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  1. She is. Speaking of, someone upset her this week. Vented on instagram if anyone cares.
  2. I was going to as I have a free entry, but saw the weather forecast. But spoke to Steve the organiser on Monday, he's confident they'll be all good. Just wet.
  3. Didnt they say it was for privacy reasons or something? I don't understand.
  4. Richard Thompson for the win. 7.04 run time, overall 21:21:14, which is apparently world's best UM time. Brad Dalrymple 2nd on the run. AV in 3rd, running in PIS DTs and jacket.
  5. Not until Nov I think, but Queenstown.
  6. Be careful of all the cycling numpties who arent used to riding close to others.
  7. If anyone is size 11, Luke McKenzie is selling quite a few pairs on Triathlon Marketplace on Facebook. Brand new or worn once, $80.
  8. Some of the online reaction from pro cyclists when Ballarat was announced as retaining the National Champs was less than positive.
  9. Waiting for mid year bike specials I believe.
  10. Makes you appreciate every day http://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/04/28/13/41/triathlete-paralysed-after-freak-bike-accident
  11. Update on Facebook. John had a fall during the run on Tuesday. Tore his supraspinatus. No more until further medical advice.
  12. Cat Lady, we need an update...did you contact TQ to clarify?
  13. Heard about one on the weekend. Guy attempting to paddle from Australia to New Zealand. Had to be rescued 11 days in off the coast of New South Wales. He was hoping to raise money for research into Freidreich's ataxia, which his wife has. If he died doing this, then his wife and family are left to battle this on their own. Tough one.
  14. They eventually found it...in Auckland!
  15. Just ran a handy 2.49.