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    Morning all, I have a Entry to a Ironman race to be used in either the US or Canada up for grabs to a deserving trannie. Has to be a 2018 race. How is this so: Before xmas, there was an Instagram post by Ironman title paid promotion from "travelway" (a luggage company in the US). They were giving a way an free entry to Mont Tremblant for the best entry to the questions.......what's in your gear bag? I was reading a lot of responses and thought how boring and thought again....how easy would this be to win. So..... I put in my comments which was: "You can never have too many pairs of goggles in your race bag and what is plural for goggles?......it's 'oggles', hence you need "oggles of goggles". They contacted me on xmas day for the free entry which I cannot use due to my daughter being in the middle of HSC. So I have asked if this can be gifted to a fellow athlete. PS: The original entry was for Mont Tremblant. So..................... one of you trannies are being gifted a free Ironman entry to a US based race (excl Hawaii). If multiple people want it then I will have Roxii pull a name from a hat..... only serious contenders please. Cheers Foz
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    Wow, wow, wow. It's been a fking awesome day today and in fact 2018 has been really good for the bored@ family. After a terrible race at Ironman Chattanooga and the company I work for losing a major contract, that I have been on for 15 years. I decided to retire from racing. My plan was to concentrate on my career, study, getting a new house and one other thing that I still want to keep under wraps. Had my performance review for work last week and got a "significantly exceeded" with a comment about being identified as a future leader in the business and a resource the business wants to retain. The people who know the industry & company, I work for will know how huge this is and how much I love my job and what it means to me. Almost teared up in my review. We moved into our new house on Friday & couldn't be happier, we love the house and area. Today my boss approved $15k worth of training courses. Then at 2pm today I received an email confirming I'll get another crack at the thing I tried 22 years ago & failed. Then I received an email from Ironmanfoz with the great news about being selected to receive his very generous offer and opportunity to race in the USA again. I love the USA & love racing over there. This was the kick in the pants/motivation I needed to get back into racing. Chattanooga still hurts and bothers me but it's time to get back on the horse and give it another crack. I wish I could express my gratitude and thanks to Ironmanfoz in person. Words just don't do justice to the way I'm feeling right now. Thanks mate. Knowing you have given me this very generous offer will definitely help out on those training days when I'm feeling tired & lacking motivation. 2018 Goals are all done & dusted and it's only March.
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    Hi. Thought I’d drop in. Just doing a little bit so I can get through my first tri in 18 months (post prang). NSW tri club champs. 2 weeks out. Sb a good comeback event as I won’t feel like I’m racing, just doing enough to get the club some points. Been on Zwift a bit. Swimming and running are a bit behind. Oh and I’m 6 kgs or so fatter. So what did I do today. Ran 2,5 ks to the pool. Swam a k and run 2.5 back to the office. That’s about 25pct of a normal day 18 months ago Glad to see lotsa of you still adding to this thread and encouraging each other. Gotta love that about trannies.
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    It all really starts at about the 30km mark, unless you get it wrong in which case it all pretty much ends at the 30km mark.
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    Alright trannies, I have a few huge specials that are only being advertised here. Obviously RunWith site isn't up and I'm using the other companies site I own... RunWith should be with us very shortly (although wouldn't ever feature a deal like this!) First up - New Balance Zante V3 - $169 $84 (50% off) Click here for New Balance Huma Gel Strawberries - $99 $45/box 24 PLUS buy a box of strawberries and get any other flavours for $58 (40% or more off!) CLICK HERE FOR HUMA Please feel free to give me a bell about anything else you might need! I've helped a lot of trannies out and happy to help a few more.
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    It's true there is a fair bit of misunderstanding (must be a minimum speed to benefit, yaw, cross winds, hills, acceleration rates and so on) and plenty of anecdote but to be fair, the industry itself hasn't helped with its marketing. Rear disks are faster in just about all scenarios, even for slower riders. Maybe a steep hill climb TT isn't ideal, but even then it's touch and go depending on the circumstances. Disk covers and good tyres are the best equipment bang for wheel performance buck. 808 + cover = usable as disk all year, remove cover for Kona. If handling is an issue with a rear disk I do have to wonder about bike set up/position but in the end, if an individual feels more comfortable about being on a particular set up, that's what they should ride. No point being out there and wasting mental energy worrying about your equipment choice. If FP wants to buy a nice rear disk, then why not? It's not like our vice is smoking 2 packs a day. Could the money go on something else? Perhaps but so what, this is what we enjoy doing, so have some fun doing it. There are other choices than the Zipp though, especially in the UK so look around.
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    Did an OD tri, which wasn't quite an OD tri. 1100m swim, 39k bike and a 10.25k run.
