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    It might help to set some small intermediate goals, like working on an particular aspect of your performance that could use attention - it might be a skill, a tactical execution matter, or a particular discipline that needs a bit more work than others typically, perhaps an equipment matter that needs attention. Most of all do enough of the stuff that you enjoy doing and have some fun. The hours are less important than keeping the motivation level high enough to be consistent with the hours you do. Maintaining a basic fitness level is much easier time wise than seeking to raise fitness/form to peak or near peak levels, and it will pay dividends when life allows you to devote more time to your training. 11 hours/week is definitely plenty for this purpose. Even if you are only able to do a handful of hours per week, they can be constructive, enjoyable and good for your mental well being. A brief respite from life's stresses - and that's where making the training enjoyable/fun helps a lot - when training itself becomes a mental stress added to rest of life, you can fall off the cliff. Sometimes it means getting creative - trying perhaps to combine family time with a form of exercise, even if not as hard as you might do yourself, it has its own rewards. When you get the competition goal in sight and rest of life factors change such that you have the opportunity to commit more time, then building from a basic level of condition is much easier and way faster than having let it go.
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    Hi Just an update which may help some of you who have to experience anything similar. I was set to go in initially about 5 weeks sgo. It wasn't until he hospital rang me and said it looks like your private health insurance doesn't cover you. Anyway, yep, they were right, I thought i had the top cover and the only thing it didn't cover was any cardiac. So the cardiologist got me into he pubs system really quickly. Iw as lucky. That was scheduled for 4 weeks ago. My sister came to pick me up and take me in and just as she arrived the hospital rang and cancelled me as their were no beds. They rescheduled me for two weeks later. this time i made it in. I had to sit in a waiting room until 10.00am till 4,00pm though. but i was okay and wasn't complaining as i had me music with me and laptop. (though hospitals don't have wifi). So it went pretty quick. i had my wrist shaved and went straight in to the theatre. They give you a valium so you are awake for the whole procedure. I had an artery 80% blocked so got a stent. Another artery was 50% blocked but they don't stent those. change in lifestyle can fix this. Had to stay overnight which was hell, as you don't get sleep as so much is going on around you, and they come and wake you up and do blood pressure and pulse every hour or so. the food was pretty bad so really did touch it either. Got home, had a few days off then returned to work. after two weeks, had a small gym session which went okay. treadmill about 15 mins, no issue. most excitng thing was i had my first run yesterday. just a half hour. kept heart rate low. My heart rate has never been lower. Will build up to an hour tomorrow just at a really low heart rate. totally zero symptoms. I transferred my sunshine coast 70.3 to bussselton in december so will be fine by then. I had entered sunny coast half marathon and half tempted to run/walk it. just for training, as no one refunds money on those events. There would be hundreds of people out there though walking around with blockages so at least by exercising at a high rate, i found out.
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    The benefit is to the 3 week cash flow of the altitude room operator. Use the money for something worthwhile, like a surprise for your significant other.
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    Only tranny at bondi hotel award goes to me.
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    Hope you're okay. It certainly sounds like you had to make the break for the sake of your health and happiness, and your daughter. So well done for making the tough call that had to be made. Doesn't make it any easier, I know.
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    Yep, I know Tri clubs that run aid stations get entries they can then raffle off for the following year. I think the volunteer whinge is a bit over the top. Without these groups willing to pitch in, events would either cost a fortune to enter or not exist at all. Ironman make money out of the races because they are a business. If they don't make money they won't do it for long.
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    Makes my blood boil! People suing people for being dumb f@#ks. So I guy slips in the shower farrking own it mate ! Guy carnt swim well gezzus! The ones that get me are the work ones where some one might trip over a chair or something ! Watch were your going!!! Ahhh rant over... lol
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    Been away for a bit. Thought I'd pop back and say I did the City to Surf y'day for the first time in 33 years. Longest run in 12 months. Had a ball. 72 mins Cycling a bit. Had about 5 rides back on the road. Trying to get the nerves out on fast descents. Have discovered Zwift and using a bit). Swimming is hard. Can't get left side of body working without pain. But will get there. Had put 10kgs on. Now lost 1 Hope to do a tri somewhere this summer. Hope all are ok. Will try and catch up on a few threads. Cheers.
