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    She is out of ICU and in a ward. Neurologists are amazed at the recovery. No memory of last week and can't process new memories as yet. Big relief tears right now. Very happy. I have been in touch with her brother about a possible visit on the weekend. Baby steps, but it's a start. Thanks all for the messages and support. You are bloody legendary. Cheers Sam
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    I'll add mine here. I wanna start by saying I'm dissapointed but I've also learnt a few things, I think as long as you learn then no race is ever a waste. I hit raceday in probably the best run form I ever have been in for ironman and with the most consistent bike build. My swim was lacking but as swimming is to feel it just is what it is. On the flip side it's the worst ive been with diet since cairns 2014 so I was a little curious to see what would happen. It was weird having a race at home. Not traveling sort of left me less prepared to the point I forgot to take one of my key nutrition supplements race morning. Though knowing I'd have some extra support on course and also managed to score a local toilet before race start was a big help. Swim was as expected clean and calm water but I seemed to miss all the good packs. It wasnt until til I had turned to come back to the boat ramp that I actually got some good feet to sit on. None the less I came out of the water with who I considered the guy to beat in my age group and we started the bike together. As expected I was dropped by the stronger guys pretty quickly but I know who they are and if I stick to my plan and ride sensibly then I shouldn't give up more than 10 min which I know i can claw back on the run. First 60k was uneventful, got into a nice group, 3 of us working hard and picking up time on the better swimmers in front. 5 guys sitting in doing sfa, but not much you can do about that. At 60k my power meter started reading 2000w. I thought the issues with it were resolved so this was a weird one I hadn't seen before. Anyways I thought when I come to a downhill next ill spin backwards 6 times and do a quick reset and see what happens. So what happens is your chain drops off and you lose the group you're riding g with..... Anyways I also managed to loop the chain twice, I've never seen this before so that added 2 min to my unplanned stop. I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix it. Anyways I finally did, and was on my way. Worst part was it was on Mathew flinders drive so I busted myself trying to make up time on the group I just lost. By the time i calmed a bit I was on my way back out of town and pro burnt a match or two. Anyways lap two was pretty lonely. Passed a few and one bloke latched on. He stuck to me for the whole lap and it wasn't till we came back through bonny hills he went to the front. I must say I was quite dismayed to see the group I had been riding with were now tangled up with my mate Clintred off here. It's kind of frustrating seeing where you might have been... Anyways back in town and off the bike, I've been thinking 2:5x might be possible for a month or so now and I had made the decision pre rave that I was going to have a crack. There was nothing on the line for me in this race. I'm not going to kona so I might as well experiment a little. Anyways after coming off the bike about 10min behind where I wanted (expected) I hit the run hard. Had a few ks around the 4.07-4.10 mark then settled in to some solid 4.15-4.20 stuff. I felt great and was taking time off a lot of guys I could see my mate Clint about 10m in front of me at the 27k mark and everything just went fuzzy. Never really happened before. Nutrition had been pretty good, had all my gels and lots of water but one minute I was running sub 4.20 pace the next a local mate caught me when I almost fell onto someones front yard at settlement point. Anyways safe to say this is where my day ended. I walked the next 3 or so ks a friend helped me clear the air from my lungs by making me squeeze my chest either side and blow out hard. Got me running again so maybe that's what I needed. Cruised home just under 5min pace and really enjoyed the finish shute. 9.40.45 with the biggest blow up ive had in an ironman. I think my day ended the moment my chain dropped off but these are the little things ill know to ignore next time. Running the first 5-8k sub 4.10 pace might have been a little stupid too but I had targets I was chasing. Again it's a learning experience and hopefully one day will help me execute better more often. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, having a big group of close friends I train with every week and seeing them have great days made it an awesome experience. Seeing my closest training partner score a kona spot after 15 attempts was gold. All round ironman australia was awesome, but I think all ironman races are awesome.
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    Saw a few trannies out there on the run course and gave some shout outs but not sure who they were. Great day for racing, much better than last year! I only entered on Friday arvo after a mechanical at IM Brazil cost me 16mins and a Kona spot two weeks ago. Managed to hold it together for a 9.26 and a KQ, bloody stoked but wouldn't recommend doing two full's in two weeks again! 😬
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    Thanks trannys. It was a great day out, easily my best ever executed race, and biggest win. Totally thrilled. I hope everyone else had a great day. I hope we can share some drinks tonight!
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    I get what you are saying. I have not had to contribute to this thread apart from the stresses of losing then rebuilding the house and all that went along with that, but a few months ago I was just getting really, really sad.... a lot, which for those that know me, would know it is very out of character. I put it down to a bit of a combination of things, the first anniversary of my mums death, which I don't think I dealt with fully at the time due to the Tornado stuff going on, the end of a year of manic stresses with dealing with insurance companies, councils, builders, trades, refurnishing a whole house, the financial stresses that go along with that and trying to insulate the kids from those very stresses to a great extent. My son is also struggling with his ADHD and a lot of other issues at school and I feel like we are unable to adequately help him, and coupled with the fact that he has inherited it from me makes me feel more guilty. More than anything it did open my eyes up to how quickly things can change and while I'm lucky that I have a lot to be thankful for and feel like I'm over the worst of it I can see how for those whose lives aren't great in other areas can start to get into a bit of a spiral. Look after yourselves people.
