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    I'm sorry for you. I’m sorry that you can’t dream big. I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles.
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    The planks in front of me at the ATM when I am queued, who insist on: 1. waiting until the ATM is free to get out their purse/wallet and find their card 2. putting in the wrong PIN 3. checking their balance before they transact 4. realising they put in the wrong account 5. standing there while they count their cash, carefully fold it, put it in their wallet/purse 6. check their receipt, carefully folding it and placing it carefully in the waste slot provided. FFS, stop wasting time, you are elderly, likely soon to die, you can't afford to waste your life at an ATM.
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    Mate you would need to ask the bureaucrats that question. There is a lot of research to say that they actually inhibit learning rather than enhance it. Everything we do in the classroom is political - some politician or bureaucrat has decided it looks good in the eyes of the public. What we do has NOTHING to do with best teaching practice. As a Primary school teacher, I have to teach the new national curriculum. In my school, I am not only told what to teach, but how to teach it, when to teach it, and in many cases the exact words I need to say when I am teaching it. Teachers know it doesn't work, the results keep going down down down but we have to do what we are told. I spend so much of my school day collecting useless data ...did you know there are more people working in the Data section of the department of education than there are in curriculum? Governments are obsessed by it, and its a waste of time. Now all teachers are being "accredited". More paperwork. Hundreds of hours of paperwork. I spend more time collecting paperwork for my accreditation than I do teaching kids. I got a letter this week to say I am accredited as a proficient teacher. Thanks for that, Ive only being doing it successfully for 30 years. Oh, and I have to pay $100 to the system for the privilege. This is all so politicians can say that they have weeded out all the $hite teachers. Only problem is that the $hite teachers could still fudge the paperwork. And in 30 years Ive never met one of these underperforming teachers. They are all amazing. Trying to do their best with their hands tied around their backs, with no resources and no time. Anyway Im having a rant. And Im not supposed make critical comments on the internet. So I will delete this post shortly.
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    Samoan safety shoes to the fore.... #earsaremoreimportantthantoes
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    5km OW swim again this morning. Steady first lap, then did the 3.3km loop. Steady pace to the turn, then on the way back I went very hard for 160 breaths, easy for 100m, very hard for 140 breaths, easy for 100m, vh for 120 breaths etc down to 20 breaths, and that got me about 50m from the end. Felt good, and it was that calm, the only ripples were from me & the waterbirds.
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    So it seems a lot of ill informed motorists think we should rego our bikes and be indentified. So this will give us the option to join the bogans and get some personalised plates for the treadly. So what would be your choice.
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    Can't use paddles. The shoulder tells me to GFM.
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    Another "innocent" pro. Hey Froome, want to buy me a coffee now?
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    Yes, but he was stripped of the 1904 title for catching a train, and numerous other infractions.
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    'drive' is storage and is non-volatile - it's where you put stuff that you want to keep, even after power-off. Storage used to be drive exclusively, but these days there are more technology options providing storage. eMMC storage is like the storage you'll find on mobile phones. 'ram' is memory and is volatile - it's the working space the computer needs for running programs, etc. Once the power is off, whatever was there is gone.
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    NICE AS but have to be on the appropriate bike or BIG ASS if more appropriate
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    Welcome to my world. My local pool is 25m, so that's why I love getting out into the 850m pool I've been using the past week. You ought to try 100 x 100 in it Kieran. It really does your head in.
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    I like this one from cateye, on the open road at night you can hear the cars slow down, they seem to think there is a fire truck ahead TL-LD1100 I have taken to putting it in my jersey pocket (works straight through the fabric) now that I have the fly6 on the seatpost.
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    And there will be a maximum room size, but most of the time it will be bigger.
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    This is my impression. I'm no expert, but it doesn't seem like you would risk your career on Salbutamol. But if IM has taught us anything, it's that Anthing is Possible.
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    Only needed for WC race-day. During some of the qualification races, I was not a citizen, all points still counted
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    This quoted from team instructions: Send Triathlon Australia proof of your Australian Citizenship (birth certificate, passport copy or citizenship certificate). Please note this does not need to be a certified copy. This does not need to be a hard copy and may be an electronic copy. Citizenship verification must be sent to Triathlon Australia by 5pm AEST Wednesday 12th of July 2017.
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    Shouldn't this be in the Kenyan Doping thread?
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    I did 124 laps of the 25m pool last night
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    I'm sure if the pollies can get away with it, you'll be fine.
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    1 hour Trainer road VO2 session. felt pretty good
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    had little time today. 15 min HIT session on the Wattbike then 15 min treadmill run.
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    37km roll Very easy effort after I realizied that I am totally exhausted and unmotivated 5 months out from my one main event. Time to go BACK to the method that got me fit in the first place, GOING EASY. 6hrs sleep
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    I think a laptop trolly (which we used to have years ago) to share between 4-6 classes would do. Then you could still teach them IT stuff without the expense. You just booked when you wanted to use them. It would suit my class. Was a bit of a pain moving the truly between rooms but wasn't expensive for the parents!
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    #alleged. Subject to further testing / explanation. btw if guilty he's back to being a Kenyan not a pom.
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    Yeah sorry should have had a sarcasm thingy. Was reference to an earlier comment abou not wearing a helmet cos it gives u helmet hair and a sweaty head
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    Think we can lock this one down for now.