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    Thought I would sneak in a little incognito swim without my tranny kit at the Sydney Skinny with the Mrs. Turn up and Matty Harris is on the mic. Cover = blown seriously fun experience though PS no tippy toes photos of today’s exercise
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    ParkRun.... 21:42min, (season best for me so far); 10th and 1st female. 170 odd, even with floods and road blocked. I was doing four runs sessions per week, but was getting slower. Back up to five sessions for the last two weeks and paying off already.
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    I hope the trannie rock is still there
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    Do you think I’ll be able join the Instagram crew? Need to work in my tippy toe flexibility.
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    Hi FP Firstly, envious. Sold my 404s and regret it. I wouldn't go the disk rear. I've had them before. Great on the flattest, non technical courses but in strong winds with some UK hills/undulations, I would go the 808 rear for sure. I've made all the mistakes and spent the dollars on the disk. People will say that in windy conditions the depth of the front matters the most but I've persevered with a disk in the wind so many times - always feeling like I'm dragging a heavy anchor around and using too much strength to ride a straight line. go the 808 ps, just spent £1200 on a Tacx Neo plus an extra £8 on a bottle of red and listening to some old rhythm and blues Stevie Wonder trying to forget about it.
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    Now I have to go & buy all new stuff to replace all the gear I just sold off..............
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    Would love to give each and everyone a free entry if I could and I really wanted it to be the full ironman. long way to go for a half!! The person chosen was the first to reach out to me. He firstly said....."is this a troll post". Fortunately for him it was not. His second mail to me was....I already have leave approved by work. (Note: this was before anyone had even posted on the forum). And he is also coming out of retirement to do it....so his mails suggests. Love it!!! Just had a quick call with Roxii to find out who this dude is..... and he agreed that nearly everyone would be very happy for him to get it!!!! So.... the WINNER is: Bored@work Bored at work. send me a mail with your full name and email address. Ironman are waiting for you. Enjoy!!!! And stay in touch!
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    My main suggestion when running a World Marathon Major is to enjoy it. Don't aim for a PB, especially not in Boston (or NY). Aim to run it comfortably so you can recall it later with good memories that you remember from the whole race. Leave your race face at home. Don't fret about details of training now with only 6 weeks to go...you're likely to do more harm than good to your fitness, and risk injury. Just go soak it up.
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    Have a break. Let your body recover. Tri will still be here once you're body is fixed.
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    With all the cancelled swims aquathon qualification will be at your local Parkrun next week
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    4th again for me, but 1st place is Canadian and 3rd is aging up. Haven't looked at the age group below yet but should get some decent points
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    Managed 7th in 3034 today. Pretty stoked with how I executed and very happy with the run split. Unfortunately it will mean only a couple of points as the time was not competitive at all against the earlier wave. Well done to everyone out there smashing through the conditions!
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    Super Saturday...Rode 20k to Parkrun and 20k back then 3k in the pool. Fasted parkrun in a while too at 23 min and really only 90% effort, quite happy with that as I'm Concentrating on distance running right now
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    I'm out, spent the day at the hospital. My son had an laparoscopic appendicectomy and he wants me there all night. Ah well there will be other races
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    I've had my Zipp 404s for about a year now. I quite like them, they ride pretty well and seem fast. Not totally blown away with the quality of the rear, that whole 'everything held in place by the skewer' gets on my nerves because I have horizontal dropouts and if I remove the skewer, the whole cassette and freehub just comes off in my hand, which is annoying. Anyway, apart from all that, I like them and the ability to lob 'em in the roadie as well as the P3. If I was going to add to this, what would be the best way to go? Zipp 808 Rear Zipp super 9 (crazy expensive here at £1500) HED Jet Black Disc ( £1100) Not interested in a wheel cover. Would I notice any decent benefit from these options? Please spare me the 'just train more' responses. Doing that already. This would be a purchase 'just because' and yes, it's my daughter's uni fund and 'no' I don't care if she works in factory and eats Ramen for the rest of her life because I'm buying a wheel that won't win me a plastic trophy. Serious insects, blah blah, these beers taste good.
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    My son's been on it..... him getting a decent night's sleep is better than me getting one!
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    Whatever it is Mick, I hope it soon passes. Take care of yourself mate.
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    I stood by this comment & gave Ironmanfoz the chance to pick the race. With fingers crossed he wouldn't pick Chattanooga. He has left it up to me, so it's time to pick a race. My mate is racing Texas next month & has offered to defer his entry to race with me (his back won't handle 2 IM races in one year) The added bonus of getting this spot is I will get to catch up with my mates. They have already said they will fly out to what ever race I do. These guys are the ones who convinced me to give up the grog for good & and inspire me to stay sober. Seeing them every year helps with my sobriety. Thanks again Ironmanfoz
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    Good luck, I hear the surgery is much improved these days. you will make a wonderful woman “davina”
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    I saw Cranky in Mooloolaba last Sunday. She even said hi
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    Take the patient approach...and go for the even or negative split, with a ramp in perceived effort through that final 12K or so as you hold pace, rather than fall apart and pay big-time for being overly-exuberant early on. Economise your performance to run your best marathon IMO.