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    My thoughts after loosing my wife last year is if I can manage something (financially or physically) now I'll do it now! I have just gone to a nine day fortnight so I can go and do things now whilst I'm still physically able to rather than wait till retirement which there are no guarantees I'll make anyway! Looking forward to using the extra days making regular solo back country alpine downhill long weekends at Bogong and Feathertop this winter. Also since childhood I've always wanted a certain car. We had discussed ways of getting one parked in the garage over the years but was on the "one day' list. Decided now not to wait and after getting it shipped over from WA finally got the club permit licence plates on it last week. Have received some snide remarks about buying it from various people but I don't care what others think! it is something I've always wanted to own so did the sums and bought it! It is a nice diversion from what continues to be a difficult time...
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    Two nights ago I spent a couple of hours running around in the dark with a torch looking for a friends daughter who had threatened to commit suicide. It ended well with the girl being found safe, but it did make me think about a lot of 'what if's'. I was covering an area of tracks and trails near my home and was using a bright bike light so I could scour the area on both sides of the track. I ran as I was due for a training run anyway (not that it mattered) and figured I'd cover more area (about 24km's) than if I was just walking. As I was running I was thinking that this girl could be anywhere. She could be alive, dead, or badly injured. I had no idea how many others were out looking for the girl, and I had no idea what emergency or support services had been contacted. I also didn't know the history and if this was the first incident with this particular girl or just part on an ongoing cry for help. The biggest thing I didn't know was what her parents and family must be going through. What I did know was that if I was in the same position as the parents then I'd like to know that there were others out there who cared. I knew that although my efforts were minimal in the scheme of things it was effort that I'm sure the parents appreciated. There was someone else out there looking and knowing what they were going through, and it meant that the area I was looking in was an area that they or others didn't need to cover. I didn't do anything that others (especially those that take the time to read this thread) wouldn't do. But the episode highlighted to me that when you are in the position that these parents found themselves in it is important to ask for help. You may not be able to do much, but anything you can do will be a help, both mentally and physically. No need to respond to this post, I just wanted to get it out there. There's lots of good people on this site, make sure you ask for help when you need it.
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    Went 9:46:32 at Ironman Aus to take the last qualifying spot, and the guy behind him was 9:46:52. To miss out by 20seconds to a drug cheat would be infuriating...
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    How's the training for IMOz going? Should be tapering about now? However, you should be looking at the main event at IMOz! So, it's time to get ready for the very famous 2017 Transitions Beer Mile to be held at Town Green on 8 May 2016 at 3:30pm in front of the pub at the finish area of IMOz. We are now recognised as part of the Finishers Celebrations and the Beer Mile will occur after the Roll Down Ceremony. I will contact our very special Secret Sponsor and hopefully they will be supporting the Beer Mile yet again....this is the 7th year that we have had this support from this amazing anonymous sponsor...Thankyou again. I believe that we will have some very famous IMOz Legends and Hall of Famers in attendance again....think Karen Pini, Ken Baggs OAM, DCM (DO Come Monday) and some more wonderful personalities, just like the 2015 30th Anniversary IMOz and accompanying Beer Mile. I would love to get some exposure on TV, such as Ch 8 (the Ch 9 equivalent for cities) and I have wriiten to Peter FitzSimmons several times to get a mention in the SMH and The Age (I expect). So, if anyone from Port Macquarie has any contacts with Ch.8 or Ch.6, then can you try to get some coverage for the event. I believe that we should also be part of the IMOz video highlights, that we used see at the Awards Ceremony, so let's try to swing them around for some footage. Anyway, for those that don't understand what the Transitions Beer Mile is about...It is the celebration and relief of having finished IMOz within the cut off time so that you qualify to race the Transitions Beer Mile the next day. It consists of drinking a can of beer, running 400M (440 yards), drinking another beer, running 400M etc etc, until you have run a mile (1760 yards or 1600M) and drunk 4 cans of beer. Your choice of dress is encouraged and we have the usual boys dressed up as girls, boys dressed up as dogs. Go Snoopy from 2015, there are also Fairies, Dinosaurs, German Beeren Hausen, ladies called Carrots, the Safari Suit Twins, the Stig, Angus from AC/DC, blokes wearing attire