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  1. recent dealings with other surgery makes me think this option isn't that strange
  2. With the over supply and price drop, can you expand on why they are a poor purchase to live in or rent out ?
  3. Watching the inner city brisbane unit prices closely. One I was watching was bought for 589k in 2014 and just sold for 440k.
  4. it's usually his old fella
  5. Precisely. Some people will never be satisfied, no matter what they have.
  6. Absolutely
  7. on of the biggies on the sporting calendar
  8. Catholic ?
  9. Recently had a ulnar nerve decompression done to the elbow. 2 weeks after the procedure and the original symptoms remain. As this as one of the possible outcomes outlined by the specialist I can't really complain. Has anyone else felt short changed post operation ?
  10. get him drunk, remove his clothes and smear him with molasses. tie him to a fence post in a yard of poddy calves. allow them to lick it off
  11. I was first trained with film. Did the whole darkroom processing developing myself. Think it msde me appreciate the skill more. Certainly made me aware of any **** ups by printing my own work. Digital is so lazy, the most incompetent photographer can get a result.
  12. Just lovin this, grind the phuckers noses into the dirt
  13. I think the conquest is a great bang for buck shoe. US 12 size always seem to sell quickly
  14. Whilst on the subject. What motivates a grown adult to speak to another in baby talk ?
  15. 'The Falcon" is a obese guy in our building that lands on our floor same time each day like clock work for his morning constitutional. We reserve that toilet for guests.