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    when I can process what you lot have done, and can come up with something more than just thankyou without all the swearing that's been going on I'll say more. IP, you're just I don't know.........
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    She is out of ICU and in a ward. Neurologists are amazed at the recovery. No memory of last week and can't process new memories as yet. Big relief tears right now. Very happy. I have been in touch with her brother about a possible visit on the weekend. Baby steps, but it's a start. Thanks all for the messages and support. You are bloody legendary. Cheers Sam
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    Wow! You guys are awesome! Thank you! It isn't often Dean is speechless, although I am not sure if you can count swearing for 10mins speechless. I thought you might all appreciate this. Goughy's reaction Goughy's reaction part 2
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    I have thought long and hard before wading into this debate as I am one of he people that are in the "boat" being discussed. Firstly, thanks for the positivity Mick and Oompa. I must admit I was quite stung by some of the comments above. I was in the President's Team last year and I can assure you I am not an elite triathlete...nor do I present myself as one. I was however very proud of my achievement. Like Tortoise, I downplayed my achievement, assuring friends and family that anybody could actually make the team if they really wanted it. Then I looked around my local community and realise that apart from my triathlon friends, it's not actually true. Most people think you are crazy for attempting three sports at once, let alone being able to represent your country in your age group. Why be a "dream taker"? Why not be happy for other people's achievements. What seems trivial to you might be huge to another person. I had a friend last year who did her first half marathon which she did just after I did IM (and BTW I didn't finish in under 13 hours!!). She was insisting that it was nothing compared to what I had done, but I disagreed! She was so, so proud of her achievement and I was so excited for her!! So we talked at length about her race day and her lead up and I shared in her joy and excitement. I don't know if it is an age thing, or a personality thing, but I am all for celebrating the achievements and the joys of other people. It makes me happy to see them happy. On the flip side, I feel quite stung by the criticism by some people (like some of the above remarks or the remarks about IM times) about what I feel are my own successes. You don't know another person's story, so should be very careful in being critical. Everybody has a story and just because they don't meet your criteria for being allowed to be celebrate their inclusion in the team (without writing a list of caveats) you should be careful with your criticism. Anyway, if I am lucky enough to make the team again this year (I have family who live near Chicago) I will again be very proud of my achievement. I will have had to overcome some huge hurdles this year so will be thrilled.....and contrary to what some people seem to think, it won't have been easy for me. Words are very powerful. Choose yours carefully....they can lift others up, or pull them down. Your choice really.
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    I'll add mine here. I wanna start by saying I'm dissapointed but I've also learnt a few things, I think as long as you learn then no race is ever a waste. I hit raceday in probably the best run form I ever have been in for ironman and with the most consistent bike build. My swim was lacking but as swimming is to feel it just is what it is. On the flip side it's the worst ive been with diet since cairns 2014 so I was a little curious to see what would happen. It was weird having a race at home. Not traveling sort of left me less prepared to the point I forgot to take one of my key nutrition supplements race morning. Though knowing I'd have some extra support on course and also managed to score a local toilet before race start was a big help. Swim was as expected clean and calm water but I seemed to miss all the good packs. It wasnt until til I had turned to come back to the boat ramp that I actually got some good feet to sit on. None the less I came out of the water with who I considered the guy to beat in my age group and we started the bike together. As expected I was dropped by the stronger guys pretty quickly but I know who they are and if I stick to my plan and ride sensibly then I shouldn't give up more than 10 min which I know i can claw back on the run. First 60k was uneventful, got into a nice group, 3 of us working hard and picking up time on the better swimmers in front. 5 guys sitting in doing sfa, but not much you can do about that. At 60k my power meter started reading 2000w. I thought the issues with it were resolved so this was a weird one I hadn't seen before. Anyways I thought when I come to a downhill next ill spin backwards 6 times and do a quick reset and see what happens. So what happens is your chain drops off and you lose the group you're riding g with..... Anyways I also managed to loop the chain twice, I've never seen this before so that added 2 min to my unplanned stop. I could not for the life of me figure out how to fix it. Anyways I finally did, and was on my way. Worst part was it was on Mathew flinders drive so I busted myself trying to make up time on the group I just lost. By the time i calmed a bit I was on my way back out of town and pro burnt a match or two. Anyways lap two was pretty lonely. Passed a few and one bloke latched on. He stuck to me for the whole lap and it wasn't till we came back through bonny hills he went to the front. I must say I was quite dismayed to see the group I had been riding with were now tangled up with my mate Clintred off here. It's kind of frustrating seeing where you might have been... Anyways back in town and off the bike, I've been thinking 2:5x might be possible for a month or so now and I had made the decision pre rave that I was going to have a crack. There was nothing on the line for me in this race. I'm not going to kona so I might as well experiment a little. Anyways after coming off the bike about 10min behind where I wanted (expected) I hit the run hard. Had a few ks around the 4.07-4.10 mark then settled in to some solid 4.15-4.20 stuff. I felt great and was taking time off a lot of guys I could see my mate Clint about 10m in front of me at the 27k mark and everything just went fuzzy. Never really happened before. Nutrition had been pretty good, had all my gels and lots of water but one minute I was running sub 4.20 pace the next a local mate caught me when I almost fell onto someones front yard at settlement point. Anyways safe to say this is where my day ended. I walked the next 3 or so ks a friend helped me clear the air from my lungs by making me squeeze my chest either side and blow out hard. Got me running again so maybe that's what I needed. Cruised home just under 5min pace and really enjoyed the finish shute. 9.40.45 with the biggest blow up ive had in an ironman. I think my day ended the moment my chain dropped off but these are the little things ill know to ignore next time. Running the first 5-8k sub 4.10 pace might have been a little stupid too but I had targets I was chasing. Again it's a learning experience and hopefully one day will help me execute better more often. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, having a big group of close friends I train with every week and seeing them have great days made it an awesome experience. Seeing my closest training partner score a kona spot after 15 attempts was gold. All round ironman australia was awesome, but I think all ironman races are awesome.
