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    She was never in danger. Apparently sharks don’t bite real estate agents out of professional courtesy.
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    Hello everyone. Long time, no check in. Much has happened since I was last here, around September 2016. I'll try and catch you up in as few words as possible. After becoming suicidal, and reaching the lowest point in my life, I ended up failing three subjects at uni in semester 2. This ended up adding a year to my course. I was devastated. But I pulled up my big girl pants and eventually got on with it. At some point, I don't really recall when, I stopped the ADs with great success. Early in 2017, the bloke got work (I think, the timeline is a bit hazy). He was (is) working up north so wasn't around much. I starting seeing how life was going to be without him in it. The critical day occurred on 15 March 2017. I had just arrived home from my 4th night shift. He has done fark-all as usual, leaving everything around the house for me to do. It suddenly occurred to me that it was more difficult for me for him to be in my life. So, I threw him out. He left that day and that was that. He now stays with his parents when he's not at work and has all of his belongings in storage. There are so, so many other things that have happened I won't go into, these are kind of the highlights. Since that day though, I have refinanced the house which ahs allowed me to live reasonably comfprtably, have started working full time, am doing reasonably well at uni (repeating the failed subjects) and signed up for Busso half in May. The best part though is, in the last few weeks, I have become happy. Really bloody happy. I've emotionally cut the ties with him, finally, and feel free. I have a long way to go. I've gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of fitness and feel alone a lot of the time, but I am on my way back. Look out Trannies.
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    Happy Mental Health Day +1 and Happy Mental Health Week to all Trannies and their loved ones.
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    And I'll also add that THIS FORUM was also a big part of my recovery. Being chatted to and encouraged etc. People who I have never ever met sending me the most beautiful messages. With nothing but good intentions. Really special stuff. ✌️ Cheers again
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    Roxii is spot on. He feels useless and a burden. "Everyone will be better off without me" headspace. I've been there. It's a self esteem thing. Once I saw that I was worth fighting for, I stopped trying to top myself. It's REALLY hard for someone who is "there" to see it. But if you maybe call him and ask him for advice, or what he'd do in X situation, make him part of your wheel. Make him think that without his knowledge that stuff wouldn't happen. If you understand what I mean? My best mate from Grade 6 (1989) did this without me realising. Thank God he did. It took 6 months for me to see sense. I really sincerely hope that he picks up gradually. It can be a dark dark place. But love, communication and understanding helps light it up. Trust me. Cheers. Take care.
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    Damn, enough of the miserable negativity... 23,000 posts and most of it is just bullshit. do you every actually get off the computer and partake in this sport for real. At least PJ, and AP as well, are out there living it, and not spending their life passing opinion on others
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    Gotta love the selective vision of religious types. Thanks god for another chance, but not angry at god for not preventing the accident.
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    Yes mate, let everyone who does or may care about him know. If it all goes south its too late for anything but regrets. Do everything YOU can now. If others choose not to act, that will be their choice, but ensure you do all you can. Get the kids to make him a card and post it with some photos etc. Make plans for the future,,, tell him you are planning to vivt and bring the kids etc. Give him more reasons to stick around than not.
