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    Why didn't you stop him and explain you're a triathlete and have right of way no matter the situation?
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    never would have been a problem in the old days when AP was doing his first few hell of the wests at Gundy, In those days pneumatic tyres were yet to be invented so it was pretty hard to let down a solid tyre.
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    TRI GOLD And then tell him about your session and your last race and show him the new watch.... LOL
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    Oh don't worry it's very much family time, we tacked on a holiday after Cairns, went home to Townsville so the daughter and wife could catch up with their friends etc, back in the west now in Karratha, took the young fella to footy today! But I also want to keep good fitness up, I don't have a history of being fit so I'm a little worried if I stop I'll get fat (I know it's a stupid theory). I'm not an outwardly social person so my wife has said go do some group rides and meet some new people, which I struggle with doing. So early this morning I went and joined the local bunch for their Time trial race! Was nice to meet some new people and have some fun while riding fast destroying the legs
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    Live in a company house where if anything needs doing I just ring the hotline and they come do it 😂😂 and our own house is on the other side of the country so can't do anything there either 😂😂. So we just went for a husband wife run/ walk as she wants to learn to run 5km, put the kids on their bikes and let them take off in front, was nice and casual actually! Enjoyed it
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    But is this typical of cyclists, or just another antisocial member of modern society. One would never lump alll truck drivers together because one hurls abuse, or bus passengers because one is caught on video in a racist rant. Car drivers aren't one group all tarred with the same brush. this guy might be a dickhead, but it's nought to do with cycling
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    Just looking back..............can't believe this was 2006 Two gentleman no longer with us.........Chris and Nick.
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    I have to go to the Burpengary weigh-bridge to get an accurate number.
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    There's so much of this stuff everywhere. People not yielding to others in the supermarket with trolleys etc etc. I choose to yield in life without compromising my values and basic requirements. Lot less stressful.
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    My first run today! 6min run, 3 min walk on the AlterG. 5km in 38mins. So happy. The Achilles feels great. :-)
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    At least Phil would have given you a full and thorough history of the castle.
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    So to KQ I just need to cut the gear cable on the 50 bikes belonging to the guys faster than me . Deflating the tyres wouldn't gain me enough time.
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    Managed to walk, rather than crawl to the bathroom. Bit of a win
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    160k MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride yesterday. Geez that was tough and it hurt. But was over the moon to raise over $1K for MS.
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    This may happen. Interview tomorrow with Queensland Cricket
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    The "other runner" the anti clockwise guy is probably posting on a runner forum about this dick he met at the local track who got all emotional after being in the wrong anyway
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    It is not a silly post because I am sick to death of dumb ass drivers without a blithering clue. If you cant keep the f****** phone alone then don't drive. And dont you dare try that "Cause everyone does it" or a strawman schitck with me. I don't because I'm not a goddamn idiot and I know exactly how dangerous it is and if you do it then hand your license back. Now. Because if you use a phone while driving you are clearly too goddamn stupid to be allowed to drive.
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    You're running the wrong way and expect right of way?
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    Don't be a dick and run on the inside 2 lanes whilst training on a track. Not sure what happened to this in written rule... Sydney tracks are always wrecked on the inside two. Annoying. but the other guy is worse. Who does that? Maybe try getting fat. It won't happen... at 100kgs people naturally get out of my road
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    I agree with all this. There's a small minority of cyclists who continue to exhibit an "it's my right" attitude to other road users and manage to screw the perception of how the majority behave. One of my pet hates is riding the road when there is a purpose built, parallel bike path. There is a single lane secondary road near us which is narrow with virtually no shoulder. Not 10 metres away is a beautiful bike path but I regularly see dick head cyclists riding mid lane, blocking traffic as dozens of cars build up behind them. This is the major road which leads to the 'mechano set' in Sydney and it's just a ridiculous place to ride the road. Even as a 'cyclist', I want to get out and slap some sense into them.
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    How much does it matter to you. Some people can walk away from this and not worry. Given the gym are likley to terminate his access this sounds like an okay result, which would support an outcome with the police. You don't lose anything by reporting it to the police. It is on record and you never know what else this person has been up to, people who behave like that generally have issues and form for it. I'd get it down as a matter of record with the police with witness, gym managers action and video if possiblle.