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    I made the uninformed decision during a weekend stay in Brisbane to go for run unfortunately in the counter-direction to Parkrun along South Bank. Keep left means nothing to those guys in the quest for a PB - the most one sided game of Red Rover I've ever played (and lost)
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    I did this race a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd share because it was so hard. Most of it is cut and pasted from my Facebook, so contains basic explanations on a few things for my non triathlon friends. My training buddy convinced me to enter this as a bucket list race, so I tied it in with a 12 day Bikestyle tour of the Pyranees and French Alps. This turned out to be a very good move, as twelve days of climbing including Ventoux, Tourmalet and Alp D'Huez got my body conditioned for what to expect. This was the most most physically draining event I have ever completed in, with the possible exception of Wanaka Challenge. With a 2.2k swim, a 120k ride over three brutal climbs and a 21k run over an undulating cross country course, I've done longer events but none match this due to the heat and draining climbs. It was my first triathlon since the Coles Bay half 18 months ago, I'll make sure I don't leave such a big gap before my next race. The swim was in Lake Vermey, a hydro lake normally forbidden to swim in as the turbines would mince people up. At 15.9 degrees it was on the chilly side, but an extra swim cap and the fact that Tassie water isn't exactly tropical meant I got through it ok. I'd looked at the bike course profile and read the course notes translation. The side elevation of the first two climbs didn't look too daunting as neither of them was as high as the final climb up the Alp D'Huez. This was a serious miscalculation by me, as the first 25k was pretty much all downhill, meaning I hadn't factored in the extra climbing. The first climb, up the aptly named Col du Morte was 13k at an average of 6-7% gradient. It was a tough slog but I got up ok and reached the first major aid station. Unlike most triathlons where volunteers run next to the bikes and hand out drinks, bananas and energy bars, this was a very relaxed affair with most competitors parking their bikes and helping themselves to a smorgasbord. As well as the normal items, this one strangely included ham, cheese and sausage. As a rule, you'd normally avoid stuff like this the day before a race let alone during, but I guess this is France. The second big climb was also 13k, and although not quite as steep the heat and lack of shade made it brutal. I started to worry as to whether I'd be able to finish. When I reached Bourg D'Ousins, the town at the base of the final climb I accidentally took a wrong turn and rode 1.5k before realising my error and turning back to rejoin the course. I didn't realise until later the implications this would have on my race. I had been warned the the final climb up Alp D'Huez to the start of the run course resembled a battlefield, and it didn't disappoint. Broken riders were slumped over their handlebars, leaning against the barrier wall staring vacantly into space and a couple were even attempting to walk the 13k in their bike cleats. I used the Robbie McEwen climbing method of not looking up and concentrating just on breathing and pedalling. I was lucky to have my amazing cheer squad to encourage me when I reached the last six turns. My expected finishing time for the whole race was seven hours. As it took me almost that long to reach them, they'd got well and truly drunk to pass the time. When I reached the run transition, I was surprised to see two race technical officials blocking my way in. One of them said, 'Finish, no run.' Apparently I'd missed the bike finish cutoff by 15 minutes. In case I didn't get the picture, he removed my race number from my race belt and tore it in half before letting me in to rack my bike. I was absolutely gutted. After racking my bike however, I spoke to a couple of fellow Aussies, one had finished and one had withdrawn with cramp. They pointed out that I still had my race timing chip attached to my leg and numbers on my arm and leg in texta. I'm a much better runner than cyclist and decided to risk starting the run and hoping I didn't get caught. I totally understand why cutoffs exist, race volunteers have a tough job and can't be out on the course all night. As I could see quite a few competitors walking however, I backed myself to push the first couple of laps hard and make up the deficit to put as many people behind me as possible. There was a run cutoff time as well, so beating that was going to be hard. It worked. I started unlapping myself straight away and was given a coloured wrist scrunchy at the of my first lap. (They hand these out to ensure runners have completed their laps before entering the finish chute.) I was worried that an official would wake up to my missing race number and pull me off the course but figured that as long as I was running strongly the chances would