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    Saw a few trannies out there on the run course and gave some shout outs but not sure who they were. Great day for racing, much better than last year! I only entered on Friday arvo after a mechanical at IM Brazil cost me 16mins and a Kona spot two weeks ago. Managed to hold it together for a 9.26 and a KQ, bloody stoked but wouldn't recommend doing two full's in two weeks again! ?
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    Thanks trannys. It was a great day out, easily my best ever executed race, and biggest win. Totally thrilled. I hope everyone else had a great day. I hope we can share some drinks tonight!
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    Hey guys, there are a few new members getting about at the moment. Obviously that is a great thing for the forum. Please be aware of the initial impression we create by the responses we give to their questions. A smart quip may be OK when they have been around a while and we know them, they know us and they get a feel for the vibe, but bearing in mind that humour, in-jokes and the like don't always translate too well over the interwebs be gentle with them and think before you post. A one line comment like "DO A SEARCH" or "USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION" for a question that may have been asked before is a great way to discourage a newbie from engaging further, if this is theirfirst foray into a forum they may not know there even is a search function, and even at the best of times the search function can be a bit flakey, especially if you are unaware of the correct terminology to search for. Most of the people I have met from here are awesome in person, so lets star the newbies journey off on the right foot by being as awesome on line as we generally are in person. Thanks
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    I have done 26 Ironmans....I am 50...... I could today immediately stop due to fear of heart issues......and tomorrow I could be hit by a car and die..... I think I know what I'll be doing. Life is full of chances...I'll take a chance on my next Ironman
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    I get what you are saying. I have not had to contribute to this thread apart from the stresses of losing then rebuilding the house and all that went along with that, but a few months ago I was just getting really, really sad.... a lot, which for those that know me, would know it is very out of character. I put it down to a bit of a combination of things, the first anniversary of my mums death, which I don't think I dealt with fully at the time due to the Tornado stuff going on, the end of a year of manic stresses with dealing with insurance companies, councils, builders, trades, refurnishing a whole house, the financial stresses that go along with that and trying to insulate the kids from those very stresses to a great extent. My son is also struggling with his ADHD and a lot of other issues at school and I feel like we are unable to adequately help him, and coupled with the fact that he has inherited it from me makes me feel more guilty. More than anything it did open my eyes up to how quickly things can change and while I'm lucky that I have a lot to be thankful for and feel like I'm over the worst of it I can see how for those whose lives aren't great in other areas can start to get into a bit of a spiral. Look after yourselves people.
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    My thoughts after loosing my wife last year is if I can manage something (financially or physically) now I'll do it now! I have just gone to a nine day fortnight so I can go and do things now whilst I'm still physically able to rather than wait till retirement which there are no guarantees I'll make anyway! Looking forward to using the extra days making regular solo back country alpine downhill long weekends at Bogong and Feathertop this winter. Also since childhood I've always wanted a certain car. We had discussed ways of getting one parked in the garage over the years but was on the "one day' list. Decided now not to wait and after getting it shipped over from WA finally got the club permit licence plates on it last week. Have received some snide remarks about buying it from various people but I don't care what others think! it is something I've always wanted to own so did the sums and bought it! It is a nice diversion from what continues to be a difficult time...
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    Two nights ago I spent a couple of hours running around in the dark with a torch looking for a friends daughter who had threatened to commit suicide. It ended well with the girl being found safe, but it did make me think about a lot of 'what if's'. I was covering an area of tracks and trails near my home and was using a bright bike light so I could scour the area on both sides of the track. I ran as I was due for a training run anyway (not that it mattered) and figured I'd cover more area (about 24km's) than if I was just walking. As I was running I was thinking that this girl could be anywhere. She could be alive, dead, or badly injured. I had no idea how many others were out looking for the girl, and I had no idea what emergency or support services had been contacted. I also didn't know the history and if this was the first incident with this particular girl or just part on an ongoing cry for help. The biggest thing I didn't know was what her parents and family must be going through. What I did know was that if I was in the same position as the parents then I'd like to know that there were others out there who cared. I knew that although my efforts were minimal in the scheme of things it was effort that I'm sure the parents appreciated. There was someone else out there looking and knowing what they were going through, and it meant that the area I was looking in was an area that they or others didn't need to cover. I didn't do anything that others (especially those that take the time to read this thread) wouldn't do. But the episode highlighted to me that when you are in the position that these parents found themselves in it is important to ask for help. You may not be able to do much, but anything you can do will be a help, both mentally and physically. No need to respond to this post, I just wanted to get it out there. There's lots of good people on this site, make sure you ask for help when you need it.
