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    I'm sorry for you. I’m sorry that you can’t dream big. I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles.
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    Mate you would need to ask the bureaucrats that question. There is a lot of research to say that they actually inhibit learning rather than enhance it. Everything we do in the classroom is political - some politician or bureaucrat has decided it looks good in the eyes of the public. What we do has NOTHING to do with best teaching practice. As a Primary school teacher, I have to teach the new national curriculum. In my school, I am not only told what to teach, but how to teach it, when to teach it, and in many cases the exact words I need to say when I am teaching it. Teachers know it doesn't work, the results keep going down down down but we have to do what we are told. I spend so much of my school day collecting useless data ...did you know there are more people working in the Data section of the department of education than there are in curriculum? Governments are obsessed by it, and its a waste of time. Now all teachers are being "accredited". More paperwork. Hundreds of hours of paperwork. I spend more time collecting paperwork for my accreditation than I do teaching kids. I got a letter this week to say I am accredited as a proficient teacher. Thanks for that, Ive only being doing it successfully for 30 years. Oh, and I have to pay $100 to the system for the privilege. This is all so politicians can say that they have weeded out all the $hite teachers. Only problem is that the $hite teachers could still fudge the paperwork. And in 30 years Ive never met one of these underperforming teachers. They are all amazing. Trying to do their best with their hands tied around their backs, with no resources and no time. Anyway Im having a rant. And Im not supposed make critical comments on the internet. So I will delete this post shortly.
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    The planks in front of me at the ATM when I am queued, who insist on: 1. waiting until the ATM is free to get out their purse/wallet and find their card 2. putting in the wrong PIN 3. checking their balance before they transact 4. realising they put in the wrong account 5. standing there while they count their cash, carefully fold it, put it in their wallet/purse 6. check their receipt, carefully folding it and placing it carefully in the waste slot provided. FFS, stop wasting time, you are elderly, likely soon to die, you can't afford to waste your life at an ATM.
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    that's all good and well if their arse is in their mouth, but I am guessing it isn't.
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    I did ride my bicycle. It all came back to me, just like riding a bike.
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    I've raced world champs, I posted about it on FB and on here in the appropriate thread. I even have it on my bio read out before I present: "represented Australia at Age Group level at the World Championships" - because I've done it, it's factual and I don't given a damn about all those who mock it because it's easy and think I'm a w'ker because of it. Perhaps that's why the atmosphere at the worlds is so good - the self righteous "it ain't a real world champs so it's below me" stay the f away!
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    The principal wants to run a Bitcoin Mining Centre so maybe get one with a good gpu/cpu.....
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    My biggest beef with this sort of stuff is that despite the educational gains, kids at 8 shouldn’t have to be responsible for an expensive bit of kit like that.
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    laptop for 8 year olds......god help us all.....
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    Do you also jump in the car and not put the seat belt on cos you're only going down the milk bar and it's not very far?
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    So some good news already, Yesterday at my meeting with my site manager i got my contract extension for another year, knew it was a happening thing considering my current one expired yesterday. during the chat i asked him if he saw me chatting with the general manager at the function, to which he said yes, and i told him what i was talking about and that i need to promote my goals to as many people as i can to start making things happen for me because if i dont no one will. And he mentioned that he has spoken with our project manager about me in the last few weeks about getting me into the panning side of things and working like a junior planner helping out our site planner as he is now a one man team with a huge workload. so things are definitely moving in the right direction here, im actually really excited. My site manager and I discussed this some time ago but with all the changes and redundancies i felt it had fallen off his radar, but it doesn't appear to have which is good news. I hope you dont mind but i said I'm using you guys as mentors to help me with how to approach these things etc. your guidance has been really helpful so thank you.
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    Soooooo, if I get this right... Barnaby Joyce abstains from voting on SSM because he believes in the sanctity of marriage and then reveals he has separated from his wife of 20+ years Ummmmmm WTF?????? These are the people we pay to run the country!!!!
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    Got up at 0330 and went out and did an FTP test on the bike! Good starting point for Vietnam half training
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    Another "innocent" pro. Hey Froome, want to buy me a coffee now?
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    Samoan safety shoes to the fore.... #earsaremoreimportantthantoes
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    5km OW swim again this morning. Steady first lap, then did the 3.3km loop. Steady pace to the turn, then on the way back I went very hard for 160 breaths, easy for 100m, very hard for 140 breaths, easy for 100m, vh for 120 breaths etc down to 20 breaths, and that got me about 50m from the end. Felt good, and it was that calm, the only ripples were from me & the waterbirds.
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    Rego'd for Sprint, thinking about rego'ing for OD. Not raced any so far, but have built a spreadsheet of the races in order and colour coded for states - and that's about the extent of my training too.
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    My niece starts high school next year, they had a farewell dinner (nice idea) , quite a few of her class mates had the day off school for spray tans & get their nails done!! My niece was worried she wouldnt look as good as the other girls! Parents ... what are you thinking ??????? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
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    -7C this morning. Bit of an upper body workout, scrape, scrape, scrape. I never really realised my car has so much bloody glass.
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    Fark I went to kona and 70.3 world champs last year and I'm trying to qualify for itu worlds this year. I spoke to the paper last year and also before western Sydney this year cause they contacted me and asked if they could do a write up. This thread has been a real eye opener to how much of a dick I am. Next time anyone from this site sees me please uppercut me immediately.