from their youth and the list goes on and on. However, you should look at some of the accompanying vids from previous Beer Miles. There is also the Transitions Mile Of Famers perpetual trophy and if you believe you should be on it for this year, then PM me and for $5 and a good record of service or participation in previous Beer Miles, I will get you on this year's honour list. Also, I see that there is a Half Ironman on the same day as IMOz, so we are having a Transitions Beer Half Mile for those from the HIM who want to enter. Also, as we recognise the Responsible Drinking of Alcohol we will allow those that want to compete and drink Chardonnays, Milk, Gatorade or even Soft Drink. Unfortunately, there is no award available for these responsible drinkers at this stage. We're hoping that Big Chris will come on board again with the Timing Guys to do the timing again and also set up the on-line registration for this 'training event'. So, look out for his link for registering. Here are some vids of previous Trannie Beer Miles and accompanying links to relevant items. 2015 IMOz Beer Mile Karen Pini... for those of us from Forster IM days, Miss Karen would welcome every finisher across the line and she is, like Ken Baggs an IMOz Hall of Famer. Ask some of your older IM mates for Karen's rise to fame, apart from Paul Hogan's show. Speedy Steve 2010 Beer Mile 2009 Beer Mile 2011 Beer Mile http://forums.transitions.org.au/index.php?showtopic=49434 Transitions Post from Ratdog for 2011 Beer Mile TGL's take on the 2011 Beer Mile If you feel any pressure to participate in the very famous IMOz Trannie Beer Mile, then please visit these links for assistance..... http://www.aa.org.au/ https://www.tomwaterhouse.com/ http://www.standard....arnival/?cs=383 http://www.triradar....t-ruin-my-race/ http://rethinkingdri...fusalskills.asp http://ie.reachout.c...ssure-to-drink/ http://www.google.co...iw=1536&bih=694 http://www.aptriathl...e-of-the-cycos/ http://www.smh.com.a...1210-2z42b.html http://www.smh.com.a...0320-354ih.html http://www.chisel-fi...lonby-cheating/ http://www.dummies.c...heat-sheet.html http://au.linkedin.c...fuga/45/47a/367 http://edition.cnn.c...-ped-explainer/ As we are now part of the Monday Official Celebrations for IMOz, we are being asked to turn around near the Finish Area and we will do 4 laps of such, just like I have been doing for the last 15 years. I knew my finishing performances would be adopted by the hierarchy eventually. Here is a clip of a typical turn around at the Finish Line! The reason for this is so we don't jeopardise the licensing of the area for IMOz. Our finishing area will be close to the finish line, but away from the designated licensed area. and finally http://www.youtube.c...bed/oXvJ8UquYoo As most of you city slickers go to gyms and train to music, here are some clips to help you with your Beer Mile Training.... https://www.youtube.com/embed/CZ85j6U2Fvs And finally if you want to lose some weight, have a look at this bloke's story..... http://www.nasvik.se/fat-to-fit/ I will post again in the next week with more info, but please post your intention to attend this 'training event'. Thanks, CoffsPete
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    #worstnightmare, booked a hotel on the tablelands with 3 steps 😂😳
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    Hi everybody thanks for all your kind wishes. I'm just back from the hospital and it seems that Mia is doing ok - enough to be bored and start to play up. It also is clear that she didn't go into cardiac arrest yesterday - thank god! My wife just had a massive panic attack when Mia went into a dead faint in front of her - when she was alone in the ward room with Mia & the emergency staff put her on the crash cart and gave her oxygen and started feeling her chest and got the paddles ready just in case. After being non responsive for about 10 minutes they gave her a big injection - which Bernadette thought was adrenaline- but was in fact an emergency epilepsy drug. Mia's had about 6 such seizures since Friday afternoon and about a dozen lesser ones. So - it was bad, but not as bad as I was first lead to believe. Long term it is clear that Mia will need a series of very invasive brain surgeries- but the extent and timing of that is unclear and has been the subject of extensive debate by her surgical team over the past 18 months. My sense is that this episode will accelerate the decision making and the timing of the surgery. Of course, being the long weekend the full team will not be in a position to assemble until next week at the earliest. Fingers crossed!
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    Ok, Talked with my special friend on the phone today and we are now both on the same page with everything. *insert grinning like a school boy face here She recovering well, and being proactive about stuff. She's awesome. Just a final thanks for now to everyone. It was the FIRST place I thought to come for support when I heard about this event. Before even ringing my sister!?! So that tells me something! This is a great resource, keep the good and the not so good coming, I am certain that all who read gain something from it. Be open, be honest. Keep talking. Thanks Sam
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    Goodbye Nick. for those that couldn't be there ...