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    It's now 8 weeks since the little one was born. She has proved the Dr's wrong & re-written medical journals around the world. Yesterday they were discharged from hospital & have finally gone home to be a family. Tomorrow we fly out to bali for a non Ironman holiday & I can't wait to get away & relax. 2015 has been a shit year & I can't wait for it to change. There is still a long road ahead of us with more operations etc but we can cope with that. A big thanks to everyone for their support & messages. I really think this thread helps
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    I think the most important thing is that if you are slower than me, you are worthless and as I am faster than you, you should be worshipping me. If you are faster than me then you are a serious insect and probably have heaps of times to train, are doping, have no balance to your life and a bunch of other really valid reasons that are excuses when you use them. Also if you have done something moderately well that I have never done, then I would smash you if I did it, but I probably never will because of valid reasons that of course would be excuses if you used them. Why soar like an Eagle when all you have to do is convince everyone else they are Turkeys. Now to find the right emoticon to capture all that. I like this one because I like Pepsi.
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    Firstly I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas break and if you are one of the folks for whom Christmas is not a great time I hope you get through as best you can and can get some support if you need it. Secondly thanks for all your support throughout my first year of being the custodian of Transitions. It is a great place full of wonderful people who are generous to a fault with their knowledge, time and even property. It is a great community although often more like a family with the occasion al family rift or spat. Big thanks to my moderators who had helped smooth out some if the bumps and hopefully this will allow us to grow the family next year. Thanks also to those who have helped, supported, contributed or just offered suggestions for the website, it's has been a bit of work but a fun journey so far and I hope with your help we can continue to gain more traction and keep building it next year. Merry Christmas and I love youse all.
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    I spoke to my dad again yesterday, he's very up and down still, Is spending quite a bit of time with his doctors etc, which i expect, he has a long road to go. It dawned on me on my trip home from Broome that i have never actually done anything with my dad, just him and I, he's traveled to Europe with one brother and lots of time spent with my other brother, but nothing with me, so I mentioned to my wife that i'd like to do something with him, try and mend a relationship thats not been strong at any point in time, and being that i love the nth West of Australia and the bush i figured why not get him to come over here to Karratha and ill take him on a two week camping trip up through the Kimberley, just swagging it and ill drop him at Kununnurra and send him home from there, show him a bit of my backyard. I mentioned this to him yesterday and he said he would really love that, i heard a bit of excitement in his voice, so the planning is underway for hopefully next August when its cooler for him to fly over here and go away with me for a couple of weeks. Hopefully the doctor will give him clearance to fly as currently he cannot due to pressure in his brain that they are trying to get on top of.
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    I hope I've had enough beer to mellow down enough to make sense now! And I never drink at home. I hope this isn't gonna just be sappy shit. I think I posted on here the other day in another thread that there's a lot of shit people out there, and you should surround yourself with the good ones out there. I already knew I'd done that....... but you lot a just friggin nuts. It's not like I haven't seen how generous trannies is in the past, and it's not like it hasn't personally touched me before either! But this is too much and I don't deserve it. And I can't even begin to convey how ridiculously generous you lot are. And you know, this morning I got to meet Ex, Mrs Ex and Little Ex, sit down and have a cuppa with them and leave with a bike for my daughter! It was already a great day........ IP - I already knew what sort of person you were, and told my mate such when I asked him if he minded if I gave you his number. Maybe I'm naive, but I had no clue at all. You know yesterday I was messaging my mate to tell him he should maybe check how much his lbs would charge to pack his bike, and that I had some spacers here to fit into the dropouts if needed. You guys...... really don't know what to say. I've seen this sort of generosity here before. What I love here, is we often argue (or worse), but still hold some level of respect for each other and at times everyone comes together and what might have been said in the past doesn't matter. It truly is a great community here.
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    Went 9:46:32 at Ironman Aus to take the last qualifying spot, and the guy behind him was 9:46:52. To miss out by 20seconds to a drug cheat would be infuriating...
