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  1. You train with a few girls from RTC right? We can help you out
  2. My 920 has had a fault for a while, reading 20000 m for all runs, and I called Garmin a few weeks ago and they are going to replace it even though it is 2 years old. Then 2 weeks ago Rebel had a 20% off everything sale so I bought a 935. So far, apart from the optical HR and size I have not found too much difference to 920. After wearing a 310, 910 and 920 for many years, this one feels like a little girl's watch on my wrist.
  3. Great feedback thank you mate
  4. Is anyone using the 935 yet and have any impressions?
  5. Has anyone tried the new Giro TT? I saw one for first time last weekend at Moreton Bay Tri and it looked great
  6. What's your mates name Sully?
  7. Where are you RS?
  8. Would many people know his old/current bike sponsor?
  9. Yep, awesome time to have season passes and only live an hour away.
  10. Great choice, they look great
  11. Not in Qld, state sprint titles a few weeks away
  12. 2 & 6
  13. Just finished reading DC's review of the Tacx Flux as I am considering a new trainer and this one is cheaper than others which do the same stuff and reviews very well https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/12/tacx-flux-trainer-depth-review.html
  14. Sorry to be a pain, but can I swap from a visor to cap please? Thanks for everything you are doing Cranky