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    What is clear watching the race yesterday is the level of pain both mentally and physically the top pros are willing and able to endure to do what they do. And they do this session after session in training and I am in awe of them for it. I know I will never KQ and be more than a MOP athlete because I am happy to train in the comfort zone and don't push the boundaries of physical and mental endurance that the pros and top AGers do. To win the race in 2012 PJ had the desire to push his mind and body beyond its limits and achieve what to many will only ever be a dream. We took that journey with him because he was living our dream too and for those who have ever met him know PJ is a great guy and someone who you hope the best for. In my opinion once he had won the race PJ lost the drive to keep going to those dark places that other athletes continued to go. Suddenly he felt the mental and physical pain during and after training that previously he had been able to ignore. He is trying to blame onions but I feel the answer is so much simpler and he just doesn't have enough desire to win a second time. If he came to terms with that he can preserve his legacy as the last five years have raised unnecessary question marks. This is why Maffetone has been his method of choice this year as he had the justification to himself to train at lower intensity. This put him in a better personal physical and mental space which was great to see but means he cannot compete at an elite level as shown yesterday. PJ will always be a world champ but the time has come to end the mental and physical torment he is causing himself and retire from the sport at pro level
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    What a shame I missed the original post - we've just moved house last weekend and by time we got the stuff all over the the new place - the whole next day was spent cleaning up the old one and dumping stuff, then back to getting some sort of order at the new place. I am impressed by Rob Barel's performance, and to break the Frenchman's record is truly impressive, at the time I thought Tabarant's record would be untouchable. While I'm impressed my interest is now on the 70-74 - I will prepare well for next year, I have been a bit soft in my discipline the last couple of years, doing too much heavy manual work instead of training as much as I should. The guy who won the 70-74 did 12.29 I believe. That's very doable. The flea annoys the tiger, but at the end of the day, the tiger is still the tiger
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    Rob Barel, one of the absolute former greats and as a triathlete brought new meaning to the word professional. He was based out here on Sydney's northern beaches back in '86 I think it was, winning plenty of races including an Oly Tri that was part of the national series at Port Macquarie. Taught many of the top local guys a thing or two about training, looking after yourself, etc. Also never had kids. But did have a wife that was almost a personal sougnieur his whole career. Fair bet he disappeared to the French Alps for training camp pre race, as he used to do. He was a superstar in Europe. I did a very short racing stint in Europe in '92, staying with a good friend, Lucien Loyens, who was good mates with Rob, and we traveled together to the European Championships (Rob won). I always requote Rob telling me the day before the race, 'Matt, you've just got to eat!' as we stopped to consume a very large rice-based pie along the way, and just how large his level of food consumption really was. To my knowledge this a return to triathlon after quite an extensive break, but still always staying fit in the interim. I reiterate...the guy was unbelievably professional. The sport was no hobby. It was a career in every way, and his actions reflected that 24/7. Much of what I saw from Rob is what I try to pass on to any professionals I work with. By memory he was off the front on the bike in the Kona pro race back in about '85, and finished well up.
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    Absolutely FFF. This thread and this place has been ridiculously helpful and generous to me. There might be a bit of fire around the place at times, but what family doesn't?
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    Thanks guys. It's great to be back. I plan on being around a lot more. FP, I know, I know. I guess I always knew it wouldn't work long term too. I had to try though. Skel, I'm studying physiotherapy. Someone to read over assignments is always welcome.
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    Rosie finished in 14.52, I saw some pics of her running with her friend and she looked comfortable and happy. She was a doubtful starter earlier in the week with the flu, so it was really good to see her do it and enjoy it. No doubt IP can fill in the details when he gets up at 4am tomorrow Hawaii time ;-)
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    Jeeze Pete, stop mincing your words and for god's sake tell us what you really think!
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    He limps coz he has gigantic big balls! LETS GO LIONEL!
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    Hottest most windy year ever.
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    Plus the 6% active fee.
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    Today I rode an easy 40ks and then swam 1k. I did 100m efforts with a 1 min rest in the pool.
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    I reckon he got Wurfed, like most of them.....
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    If communication isn't great then he may not know this. All he may feel is that he is a burden to your mum, and feels he is dong everyone a favour by not being a burden. Get on the phone, call him, have the kids talk to him, let him KNOW you all need him around.
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    Ive just finished reading the 11 pages. Nice work everyone. I got to watch the last 10km of the Male Pro Race. what an awesome display of courage from Sanders. Lange was just fabulous in the parts I saw of him. Sanders looks like a wheelchair for a few days will be in order. I was out all day and what a day of tracking people on the phone. I had no drop outs on the tracker all day.. Im truely amazed. I hear the Red Bull app is awesome and has a 9 hour highlights package . Thats tomorrows job. It was so nice to see a few trannies go out there and have a great day living dreams or achieving what they trained so hard for. MountainBoy did a great time of 10:11 with a 3:47 marathon. Mrs IP looks like she was having a blast out there from the pics ive seen. Keeping a friend company. TGL. bloody hell mate if you had only picked up the pace to sub 3;20/km for the last 41 km you would have had a new PB. I had faith in you all the way to get to the end and fulfill the dream so many of us have. I wish Id been there to talk shit for the whole 42 km but if that was the case we probably wouldnt have got to the end. Well done mate. Ticked that box well and truely. A few x club mates also raced today and im almost inspired to get off my fat arse and go for a run tomorrow.
