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  1. I started the thread and that's when I stopped reading!
  2. It's not that hard to believe in them when you have voices talking to you all the time!
  3. Yes, it has noticeably improved things. There will always be those who'll glide right by to teach us a lesson. But in general is a big improvement. The biggest thing I can say is acknowledge as often as you can when a car does the right thing. I'm always waving, nodding the head etc. The happier I can leave drivers the better I think.
  4. If his lawyers name Saul?
  5. That's exactly how I took it too TC. I still would have suggested she not say it On Anzac Day, particularly with the Lest We Forget. She could have said Let's not forget about etc, and I think less people would be infuriated. And don't forget there is a very vocal group of people out there ready to jump on anyone, particularly if the don't look "Australian" to them (they forget that we are a young country with a tonne of people, probably even them, who are only one or two generations Australian if that).
  6. Just a little thing roxii, what aids does your son have at school? During class does he have things he can fidget with like stress balls etc? Just saw this on Lifehacker How can fidget spinners and cubes actually help with anxiety and ADHD? http://flip.it/50tSKA Myself, I have to be fidgeting to be able to concentrate, or walking around etc.
  7. The simple question remains...... he continued to promote and spruik the bikes in a time he believed they were unsafe. And admitted he was willing to hand bikes he believed unsafe off to others. If someone was willing to do that, then why wouldn't they be willing to say anything to try and get out of a contract? Did he sign to long with them, and then get a better offer from someone else mid contact term? Sure, I'm the first person who'll say triathlon is a poorly paid sport, but still......
  8. Well, there poorly timed and poorly timed. It may have been poorly timed for us, but not poorly timed for her. But it could end up poorly timed for everyone yet I guess.
  9. While we're at it, may I ask what exactly is the rapstar famous for? I know he recovered from an awful accident..... and we know triathlon is not an industry you make a lot of money from...... It's he a big thing, or a wannabe?
  10. Going in Tuesday to check if I should be getting them (I'm sure the answer will be yes, even if it always would have been yes, if you know what I mean). Looking at it, the girl who does the cycling assessments does it as part of a bike fit, I think. They use Solestar cycling orthotics.
  11. Must have missed he response then.
  12. Well, I haven't had a normally aspirated Coke since starting this thread. Decided on Zero over Diet. I have had a small glass of fanta, and a glass of Vanilla Coke and jeeze wasn't the vanilla coke sweet! Gave Pepsi Max a run, but decided against it. Weight loss stopped, but another injury restricted me to short lazy walks and a holiday away enjoying my eating, and I haven't gained but haven't lost. I'm pretty sure I'm replacing the missing sugar with other food........ #ashamed
  13. Difference here is, you don't just go into a shop and grab a Dimond or Specialized out of the fridge, where there are a hundred other options. Sometimes the only option is a Coke or a Pepsi, at some stores.
  14. I must have glossed over that bit - he wanted to gift the bikes he considered unsafe to others to help promote the brand? wtf is he smoking!