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    Not your fault Derny, but this type of thing annoys me no end. Most recent comparable Android devices will connect just as easily as an iPad, but tech teams don't want to support them.
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    Someone needs to do this to a good looking bike, then leave it unlocked somewhere & set up the video cameras.
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    5+km at the dam again this morning. The same guy turned up and crowded me out again this morning. I thought 4:30 would be early enough to have the place on my own. 3 laps today. 1st at a steady pace, 2nd just 30sec off the pb I set Sunday, then the 3rd 10sec under. Felt real good this morning.
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    I would enter, but it would be unfair of me to go over and simply dominate......
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    4km OW swim at the dam. Did it like a fartlek run, surging here & there and doing a bit of drill at times. I have to go close to it again on the way home as I have to pick up mt "click & collect" from Dan Murphy's, so may do another 2km then. Crowded this morning, with another person taking up some of the dam during my 2nd lap.
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    Based on previous posts on here, TA doesn't make mistakes, if you cant work it out, its your fault...lol
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    This is the pretty ordinary scenery I get on the bike and any runs I do off the property these days. You can see why I had my bike re-geared to handle more up hill. Local pool has only just opened so haven't been there yet, for open water swims I now head to : Don't think there has been one EPA warning as yet, if there every was would head further down the inlet
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    Had a 3 week visit back to the UAE last week and had to spend some time on mates a borrowed road bike. Al Wathba cycling track in Abu Dhabi. Locations and facilities like this would cut a bucket load of accidents and stop all the whingers complaining about cyclists on the roads.
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    Eurgh. Got a flat 3km into the buke which took me 18 minutes to fix! Was basically out of hre race then but happy with my splits ignoring that and still managed 4:00hrs ish. How did everyone else go?
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    The dam was reopened late yesterday after positive water quality tests. 3.4km with the dam all to myself. Season best for the first 1.7km lap.
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    I generally get here at about 7pm and there maybe 1 or 2 there by 715 it’s all to myself until close at 830
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    I understand that there are heath benefits to cycling, and that some people may say they are discouraged from cycling because of the complulsory helmet issue. Some say that letting people ride without a helmet will provide massive savings to the health system through less chronic disease etc. However, what are the numbers? How many people, realistically, are super keen to ride to improve their health but won't wear a helmet? I wouldn't think that many. If you cuople that with the known and serious debilitating injuries caused by hitting your head, and the impacts on both the victim, family, friends AND the health system of an ABI, it seems an obvious imbalance. Not to mention all the increasing evidence of the cumulative trauma of smaller knocks to the head. If you are the apparent target minority that is put off riding for a litre of milk or riding to work by havng to wear a hlmet, then you're probably not committed enough to cycling as an activity to derive any health benefits that would benefit the health system or community. But when that dog or kid on a scooter knocks you off and you smack your head on the pavement, you will be the person whose arse has to be wiped by friends, family, health system, NDIS and carers. If you're not dead. Similarly for commuting.
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    I always wear one and all my riding buddies do. In the UK, plenty of folks don't, (which is why Boris Bikes are a success I guess). Having said that, the UK has narrower roads, more people, crap surfaces, low light and bad weather and yet somehow it feels a shed load safer riding here compared to Oz.
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    Ungrateful colonial hoi poloi get on my quince
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    So is anyone else going to be at Raby Bay this weekend? My comeback event (I can't call it a race, I'm not racing as such) after nearly 2 years out of action. If you see me out there say gday.... Will be on a red/white/back Fuji (thanks trannies), wearing my Hoka clown shoes (thanks Roxii) and trannie hat on the run and wearing all black. And if you're really not sure, I'll be the one with the ponytail or manbun..... My daughter is doing her first qts Enticer so if you see her cheer her on. She'll be on an old Cannondale roadie (thanks ex-h) with Fuji aero wheels (you know, for bling factor), wobbling the hell all over the place, and wearing Toowoomba Tri Club kit. And she's gonna be very bored waiting for me to finish walking the run!
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    just make all races open and if you win it, you win it. Piss off age group to over 45, rename it masters,
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    Absolutely. The silver lining is there, but nobody will ever see it. the competitor that didn't get bitten, the rider that wasn't burnt, the swimmer that didn't go septic. Because these things would never happen.
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    Come to think of it .... People. People get to me.
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    I haven't made it home yet, so there's always a chance.
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    I don't have a river near me deep enough to swim in but my trail run takes in the banks of the River Itchen. It's a chalk stream and very popular for fly fishing.
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    Thanks mate! I think Dan got your order out on Friday. We will always keep the code active
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    Why not make it "under retirement age - 65 - and over retirement age) those old retired bastards are the true professionals - they've spent their life amassing a large nest egg to live off while they train full time - truly the self sponsored pro athlete Keep in mind it's the age groupers who pay the bills in this sport - they throw in more than the sponsors in a lot of cases I have always believed that in any race if an age grouper posts a faster time than a pro place-getter he should get the prize money - give it to the fastest athletes
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    Hang on a minute, wasn't there talk of all this leading to people wanting to marry animals and stuff. Now we know Barnaby is a kiwi, and newly single, maybe he is going to be the first to test this out.