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    How's the training for IMOz going? Should be tapering about now? However, you should be looking at the main event at IMOz! So, it's time to get ready for the very famous 2017 Transitions Beer Mile to be held at Town Green on 8 May 2016 at 3:30pm in front of the pub at the finish area of IMOz. We are now recognised as part of the Finishers Celebrations and the Beer Mile will occur after the Roll Down Ceremony. I will contact our very special Secret Sponsor and hopefully they will be supporting the Beer Mile yet again....this is the 7th year that we have had this support from this amazing anonymous sponsor...Thankyou again. I believe that we will have some very famous IMOz Legends and Hall of Famers in attendance again....think Karen Pini, Ken Baggs OAM, DCM (DO Come Monday) and some more wonderful personalities, just like the 2015 30th Anniversary IMOz and accompanying Beer Mile. I would love to get some exposure on TV, such as Ch 8 (the Ch 9 equivalent for cities) and I have wriiten to Peter FitzSimmons several times to get a mention in the SMH and The Age (I expect). So, if anyone from Port Macquarie has any contacts with Ch.8 or Ch.6, then can you try to get some coverage for the event. I believe that we should also be part of the IMOz video highlights, that we used see at the Awards Ceremony, so let's try to swing them around for some footage. Anyway, for those that don't understand what the Transitions Beer Mile is about...It is the celebration and relief of having finished IMOz within the cut off time so that you qualify to race the Transitions Beer Mile the next day. It consists of drinking a can of beer, running 400M (440 yards), drinking another beer, running 400M etc etc, until you have run a mile (1760 yards or 1600M) and drunk 4 cans of beer. Your choice of dress is encouraged and we have the usual boys dressed up as girls, boys dressed up as dogs. Go Snoopy from 2015, there are also Fairies, Dinosaurs, German Beeren Hausen, ladies called Carrots, the Safari Suit Twins, the Stig, Angus from AC/DC, blokes wearing attire from their youth and the list goes on and on. However, you should look at some of the accompanying vids from previous Beer Miles. There is also the Transitions Mile Of Famers perpetual trophy and if you believe you should be on it for this year, then PM me and for $5 and a good record of service or participation in previous Beer Miles, I will get you on this year's honour list. Also, I see that there is a Half Ironman on the same day as IMOz, so we are having a Transitions Beer Half Mile for those from the HIM who want to enter. Also, as we recognise the Responsible Drinking of Alcohol we will allow those that want to compete and drink Chardonnays, Milk, Gatorade or even Soft Drink. Unfortunately, there is no award available for these responsible drinkers at this stage. We're hoping that Big Chris will come on board again with the Timing Guys to do the timing again and also set up the on-line registration for this 'training event'. So, look out for his link for registering. Here are some vids of previous Trannie Beer Miles and accompanying links to relevant items. 2015 IMOz Beer Mile Karen Pini... for those of us from Forster IM days, Miss Karen would welcome every finisher across the line and she is, like Ken Baggs an IMOz Hall of Famer. Ask some of your older IM mates for Karen's rise to fame, apart from Paul Hogan's show. Speedy Steve 2010 Beer Mile 2009 Beer Mile 2011 Beer Mile http://forums.transitions.org.au/index.php?showtopic=49434 Transitions Post from Ratdog for 2011 Beer Mile TGL's take on the 2011 Beer Mile If you feel any pressure to participate in the very famous IMOz Trannie Beer Mile, then please visit these links for assistance..... http://www.aa.org.au/ https://www.tomwaterhouse.com/ http://www.standard....arnival/?cs=383 http://www.triradar....t-ruin-my-race/ http://rethinkingdri...fusalskills.asp http://ie.reachout.c...ssure-to-drink/ http://www.google.co...iw=1536&bih=694 http://www.aptriathl...e-of-the-cycos/ http://www.smh.com.a...1210-2z42b.html http://www.smh.com.a...0320-354ih.html http://www.chisel-fi...lonby-cheating/ http://www.dummies.c...heat-sheet.html http://au.linkedin.c...fuga/45/47a/367 http://edition.cnn.c...-ped-explainer/ As we are now part of the Monday Official Celebrations for IMOz, we are being asked to turn around near the Finish Area and we will do 4 laps of such, just like I have been doing for the last 15 years. I knew my finishing performances would be adopted by the hierarchy eventually. Here is a clip of a typical turn around at the Finish Line! The reason for this is so we don't jeopardise the licensing of the area for IMOz. Our finishing area will be close to the finish line, but away from the designated licensed area. and finally http://www.youtube.c...bed/oXvJ8UquYoo As most of you city slickers go to gyms and train to music, here are some clips to help you with your Beer Mile Training.... https://www.youtube.com/embed/CZ85j6U2Fvs And finally if you want to lose some weight, have a look at this bloke's story..... http://www.nasvik.se/fat-to-fit/ I will post again in the next week with more info, but please post your intention to attend this 'training event'. Thanks, CoffsPete
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    The wonderful thing about Triathlon, which is lost in so many sports, is that we all, at all our diverse levels of ability, fitness, strength and mental fortitude, stand together on the same day, under the same rules, on the same course and partake in our chosen sport together. A Triathlete's limits impacts only themselves and so during a race, care about yourself, respect all others, and cheer for everyone. If you're at that start line, you have my respect, because one day in the past you made a choice and that choice was to have a go.
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    Look at other people your age. I'm about to turn 40. Plenty of 40 year olds look younger than me but shit a lot of them are fatter & look older. My daughters school had a 3km fun run on Thursday & I was the only parent to run it with the kids. Plenty of parents watching. Lots had "injuries" After the run, one of the teachers said to me " you can tell your kid a hundred times a day you love them, what you just did proves you love her"
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    Thanks Roxi John and I had a great race ( and some luck - the Canadian PTVI guys got a flat during the ride). Our focus is on Sunday's Long Course, but we thought that since we were already travelling to Canada for the Long Course, we might as well do the ParaDuathlon and Friday's ParaAquathon. Great support over here from the Aussie supporters and the Triathlon Australia Team members and officials. John and I are having a ball - and not going too bad for two old (we are both 1960 models) bald blokes. I'll keep you posted on how we go on Friday and Sunday. Mungo
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    Bollox to you all, I trained, travelled, raced and qualified. Irrespective of the fact that it's easy because it's an overseas WC, I juggled a full-on job, a complex family life and managed to get enough points to be selected. As an FYI, it's not just gettting in the top 20 to go, TA will cut again depending on numbers. E.g. my AG is taking 12, I was placed 6th. So it can't be about doing just enough. The double points at the Nationals see all the guns race and smash their points - I got hardly any points there even with a PB. Yes, some races have small numbers e.g. Tasmania, but one win in one race won't get you there. Trying to qualify I found I had to race at my PB pace, making it a personal challenge. Many times people say you can only race who turns up, and race against the prescribed selection criteria. Think it's shit, then get elected to TA and change it; don't think it's worth shit representing your country in a WC due to this, then don't and stay smug in the knowledge that you're just too good. I'm actually pleased to be in a sport that allows me to race alongside the pros at many races and also gives me a chance of being proud to pull on the green and gold. I ain't the fastest and have never been on the podium, but I got a chance, took it, and will give my all and race beyond my limits next month.
