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  1. I'd rather be out on the course for the triathlon
  2. Anyone have any luck? I missed out on the two tickets I applied for. Disappointed but won't lose sleep over it. Still got a chance to apply for any leftovers eg wrestling perhaps! 70% of people got something, sister and a friend also missed out. I guess we're in the 30% minority. The comments on the Facebook page are very frustrating. So many people now wanting to cancel orders which is not possible and people making new 'friends' so they can sell them.
  3. Her apology: I was under so much pressure to perform, and I made a wrong decision, and am sincerely sorry of my actions. I don't know why I did it, and I cannot even believe I did it. I am not a horrible person, just someone that made an impulsive, bad decision, and I know that I need some serious help. Please note that I have been accepted to an mental health facility to to be treated for an eating disorder beginning tomorrow. This incident has made me realize how much help I need, despite being an accomplished athlete. I have been hiding with this illness for a long time, and although it is no excuse for my actions, I do believe it is one of the reasons why I can't make good decisions. I do not expect to return to the sport anytime soon, although I do hope that with evidence of treatment and recovery, I will be one day race again."
  4. Maybe report to police and doctor and get a formal incident report lodged at the gym in case you have ongoing issues with your back. And get the gym to sort out the 'roid ragers.
  5. Taken from ST: Canadian Age Grouper Kristen Johnson (#1405) DQ'd for letting air out of competitor's rear tire just prior to the start of Syracuse 70.3. The incident occurred in transition just after the victim left her bike in transition to head to the swim start. Thankfully, this incident was witnessed and reported to race officials allowing the victim to have her tire reinflated prior to the start. Race officials investigated after the start and ultimately DQ'd Ms. Johnson.
  6. I saw SUB111 last week. I figured it belonged to a struggling sprint distance triathlete
  7. My only criticism of Keenan is that he sounds like he's reading from a script.
  8. I was always Team Taylor
  9. Big sale if anyone was wanting to stock up or give them a try https://shop.hokaoneone.com.au/sale
  10. Burgs got a congratulatory tweet from Brooke from Bold and Beautiful
  11. In Brisbane http://aquatread.com.au/
  12. I know M 40-44 went to at least 11th place, 9.41.
  13. Didnt realise he was still racing.
  14. This is good news, great to watch http://www.triathlon.org/news/article/ioc_includes_the_triathlon_mixed_relays_on_the_tokyo_2020_olympics