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  1. What's your mates name Sully?
  2. Where are you RS?
  3. Would many people know his old/current bike sponsor?
  4. Yep, awesome time to have season passes and only live an hour away.
  5. Great choice, they look great
  6. Not in Qld, state sprint titles a few weeks away
  7. 2 & 6
  8. Just finished reading DC's review of the Tacx Flux as I am considering a new trainer and this one is cheaper than others which do the same stuff and reviews very well https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2016/12/tacx-flux-trainer-depth-review.html
  9. Sorry to be a pain, but can I swap from a visor to cap please? Thanks for everything you are doing Cranky
  10. I run xlab bta and the Cervelo xlab delta 300 bts. I have a crack in my seatpost and have another one ready to install but would like a P5 seatpost so I can use the xlab delta sonic.
  11. https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2017/03/garmin-forerunner-935-depth-review.html Another great DC review. Looks like the XT model and square shape has come to a crashing halt in favour of a watch to suit runners who do a bit of cross training. At least they have improved the batter and brought back wifi.
  12. Which one do you recommend for nightduty burgs?
  13. Expect a NWT Ventum add on EBay soon
  14. Is there a weekend summary? Was working and missed it
  15. Dirby??