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    There's so much of this stuff everywhere. People not yielding to others in the supermarket with trolleys etc etc. I choose to yield in life without compromising my values and basic requirements. Lot less stressful.
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    This may happen. Interview tomorrow with Queensland Cricket
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    The "other runner" the anti clockwise guy is probably posting on a runner forum about this dick he met at the local track who got all emotional after being in the wrong anyway
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    You're running the wrong way and expect right of way?
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    You're a MKC Coaching follower so plenty of good stuff and ideas that he already published are available. Go back through his vlogs and see if you can find a common theme! ======== My opinion: Firstly, I'd keep doing what you're doing mostly, you're on the right track and consistency pays off. Spicy it up a bit if you really feel the need, but very cautiously. Something like 50% easy, 30-35% moderate and 10-15% hard (in this order i.e. start with easy -> mod -> hard) once a week for swim/bike/run. Repeat for another 4-6 weeks and see how it feels, then adjust accordingly. Above all, stay consistent and do not follow advice from people telling you to change things up dramatically. That's what people who have no trust in their training would do. I do the same thing with very little variation pretty much every single week of the year and am yet to see a real plateau, except for when I'm doing nothing like right now
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    Reminds me of the time I was training for Kona in the French Alps and using the downhill MTB trails to do my uphill running reps on. Some of those aggro MTB wankers just wouldn't get out of my way as they plummeted down the hill, yelling all kinds of vile French cuss words at me. No wonder everyone hates the French... and MTBers. There were no signs saying these were one-way trails. I was just minding my own business.
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    We will be there watching stages one and two in Dusseldorf . Exciting Leaving tomorrow
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    The one time a year I buy Ride magazine. And then plan my late nights.
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    There is one Tranny who unscrewed the lid of another Tranny's biddon during a club race. The end result was one sticky red, whyte and Fierce Berry mess.
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    Should i take it further part 3... Standing at the wrong part of the range. Now i was at the shooting range the other end of the day and i must admit i'm a bit of a muppet in general and a novice to shooting. It wasnt a particularly busy day at this range because there was a protest on near by protesting electric cars and fighting for our right to burn gasoline. There were maybe 6 or 7 other people shooting. now being a novice and all my shooting is not very good so i thought it wise to make it a little bit easier so that i hit the targets a little more so i decided to get a little bit closer to the targets. It made perfect sense to me and I didnt really see a problem with it as i'd be more likely to hit the targets (I have a Richard Di Natale target) however this very rude and agro man with a whistle started blowing his whistle very loudly and shouting at me to get back behind the line ranting that i was crazy and questioning whether i had a death wish. Are all shooters this narrow minded that they cant understand as a novice that i should stand closer to the target on the range even if it is in front of the line to increase my chances of hitting the target? should i just except that i will hit less targets and stand back behind the line rather than close to the targets?
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    I've agreed with you a bit lately. We will be having coffee soon. Good luck with the job interview.
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    I am leaving tomorrow to spend a couple of weeks cycling in the Pyrenees. I will be half way up the Col de Peguere to watch the TDF on Bastille Day. The other days I will be cycling the Pyrenees mountains in the morning and watching the TDF in a bar in the afternoon.
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    I don't buy smashed avacado on toast
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    Gee i miss Trev/Bourne.... 😁
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    The reality of the situation is Barry had to run in lane 2 exactly 4 times in his session. It's just like the car driver and the cyclist. The other runner had a right to be there cause he was running the "right way" but Barry was there first and felt more entitled to own that lane. This is a situation where you need to sit down and say did passing this person 4 times causing me to change lanes on those 4 occasions actually ruin my session or did my reaction to the situation ruin my session?
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    I wouldn't make a big deal of it. Just wait around the track for a few weeks and when he shows up next time take to his knees with a baseball bat.
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    I've done it to a mate at a club race. He'd hidden my bike shoes the race before, so it was only fair.
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    Consider it a scoop. Im sorta famous for them.
