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    Years ago we had a young apprentice at work. Been with us for about 6 months, polite young guy who was always friendly.. My wife & I were leaving the city one night around 2am & found him almost passed out drunk in a multi-storey car park foyer. Spent 20min trying to get him into our car so we could drive him home & look after him. He got really violent kicking and trying to punch me. We didn't want to leave him by himself so waited watching him. After about 30min his girlfriend came looking for him & promised to take care of him. Monday morning at work I had the "dude what the F, I was only trying to help you conversation with him" his response " I was at home watching TV" Then the he started to laugh. I was the weirdo bloke who his TWIN brother told him about. I had no idea he was a twin. He's brother was fighting back because he thought I was some weirdo trying to abduct him.
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    One of the great things in life - after losing a baby during pregnancy - your son letting you know that they are expecting again. This will be their 1st (and are at 20 weeks and everyone is healthy). FM
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    Bored@ you are, by the length of the straight, winning the inter webs this week with the office farting and now this story. Keep it up.
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    Turned 56 on Tuesday and ramping life up a bit (its surprising how mortal you feel as you age). New surfboard will get christened this weekend. Entered my favourite trail run for August. Multiple skin cancer surgeries nearly done and all is good. Rogaining events in Qld and ACT over the next few of weeks. Life is on the up after a pretty dark period. PS Not manic, just excited.
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    This is what you will be vying for (this is the IM mug from 2016) ... FM
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    All my christmasses came at once last Friday afternoon, with an email from Ironman guaranteeing my legacy slot in the 2019 race. I've now got 18 months to plan the race and holiday of my lifetime. To get a 2019 70.3WC slot for Nice and racing Kona would be an epic combo. Need to improve my 70.3 times. I'll be trawling through Mungo's Kona advice thread, for specifics about Kona and things to do. (http://forums.transitions.org.au/topic/70544-kona-advice-please/?tab=comments#comment-1199016) However, is there any specific advice/tips from previous legacy racers, that a Kona first timer should know about the legacy functions, benefits, socials etc?
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    Albany is a beautiful spot, they have a half there that has never really taken off, but if it was marketed correctly it would be awesome. They could do the bike route down Frenchman's bay road, a very scenic coastal road, devoid of traffic with a few hills. The water in Middleton beach is normally crystal clear and there is a 10km bike path running parallel to the beach. The only issue with the half is the bike route, it goes up this shitty old country road which has more traffic than the coastal route. I got the impression they got little support from TWA/Trievents, similarly with other smaller races.
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    I don't think the Dunsborough locals would be keen to have Dunsborough in grid lock, they have enough of that during the summer school holidays. 😀 Let see if the xAdventure swims go ahead this weekend. I recon there is more chance of them being canned due to the weather than due to sharks.
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    theres a lot of old people on here....
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    Saw this from Runner's World, talent + hard work = results Yuki Kawauchi, surprise winner of the Boston Marathon earlier this week lives in a two-story suburban home with his mother and younger brother in Saitama Prefecture, about 34 miles north of Tokyo. Since graduating from college, he's worked 40 hours a week (1pm-9pm Monday to Friday) in an office for the Saitama Prefectural government. He answers phones, enters data, and collects tuition and meal payments. As a government employee, he gets about 25 days off and uses most of them for racing and traveling. Straitlaced and serious, Kawauchi spends most of his spare time running. Four mornings a week, he'll log 18 to 20 kilometers (11 to 12 miles) over about two hours in a park near his house. At night, he'll strength-train in his room with homemade equipment, using an old bike tube as an exercise band and a 33-pound weight bar from which he hangs his retired running shoes. He does speedwork on Wednesdays and uses the weekend to make up some mileage. He might hit mountain trails for anywhere from three to seven hours, but often, he competes. Kawauchi targets monthly “main” races before which he'll run various distances in preparation. Since 2010, Kawauchi has run an average of 12 Marathons and 10 Half Marathons per year. Add to that, about 15-20 other races (5k's, 10k's, 20k's, 50k's etc). Kawauchi tries to find a race most weeks and uses them for training. [information from: Runner's World]
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    Tim Don ran 2:49:24. Pretty amazing as well after his last 6 months. Listened to interview with Bob Babbitt about the Halo and what he did to stay sane and keep the body in some condition while basically limited due to the injury and Halo #strengthtraining
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    The more I read about kawauchi the more I like him, 1:10 in a panda suit for a half marathon
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    Bought a 7'4 Greg Clough Aloha mini mal from a guy at work. Ideal for Pommie waves (mostly) and great for Flipper to stand on. Can't wait to try it out.