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    #worstnightmare, booked a hotel on the tablelands with 3 steps ??
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    Hi everybody thanks for all your kind wishes. I'm just back from the hospital and it seems that Mia is doing ok - enough to be bored and start to play up. It also is clear that she didn't go into cardiac arrest yesterday - thank god! My wife just had a massive panic attack when Mia went into a dead faint in front of her - when she was alone in the ward room with Mia & the emergency staff put her on the crash cart and gave her oxygen and started feeling her chest and got the paddles ready just in case. After being non responsive for about 10 minutes they gave her a big injection - which Bernadette thought was adrenaline- but was in fact an emergency epilepsy drug. Mia's had about 6 such seizures since Friday afternoon and about a dozen lesser ones. So - it was bad, but not as bad as I was first lead to believe. Long term it is clear that Mia will need a series of very invasive brain surgeries- but the extent and timing of that is unclear and has been the subject of extensive debate by her surgical team over the past 18 months. My sense is that this episode will accelerate the decision making and the timing of the surgery. Of course, being the long weekend the full team will not be in a position to assemble until next week at the earliest. Fingers crossed!
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    Ok, Talked with my special friend on the phone today and we are now both on the same page with everything. *insert grinning like a school boy face here She recovering well, and being proactive about stuff. She's awesome. Just a final thanks for now to everyone. It was the FIRST place I thought to come for support when I heard about this event. Before even ringing my sister!?! So that tells me something! This is a great resource, keep the good and the not so good coming, I am certain that all who read gain something from it. Be open, be honest. Keep talking. Thanks Sam
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    Got the privilege of having a text chat with her this arvo during my mail round. Lots of happy tears at both ends. It was better than winning lotto!! Was whistling for the rest of the day. Good to hear you are going okay Miss Jess. Keep doing stuff which is good for YOU. Cheers
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    This photo sums up something special about our triathlon community. Chloe from 3lements who has cerebral palsy put in a champion effort on Sunday in her race and was supported by hundreds of people cheering her on. Super effort Chloe!!!!!!
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    Last night whilst having dinner with my brother, we were discussing the upcoming 30th Anniversary IM and we were having a laugh about how young & dumb we were when we went to first Forster all those years ago for me to attempt this thing called Ironman. And I must have about the best sibling in the world, I reckon, always supportive, never critical, and for this years Ironman at Port, we realised that he has been at every single Ironman race that I have done in Australia, be it Port, Forster, Melbourne or even Ballarat. So it's also his 30th Anniversary as an Ironman Supporter. to the supporters, be that wives, like the most lovely Mrs Avago ( who can't make it to Port this year ) ( or Mrs Go Easy ), children, like the delightful Miss Avago ( who'll be there for Port ), to my brother whose been to IMs now for 30 years..... THANK YOU. Just say'n, 'cause it'd be pretty tough slog without the support of family, friends and training buddies. see you there. :-)))
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    Hello everyone. Long time, no check in. Much has happened since I was last here, around September 2016. I'll try and catch you up in as few words as possible. After becoming suicidal, and reaching the lowest point in my life, I ended up failing three subjects at uni in semester 2. This ended up adding a year to my course. I was devastated. But I pulled up my big girl pants and eventually got on with it. At some point, I don't really recall when, I stopped the ADs with great success. Early in 2017, the bloke got work (I think, the timeline is a bit hazy). He was (is) working up north so wasn't around much. I starting seeing how life was going to be without him in it. The critical day occurred on 15 March 2017. I had just arrived home from my 4th night shift. He has done fark-all as usual, leaving everything around the house for me to do. It suddenly occurred to me that it was more difficult for me for him to be in my life. So, I threw him out. He left that day and that was that. He now stays with his parents when he's not at work and has all of his belongings in storage. There are so, so many other things that have happened I won't go into, these are kind of the highlights. Since that day though, I have refinanced the house which ahs allowed me to live reasonably comfprtably, have started working full time, am doing reasonably well at uni (repeating the failed subjects) and signed up for Busso half in May. The best part though is, in the last few weeks, I have become happy. Really bloody happy. I've emotionally cut the ties with him, finally, and feel free. I have a long way to go. I've gained a lot of weight, lost a lot of fitness and feel alone a lot of the time, but I am on my way back. Look out Trannies.
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    She was never in danger. Apparently sharks don’t bite real estate agents out of professional courtesy.
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    Well, Nick is pretty impressed with you lot! Can't take a pic cause it's at my lbs getting that steerer cut! But I'm pretty sure the "seats too high" comments will be due! It's gone up 37mm from where it was, and he expects I'll need to lift my road bike seat too. Front end has lowered and moved forwards. He said as a bike it's a very good fit for me. Once I've had some time on it and done the exercises he wants me to do it could go down a little lower. While the changes are very dramatic, it was interesting to see how I could be more comfortable going lower and further forward - less hunched up and compressed. Only wants me riding 20mins few times a week building up to an hour over the next month to adjust. Seat height will take some getting used to, but even I could see that I wasn't rocking on the seat etc. Thanks again, all of you. Really really appreciated.....