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    Because the first paragraph mentions 'apprpriate positioning' which could mean they are throwing more money at paralympians to achieve the medal count for the Winning Edge outcome (whatever that entails). The second paragraph mentions 'daily training environments' and closer relationships with the HP network. Team GB had something like this which reading between the lines said 'relocate to Loughborough (IIRC) or lose funding. The Brownlees got away with telling them to get stuffed but others fell by the wayside. It may not mean that at all but it has a familiar ring to it!
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    Word on the street is after a decree by Kim Jong un North Korea now runs clockwise around the track, has always run clockwise around the track and will run clockwise at Tokyo 2020
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    Man I have started a procession in this area of taking action 😂😂
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    Ah, one day the trip to Europe to ride amongst the culture, wineries, castles, TdF and those mountains. Paris too. But the Australian Desert beckons first: all that isolation and space: can feel it calling. Although I guess if your'e a FIFO worker you've had enough
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    Peter I did not say he was wrong, given I am clearly not that bright and some how don't no a set of rules that are not communicated at the track.I am and could be anyone who is not familiar with the code of the track. All I am asking is that instead of being intimidating the other party could have simply spoke to me and pointed out the error of my ways and I would have known better and probably turned around.
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    To Youngy2 and Ironnerd / bastards ! Dont forget to do a stage report, including festivities. FM
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    50km ride Vision a bit blurry now. Off to the doctor tomorrow
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    Angus will be doing a bloody long training run again. He will give a shout out to any Trannies seen along the route. 4hr30min target.
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    Was the issue ever settled of what bike will you be riding...?
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    Amaroo motel is where I normally stay, $100 a night, aircon, tv, fridge, free wifi, bathroom etc 2 mins drive to transition.
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    I'm signed up to run the marathon as the 3:00 pacer but been sick now since Tuesday last week and have run a total of 5k (yesterday) since I came down with it. Planning to start at this stage but not sure I'll be able to finish. If you see some bloke struggling with some 3:00 balloons come say gday.
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    The comments made related to an active appeal for an increased sentence. The original judge had taken age and potential for rehabilitation into account to reduce the sentence, and this was appealed. The appeal decision was pending at the time of the comments. In the end, I believe that they increased 3 and reduced 1. Politicians, Media, Public, can & do comment-criticize the judiciary all the time. Morons such as Jones and Hadley do it every day, and are still able to walk the streets - although I often wonder how. What is NOT allowed, is trying to coerce the court during an active case, into making a desired judgement or sentence, in the same way that you can't try to influence a juror. For politicians to try and do that brings into question the whole separation of powers thing. The Australian, which basically started the episode, recognised their error and position, and was quick to issue a full apology However, these 3 monkeys refused to retract their comments and apologise to the court when they were brought to task on it, thinking that they could bully the court into backing down. Then, when push came to shove, they retracted the comments (via the SG) but still refused to apologise to the court. Only when they were about to be referred to the feds did they finally get the SG to apologise on their behalf. All 3 of them are lawyers and would have known full well that this constituted contempt, but thought they could get away with it.
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    Geeze. Who's idea was this? !? You're doing nothing but running to and from the PO!
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    I don't even know what smashed avo is !!!!!
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    Andrew, I think you're confusing Seb and Frodo...
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    No worries mate will have them in the post tomorrow.
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    One of the lifeguards at my local seems to be under the impression I'm some pro triathlete, if I turn up and there's anyone in the fast lane he'll instantly order them out and god help anyone that jumps in my lane after I've started, if they're not quicker than me, he's onto them. It's pretty embarrassing, I'm probably not well liked. I try and swim when he's not there.
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    Ummm the other guy was in the wrong don't you guys even read the original post?
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    One of the better ones, certainly. She forgot to mention though that it is the only time she has ever done it, and that everyone else is doing it, so it was a level playing field anyway.
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    Back in the early days of LAPD, they used to do a few biathlons at Leichhardt Pool. First out of the pool would through everyones shoes everywhere then take off..............was quite funny to be honest.....wheres my fck'n shoe was a common phrase. Doing it at any proper race is a sin.