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    I dragged myself down to the pool this morning. It was touch and go for a while. Launched straight into 50 x 100 on 1:45. The first couple were a bit quick, but settled into 1:33/4 after 2 or 3. Every 10 reps, I did 2 on 1:29. There were a few times I seriously thought about pulling the pin (can't do that when you are still 1km from where your gear is at the dam), but slogged on. I started to tire after the 2 hard ones at 4km, and my knee was hurting if I tried to push off hard, but managed to get through it with a 1:28 to finish. With the dam starting to get cold, and a possible cyclone expected to further cool the dam later this week, I may have to resort to the pool a bit more often than I'd hoped over the next couple of months.
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    Yes, it's simply a physiological reality. It's a bit like the gap between the lower and upper lactate thresholds is fairly wide and quite malleable, and our ability to express capability varies from day to day, plus as I said before our aerobic levels overlap because in reality training levels are not really discrete, there is no sudden switch from one into another - the impact of intensity is on a continuum. Training levels (or zones as some call them) are simply arbitrary boundaries we set and are more about convenience and aiding communication in conveying training plans, and so this is simply a reflection of that. It's a balance between having enough levels that enables one to focus attention on specific types of adaptations, advising on how hard to go (or not go) but not so many levels that it becomes unwieldy. What matters is you do enough work at the right levels. Precisely nailing a specific wattage isn't that important when it comes to training. All that matters is you are working at about the right level for your intended ride, or section of a ride (e.g. intervals, hills). Keep in mind that for the levels up to threshold or so, the reality is you will ride up/down the levels, how much depends on the type of ride and the variability of road gradient. Staying strictly within a level isn't necessary and it may be counterproductive. So treat the lower levels as a guide to the overall average and normalized power you might attain.
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    Film the packs. DQ the packs. Next race, no more packs. Problem solved. Next.
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    Park Run. 20.55. 13/233 overall and 2nd in AG.
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    I think winning Kona is up there higher than climbing everest - an awful lot more people have climbed everest than will ever win Kona - and a pilot being chosen for a lunar landing is a bit too like winning a lottery - there are so many pilots equally as qualified and capable as Armstrong was - there's only ever a handful of athletes in the world any year capable of winning Kona and most don't I worked with Pete from 2007 to 2012 with the single aim of winning, once he won, his life's dream had been achieved, we should have aimed at winning it several times, then the first win would have only been a step along the way It's a shame the way his sporting career has gone since then, but unlike many of his critics, he has had the dream, and pulled it off, 99.9% of triathletes will never come close in commitment or courage
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    Same here. I've got a pic of the day I broke 39 for 10km, and I'd swear both feet are on the ground at the same time.
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    I'll be wearing my tri suit with the zip at the front and unzipped on the run just enough to show a hint of nipple.
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    Yeah, this was totally the first 'con' I thought of when considering a disc.
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    This has been great reading, I'm intending to do a Mara this year with it being 10 years since I did my first (and only) stand alone mara. Have a ball RBR and good luck.
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    Im not sure of the exact setup at the start line but this is the information off the boston marathon page. Im bib number 4390 and wave 1, coral 5. i read the below that wave 1 is sub 3:09:36 wave 2 is then up to 3:28:48 etc. The break between Wave 1 (10:00 a.m. start time) and Wave 2 (10:25 a.m. start time) is 3:09:36.The break between Wave 2 and Wave 3 (10:50 a.m. start time) is 3:28:48.The break between Wave 3 and Wave 4 (11:15 a.m. start time) is 3:57:39 Bib Range Bib Color Wave Start Time 101-7,700 Red 1 10:00 a.m. 8,000-15,600 White 2 10:25 a.m. 16,000-23,600 Blue 3 10:50 a.m. 24,000-32,500 Yellow 4 11:15 a.m
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    Our first road trip of the year kicks off at lunchtime today as we head off for Perth, and then fly over to Melbourne (it’s too expensive to fly from here with 4 of us). I ended up not being happy with my fridge slide I built so last minute Tuesday I ordered up a drop slide from Perth, and surprisingly it arrived on Wednesday arvo so I fitted it up last night, really happy with it. It weighs about 45kg though. We plan on making it to Carnarvon tonight.