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    Goodbye Nick. for those that couldn't be there ...
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    It is with a sad Heart I write this. At this very moment many of you are celebrating his life at the chapel. Rose and I so wish we could have been there with you all especially Ali and the girls. I will never forget Nick's friendship and support he gave me in my early years of working Ironman in Forster. He never judged and was the first one with a helping hand. We had so many laughs and when we were last together a few years back at the TA awards in Melbourne we started right where we left off. You will be missed Nick but your legacy will be forever! Cheers my friend. Mike Reilly
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    My only race day photo courtesy of Delly Carr Sportshoot. Yes, it's me. He didn't want to break his camera with a mug shot. FM
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    Yep, I went from taking a "passing interest" as they started, to being intrigued at seeing the miles covered in the first few days. Then it started to be about the human stories of injury, illness, breakdowns, restarts and helping hands. The last few days have been about the race and the tactics involved in managing food, fatigue and sleep. I went from being indifferent before the start to last night staying up late, and checking forecasts as Sydney's weather turned fowl and being worried for Kristoffs well being riding at night in those conditions, and then rushed to try and check positions when I woke this morning hoping there was a chance our paths might cross on my commute this morning. Something that was so inspirational, uplifting and personal, that has touched so many in a positive way has now saddened all those and more. Im supposed to race my last crit of the season this afternoon, which ironically is on a circuit that is on road they should have ridden on today. Not sure i can bring myself to turn the pedals in anger today.
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    I've paid up for the Kingscliff Individual Olympic Triathlon this Sunday 3rd November. KieranR your post motivated me to have a lash this weekend, I hope I can get the job done for your daughter's best mate... Thanks everyone for your encouragement, cheers Rod
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    The time you cross the finish line is irrelevant my friend, and the majority in this chosen sport of ours will applaud the fact that you turned up to the start and cheer your finish - whoever you are and however long it takes.
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    Hey, how's this? Facebook just reminded me that it was 2 years ago I learned about the affair. The occasion was passing by unnoticed. I didn't even think of it in fact. I had started the morning in a wonderful way, and the day continued on in a similar manner. I'm not disappointed FB reminded me. In fact I am happy it did. It has made me realise just how far my recovery from those dark days has come.
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    Gotta love the selective vision of religious types. Thanks god for another chance, but not angry at god for not preventing the accident.
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    I don't like kids, can barely tolerate my own but what the heck About a year a ago we bought Flipper a balance bike. It was stupid expensive but really light (an Islabike Rothan) and had a proper brake and pump up tyres. A couple of weeks ago we ordered her first pedal bike, another Islabike . (we sold the balance bike for just a bit less than we bought it for). Their site had a video about getting kids to ride properly and that it might take multiple sessions before you can let go etc. Basically they said the have the back wheel between your calves and hold them under the armpits so they are steering/pedalling etc. Flipper knew how to pedal from the trike at pre school. Last weekend we had a our first session, all prepared to put in massive efforts. First go and within about 10 seconds she was off down the path whooping to herself with me chasing behind, Mrs FP was speechless and I fell about laughing. Now she doesn't need even propping up and knows the difference between front brake and rear. She's 3yrs7mths old Man I hate kids
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    "Typing is very difficult for me right now, so apologies for this group reply to all the love and messages that I received today. As most of you are aware by now, I suffered a stroke on Friday night during the ITU World Multisport Championships in Penticton Canada. With the quick response by my amazing ITU Triathlon family, I was given immediate medical attention and care at the local Penticton hospital.Through that night a faulty artery in my neck pinged a small clot to the right hand side of the brain.Upon awakening, my left side was immediately affected. My left arm and hand took the full force of the stroke, with both now reduced to 10% of their normal mobility and strength. My speech and mouth were also affected. And I have a drunken left leg.CT scans during my hospital stay cleared me of any damage to the brain. That is the best news.The Australian Team Doctor led the way in my diagnosis. I was then cleared to leave the hospital to pursue further treatment back home. Penticton hospital was a smaller town hospital without the the full resources to cope with the diagnosis of my condition.I am now home. After visiting my family doctor, he insisted that I pursue further tests at Sydney’s best hospital Stroke Unit.I have now been readmitted into hospital for the next 2-3 days for speech pathology, neurology, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound, and rehabilitation for my mouth, leg, and most importantly my arm and hand.I am on my way to wellness.I wish to thank you all for my phone calls, emails, and text messages. I am truly humbled by your beautiful loving reaction.I am also blown away by today’s volume of Facebook wall love, and the staggering amount of posted selfies taken over the years with beautiful ladies around the globe. I am truly a Stud.Delly "
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    Runners should be registered and wear a numbered vest so we can identify them.
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    Call me old-fashioned, but I would be embarrassed to ask for sponsorship unless I was a half-decent athlete. No matter how good I was at exposing myself.
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    Why didn't you stop him and explain you're a triathlete and have right of way no matter the situation?
