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    Give a couple a call & and see what they are like. It's a partnership & you want to make sure the coach is a good fit for you. The "best" coach may not be the best coach for you. Brettt Sutton may be the best coach in the world but he's not the best coach for me. (It's a respect thing & something I'm not sure I could get over) AP may have coached 200 Kona qualifiers, but I like my warm bed & don't respect the way he attacks people who don't agree with him. After 14 years in the sport I have had three coaches. My first coach got me from 120kg borderline alcoholic to finishing my first Ironman at 82kg. We are still great mates and catch up all the time. My second coach was awesome, but I had lost the passion for the sport, I was a bit of a basket case with work & family stuff at the time. I was sticking to the training to give me something to focus on. My head wasn't in the right space and I was wasting her time. We are still good friends and I respect her a lot. For my next coach I wanted someone who I wasn't friends with. I wanted it to be a business arrangement and one I could just walk away from guilt free if the passion for training wasn't there. I rang a few coaches and had a chat. I told them I want to enjoy racing, have mini goals, I eat hamburgers & donuts and will always put my family & work before triathlons. My current coached said, cool lets work with what hours we have available & btw I love donuts & burgers.
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    Good thanks Bogfrog, glad you got your stretch goal. Went out in a hope of 1:44:30 Stuffed up starting my watch tacking my jumper off at the start line I think, after starting it at the start line (I think I actually stopped it), I started it again 1-200m down the road. 1st km 9:30 WTF? That’s when I knew I’d stuffed it. Ran the whole race by feel and came away with 1:44:27 😂🤷‍♂️🤗🤓🤓
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    Any race that I do. Apparently, I only target easy down hill, short courses that allow drafting.
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    OK I would fortunately/unfortunately say that I am highly experienced in this. I've tried 3 times. I've lost a mate I've dated a woman who attempted. All in the past 12 years. It will take a generation and then some to openly discuss suicide. It's horrible and destructive to watch someone go through or attempt. Yet seemingly logical to the person. So bloody complex. The frank discussion I've had with the woman I dated was interesting because as I'd attempted before, we shared similar trains of thought etc. Almost finishing each other's sentences. Spooky, but I found it more interesting from a self healing perspective. For me, the anti depression medication made me go that low. Since being drug free, I don't get ANYWHERE near that depressed. Even in high fatigue or stress situations. All it seems to take to pick me up is a hug from my daughter, sunrise or sunset. Or an ice cream 😁😂✌️ I am unsure how I feel about the TV series. Haven't heard anything about it. As long as it is educational. For both sides. Personally, when I hear about the amount of suicide in Aboriginal communities in WA I get really emotional. Because I KNOW how low they must be to go there, let alone succeed. The thing is that as a person who has those thoughts, you need a solid sounding board and not just a doctor who will ****ing drug you up and turn you into a zombie. And if you sense something in someone you love. Give them a ****ing hug. It could be all that they need. No talk. No question. Just a warm hug. They have emence power and are totally under rated. Love to all reading this. You're beautiful people.
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    Yeah looks like we are off to the big Apple. I must admit I was pretty cold to the idea at first but speaking to others and reading the comments here has changed my outlook for sure. So thank you all for your comments, kind offers and contribution.
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    7.6km OWS this morning. 4 laps of the 1.7km circuit, then turned at the half point of the 5th. I built into it with an average paced first lap, then faster for each of the next 2, and the same time as the 3rd, for the 4th. I swam hard for the first half of the short lap, then easy with a bit of breast-stroke on the way home. Absolutely buggered now, as I went from there to Mum's to mow the lawn, then this afternoon spent nearly 2 hours on the end of a crowbar digging holes. Time for a scotch methinks.
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    Mum was cleaning out some stuff this time, and found these 2 hats in one of my old wardrobes. The visor on the left was from the Tinley stand at Kona in 1990. I think there were some comments on another thread about how good the quality of the Tinley stuff was. This is 28 years old & still looks great. The 2nd is a paper running cap, with Mark Allen's signature on it from the World Cup in 89 or 90. Amazing what you can find laying around if you just look.
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    No its terday, just on me way now
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    I am on day 152 if anyone wants to know. Which includes double run days 3 times a week Depending on run some are not 20mins as they are purely fast stuff
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    Maybe I'm doing one thing right even if I'm not out busting it up that wet hill on Tuesday morning. I've never set a goal time in a ironman. I race with no watch in the swim. Use my bike computer but hardly look at it and on the run glance to my run watch after each k clicks over to get an idea of how I'm traveling... I never have a clue of overall time during a race not that it actually matters. All I know on raceday is if I execute well the result will take care of itself. While I do have time goals I would like to achieve just for bragging rights at the pub, I know that targeting a certain swim time, bike time or run time are stupid. The time will come if I put in the work, execute well and get a "fast day". That's my 2c on that. Re 100runs in 100days. Go easy let me know when you start. I'l throw 2k on the treadmill in every day I don't have a run scheduled and tick them off with you.
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    I need this in my life. I was tossing up whether I do another IM or not. I'm definitely in for Port Mac in a couple of years, the beer mile has swung the balance!
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    I'm starting to see some improvement, starting to get the feel the water and when my form is going. I tried Andrews champion set from the other thread, the last 100 was hard but not quick
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    3km Swam waaayyyy too fast early in the swim. Slowed down to goal effort. Very happy with the swim
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    AP. Good up and comer and just started in the 70+ age group. I am expecting big things this year in Kona.
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    One of my last big days pre Cairns. 4.1k swim 180k with 2k climbing on Zwift 5k run off the bike
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    You shouldn't put this type of stuff online Goughy. You never know who is reading it.
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    Hmmm.... Just because somebody doesn't have a life threatening mental condition or appear "crazy" to the rest of us that doesn't mean they're not unwell and I would suggest that the rhetoric that encourages that train of thought is how we've ended up with such a sh*theap of mental health issues in the modern world. Edit to add, not defending her at all or agreeing it's an excuse.
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    I had to go to the dentist tonight after work for the first visit for a crown on a front tooth. He's just near the dam, so figured it'd make sense to leave work early and have another swim. It was amazing how much the top 50cm of water heats up during a sunny day. It was quite nice to swim in, except when you swam back over somewhere you've already swum & stirred the cold water back up into the warm. 2 laps again, this time I went steady out (about 1:45 pace), then hard back. First lap I did 12:40, which is about 14:50 km pace, the 2nd lap came back in 12:50 (15:10 pace). It seemed so much easier to swim in the afternoon. I never expected that pace for a couple of 850m reps, and at the end I wasn't really puffed either.
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    Not Gwen Jorgensen, but closer to home...Joel Tobin-White has turned to running recently and is going really well. He posted some 5000m times in 13:40-50min range, and yesterday won the SMH Half Marathon in 65:21min, beating Liam Adams. Also, Peter Kerr came 2nd in the Great Ocean Rd marathon (44.5km), passing the marathon point in about 2:27hr...on not a fast course or conditions.
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    I've been thinking more about this, I reckon a minimum of 3km a day is amore than achievable for 100 days in a row. I'd take that challenge.
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    3.4km this morning. I swear the dam is getting colder by 3 degrees a day. I felt good after a frigid start and a bit of brain freeze, but toward the end my left deltoid was starting to feel sore. It's normally my right shoulder that plays up, and not normally the deltoid, then I remembered the crowbar session yesterday. All good.
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    She wore it well.
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    Current situation in Perth. THAT'S why I want to get stronger in OWS
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    Now if WTC owned this, he'd have his world record, and the world would be right again.