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    This post screams at me. Really applies to my recent injury. Have to agree with stickman here. I have realised that once I have scratched my itch in the sport I will be stuffed. So I have spent some time while injured finding other things that give me similar feels. Those that I have as friends on Faceache and Insta-athlete will know what I mean.... #cloudlife Worth thinking about Cranky. Cheers.
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    Its been a few years since I ran a stand alone marathon and all of them were done on Triathlon Training but during our winter so I could drop the bike back a bit and increase the run mileage. During a 10 or 12 week period I usually averaged 70 to 75 k a week with a biggest week of 107k {only once} I kept up the swimming milage as I found it assisted recovery but also my ability to use oxygen more efficiently. I ran 7 Marathons over 4 years excluding a couple of IM marathons during the same period. I gradually reduced my time from a first of 3.21 to the last of 2.30.02.In between was a 2.47 a 2.36 a 2.35 and a couple 0f 2.30s The biggest difference was pacing,the first one I thaught I knew it all and went through the half in about 1.20 and blew to bits.I was warned by better runners than me but as I said I thaught I knew better. I never increased my mileage I guess I had just built a consistent base over the years which gave me the improvements,that and being able to pace better.The last one I went through the half in 1.13 and dropped 4 mins in the second half but the reality was when I look at my diaries I actually dropped the 4 minutes in the last 5 k and I thaught I was running up and down on the spot I clearly remember thinking when will this be over !!!.This would be I guess a reasonably low total mileage in training compared to pure runners. RBR,the thing I found was boredom during the later stages of the race because they wernt big fields and you could end up in no mans land and start to lose your focus. A major marathon like boston with massive fields will assist you mentally during the final stages additionally you wont be running alone as whatever your pace there will be lots of similar runners around you. You just need to be conscious of not getting dragged out too quickly. A mate of mine here ran Boston last year and ran a 3.03 and said it was probably the best event in terms of spectator participation he has ever been too. Best of Luck.
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    Match report. Grounds were presented in first class condition. Not a ripple, til we entered the pitch. The game went to plan for the first third. Came out of the water in 1:07 I was confused by the slower time than previous years but realised that the swim was longer, going around into the river to the boat ramp. First lap on the bike was ideal conditions split in 2:56 started thinking about a sub six hour bike split then Taupo enacted a strategy to wear down any ideas of a course conquering bike split. A strong headwind out bound on the second lap added around twenty five minutes over the outbound on the first lap. But it was still good to know there would be a tailwind back to T2. Serious chaffing in the jock box region that two aid station stops for Vaseline was unable to relieve. Taupo went one up in the middle third. Started the run with my mantra on repeat. Be Strong. Looking good to get one back with a sub four run. Overtaking heaps of O group competitors but not any of mine (Q). Started to think they had all hidden their calf markings. However, Taupo delivered the killer blow at thirty three km into the run. It went something like this, I was bursting for a leak but the sphincter would not release any. Me: “c’monnnn let it go, it’s killing my pace” sphincter: “No way I did NOT sign up for this today” Kidneys to sphincter: “Dude let it go, we’re swimming back here” Sphincter: “Sorry dude, I’m on strike until further notice” Kidneys: “Everybody: we’re shutting down!” At which point my kidneys start screaming, my fingers were tingling and I could tell I was becoming disorientated. Survival mode kicks in. I reasoned there’s a difference between being tough and being stupid. Time to walk to the next aid station about two km away. At the aid station I attracted the attention of the medical staff. Fearing being stretchered off the pitch, I assured them I was OK to continue, after some salts, electrolyte, oranges (awwww they were good) and a sit down with iced water. My game plan was shot and it was now all about finishing the game in one piece. Death before DNF n all that. I started running again from the aid station, though to the spectators, running might have been a generous description. I happened across a fellow TriTraveler also in distress and tried to help him and me get to the finish line. The final whistle blew at 12:00:30. Taupo 3-0 Foz After three attempts without a favourable result, Taupo is still my favourite destination race in ANZ. How lucky am I to have jagged three great weather years (the headwinds are a given here). In hindsight, I was very dehydrated, but that didn’t seem possible at the time as I thought I was taking plenty of water and electrolyte at each aid station. This race lesson: Just because you can usually handle hot conditions, don’t take it for granted.
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    Forgot about this. Woohoo!
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    Nice work, if there's no coffee, it didnt happen 😊
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    1hr walk Stretching Coffee
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    Roxii came to the shop Wednesday... Unless he's had several round of lipo between then and now, I can confirm he still looks like he ate all the donuts (I ate all the pies and donuts were wll that was left :P) Cool kit, I would've bought some if I actually rode a bike!
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    Don’t hate the player. #hatersgunnahate #anything for likes