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    Port Mac race report: Thrown together in 15mins, but here goes! Race preparation Training generally went well over the last year with a build up to 14 hours, which was all I could fit in. I felt I was lacking on some of the big rides and runs but knew I’d at least done enough to get through. 2 sessions of Crossfit through the year has made a big difference too. Dropped 8-10kg and much stronger. Not a single injury during the year and healthy all the way up to race day. Swim leg 1:05 Exactly as expected. Cruisy swim just taking it fairly easy and enjoying things. Loved the rolling start but as a MOP I wasn’t racing anybody but myself. Crossing the weir was a novelty although I badly stubbed my toe due to gawking at the surrounds instead of watching my footing. Bike leg 6:00 exactly. Ride time 5:53 ( 7mins lost due to toilet stops and change of nutrition) What a hoot of a ride! Scenery was stunning in the first half and those rolling hills were so much fun. The road surface wasn’t as bad as I expected but it’s definitely slow. Lap1 went pretty well except for the HED sticker on my disc coming half off and flapping on the frame. That was my one big fright of “oh no, a mechanical”. Quick stop, peel off the sticker and stuck it to the drink bottle with the plan to give it to the Mrs “Here, have some HED”. <<insert groan here>>. Finished lap 1 in 2:50, which was right on my estimate but felt I’d overcooked it slightly. TSS score a bit higher than anticipated and thought I’d better knock 10w off for lap2. Lap2 exactly as planned. NP sitting around 165-170watts which felt much more comfortable given there was a bit of a run coming. Finished with a TSS of 264 so seeing I was aiming for 270 I thought that was pretty good. Oh…Matthew Flinders Drive…yep it was steep and short but quite doable. Crowd support helped make it a laugh along with Elvis at the top. Initially I was concerned running a 11-23 cassette but that was fine. Run leg: 4:57 ( ouch). Went in to the run feeling awesome, running well, thinking I could pull a 4:10 out which was about the best I anticipated. Unfortunately at the 5km mark I had an issue on the big toe. I wasn’t sure if it was the tape I put on in transition had come loose ( always tape the same spots due to blisters) or something in the sock. Scrunched the toes it went away so pushed on. 1 lap down and realised I needed to stop and check this frigging toe out. Big blister which hadn’t burst. Put on 1 of the 2 bandaids I had with me and pushed on. By lap2 the pain in the toe was back again, knees were starting to ache a bit and my feet generally hurt. I really couldn’t understand it as I’d done lots of 20-25 km runs without issue. Stopped at special needs to really patch up the feet. After a good 5mins everything back under control and back to running again. The last 2 laps was very much a run/walk, turning in to a walk/run. I think my old nemesis of ITB had come back as I could run for 50m, then the pain in the knees increased and became too much by 100m. Walking and the pain went away. Finish 12:13 - 77th out of 200 in 45-49 age group. I was absolutely stoked to finish in that time. I though the best I could ever do was 11:15 so still happy with 12:13 given the amount of training. Finish chute was a total blast, I found the Mrs just before the chute and was able to stop, give her a hug and kiss and thank her for being out there for 13 hours. Lots of high fives down the chute, big smile for the camera and perhaps a double fist pump. Recovery: Sore, tired but ok. Had a bit of food and as much liquid as I could then off for a massage. Could have stayed in there all night but had to cut the massage short after 15min…the wife was waiting! Only issue I had here was a similar one I had after Ironman Melbourne. If I lay down I was ok, but as soon as I stood up I’d get the chills and start shaking. I knew this was probably dehydration so started drinking and drinking. Water, soup, recovery drink…about 2.5l in 2 hours and was good as gold after that. Around 11:15pm headed back down to the finish line to catch a few of the last finishes. So glad I did that! Just fantastic to see people coming in after 16 hours on the road, what a great effort to be out there that long and still come in vertical! Lessons learnt/improvements: Ride more hills! It’s very flat where I am ( west sub Melbourne) and not that easy to find good rolling hills. These hurt me a bit on the ride. Run more hills. I think the hill on the run course caused my blistering. Again, very flat where I am and not that easy to find hills but must try harder! Nutrition was tolerated extremely well ( Perpetuem on the bike, winners gels on the run) but must prepare better for the 2nd bottle of perp. I had 1 bottle between the bars, a spare bottle with perp in a zip lock and spare tube in a bottle under the seat. 2 water bottles on the frame. It took too long to change the bottles and get new perp. I’ll have to think about configuration here. Race suit - while my TXU race suit is comfy and got through the ride well, it’s a pain to have a pee. You either get out of the sleeves totally or unzip, hunch over and try to pull it down. It just doesn’t work with lots of toilet stops. Instead I’d go 2 piece but still have something with sleeves on the top. Another one to ponder. I can tolerate more volume in training and I needed it. If I go again, I need to ponder the training and see how I can better fit things in. Conclusions: Stunning event, fantastic crowds, I had a great time and generally very happy with the way things went. The Mrs comment of “best event I’ve been to as a spectator” was a bit plus. Will I be back? I don’t really know. I’d like to focus on sprint’s for the next 12 months so perhaps 2019 I’ll have another crack. I’ll have aged up to 50-54 by then.
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    Maybe we should combine a few of the great things about Transitions. Would there be a need for say getting one one of the coaches from here, or one of the ones I have done Q and A 's with to knock out some generic programs, maybe get one of our tech nerds (with the greatest respect) to tart them up a bit then pass them on and the users can donate an amount they deem suitable to a mental health charity??? Just thinking out loud.
