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  1. Ok then, so maybe she's just a prick making excuses....
  2. I've just gone back to doing the opposite, and will keep it that way in the future! I did have my media PC hooked up via HDMI to our tv, then tv via optical to the amp. I'd never really taken much notice cause really the amp does a great job of creating channels from the stereo signal. And I never really looked at the front of the amp properly. But I've found that the tv won't pass the full digital or DTS signal through. In a couple of days I'll have my fil's amp, which has HDMI ARC (audio return channel). So my media PC will hook up to the amp by one HDMI cable. My tv will then hook up to the amp by one HDMI cable from the TV's HDMI ARC output. So everything from the media PC will go to the tv through the amp. And the TV's audio signal will pass back through that HDMI cable to the amp. Apparently that is the only way to get the Netflix apps full 5.1 signal, rather than just stereo. I also was chatting to my other bil and he has to hook everything up this way too as his tv won't pass the full 5.1 signal through. I have an LG TV, he has Sony. I've just had the L and R in ceiling speakers installed, and since I had two for standing speakers unused, I've stuck one of them up at the back wall so currently have a 6.1 system running. I'm sure once my wife wake up she'll have me get rid of that back speaker.....
  3. So DT's come out and admitted he has no idea if there are recording of his and Comey's meetings in the white house, but that he certainly doesn't have them. But you're the one who brought them up!
  4. I don't know about everyone else, but that sounds like a pretty good apology from someone who is in trouble?
  5. One of the guys I know up here commented on FB he got everything he wanted - mens and womens tri and weightlifting finals. Said they're going for road racing and mara too, but maybe those didn't need tickets, just stand on the road. Didn't apply for anything myself.
  6. Don't take on steroid infused gym junkies..........
  7. If Rebel Wilson gets any money, and does with it what she says she will, her stocks will go up mightily with me!
  8. Can't think of anything worse than fishing. Would rather stay at work...... which is lucky for me since that's where I'll be
  9. What's "retirement"???
  10. That's true, but to the non cycling community these rare individuals (and they are rare) are the norm, not the exception. That is the attitude we are dealing with, and we have to be so much better than them to try and change that perception. But honestly, I think we never will. Not in my cycling lifetime. All I can do is take it easy, let cars have the way as much as possible and continually wave thanks etc to every single car that does nothing more than the right thing for me, and to several that don't, in the hope that I help keep a motorist, not on our side as such, but at least aware of us!
  11. And I think he had a flat bat in that vid, so he might just be one of those commuter shmo's, who move on and off footpaths, zip across roads with abandon etc etc. Probably rushes red lights in his car and changes lanes without indicating too.
  12. Yeah, it does us no good at all. Story in the local paper up here with footage of a motorist overtaking a line of cyclists and nearly taking out a motorcyclist coming the other way. Naturally the majority of the comments on the shared facebook post are anti cyclist, yet they did not a single thing wrong! Even a nurse I know said nothing about the danger but multiple times had a go at cyclists. Like it or not, wrong or right; we are the ones that have to be above reproach in our interactions with motorists! It's just like the story about bad service - the customer will tell ten that it sucked where as with good service they will only tell 1. There is now another driver that hates all cyclists, and probably a few bystanders who dislike us more now! The guy could have still pulled over, pointed out what happened, corrected her on the pulling out/standing still thing, and then ridden off. But acting as he did has not helped a single person. But face it - most people out there are just dicks these days. As AP said - worry about your own sq mtr, but now it's that on steroids! The cyclist/motorist debate is one that we will never ever win - ever. We have to be the bigger, and we have to do everything we can to make as many motorists our friends rather than the enemy. Their cars will hurt us more than our bikes them!
  13. How has your 'program' evolved over this period? Maybe a dramatic shake up is in order? Note: I have no idea what I'm talking about!
  14. Oops, forgot the smilie! I was being sarcastic.
  15. Yes, MC and survivor have been ratings flops for them. Apart from the ABC in the morning, pretty much the only FTA we watch is on 10.