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  1. Heard about one on the weekend. Guy attempting to paddle from Australia to New Zealand. Had to be rescued 11 days in off the coast of New South Wales. He was hoping to raise money for research into Freidreich's ataxia, which his wife has. If he died doing this, then his wife and family are left to battle this on their own. Tough one.
  2. They eventually found it...in Auckland!
  3. Just ran a handy 2.49.
  4. An athlete that doesn't make excuses, that's different.
  5. Yep, twitter feed from the race last night also said this.
  6. Speaking of Ali Brownlee. Currently smashing the field in his first half ironman (i think it's his first??)
  7. I guess sh!t happens sometimes.
  8. A friend of mine was the first to do 8 in 8 with his buddies a few years ago. With Ben Southall (Pommie guy that won that 'best job in the world' competition as part of a Tourism Qld initiative).
  9. https://www.redbull.com/au-en/courtney-atkinson-state-8
  10. This will be interesting to follow. I'm betting no. http://www.runnersworld.com/2-hour-marathon/nikes-sub-2-hour-marathon-attempt-will-be-run-in-early-may
  11. Wow, you are very brave.
  12. Add Jodie Swallow to the list
  13. I thought money was an issue, hence downsizing from 2 to 1 bike
  14. Up Mt Wellington