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    Not really generosity, but this made me feel good last weekend. Out for a short ride just close to home before parkrun, it was about 6.15am. Saw a little boy, maybe 5yrs old, walking on the footpath, backpack on, no one else around. I noticed he had Down Syndrome. Stopped and turned around straight away and jumped up on the footpath and caught up to him. Just said hello, he gave me a huge, beautiful smile. Asked him where mummy and daddy were or where's your house.....he was unable to talk. He kept walking along a bit, so i followed, just kept talking to him, asking where he was going. He turned around and motioned for me to follow him. We walked about 100m and arrived at a bus stop, he starts looking at the timetable. So i just played along with him, 'oh are you going for a bus ride?' He got quite excited when i said that. Whole time im thinking what do I do here, i didnt have my phone as i was only doing a few short loops close to home. So i waved down a car and some guy pulled over. Asked for a phone, told him what was happening. He happened to be a cop heading home from night duty. Little guy greeted him with a smile and big handshake, started walking along a bit further again. I turned around up the road and saw a man running along, phone to his ear. It was dad, a very relieved dad.
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    Congrats from Foz to Foz............ am extremely stoked for you. Couldn't happen to a nicer and more passionate bloke. When Dave T, Mr Flower and I did our Legacy race in 2012. You (iFoz) were there!!!! That was the real benefit. Nothing can top that! PS: I am thinking about heading across in 2019 to volunteer. Stay tuned on that. Oh...do they have a race date? My Tip. is..... don't underestimate the wind on the bike. The heat isn't really a problem...its the wind that kills you. Ride long and long and longer. Get strong! My other tip is do what IronPo recommends - refer to other threads.
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    This species kills more Australians than all shark species combined. If one is seen, particularly in the vicinity of a triathlon, it should be culled immediately.
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    Yes, there is a massive imbalance in the marine ecosystem but it's not caused by an overabundance of GWS. If you're looking for a decline in a seal colony it's very unlikely to be the result of a declining predator population that they've evolved with for millions of years. The big ecosystem change is a decline in fish stocks. And which predator do you think has caused that?
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    Overwhelmingly people are generous, giving and kind. Its just that this stuff is not the stuff that is focussed on. Type on facebook that you saw a cyclist doing the right thing and it will disappear without a mention. Type that the lycra clad wankers were riding 3 wide on our roads without paying rego and the post will get thousands of likes and comments. There have been numerous examples of generosity just in the Trannies community alone, people lending stuff, giving stuff, paying forward, help with travel and accommodation, raising money for some special causes etc. It is out there it just gets lost in the noise, it shouldnt feel unusual it should feel normal, As Simon Townsend used to say "The World really is Wonderful"
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    Recently i let a driver merge into my lane. Although i did not receive a 'thank you' wave, i was over it by the time i had arrived at my destination.
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    5 years ago when travelling up in the Kimberley on our way to the Kimberley muster up in Kununurra we came across a stranded couple who had blown two tyres on their troopy and the spares were buggered also, we were about 250 km from anywhere and it was late in the arvo, we loaded up the wife in our ute, left the husband with the car and my sat phone and plenty of water and drove to the next place, sourced two tyres and drove all the way back, got them sorted and ended up camping the night on the side of the road with them, made it to Kununurra two days later and bumped into them again, the shouted us dinner and copious amounts of emu export, turns out he is a millionaire business man from Perth. Was nice to help them out when they really were in the shit.
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    Yep, we do random acts of kindness all the time esp when we travel. We think we are lucky to have the opportunities and money to be able to do the things we do. It doesn't have to be anything huge and we don't make a big deal out of it. We just like to help people out when we can.
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    It’s ok it’s only the legal firearms you have to worry about. If they weren’t purchased from a registered dealer they won’t work.
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    Just to add, the call was pre-arranged with an hour set aside to sort out the issues