decision to register and start at 10:30 this morning. I was driving down from Palm Cove on the way to check in when I got the call from my wife to tell me that my grandgaughter Mia has take a turn for the worst. Those who know me well will know that Mia has had very serious health issues from birth 7 years ago and has suffered epilepsy amongst other complications in recent times. She had a bad set of seizures yesterday and I put my wife on a plane back to Sydney last night (couldn't pack up the bike, check out or return hire car in time for me to join her so we decided to split our trips home). This morning Mia seemed to be doing well in hospital and it was decided that I should stay and do the race if I was up to it. That all changed 15 minutes later when she had another seizure and went into cardiac arrest. I've been frantic since. Rush to return to palm Cove, change flights, pack bike and clothes, check out, drive to airport running just about every red light. Right now I'm awaiting to board the 12:35 flight back to Sydney not knowing what is happening back at home ... fingers crossed