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    4th for me today in the stinking hot duathlon, happy with that considering I'm a swimmer from Victoria. Pro tip: if you don't shower before flying home, you get a row to yourself
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    Winchester 10km today. It was the first of my two 'Workplace Smackdowns'. the thread of which seems to have gone. It was hilly draggy course, especially the last 4km. My mate went 46.40 and I slugged out a 42.35.
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    I chased the flamingo down the river and wrangled it back to our spot after it launched my son of its back! The unicorn behaved itself with a responsible driver on board! Oh I did a 14.5km jog this morning with a mate also.
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    Yep I was working for my team today. Took a couple of big turns on the front & worked like a dog to bring the break back. I did a zwift race on Monday night with Peter and worked my ass off. Zwift is awesome & I love the fact there is a race starting every few 15/20 minutes.
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    2.5 for first run, then thank all the gods in heaven 4.5 for the second run I was toasted totally. Me, heat and humidity are not a happy combo. ☠️... it certainly was an interesting bike. At the first half roundabout I was swamped by a peloton and almost run off the road. As the peloton straightened up a TA official on a motor bike was coming in the opposite direction, and who appeared to be lecturing a single cyclist for drafting (I presume) turned mid lecture and watched them pass before returning to his lecture - what the ??? Got enough points, so happy with that. got 8th (I think) so even happier.
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    You could always go crosstri. There is an ITU worlds for them too. I raced the Nationals at Crackenback yesterday. Picked up bronze in the cross tri and silver in the aquathon. Then again, its frickin hard. Must put alot of people off. Theres hills, and rocks, and obstacles, and weed in the swim....... dirt, 100m creek run,
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    Exactly. Like AP vs B@W except that they're....um....well....
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    Would you get DQed for this at Rotto?
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    Not much of a surprise for many but, With the canceling of so many swims, and watching people on our Strava group, we should be ditching the swim training and spend much more time biking. Yes I know the sport is triathlon but after todays Sprint champs, a Gatorade race a few weeks back in Melb, the Busso races. Then swimming being 10% of an entire triathlon, basically there is no point swim training any more than once a week maybe? Sadly I have only just discovered this. Off to do a Zwift. No point going open water swimming this arvo
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    I was on the fence until last week, you're right, they suck donkey's balls. Unfortunately, I have two more in March.
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    Sharks in the ocean was its death null, to many great whites.
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    Looks like I went 93/1335 overall and 9/132 AG. Now, where's that fridge and sofa?
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    2.5 hrs of bike with lots of flat with one big bastard hill in the middle.
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    Lol. No. The world is not that lucky! ! That's a mate from swim club who is just starting out. Leant her my old suit. Did you cheer for her?
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    Na Lionel isn’t afraid to try something different & have a crack.
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    Ugh that sounds very rough FFF. I hope can get a proper diagnosis and resolution soon mate.
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    This is just my personal experience, but I did have a few issues with hip and groin till I learnt not to clench the pool bouy
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    Can't bulk bill MRI for ankles, so you didn't miss out.
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    Agree. I volunteer at our club duathlons just so I can race all 6 tris without the guilt of volunteering at them. I do triathlons. Not duathlons. I also love swimming. It's therapeutic
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    Agree mate. It's making picking races hard. If you like doing triathlons.
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    So what do they do for an aquathon, or aquabike in these cases. I'd hate to pay $100 for a fun run or bike race you could do for $20 elsewhere?
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    So this was too polluted, and they race in Beijing?
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    He said on social media he struggled with the surges in this race. Different from the TT style he is used to.
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    Zed, you mentioned that number in the Busso swim thread. Where do you get that stat from? CSIRO recently estimated 1460 adult GW from Exmouth to Wilson's Prom in Vic. That was based on some solid science. Although they didn't have estimates of total population numbers, they did state that the size of the adult population has not increased since the species was afforded protection about a decade or so ago. So if there is over 9000 sub-adult GW hanging off WA, that's appears an awfully low recruitment rate to the adult population. Sure they are a species which takes a long time to mature, so it is expected that recruitment to the adult population would be slow, but it is concerning when as a population, an endangered species with a vulnerable reproductive pattern (slow to mature, low reproductive rate) is not responding to conservation measures.
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    I’ve only seen it once. A woman down Calalla who got dumped going out in her wave - about 20 metres from shore. . She Turned around and got out.crying. Her father convinced her to continue . Emo allowed her to go out in the next wave and she just made it out before a 3 foot glassy broke on her head. She came out a distance last in that wave. I found out later this was her 2nd ever swim. She then proceeded to rip apart the bike and run course and finish second his her AG, even though she got out of the water about 10 or 15 minutes after the last person his her original wave. She was a state cyclist. FM
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    I did this to my hardtail also. Very easy. I can give more detail when i get home an have my computer. Phone is shiitt to type on
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    How long have you been a member of trannies - logic left a long time ago!
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    So is it going to be like AG slot allocation? If so, I've got no issue with it. Should make the competition a bit closer. I also believe top 5 mens and women in Kona should be an automatic lock for next years race.
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    I thought you were talking about his waistline.
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    Nothing worse than a tri that starts and finishes with a run Lucky I don't have to worry about it.
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    Watching the Ireland v Wales game and the Welsh Nat Anthem comes on and Flipper said 'that's the Ironman song' Anyway, shouting for Wales 'cos I think half of my body and most of my pension is in Tenby by now.
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    Unfortunately our old buddy Mark Robson got pulled from the water... gutted.
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    Last few solid days before IMNZ taper. Yesterday: AM: 4km OW swim with 12x200 build PM: 3hr ride as 20min warm up then 1hr as 6x through 8min @ 70.3 pace (all 340-350w) with 2min @ IM (300w) between. Solid hour. Roll out aerobic 1.40hr to get 3hr total.