reduce the further I got. By the second lap I had made up the time deficit and started overtaking quite a few runners. Inside the last few kilometres, I was worried that the officials might have a list of who should and shouldn't be on the course. I had visions of Jane Saville getting pulled off the walk in Sydney 2000 in sight of the finish line, and decided my best chance of slipping through would be to finish in a group. Unfortunately, in the last two ks, every time I caught someone they'd stop to walk. I tried to encourage one guy to run with me but he stopped, waved me on and told me he was broken. The plan worked. I found a guy to stick with in the finish chute. He looked a bit confused as to why I was cheering him on to beat me, but I as soon as I crossed the line I grabbed my medal and finisher tee shirts and bailed in case Mr technical official was nearby and recognised. I knew there was a good chance I wouldn't be included in the official results, but I didn't care. (I ended up being classified which was a nice surprise.) I finished and had plenty of people behind me. A 2.04 half marathon on a tough hilly course after a brutal ride is something I'll always be happy with. My one regret is that my training buddy Jenna who encouraged me to enter the race wasn't able to compete due to a long term injury with a torn ACL and blood clot in her thigh which requires long term rehab. It must have been gut wrenching to come all this way and not participate but she came anyway and gave me huge support. I had a decent meltdown at the finish due to the tough nature of the race and the fact that I spent the last two hours convinced I'd be disqualified. Overall, I'd recommend this race to anyone who enjoys tough races, especially if you're heading over to follow Le Tour. If you like fast flat races, stay away. Edit: If you stay on the mountain there is plenty of accommodation. There is a great outdoor pool at the top as well. Be aware that they have incredibly strict entry rules. If you walk in with boardies, you have to show them your speedos before they let you into the changerooms. After my swim I popped the boardies back on, the lifeguard stopped me and made me remove them before he let me back in the changerooms which were ten metres away.... Also, the race start is at Lake Vermey which is at the bottom of Alp D'Huez. The organisers encourage you to ride the 20k to the start line. Obviously most of it is downhill, but if you want to save energy then drive down. Just make sure you leave early as the side road down is very narrow.
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    She has a NOM later today to ban the burka. I reckon that Dastyari should move an amendment making it compulsory for Pauline to wear it at all times whilst in public. ...
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    Two rides two runs two swims all done at easy pace if you want to stay in this sport for a long time and get the fantastic health and life style benefits then u should be in shape that u can at anytime swim 2k ride 100k run 20k
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    IM Wales lines up with school holidays.
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    Sorry to hear that mate. Just to be clear though, are you gutted with the time or missing the pub?
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    Presumably everything that came before GG and Team Aeromax didn't count...
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    That’s very unlikely to happen. They are deferring the no to the plebiscite so they can then justify their position as being that of the people. But if yes wins it will be a different story. Have you seen any liberal politician publicly declare they will vote with whatever the plebiscite outcome is? Bunch of spineles dipshits who are only in it for themselves, that’s what they are.
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    I've entered representing Oz again ( although I can't see that confirmed anywhere). Hope to do a bit better this time around, such as actually finish 4 weeks yesterday, eek!
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    Id vote yes. Bit sick of the catholic church and mad monk, bernardi trotting out their dogma of hate. I personally think the issue doesnt matter but I'm not personally affected, but a lot of people are, so Id vote yes to support them and help towards ending hate in the world.
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    Yep, nobody's religious beliefs should have any bearing on how any country is run. I can't wait for the day aliens arrive and say 'you believe in what?! Bwaahhahhaaaaahaaa".
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    Sorry to hear it mate. Unfortunately as we get older and have people dependant on us decisions get more difficult as we have varying degrees or welfare and feelings to consider. Only you can decide what is right for you and your family and you have to trust that you have made the right decision and move forward. Goid luck for the next few weeks mate.