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    It is with a sad Heart I write this. At this very moment many of you are celebrating his life at the chapel. Rose and I so wish we could have been there with you all especially Ali and the girls. I will never forget Nick's friendship and support he gave me in my early years of working Ironman in Forster. He never judged and was the first one with a helping hand. We had so many laughs and when we were last together a few years back at the TA awards in Melbourne we started right where we left off. You will be missed Nick but your legacy will be forever! Cheers my friend. Mike Reilly
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    Got the privilege of having a text chat with her this arvo during my mail round. Lots of happy tears at both ends. It was better than winning lotto!! Was whistling for the rest of the day. Good to hear you are going okay Miss Jess. Keep doing stuff which is good for YOU. Cheers
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    My only race day photo courtesy of Delly Carr Sportshoot. Yes, it's me. He didn't want to break his camera with a mug shot. FM
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    Yep, I went from taking a "passing interest" as they started, to being intrigued at seeing the miles covered in the first few days. Then it started to be about the human stories of injury, illness, breakdowns, restarts and helping hands. The last few days have been about the race and the tactics involved in managing food, fatigue and sleep. I went from being indifferent before the start to last night staying up late, and checking forecasts as Sydney's weather turned fowl and being worried for Kristoffs well being riding at night in those conditions, and then rushed to try and check positions when I woke this morning hoping there was a chance our paths might cross on my commute this morning. Something that was so inspirational, uplifting and personal, that has touched so many in a positive way has now saddened all those and more. Im supposed to race my last crit of the season this afternoon, which ironically is on a circuit that is on road they should have ridden on today. Not sure i can bring myself to turn the pedals in anger today.
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    Why didn't you stop him and explain you're a triathlete and have right of way no matter the situation?
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    Port Mac race report: Thrown together in 15mins, but here goes! Race preparation Training generally went well over the last year with a build up to 14 hours, which was all I could fit in. I felt I was lacking on some of the big rides and runs but knew I’d at least done enough to get through. 2 sessions of Crossfit through the year has made a big difference too. Dropped 8-10kg and much stronger. Not a single injury during the year and healthy all the way up to race day. Swim leg 1:05 Exactly as expected. Cruisy swim just taking it fairly easy and enjoying things. Loved the rolling start but as a MOP I wasn’t racing anybody but myself. Crossing the weir was a novelty although I badly stubbed my toe due to gawking at the surrounds instead of watching my footing. Bike leg 6:00 exactly. Ride time 5:53 ( 7mins lost due to toilet stops and change of nutrition) What a hoot of a ride! Scenery was stunning in the first half and those rolling hills were so much fun. The road surface wasn’t as bad as I expected but it’s definitely slow. Lap1 went pretty well except for the HED sticker on my disc coming half off and flapping on the frame. That was my one big fright of “oh no, a mechanical”. Quick stop, peel off the sticker and stuck it to the drink bottle with the plan to give it to the Mrs “Here, have some HED”. <<insert groan here>>. Finished lap 1 in 2:50, which was right on my estimate but felt I’d overcooked it slightly. TSS score a bit higher than anticipated and thought I’d better knock 10w off for lap2. Lap2 exactly as planned. NP sitting around 165-170watts which felt much more comfortable given there was a bit of a run coming. Finished with a TSS of 264 so seeing I was aiming for 270 I thought that was pretty good. Oh…Matthew Flinders Drive…yep it was steep and short but quite doable. Crowd support helped make it a laugh along with Elvis at the top. Initially I was concerned running a 11-23 cassette but that was fine. Run leg: 4:57 ( ouch). Went in to the run feeling awesome, running well, thinking I could pull a 4:10 out which was about the best I anticipated. Unfortunately at the 5km mark I had an issue on the big toe. I wasn’t sure if it was the tape I put on in transition had come loose ( always tape the same spots due to blisters) or something in the sock. Scrunched the toes it went away so pushed on. 1 lap down and realised I needed to stop and check this frigging toe out. Big blister which hadn’t burst. Put on 1 of the 2 bandaids I had with me and pushed on. By lap2 the pain in the toe was back again, knees were starting to ache a bit and my feet generally hurt. I really couldn’t understand it as I’d done lots of 20-25 km runs without issue. Stopped at special needs to really patch up the feet. After a good 5mins everything back under control and back to running again. The last 2 laps was very much a run/walk, turning in to a walk/run. I think my old nemesis of ITB had come back as I could run for 50m, then the pain in the knees increased and became too much by 100m. Walking and the pain went away. Finish 12:13 - 77th out of 200 in 45-49 age group. I was absolutely stoked to finish in that time. I though the best I could ever do was 11:15 so still happy with 12:13 given the amount of training. Finish chute was a total blast, I found the Mrs just before the chute and was able to stop, give her a hug and kiss and thank her for being out there for 13 hours. Lots of high fives down the chute, big smile for the camera and perhaps a double fist pump. Recovery: Sore, tired but ok. Had a bit of food and as much liquid as I could then off for a massage. Could have stayed in there all night but had to cut the massage short after 15min…the wife was waiting! Only issue I had here was a similar one I had after Ironman Melbourne. If I lay down I was ok, but as soon as I stood up I’d get the chills and start shaking. I knew this was probably dehydration so started drinking and drinking. Water, soup, recovery drink…about 2.5l in 2 hours and was good as gold after that. Around 11:15pm headed back down to the finish line to catch a few of the last finishes. So glad I did that! Just fantastic to see people coming in after 16 hours on the road, what a great effort to be out there that long and still come in vertical! Lessons learnt/improvements: Ride more hills! It’s very flat where I am ( west sub Melbourne) and not that easy to find good rolling hills. These hurt me a bit on the ride. Run more hills. I think the hill on the run course caused my blistering. Again, very flat where I am and not that easy to find hills but must try harder! Nutrition was tolerated extremely well ( Perpetuem on the bike, winners gels on the run) but must prepare better for the 2nd bottle of perp. I had 1 bottle between the bars, a spare bottle with perp in a zip lock and spare tube in a bottle under the seat. 2 water bottles on the frame. It took too long to change the bottles and get new perp. I’ll have to think about configuration here. Race suit - while my TXU race suit is comfy and got through the ride well, it’s a pain to have a pee. You either get out of the sleeves totally or unzip, hunch over and try to pull it down. It just doesn’t work with lots of toilet stops. Instead I’d go 2 piece but still have something with sleeves on the top. Another one to ponder. I can tolerate more volume in training and I needed it. If I go again, I need to ponder the training and see how I can better fit things in. Conclusions: Stunning event, fantastic crowds, I had a great time and generally very happy with the way things went. The Mrs comment of “best event I’ve been to as a spectator” was a bit plus. Will I be back? I don’t really know. I’d like to focus on sprint’s for the next 12 months so perhaps 2019 I’ll have another crack. I’ll have aged up to 50-54 by then.