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    He has spooked himself. Freaking out months later about having a few beers at Xmas. Never going over 145bpm heart rate except for 7 second bursts. ... it’s sad. That said, PJ did hang tough and respect the course as the defending champion back in 2013, just like JF did today. Frankly - and as an armchair bloviator - I reckon he should just step away from the sport for 6 months and practice being normal. Eat some junk food. Drink some beer. Go surfing. Then, around March next year, if there is still some fire in the belly knuckle down for some old school hard work. Dig out those training logs from 2009 to 2012 and start with those. Aim for Busso or Arizona at the end of next year and if that works then and onl6 then think about Hawaii again. If not, then learn to rest easy on his laurels. He has a great record up to 2013. Enough!
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    Just got back to our resort after a day of supporting. Took less interest in the pro event than if I was at home. Clocked up 30000 steps for the day. Up at 4:30, writing this at 11:00 pm. Changed shirts during the day due to sweat. No idea how you can do the event. Parked in the Walmart lot all day without issue. Heaps of others did too. Saw AP’s charges, George Hulse & Deepak Raj. Saw heaps of other cool people running around. Watched my mate convert his legacy spot into a Kona finish, which was awesome. Didnt spot any other a Tranny hats.
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    Best conditions I have ever run in. Absolutely perfect. Ran with the 3:30 pacer and kept expecting to hit the wall and drop off. It wasn't until the downhills around the Tan at about the 37km mark that I drifted off the back. Did it hard for a couple of kms but came good in the last km. Finished in 3:30:58 which is a bit off my pb. But with a less than perfect prep, I am pretty happy with that.
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    Lange runs like Crowie, Sanders runs like Quasimodo
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    How about he just pulls out his training log for 2012 and just does that for a year?
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    There is nothing like catching up with old friends. It is fuel for the soul. Three weeks ago, it was six of us in the Gold Coast. Today it was farewelling someone from work with 44 years in the place. He was my boss from 1985 -1988 but have stayed friends since. A kiss from me to him and all the others that turned up. Feed the soul - enjoy your friends and memories. FM
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    There is a lot of crap on the net about running technique, most of which adds unnecessary complexity and focus on the wrong things. If you want to see perfect running form, watch a 3+ yo child run (up until the age where they begin to slouch and sit around too much). Here is what you need to know: * Stand / walk / run with good posture. Do this whenever you are on your feet. Don't slouch, slump or otherwise. Stand tall and run tall. How you stand is how you land. This is especially important as you get tired - many people buckle. * Aim for quick, light feet. There is no magical cadence - it is all relative. Walk and run with a light foot step. Also important when you get tired...keep you cadence up, with light feet. * Imagine being pulled equally by a string tied to your belt buckle, and another to your chest, each pulling you gently upwards and forwards at about 45 degrees. That is, run up-and-over the ground, not across it. You want to feel like you are rolling over the ground. * As you run, imagine you are holding a $100 note between your glutes which you don't want to lose!! This encourages you to engage and involve your glutes to both stabilise your hips and extend your legs, ie, drive your hips. All the other measurements are peripheral, and just to give feedback. Focus on the basic fundamentals above. FYI - I wrote the Athletics Australia coach education module on running technique that is used in the Advanced Recreational Running coaching courses.
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    It is incredibly frustrating to see both sides of politics stumbling around now over something as critical in our country as bloody electricity. Both sides have dropped the ball over something which should have been planned for at least 10 years ago. Global Warming isn't new you fools. If you both (both parties) had a plan 10 years ago, you would have made the main power companies phase this in and we wouldn't be faced with extreme pricing and both sides stumbling around trying to play catchup. no Mr TURNCOAT, 50 cents aint gunna cut it with no real idea where we are going and you Mr Shortpants, don't criticise unless you at least have a bloody plan. Your both disgraces and neither of you are leaders. Get out of my Country please.
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    30 min easy run along the rugged nth Devon coast. Man, running next to the sea is good for your soul.