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    Just grow up Australia and finally divorce yourself from one of the last vestiges of religious dogma that plagues peoples' right to be equal, and marry yourself to a celebration of love, happiness and a recognised commitment.
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    I have a really good friend who is gay. She wrote this morning on FB that her and her partner have been madly in love for 15 years and it struck a real chord with me, but not what I might have thought. There's no way a piece of paper or ceremony is going to have any bearing on how they feel about each other - they're already 100% committed. I get it from a legal sense, but from a 'love' sense they've been married for 15 years already. I tend to agree with Prince, this entire argument has nothing to do with love and everything to do with politics. Frankly, with 2 morons with their fingers on the red button, thousands of homeless, ordinary education systems, depleted hospitals, out of reach housing and chronic diseases rising I genuinely believe we've lost perspective when this is categorised as the most important policy we have to deal with. To think we'd spend $122 million on it just makes it more ridiculous. I seriously don't care either way - the pollies should have a vote, pass a law one way or the other, and hopefully we'll never have to hear about it again. Then put the money to something like Alzheimers research which is going to affect pretty much all of us - as a victim or a carer - as we get older.
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    I believe everyone has the right to get married and suffer like the rest of us, and I will never buy a pinarello.
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    Not available for IMWA this year but they're saying it is for the 2018 event... Don't they know that this year is the last one? http://ap.ironman.com/triathlon/events/asiapac/ironman/western-australia/register.aspx
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    From the gov website Pretty much all here https://www.humanrights.gov.au/publications/same-sex-community-guide yeah it's pretty shit they dont have equal rights Being married is only a small fraction of their issues
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    Yes. I have two sets of family members that are in same sex relationships and quite a few friends as well. Their relationships are just like any others. Let them be married and suffer like the rest of us. At least the music at the wedding receptions will be better than a lot of the bogan weddings I've been to.
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    Brag time...... Ran in the 10km at Townsville yesterday. Was not happy with time and course always seems to be long (clicked over 280m beyond 10km, and was consistent amongst others too). Was personally unhappy with my effort, ran 46:57 (45:40 at my 10km mark which would have been 1 sec pb). Pacing was awful and felt cooked from 7km mark. Hammy was giving me some problems as I felt a lose of power when attempting to pick up pace. Blah blah blah........ Though I had come 8th in age group so didn't hang around. HOWEVER Finally found online link to result this morning, and I came 2nd in 40-49 age group. 8th female overall. 41st overall out of 597. Okay, feels a little better now.
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    I used latex tubes a few years, for the same reason - maybe save 1% (?) time over 180km = 3.6min, and apart from helmet and bike positions cheapest and easiest improvement. For a while I ended up leaving them on the bike all the time, but have to pump the tyres up every ride, even if consecutive days. Ok, not a big deal, but still got sick of it As MOP made no real difference, but was aiming to knock off an hour, and possibly shift from MOP towards FOP for my AG, but wound up 4X(3/4)IM (MEL only counts as 3/4), all within 15 mins of each other (around 11:30-11:45). Still, interesting to do the experiment. They are fiddlier, easy to tear and pop, more expensive, and perish in the shed out of the box. I take a butyl(?) tube, actually 2, as spares, along with a high pressure hand pump as too many stories of CO2 cartridge failures, even if user error. Figured at $1000 for a big day, and $400 for a little day, along with a bazillion hours training, wasnt worth being put out of action for sake of losing 30s = 0.5min aero penalty for carrying a pump. Plenty of old threads about pros and cons of latex tubes. Does that help?
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    Steal cars and moan about southerners mostly I wouldnt advise anyone to do Bolton who wasn't Kona hunting. It really is a dump, plus it has a split transition which can make it hard to decide where to stay and a nightmare for spectators. we have some truly spectacular courses here, both in the challenge and the countryside. I cringe when I think that someone come here for IMUK and think that's a typical setting/race. Hell I'd rather spend my money on a race in Scotland, that's how much Bolton sucks Come to Wales mate, they hate the English as well, so Aussies feel right at home.