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    Had to leave before the offical results were out, but........somewhere between 5.47 and 5:50. Am super happy. Ran with 7 others ranging from 12 to me, 43. Second overall.....put it all out there. Will write more tomorrow but a BIG thanks for all the advice. Had a ball. The event was running behind, so was challenged with warm up. But just kept moving and trying to keep warm. Am so glad I asked for advice. I took two and both seemed to work for me no watch, the split times (Thommo is great). I had never thought like that but so simple during the race. Yay.
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    Oh flap Sam, I can't imagine. But stick by her, she needs you, she's going to need lots of help! My younger sister was the last person who spoke to a guy in her class (year 12) before he committed suicide. I've never really spoken to her about it, as at the time mum said to not mention anything. She knows I have clinical depression, so does mum. Ayto, I know of someone who has an ex just like yours, hang in there. He has spent all his cash and then some getting access to his kid, he's winning so far. Meanwhile, I am much better. As frustrating as the job can be, I do not work for, and with, destructive, micromanaging, workaholic people. My contract was extended and for 12 months which is not standard. My blood pressure is better, my doctor says I look much healthier. Meds-wise she is not too fussed with me doing any further reductions until I feel ready. I feel ready to take on a half ironman knowing I have the support of work as well, they ask about my races.
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    It would be good if wtc tracked down the guy who missed out on Kona and offered him a spot.
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    Gotta say I'm super proud of my 15 year old daughter. She is doing really well at school but is generally a typical lazy teen who whinges and moans if I dare ask her to walk the 100m or so to the local shop to get bread or milk. So her school entered the relay for life and she thought she'd go along partly because my mrs survived cancer but mainly because she liked the idea of hanging out with her friends and getting to stay up late. Well she kicked off at 10am Saturday and was sending us txt updates saying she was still going every hour. This kept going through the night and the little bugger ended up walking the whole 24 hours solo. She also was the youngest person to walk all 24 hours and also ended up with the furthest distance of any solo competitor walking over two marathons. Im sure she still won't walk to the shops for me though
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    Feel free to get stuck in and add a profile pic to your log in, it adds a bit of colour to the place. BUT please keep them in good taste, any that don't conform will be deleted without notice. If you find your profile pic has been deleted please do not be a smart arse and try and replace it with something similar
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    Ultraman KPI session to see where I'm at ive done this workout before my last 2 UM just to see how I'm travelling 55khilly run in 4-30hr (and I mean hilly) 2hr on the trainer with 10 mins spin 10min biggest gear holding solid UM race pace watts 180-200 all petty easy HR stuff being in the biggest gear 5x2 reps just trying to run as well as good form and my legs would let me (these are the true KPIs ) 1 10-15 2 10-05 3 9-50 4 9-45 5 9-30 pretty happy with that as last UM prep I couldn't get these down below 5 min k pace sat was 230k hilly ride with a 1-45 hilly run off bike fri 10k swim then 2.5 hrs of very solid trainer work great UM Simulation weekend
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    Having lived away from Aus for many years of my adult life, I can honestly say that critisising people for simply 'having a go' or 'not doing it quite right' is an Australian trait. I suspect it's closely related to 'tall poppy syndrome'. This morning I was out riding with a guy on a $12,000 Speed Concept - hairly legs, white business socks, wobbling all over the road. No one gave a sh1t and he was lovin' it.
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    Steve, I feel for you mate. Can't really offer anything except maybe get a session with a child phycologist and see if they can give you any direction on how best to approach things. My daughter (now 18) has her moments and she was quite difficult when she was around the age you're describing. It's turbulent times and the whole divorce/bitter ex/re-marry thing must only add to it. Above all, take the higher ground. Continue being nice, sending cards etc even if you don't get any acknowledgement. Parenting is about unconditional love and as much as they might seem bitter and twisted now, I'm sure they'll have a deep down reassurance that you didn't give up on them and sooner or later they'll realise that, no matter what happens, you are their dad. Little consolation now but I'd be very surprised if they don't come around as they mature.
