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  1. Nindigully is the home of the most historical B&S Balls in western QLD. If you are familiar with the vehicle I'd advise to clean it thoroughly inside and out.
  2. age. weight or length ?
  3. Provided they have the right colour I'm happy to leave them to it. Definately secure anything valuable. I have a sri lankan neighbour that fell off a roof and has a disability pension. I have him trained to beat the shit out of anyone up to no good. I do all my own painting anyway.
  4. Funnily enough recent changes to legislation and how the condition is handled make things difficult to report. They just don't assess people in QLD for instance unless their is significant reason. Authorities are dropping a lot of it back onto GP's
  5. I'm actually reconsidering the idea. Some people can't be helped and it's not worth the associated grief that comes with trying to help them.... I've found a lot of the authorities are full of academics with poor interviewing skills, quite easily bluffed.
  6. In the awkward position of having a family member Mentally assessed after a series of events. Biggest concern is that the person has been able to fool several govt authorities already.
  7. I can see a future episode of this on Banged up Abroad.
  8. Doesn't mention a firearms licence
  9. Haha what a tank of a vehicle they were, I sold spare parts in a Leyland dealership once. If I were ever going to be involved in a major fatality, I'd want to be in a P76 or a Toyota Crown.
  10. Get well soon. As part of the concussion test in the NRL, they make the player recite the months of the year in reverse. Many of them can't do it the right way , so what chance do they have....
  11. recent dealings with other surgery makes me think this option isn't that strange
  12. With the over supply and price drop, can you expand on why they are a poor purchase to live in or rent out ?
  13. Watching the inner city brisbane unit prices closely. One I was watching was bought for 589k in 2014 and just sold for 440k.
  14. it's usually his old fella
  15. Precisely. Some people will never be satisfied, no matter what they have.