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    I ran with my 13 year old daughter. Goal was sub 70. At 10km we were about 1:45 over target pace but were banking on a fast finish. She put in everything she had the last few km and finished in 1:09:40. That was good enough for 17th in her 13-15 age group. She is pretty pumped about that! And Suburban Kid our splits were pretty spot on to the course markings.
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    Just put this on a thread in Trichat, but am feeling generous so I thought I'd share it here. The Wagga Wagga Trail Marathon running festival is on this coming weekend (sorry about the late notice) and there's something for everyone. http://www.waggatrailmarathon.com/ We've still got a couple of rooms free (nothing flash) so might be able to offer you a free bunk for the night if you get in quick - and plenty of floor space if you don't. All you'll be up for is your entry in one of the events (1.5, 5, 10, 21, 42km, KOM or MTB Marathon) and your transport out here. Some of you know where I live, but for others that don't and are keen, just send me a message and I'll let you know my address and some details of the weekend. Note - I'll be fairly busy doing the 10k event on Saturday, the 21k on Sunday and helping out marking and marshalling the courses over most of the weekend, so you'll need to be able to look after yourself.
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    You know the answer to that FP my mate!
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    And this is why generalisations are bad - everyone gets labelled a homophobe or a loony. Use of these terms, 'racist' is probably the best example, is clearly aimed at attacking the person in the hope of making them change their opinion. One of my staff is a lovely woman, around 60, never married and very religious. Her sister is a Nun and they do lots of work helping victims of domestic violence, kids on the street, elderly people. You would not meet a more compassionate or genuinely caring person. She'd be a No voter along the lines of her faith, but in no way is she a homophobe, a bigot, an idiot or a loony and it's unfair to generalise her as someone who is. It is in insult Monkie, and a totally undeserved one. Many times on here I've expressed my views on marriage being an unecessary, antiquated institution and I'd have happily lived with my wife without being married. This opinion seems to be perfectly acceptable but if I said the same thing about gay marriage I'd suddenly be 'generalised' as a homophobe. Let me put it another way. I'm an atheist. If I say I don't like Christianity or Judaism that's perfectly OK but if I say I don't like Islam I'm a racist. People are too quick to label people in a negative way to try and shame them into changing their views. I don't care whether you think I'm a racist - I don't like Islam and for the record don't like Judaism or Catholicism either. Back on topic, I might not agree with what OldDave says, but just because he holds a different opinion doesn't mean I call him an idiot (Shorten's term) or anything else demeaning or insulting. We live in a free speech democracy and one of the consequences of this is having to accept that some people's opinions will differ to our own. Not happy with that? There's a lovely little place called North Korea where you can go and everyone will share the same view...
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    Not a chance. It'd be 3pm EDST on the first Tuesday of November. Polls open for 15 minutes, but nowhere near any racetrack or TAB, and no Wifi or mobile reception nearby either.
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    This. Swan Taxis had a monopoly in Perth for years and the service was 3rd world. Abysmal. And as a result, Perth public has very little sympathy for Swan taxis.
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    Haha, Pistol and Boo will be having a little chuckle.
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    Keep at it mate. Love yourself first. The rest all falls into place..........
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    Rolled Gold C*ckhead. Never let him race again.
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    Congratulations! Great report, course sounds brutal. I wouldnt encourage anyone to 'disobey' race officials but Im so glad you did 😉
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    Consider this an official warning Goughy, you mention pineapple and any hot food again and you are out.
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    Looks like Margaret Court is trying to even the ledger. This issue aside, in this day and age I find it incredible that people believe THEIR religious beliefs should have a bearing on how the country is run
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    Unless Cranky decides she needs one too.
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    You have done a tricathalon , which makes u a tricathalete , which makes u a tool the question is , are u a multi tool if your done more than one tri
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    Sometimes I'm a dick, sometimes a sarcastic prick. Maybe even a narcissist! Does that count as a multitool? Granted I'd have to lose some weight to fit in your aero spares box....
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    got a massive wizz-bang aero spares box on the speed concept. Could put a Nespresso machine in there along with George Clooney.
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    So, instead of a Mo-bot, we'll have an And-roid?