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    Great choice mate. Athletically, Chris has taken me to places that just 2 years ago I thought were so far beyond my potential. We started the same way you two are - we set a goal, I committed to his program 100%, had complete trust in his guidance, and in less than 2 years working together this produced a result two weeks ago at IM Cairns that I had only ever dreamed about. It takes courage to put yourself out there and let a public forum know your goal, and I’m sure you expected to have your doubters. I can promise you that you’re capable of a lot more than what you, or anyone else, thinks you are. You’re in great hands with Chris. Trust the program, truly commit to it, stay the course and the rewards will come. Looking forward to following your progress mate.
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    45 minutes in the gym. Mainly upper back & lat work to help with my shoulder. Feels good to be back inside a gym.
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    What you do is post half your session and do the rest without them knowing. Then when the see you next they will underestimate you.
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    Due to shift work (and not really liking people) I do most of my training alone. I'm my opinion you just have to know what has to be done for the session you are doing and make yourself accountable to achieve it. This served me well when I used to train.
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    Lol, tape my ugly ugly swim stroke...
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    Spot on Goughy. The thing that bugs memost is that it's portrayed that we (cyclists) have a special entitlement, butwe're actually just doing what everyone is allowed to do. If people don't ride, that's ok, but they need to stop bitching about those who do.
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    Check out ‘Shadetree Surgeon’ you’ll feel a lot better!
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    Hill repeats. 2km warm up / 5 x 45 sec / 5 x 30 secs / 5 x 15 secs / 2 km cool down
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    Yeah you might have misread but guzzle mentioned they ARE further out. Please step away from the caps lock button sir
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    FM...agreed about the internet diagnosis. I've had 2 biopsies so far and been lucky. Had minor stuff burnt off my hands, head and ears - all places I never put sunburn cream as a kid. Growing up surfing, spearing and swimming down the coast has done the damage. I've yet to find a skin cancer specialist here in India, so I can only do it when I'm home. It's money well spent, as my Medicare card was pulled over a year ago.
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    I think I just put my foot in it. Midnight till dawn swim planned for the Summer Solstice now.
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    100s on 2:00 until I couldn't stay under 1:50. 3.1km
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    And how welcoming is it for a new person to approach a bunch of blokes in a pub hanging shit on each other? If you want Transitions to be just a place for the usual fellas to have pub jokes and a sledge, then it's not going to attract and keep new folks interested in triathlon. Theres a time and a place. And it isn't every thread, started with a genuine triathlon interest. Nothing to do with sensitivities of mine. But pub sledging shouldn't be the vibe of the place if theres going to be a diverse future and membership.
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    Anyhow, To get back on track, I am going to apply myself over the next couple of years and am aiming for qualification at worlds 2020, Im confident i can get there and after doing some sussing out of coaches, i decided to approach Chris H from pb3 coaching and see if he was willing to take on a bit of a basket case like me. To his credit, and he maybe is a bit crazy, he is willing to coach me toward my goal, I've seen some of the results he has made with Hoffy86, Impressive stuff and I cant wait to start. Cheers.
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    Thanks Bosco, honestly mate, the thought of seeing if this is even possible was only raised when I initially said to my wife that it would be good to see the worlds being that it will either be here in WA or at my home town of Taupo, it was just a holiday idea, but then she said would I try qualify, that hadn’t even been a thought of mine, but I thought why not have a go and see if it can be done. I’ve come a long way since I started exercising, anyone can have a go right? So why not, I’m only going to better myself and if I’m lucky enough to grab a spot then woohoo for me. My wife and I have had a very good discussion about lots of things this week and have agreed to have a go at this amongst working on other things as a family. I’ve got some good support in my corner to have a solid crack, the worst thing that can happen is I don’t qualify, life goes on and it’s not the be all and end all, but I’ll be the fittest I’ve ever been and we will still go on a holiday as a family afterwards. cheers
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    Next Sunday I start working on my main goal for 2018 - on October 13th I am going to be in Hawaii for my 19th go at the Ironman - I have traditionally swam OK and ran OK but lost places on the bike, even though I had often had the fastest bike in my age group in Australia. This year I am going to go there in the best shape I can possibly be. I intend riding six days a week for the 16 week build. I'll be racing basically the same group of guys who have come up through the different age groups with me, I can't stop them doing what they're going to do. All I can do is go there in the best shape possible and go hard from the swim start to the run finish. I can't set a time goal, conditions vary so much - I can't guarantee a position goal but I will be laying it on the line to be hard to beat 😎
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    We had 9 along for the inaugural Brisbane Ice Mile this morning. Not really Ice, but the water temp was 15 near the beach area, and 17 out at the turn, so it was pretty cold. This completed my 125km target for Winterfish, so I'm stoked. Thanks to everyone on here, because I know that without Winterfish, my togs & goggles would have been in the bottom drawer a few weeks ago now, and I'd be having a much harder time kicking off next Spring. And that's the whole point behind Winterfish.
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    CRE250 Victorian bush 3rd gear tapped over a big log Last thing I remember seeing before waking up on the ground was looking upside down back at the headlight. Yes, massive over the bars. Woke up and did the spinal check....wiggle all fingers and toes.... LOL Found the bike, square back wheel, subframe bent 90 degrees left, all plastics ****ed. 3month old bike. Rode it out of the bush and home with what I thought was broken ribs. Parked bike in carport and collapsed on the front lawn. Ex wife(girlfriend at the time) found me who knows how long later and rushed me to hospital. Turned out that I had hit the ground so hard that I had nearly completely split my liver in two when it hit my ribcage.... LOL internal bleeding.... LOL not 1 broken bone(thank **** for growing up on a dairy farm and drinking cows milk 99% of the time) ICU for days. Off my guts on morphine watching Oprah. Happy days 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎🤘YEOW