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  1. Alvey

    Yeah, you're right Ex...more reliable was not the right term. They are hard to kill and probably why you only ever bought one. I do still remember when I'd put a new spool of line on, usually 12lb back in the day, and head out for an evening cast. All too easy for a loop to come off and wrap around the top of the reel in the dark, only to find when you cast, you cast no where or the sinker and bait disappeared into the darkness.
  2. Alvey

    Just cruising the free online news and spotted this... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-07-20/alvey-reels-to-close-down-qld/8726302 I don't think you can be classified as a fisherperson if you've never owned one of these at some time. Ok, the technology of reels these days is much improved and more reliable but, flicking a weighted bait thru the surf from an Alvey must be classified as a 'life experience'.......Fish on!
  3. Housing Bubble thread.

    Having sold our place earlier this year, I'd avoid spending too much money replacing carpets etc. as it won't guarantee you get what you're after. Often people have their own ideas of what they want to do with 'their' new house. A very thorough clean and declutter plus a bit of paint goes a long way in spucing things up. I'm not expert, but like jobs, selling a house is all in the timing and having what someone else wants. If you have what people like or want, they'll buy it.
  4. The Expat Thread.

    I think there is more to the story there in that he was newly self employed after leaving his PAYG job so had no provable income. He also mentions needing 2 years tax returns which is not correct according to ANZ policy. More than likely, when purchased off plan 2 years ago, he would have been made aware that he would need to reapply when the house was completed. He was relying on his British partners income to service the loan - she had no visa, residency or citizenship in Australia. So it's not all one way blame. As for the whole loan issue, it's interesting / bizarre / funny / fcked how, for the last 15 years, my money generated out of Australia then sent and spent in Australia, has been accepted as OK but now, it accounts for as much as an Indian rupee.
  5. Solar Panels

    Good info all. I'm fortunate enough to be just starting a new build so, in the scheme of things, spending $15-20k on a 5.2kW system with storage isn't so bad. Especially given the increase in power costs.
  6. AP is selling his house....

    I swam at Pacific Sports Complex for the first time on Monday. 50m pool but they didn't have lane ropes out. Water quality was OK but not what you're used to back home. It seems a bit cloudy but that's from the chemicals they are using but no chlorine smell. There was me a 7 others in the pool. The only problem I had, was they were being 'coached' but going across the pool, not length wise! Made it hard at times but gave me sighting practice as I went through them. I'm not a coach AP but have been coached for a few years. If any of your contacts here want to catch up for a few swim or run sessions, let me know. I can point out the obvious and perhaps give them motivation.
  7. The Expat Thread.

    As and Australian citizen, if you earn income out of Australia and even pay tax on it, you still have to submit an ATO return, and declare how much tax you paid in the country of earning. The ATO then decides if you have paid enough. So if you are not a 'non resident for tax purposes', you earn $100,000 in Thailand and only pay 18% tax there, the ATO can then say you owe additional $xx as you should have been paying yy%. If you are able to satisfy the 5 criteria for becoming a 'non resident for tax purposes', you still need to fill in the return but should not be liable for Australian tax. Good Luck.
  8. The Expat Thread.

    Another bump from the same muppet... I thought of putting this in the Housing Bubble thread but thought it more relevant here. Sold my house in Bodalla for a substantial amount in February and got slugged with Capital Gains because I'm not a resident ( that's another story ), and have had the cash in the bank since then. Have banked with the same bank for 35 years and paid out 4 mortgages in that period - all before time. No credit card debts either. May need to borrow up to $500k on the new build so went to the bank and asked them. Nope....we can lend you maybe $200k. All banks are now saying our incomes generated out of Australia account for shit. 'Shadowing' was the term they used saying the income earned may be only 'worth' 25% of what it is. We are considered foreign investors in Australia. So, if you are struggling to keep food on the table, have minimal deposit, and a job that earns you $60k, come on in...we'll give you $750k.! Just goes to show that banks are all about keeping people and countries in debt. No profits from those who can afford to pay the loans. Rant over.... but the same time, something for other expats to consider if you're planning to borrow while you're away to make your eventual retirement back home comfortable.
  9. AP is selling his house....

    Sorry, not house related but AP comment related...I'm living in the Saket area and the main mall in the area is packed with people spending money at every time of every day, and not just on rubbish. The middle class are cashed up. I went into the Life Fitness gym for a look and it was packed, even out of hours. Yeah, there are a whole bunch of unfit people, but the younger bods are into it. Bike groups do find places to ride early before the traffic so I need to find them. Plenty of runners and even Ultra runners out there too. Off to try a pool today. The water felt and smelled ok, so I'll see what happens. As for being a market for AP, it has plenty of potential. Delhi has the population of Australia, it has thru the roof internet speeds ( just paid 499 rupees - $9.90 AUD, 4G for 70gB for 70 days plus unlimited local calls ), it has cashed up people and reasonable facilities. Sign a bunch up for online coaching and away you go!
  10. AP is selling his house....

    I'm hearing you AP.....I now live in Delhi and have even considered taking ear plugs when I walk to the market, some horns are so loud! As for the contrast, you're right there too. I first lived here in 2007 - since then, the gap between rich and poor has become a chasm and the general infrastructure hasn't improved one bit.
  11. Leg Warmer/Knee Warmer/HTFU?

    Go the Roubaix fabric kit. Warm as toast. Life's too short to be cold and uncomfortable on the bike.
  12. Comm Games Tickets

    Now, forgive me for living in a box, but why do you need to apply to go? Why can't you attend events you want to? Is it the stadiums/venues are too small or is it that organizers want an even spread of spectators across all events?
  13. Trump is the President

    I'm no expert but wouldn't mind betting Trump will quit before being punted. Just so he can say "I told you I could do it". i.e. become President.
  14. Bike shipping to Roth 2017

    Now don't get me started on the whole excess baggage issue....with bike, run and swim gear, plus clothes and other stuff and self weight, I'm lucky to reach 110kg but have to pay excess baggage. Yet the plonker sitting next to me weighs in at 120kg without luggage and doesn't pay a cent!
  15. Bike shipping to Roth 2017

    Not specifically Roth, but I've sent personal effects as Unaccompanied Baggage for good rates. Usually with the airline I've flown with. I have also used these guys if flying out of Sydney. http://www.sydneyairport.com.au/find/service-categories/service-listing/service-detail.aspx?cat={93c4adb3-2b3d-44c4-8bc2-b38c6d2580d5}&ser={7F175BC4-0BEF-4894-8A0F-8E66C7DBD9B4} The only disadvantage is that you need to go to Customs to pick the stuff up and clear it.