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    You see, this is the problem with so many triathletes doing all there riding on an indoor trainer. FatPom's kid is riding unassisted before her 4th birthday, and you still need training wheels.
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    I know you've all been waiting with baited breath for the big reveal. This is it. So watch out old dudes this thing practically rides itself. First time I've bought a bike with Di2 and first time as a powermeter user. Felt IA 2 Di2 Ultegra Inc Powermeter 2017
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    Incidences of someone driving a vehicle into people have increased over the last few years. It clearly requires little technical background or planning, and only one person who needs little contact with others, and only the beliefs of those they follow. It must be difficult to defend against as there can be little trail leading to someone planning this - no arms or supplies purchases. Just ownership of, or the hire of a vehicle. I dare say I think these types of attacks are going to increase significantly in the future as radicalised individuals see they don't need to be part of a network. My sympathies for those in Barcelona and Charlottesville.
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    10 minutes to drive, drink and park, 2 mins to order, she dusted you by 4 minutes...lol
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    Hey - just realized I was speaking to another trannies without realizing it ! I think ? Were you wearing the Hersey bay 100 shirt who was accosted by someone complimenting you on your speedy running 😂
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    I have a Quintana Kilo with Reynolds 88mm rims, I'm looking at getting some cheap, reliable training wheels, and saving the reynolds for race time. Any suggestions?
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    I always thought michelle bridges was fit. But i smashed her by about 8mins in a 5k race today so one persons fit is only to one thing. She would however destroy me easily in pushups or chin-ups. Oh and in a 6pack comp.
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    Thread mine! My mate's selling his Fuji but I can't grab it, but I think I'm gonna take his S60's. That means I may actually have some bling, at least by my standards!
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    Cat Lady is a winner!
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    Not necessarily.... what we are seeing at the moment is a huge spike in population growth because we're in a bit of a magic spot. If you look at population growth figures over time on a country by country basis you see them spike and then reduce. This is because in underdeveloped countries people have a lot of kids but lots of them die young and overall life expectancy is comparatively short. As countries develop and modern medicine comes in along with social care etc. the need to have large families reduces and people start to have fewer children. The problem is that there is a lag between those two things happening. I'm not saying it's not a problem but the global population will not continue to grow at the current speed forever. I believe technology will save us. Once we have effective solar power and / or nuclear fusion then we can use that unlimited and virtually free energy to renew huge parts of the world that are currently uninhabitable such as the middle of Australia and the Sahara desert. Water can be produced from desalinisation or from capturing gas from space. But then I'm an eternal optimist!
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    An article on this by our youngest. http://corporate.olympics.com.au/news/rio-olympian-toomey-crowned-fittest-woman-in-the-world
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    Great show. If anyone has been unlucky enough to use the 'mvgov' website they'll know that it must be the basis for the episode where the NBA were roped into rolling out the 'smartgov' portal. An absolute waste of money and pretty much impossible to use. As for buzzwords; Agile, Lean, moving forward, diversity blah blah blah
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    Unfortunately yes... as you say it is a lot easier to get a car than manufacture a device... and easier to get into the Queens St Mall or similar and mowdown a shit tonne of people who are too focussed on their smart phones than it is to get through airport security... be alert and alarmed...
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    Just put this on a thread in Trichat, but am feeling generous so I thought I'd share it here. The Wagga Wagga Trail Marathon running festival is on this coming weekend (sorry about the late notice) and there's something for everyone. http://www.waggatrailmarathon.com/ We've still got a couple of rooms free (nothing flash) so might be able to offer you a free bunk for the night if you get in quick - and plenty of floor space if you don't. All you'll be up for is your entry in one of the events (1.5, 5, 10, 21, 42km, KOM or MTB Marathon) and your transport out here. Some of you know where I live, but for others that don't and are keen, just send me a message and I'll let you know my address and some details of the weekend. Note - I'll be fairly busy doing the 10k event on Saturday, the 21k on Sunday and helping out marking and marshalling the courses over most of the weekend, so you'll need to be able to look after yourself.