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    never would have been a problem in the old days when AP was doing his first few hell of the wests at Gundy, In those days pneumatic tyres were yet to be invented so it was pretty hard to let down a solid tyre.
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    Yeah me and Brooky, we go way back!!
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    I don't use heart rate when racing sorry, no time to look at that! If I guessed, it would have been perhaps 155-60ish most of the way. My power on the bike was 259np, which I was really happy with. It's a number not so much I've been training to, because if I'm training to that power I'm going too easy (we can't simulate IM fatigue all the time, it's just not possible), but it is something I can't see going much higher for IM distance. Maybe another 6-8w or so, but probably no more.
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    Whos in? I made sprint and std, but picked std. So Turts is in for Standard
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    Sorry to be a kill joy but, even though I personally find it very very funny, I think they should pull this ad. In fact, I think they should pull all the on-line betting ads. Apart from the companies being complete parasite bottom feeder scumbags (and that is a whole 'nuther story) they are placing betting in the cultural norms for sport - especially among kids and it is really p1ssing me off. I understand there is a (or going to be) a ban in some States for live TV or possibly even some viewing times.
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    As I am only half the man, I did the half. PB swim, PB ride (I also had to stop twice as I lost my repair kit twice) and PW run (expected). Great day out. Currently soaking my legs in the 15C pool where I'm staying. Will have a showe then head back. Tons of people here. FM
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    Not quite. Maybe the next one will be a Lotus... Australian delivered 1984 911 Carrera
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    Well I did it! An absolutely amazing experience. Unfortunately the Friday before I flew out they changed the cut off time from 4hr 30min back to 4hours. Having done an ankle ligament and generally being a turtle, I knew that was out of reach but I made it back to the stadium in 4hr 23-26...wasn't allowed to do the final 400m. So a DNF medal kind of...kind of not. Due to the time pressure, they stopped providing aid stations after the 25km mark for us slowies. They even started removing the road cones which provide directions. Harsh! Towards the end the yellow sweeper bus tried to make me get on and end my race. I refused. With 2km to go this guy goes "miss, you are the last, get on the bus". I rather boldy (stupidly? bravely?) replied "I'm not the last and I'm not getting on your bus. They probably don't get many interactions with tall, western, strong women! A few others had got on the bus and told me afterwards, they wish they hadn't. So I'm glad I stuck to my guns. I North Korea (or DPRK as they like to be referred to) is an incredible place. So normal and pretty in some respects but of course strange and sad in others. Luckily the complete lack of communications kept us in semi-ignorant bliss of what was going on on the grander scale. If/when things calm down I would not hesitate to recommend joining Koryo Tours (sponsors of the marathon and organizer of 6 marathon tour groups). It's certainly a marathon with a difference. My next marathon is Medoc in Bordeaux - a run and giggle around the chateaus in costume and drinking wine. I'm aiming for 8hrs!! ha ha. A bit different to Pyongyang I'm sure.
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    Would think a psychiatrists report would also be worthwhile Swimming (456 laps with 25m) Bike course (146 laps with 3.7km) Running course (40 laps with 3.17km)
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    Not sure when I said I wasn't going to pay for it? But hey, come to think of it I coach the lady that put me onto her husband for free along with about 8 others Say it aint so! Someone not trying to gouge money from people through coaching and a store, I'd rather make sport more accessible and affordable. So if you need a hand with that half mara, please gimmie a bell and I'll decide wether or not I'd want to coach you
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    About a thousand of us rolled across the line this morning paying tribute to Mike. Kristoff laid flowers on the steps of the opera house...i chatted to him afterwards for about 15 minutes
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    this has smashed me i don't know what to say or think below is a post by nitro from the cyclingtips site that I think sums it up for Me and probably many on here and around the world For the last 13 days, thousands of us all over the world have sat glued to maps of Australia watching dots speed across the country. Every life lost on our roads is a tragedy, but somehow this feels different. I've never met any of the riders, I likely never will, and this type of event is an challenge I could not even imagine taking on. But over the last 13 days it feels like we've got to know at least some of the riders. We've cheered while watching dots moving across the screen, we've been glued to Twitter, we've marvelled at the photos and videos coming in from the course, we've had countless social media conversations with complete strangers across the world addicted to following the event, and our admiration for everyone undertaking this adventure has grown in a way none of us expected. There are bike races going on every day of the year. Yet somehow - and I have yet to work out why - this one has captured the imagination of the public like none before. For someone to lose their life while undertaking what must be one of the greatest adventure challenges possible on a bike - Tragic beyond words. Thoughts are with the family and friends of the rider, and all riders on this dark day