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    Peter... I don't know you and I'm just a n00b here but what seems like a bit of a personal vendetta is not, from the outside, coming across that well. No need to name AP in the thread title and it's clear you're just trying to get a rise (which I have provided you with) but I didn't think that was the tone of a forum that I have come to love and learned a lot from.
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    You're dead right there. I was talking with someone initially, but I really don't feel she helped much. Which was essentially why I stopped seeing her. I've got to go and see my Doc in the next few weeks anyway, so the timing is good for a new MHP.
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    I spoke to my dad last night again, he's really not well, so very distant, his slurry & stuttering speech has worsened, he just seemed so sad, my kids are going to call him this afternoon after school.
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    Go see your doc and get a mental health plan going Katz! And don't "settle" for who you see. You need to feel comfortable with who you're talking to so the first person you see may or may not be the right person. But finding the right person can make a huge difference in their effectiveness in helping you, or more so your ability to allow them to help you.
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    Things PJ has done: - 1. Won Kona; 2. Divided opinion on Trannies Things PJ hasn't done: - 1. Probably given a toss as to what's said here. Seems like a nice bloke, albeit a little "lost" at the moment. May not return to the form he had, but he's still won Kona. Probably time to lock this down as it's getting a little bit personal. Thoughts?
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    It has occurred to me in the last couple of days that although I am feeling so great about most things, I think I need to have a chat with a professional regarding the grief I am feeling at what I feel I have lost. Not him, he's a dick, but what I was building with him. I lost my marriage. I lost being a wife. I lost the future I had planned with him. I lost something as seemingly stupid as being able to wear the beautiful engagement ring (which I might note I actually had redesigned and paid for myself as I didn't really love the style he chose - I know, I am a horrible person). Although I am building myself a new future, it doesn't mean I'm not grieving what I am having to let go of. I'm not thinking too deeply about it all, but when I do, it hurts. I don't feel I have the skills to work through this stuff on my own, otherwise I think I probably should have done it already. I don't want to be carrying this stuff around with me. I want to feel truly free and happy with my new life, all of it, not just bits.
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    Awesome effort Burgs, Congratulations on first out of the water. Would love to hear your thoughts on the race
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    National Circuit TT Champs, 5 laps of Thruxton race course (motor racing course with a long drag of a hill) just shy of 19kms. Very windy but nice and dry. Felt good, had no idea of pace, managed 28.39, an improvement of 2min50 over last year.
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    97km bike. Solid aerobic pace. 3:03 3km ROTB 20 X 100 Swim. Bouy only. Great weather here in Perth today. Magical.
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    The mrs went okay. Said amazing conditions. Great day for a sub 4 and a debut marathon. Officially faster than any marathon ive ever done. And shes letting me know it.
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    Frodo ... legend. Not a quitter like some
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    Anyone sick of Welchy"......
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    Just pinned this to make it easier to find
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    I've done a few training holidays in Kona and ridden all over the island and agree with all Charlesn said as well. Courteous drives and a huge shoulder with rolling hills, unrelenting power needed on the Queen K and sort of discourages surges a great training deck for TT-ing. The cross-winds are the worst thing about it as when strong they are just miserable. As for PJ, I think anyone who says it takes them a couple of months to get over the 'inflammation' caused by a few beers and 4 days rest required after eating an onion has some issues around over-thinking everything and possibly imaging things. I can't see much of way back into the sport unless he signs up with Sutto or some other no BS coach, but I think he's too far gone in his mumbo-jumbo health fairyland for him to come back to reality.
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    If you train like a MOP age grouper that's pretty much where you'll finish
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    Don’t have to go too far to get away from the madness 15 mins ride from Kona this morning quiet , huge shoulder , safe as and no triacathaltes as it’s a little bit hilly :-) and its not “Kona”
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert. Introversion or extroversion is not about liking company or not, but about how you get your energy to recover and refresh yourself. I like my own company and need solitude to recover. Others like to be around people. People are different. I also relate to the "being around other Dads" thing. Although not a father myself, I can't stand the boorish mentality of some Dads and some of them bore me to death - put a bullet in me before I'll willingly traipse around Ikea or a garden store on a weekend. I hate small talk and I hate how some people seem to mock their wives and kids like it's some sort of joke!