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    You're a MKC Coaching follower so plenty of good stuff and ideas that he already published are available. Go back through his vlogs and see if you can find a common theme! ======== My opinion: Firstly, I'd keep doing what you're doing mostly, you're on the right track and consistency pays off. Spicy it up a bit if you really feel the need, but very cautiously. Something like 50% easy, 30-35% moderate and 10-15% hard (in this order i.e. start with easy -> mod -> hard) once a week for swim/bike/run. Repeat for another 4-6 weeks and see how it feels, then adjust accordingly. Above all, stay consistent and do not follow advice from people telling you to change things up dramatically. That's what people who have no trust in their training would do. I do the same thing with very little variation pretty much every single week of the year and am yet to see a real plateau, except for when I'm doing nothing like right now
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    Potentially shitty advice, a bad coach is worse than no coach. IronmanFoz has the idea. You've been doing the same thing for 10 months, your body has adapted and any improvements from doing the same thing are going to be marginal at best. Start mixing it up and change your focus from aerobic to top end stuff for a while. The hard thing for you here is going to be that by doing more intense work you are going to need to decrease your hours in order to get the recovery in, probably not on the weeks where you have your daughter but definitely on the off weeks. For a while at least. That seems to mess with a lot of people's heads, particularly those who are using exercise as a form of self-medication.
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    Change distance and intensity..... Do a specific short ride 30-40 km and do it hard and fast....... Add some intervals to you long rides. Do the same for your swims and runs. Just mix it up..... doing the same thing over and over will give you the same results over and over.
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    The two wrongs don't make a right rings true. The fact the she is old is irrelevant. She committed an offence which in a not too different scenario could have caused serious injury. Guy over reacted and should not have kicked bonnet and should pay for repair. But if this was a P plate driver or young male no one would care about the incident at all.
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    That many poms in one place would give me the shits as well.
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    21 k return trek from 900m to a tad under 3000m in the Italian Dolomites. Hard as f***. I am busted.
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    Reminds me of the time I was training for Kona in the French Alps and using the downhill MTB trails to do my uphill running reps on. Some of those aggro MTB wankers just wouldn't get out of my way as they plummeted down the hill, yelling all kinds of vile French cuss words at me. No wonder everyone hates the French... and MTBers. There were no signs saying these were one-way trails. I was just minding my own business.
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    The one time a year I buy Ride magazine. And then plan my late nights.
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    You're just not doing the right races. It's standard practice at track ultras of 12 hours or longer for runners to change direction every 4 hours. It can be a highlight of your day........other than the finish!
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    Guarantee he was doing the Strava #mymile challenge. It finishes this week. Couldnt yield or nod because that would cost PB time.
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    At 100 kg +, I find I keep out of the way of other people by not going anywhere near a track
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    if cyclists are hated and it seems they are for simply being legally allowed on the road, when will be able to charge people with hate crime. On this thread alone it is okay to potentially kill someone on a bike through negligence in a car and as long as your defence is I am an old lady it is okay to blame the victim for a minor get upset while the much greater offence is excused as okay as she is a lady and old.
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    Look I'm off the Shire so don't really know what people do outside our boundaries, but we tend to get pissed a lot between Ironmans and go to Sharks games. Ive heard people outside the Shire get the Ironman corporate logo tattooed on them. If you cant get to a Sharks game, maybe get some m dot ink. I cant remember AP's advice time line wise but it might also be a good time to worm yourself.
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    Do people not consider professional bike fits? With someone that knows what they are doing and works with you over time to adjust as you change? Having a well fitted bike is the most important thing you can do for your cycling.
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    Im no legal expert, so not sure how much of a case you woudl have or what the cops would even do, other than maybe a warning. So Id weigh up what you would be hoping to achieve versus what personal toll it will take on you (stress, anxiety etc) I don't think anyone likes seeing a rude bully get their way, but if the end result is nothing more than a wrist slap he might think he has had an even bigger victory by getting under your skin as well.
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    I see both sides here but I can't get over how aggressively he treated the little old lady. After seeing how small and old she was he should have backed off and toned the aggro down. Sure, she was doing the wrong thing and thankfully he was not harmed, but I can see how this woman would have felt like her own safety was in danger. The cyclist bought the crowd anger upon himself.
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    Fallujah? Love the contrast between Voice of Reason @ 0:34 and Jihad Johnny @ 1:08. Cyclist should'a called in an airstrike.
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    Wanker, whether he's a cyclist or not.
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    There is one Tranny who unscrewed the lid of another Tranny's biddon during a club race. The end result was one sticky red, whyte and Fierce Berry mess.
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    And I just put the cap on to show my daughter and she started laughing.... So I switched to the Visor and she lost it laughing and yelled at me "YOU LOOK LIKE AN OLD PERSON!!"..... LOL I valiantly argued the point but she was laughing too hard to understand.... LOL Ah shit ay.... Kids.... LOL
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    Get better soon but dont rush if that makes sense. Mrs FP is a champion x
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    Got a battle of my own going on at the moment but this thread puts it into perspective and also reminds me what a great community we have here (wherever we are).
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    Thanks for the thoughts A-Zed, however I like to think that I am much more fortunate than many, many others. You only have to have a look at the crap that is happening in London to realise. Hope all is well with you mate. Look forward to catching up with you in November.