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    This is very sad news indeed. My heartfelt sympathies to Ali and Nick's family. In a way we all became part of Nick's extended family racing in his events. They, Nick and Ali, would always remember you. Even years later, when we did the The Little Big Dash with our kids and it had been years Ali gave me a hug at "race" check in. That goes right back at you Ali at this time, along with my thoughts and prayers for you all. I got to work with Nick a little on the 2003 IMA. OLT, as he was then, organised a press pass and I was in the van with all these real journos, yes even one from the Wall Street Journal, no less, and we had "the crazy driver". This guy was going through roundabouts the wrong way (to the horror of the police controlling it) and just seemed clueless when it came to anticipating safe moments to overtake cyclists and just safe driving in general. It gave me an insight (that I didn't want) into how that French TV car hit and sent Johnny Hoogerland into that barbed wire fence on stage 9 of the 2011 TDF. Anyway, the wrong way through the roundabout incident had reached race HQ where Nick was in charge. Nick was already stressed as there were a few problems getting race updates from some of the checkpoints and he was working on getting those fixed. So my guess is the police had passed the news of this incident up the chain of command and so the news of this had fallen on him from a greater height probably with the threats that police would shut things down if there were any more incidents like this. We were "grounded" I honestly think most of us that had been passengers were relieved. I got to know both Nick and Ali doing the first Xterra series in Australia in 2002 and 2003. I was fortunate enough to race in Maui at the world champs both those years too. I really loved the Xterra series, they were smaller and more personable events than triathlons. Not only did I enjoy the off road aspect more but the character was like a bunch of friends racing each other. The crowd was small enough to know everyone and that included the event staff too. Ali would always be at check in and knew nearly everyone by their name. Nick as RD would be doing the announcements, and probably a lot more behind the scenes. With a name like Slowman it is like a self fulfilling prophecy and I recall at the Jindabyne race where as I finished, Nick rightly pointed out "here comes Craig Vernon, this is the beginning of the slower finishers!" Nevertheless persistence pays off and I got to Maui for good attendance I think. When we went to Maui we went as a team, Nick was the team manager and everyone in the team spent a bit of time together for photos and socialising. The big highlight of the Maui event was the after party meltdown, which was also a Halloween fancy dress party. In 2002 the Halloween after party was quite a messy affair, I believe I'd drunk myself sober. Nick was there at the beginning and I probably inflicted myself on him throughout the night with my ramblings. I don't think anyone who had been there could forget it. There was one lady in particular, memorable for her outfit which consisted solely of cat's ears, a g-string and sequined stars covering her nipples. Even at these events the camaraderie amongst all athletes was fantastic. I recall on the start line in 2003 congratulating Peter Reid on his win earlier in the week at Kona and wishing him luck for the "double". Nick and X-tri built the Canberra Half Ironman into one of the most challenging half ironmans in the country. Something everyone who raced it appreciated it for. It was no flat course and even though the run was relatively flat around the Lake, the couple of rises seemed like hills after the bike course took the sting out of your legs. I remember the hills out in the rural countryside they were a real test of your fitness, if it wasn't up to scratch you couldn't hide it! One year I was nearly taken out by a kangaroo that waited till the last minute and bounded out in front of me. I just missed it by a couple of feet, something I'm still very glad about! I never got to race Yeppoon sadly, I had always planned to but it just never happened but it was another race that everyone loved. I'm sure if I had there would be some rich memories of it too. I just wanted to say thanks Nick for all that you did and for all the memories.
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    Just waiting to cast off around 4pm. The missus is celebrating her birthday so she is currently upgrading our drinks package while I wait. See you in 12 days. Lukim yu behain taem FM
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    About that good..... Extremely disappointed and sad at myself. Did a 21:57. Only 10 of us running across all gender and age groups, was in no mans land between first three guys and then a fair step back to the next group. Was actually quite warm and there was a decent swirly wind. My coach, who came to watch three of us run, said conditions were tough, but still not excuse. Just didn't happen. Did run against Ralph, aged 87, who ran just under 42min. Super impressive, as he had run the 800m an hour before. 1:37.37 / 1.42 / 1.40 / 1:42 / 1:43.50 / 1:47.00 / 1:48 / 1:49.24 / 1:49 / 1:50 / 1:51 / 1:50 / 48 Did medal, but was not the main aim. Really wanted a goodpb. Next goal Gold Coast 10km under 45min.
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    Hey everyone. For the past 6 weeks I have been dating a fantastic woman who is very special to me and who knows me, warts and all. I was lucky to know her enough to share ALL my history, and she shared hers. We come from similar backgrounds and experiences. I was taking my daughter to watch her play netball this afternoon at 4pm. I showed up to the court where her team was warming up and waited with the usual school boy like butterflies she gave me. Her team were looking around the crowds to see if she was on her way as she was strangely late. My daughter asked where she was when the game started without her and her team left a player short after an injury to the Goal Shooter.... I told my daughter she's probably just having a tricky time dropping her kids at her brother's place etc. But in my gut I had a knot....I knew something serious was happening. So I text her phone saying that I hoped she was ok and that she could call me if she wanted and to take great care. I jumped on the phone as it buzzed with a message from "her".... It was from someone else via her phone saying to contact her brother.... So I rang him immediately. I was shaking and felt sick. Her brother told me that she is in an induced coma in the hospital because she'd tried to kill herself. She is barely alive. Now I am not sure what to say from here on here about this. But I really really liked her a lot. We had so much in common on all levels and I knew I could trust her and now I might lose her. The last message I got from her was at 10:57am and at the time quite normal. But looking at it now there was a call for help. I didn't see it. I did text her after that message with no response...... I know why now. The eerie thing is that I have been in her position. But made it through. And to be in this position and see and feel someone who you feel very strongly for hurt that much is torture. She's the prettiest kindest girl I have met since being single. Now she might be gone. If ANYONE is seriously thinking about self harm or suicide. Please just talk about it. We will listen. Someone will listen. The pain is not as great as you are special. You're loved. Reach out please. Thanks to Roxii for facilitating this thread. I am going to try and get some sleep, I have my daughter this weekend and I need the rest. Hug your loved ones. Tell them they are great people. They might need it. Take care all. Sam
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    They are due to be shipped from the manufacturer on the 29/5. Once I have them in my hot little hands I will let you know how to get hold of them. If its getting tight I will see if someone can look after Cairns distribution so I can just send one package, that way they will be cheaper too.
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    In other words. 'i dug a hole so deep that I was coming out in a backyard in New Zealand and the only option I had to even begin to fill it in and rescue any credibility was to return the donations for something I should not have asked for in the first place, to folks who shouldn't have given it'.
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    This subject needs to be kept alive * Too many people lack simple functional strength - the type of strength that allows you to push a wheel barrow up a hill - swing a pick - shovel soil - too many dodge these activities and they can be so beneficial to "all round strength and core stability" - when a friend needs a hand with some digging, wheeling, gardening, furniture moving, you'll probably gain more doing that than you would in the gym, or putting in another "recovery run". * Everybody has time to do core work - those who suggest we don't need to do specific core exercises are misleading you - you don't have to spend much time doing core work - I have my squad do them for ten minutes three times a week - it's amazing how beneficial that is in injury prevention and the ability to hold good posture in the second half of an Ironman marathon * You don't need a gym membership - with a combination of chin ups - push ups - lunges - scissors - trunk twists (repeated over and over) you can work the body in a way that is really beneficial and is not worked by swimming, cycling and running (some franchise coaches have been convinced that swimming, biking and running are all you need for core strength) Everybody has access to a staircase and a knapsack - some of the best strength work can be done with a pair of hiking boots and a knapsack, go out and hit the trails for strength and endurance (hell you may even enjoy a bit of fresh air) * As the general triathlon community ages most can afford to pay someone to do the handy work around the home, just when you have reached an age where you can pay someone else to do the hard stuff, is when you need to do it most.You will not compete well into older age groups if you don't maintain, or improve your strength.
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    I will start by saying I am in no way suicidal, but I agree with the stress thing and I have noticed it in myself a lot in the past 6 months. Work stress and deadlines combined with what I see as a lack of leadership at work and a terminally ill mother have all meant that life is a lot harder than I feel like it should be. I have lost a lot of motivation for parts of life. I no longer spring out of bed to go training, my work output is not what it should be, and at times I have found myself mid-conversation and realized I am not even listening to what is being said, that never used to happen to me! Luckily for me I have my kids that are the shining light of everything and the hug I get before I leave for work and the moment I walk through the door make everything a lot better. My wife is also there to support me, and our communication about this sort of thing is getting better all the time. Given we have been married 9 years I am proud of that. All of that said, I can understand how stress and depression can take hold, if I did not have those shining lights I might be head down that path!
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    I had a wonderful partner I'd been living with for 15 years, and I loved her dearly. However, I also knew that she was desperate to have children. It's what she'd wanted since she was a young girl, and had planned names, schools, house, the whole deal. She would have made a fantastic mum, but I'd been resisting it because I was convinced and afraid that I'd make a really crap father who would have likely just managed to parent f*-up kids. After going through a difficult period, partly because of it, I decided that it was unacceptably selfish of me to continue the relationship while not agreeing to her desire for a family, and ended it with her best interest in mind. It was a horrible decision to make, which I handled really badly and which hurt both of us very much. Understandably, she never forgave me, and I never forgave myself for the way I did it and the pain I caused her. She eventually found someone else and people tell me she is now happy, but she never had kids. I never found anyone else (she was the one) and these days my biggest regret is not having kids. It never occurred to me at the time, that the decision was not mine to make, and looking back it's obvious now that it was just as selfish of me to deny her the opportunity to know my thoughts, feelings and fears, and make her own choice or perhaps even change my position. I guess the thing I perhaps learnt the hard way is that you don't make decisions like this based on what you think is in someone else's best interest, but can only do it via honest conversation where both parties have the opportunity to understand the other's thoughts & feelings, and then make their own choices, which the other needs to accept and trust, because that's what relationships are about.