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    For me this is what it is all about. I joke around but I do try and do the best I can with what I have at the time. My first IM was amazing I loved it. Every second of it. I finished to this song . The event was a cherry. What I got from training for that event changed me and made me a better version of myself, it proved to ME that I could do things I thought not possible. I don’t care at all if that sounds trite. I went 16.30. That was 2010. I spent the next 4 years having my life turned upside down and entering and withdrawing from many races. Those races meant nothing compared to the sh*t storm going on, but it hurt not to do them. I finally got back to long course tri last year with amazingly, even by my standards, slow results. While disappointed with the times I was and am very proud of finishing them. Busso 2014 the start line was a win for me. I had a PB swim – just under 2 hours and then the bike went bad. Really bad. So 8 odd hours after getting on my bike I composed myself for the run – I got on course with 8 mins before cut off. I proceeded to race hard and get a run PB. Approaching the 32k mark (and intermediate cut-off that I was un sure if I had made) I stopped to chat to someone on their last lap. I won’t divulge the convo but I did tell them that If I were pulled at 32 I would be completely happy and that was true. Getting there was a massive win. I did finish within 17 hours at 16.56. I could have shaved 10-15 off that by running and not stopping on the last lap to collect people. But then that’s not what it’s about at that end of the race – and it is a RACE at that point. My only regret from that race is not spotting some Trannie/Tranny (sorry I haven’t read all of that tread so I don’t know which it is) who finished hours before but had come back at the finish. 17 hours is hard (and so are quicker times). Some of us train hard for those results, I’ll never be super quick, I guess with perfect prep and no bad health etc I could perhaps go 14-15 ish. I’m no better or worse than anyone else out there in many areas. Some, perhaps many, will disagree. I am thankful there is not a 13 hour limit as it would put IM out of reach for me and others and that would be a shame. And PS I hope that made sense I have just done back to back trade shows for my work so I am a little tired
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    I have been waiting for the right opportunity to make the epic post #10,000 and I guess this is as good as it gets. Firstly thanks all for the Tranny support out there yesterday and the kind thoughts here. No hangover, just too brain dead to do anything. The win yesterday was totally unexpected. I am nowhere near the best triathlete in my age group and had three out of a possible five or six other women bothered to turn up I would have gone home trophy-less. But you can only race who is there on the day, and my gain is their loss. Race report at the end. Preamble first. Sorry it's a bit long. As many of you know, I was seriously injured in early 2010 and managed to come back to two extraordinary seasons with a lot of racing, a foray into HIMs, consistent results, good recovery and backing up. Recovering from broken bits is quite straightforward provided you treat recovery and rehab as the main game and only move forward when all the previous elements are well and truly in place. However, starting in mid-late 2013, I had knee niggles as I was getting ready for Worlds in London. I didn't ignore it, had pretty solid treatment and left the country in good cheer and reasonably good shape. I had I think the best 5k run of my racing career in the Aquathlon, then 7k into the Olympic run I found myself in a new world of pain. It went downhill from there and I was on holidays 10,000 km from home and my normal fixit team. Long story short, I had a bone spur than eventually broke off (in retrospect I can pin down exactly where and when) floated around for the whole of the next summer undiagnosed and then finally jammed my knee locked, with rapid response knee surgery. Recovery might have been OK but for the fact that I now have a lot of cartilage loss in one compartment of my left knee. The medial is fine and I don't know the state of my right knee. The surgeon's instructions were NO RUNNING, but come back in three months. Did LOTS of physio to get range of motion, realignment and compensatory strength, but there is not much you can do about total loss other than wait around until it's bad enough to replace the joint. When I saw the surgeon at the three month mark, my knee was straight (or nearly anyway) and strong. He was genuinely surprised and we had the discussion about the use of the Alter-G and starting to run ON AN EXPERIMENTAL BASIS. So all summer I have done all my run training either in the water or on the Alter-G. I felt I had unfinished business and the intention was to buy time while I worked through the concept of life without running. So these days I only run on the ground when I race, which has been limited to a relatively small number of sprint distance. I had not run out the full 5km until Melbourne three weeks ago. My pace has gone down the gurgler and I'm stoked with a top speed of 6min/km. It's a shock to the system to race with 10-20% more weight than your heaviest training load. The plan was to qualify and race participate in Chicago Worlds in September 2015 and then hang up the competitive shoes. So to yesterday. I did go into it thinking that it might be my Olympic swan song, dealing with unfinished business. I had to do it to find out. My race plan was simple: Hope for some ocean chop, swim straight and manage the conditions better than most of the other old wimmen. Stagger up the hill into T1 and manage the rest of transition as efficiently as possible. Ride as hard as I possibly could, overtake as many men as possible, get off the bike with nothing left in the tank. Stagger through T2. Get through 10km any way possible. Ideally not walk until the second lap. Finish. I swam straight and was OK out of the water. I got 1650m on the Garmin. Then I hit the stop rather than the lap button, so I lost about 8 minutes until I realised and restarted it, meaning that overall time was a bit of a mystery. When I got into T2, the rack uphill of me was nearly empty and I thought "bugger, not a good swim" (they turned out to belong to the previous wave). I had a good bike, lots of low flying, MultiSport says 1:13:44 and I think I've only had one better 40k. The really satisfying thing was that all three laps were the same speed +- a decimal point. And to the "run". I did hang out for the first lap, no walking at all and felt quite pleased to keep on trotting into lap 2. I just kept telling myself that 5km is all that is left to run, no need to walk. Boy, was I tempted, but walk I did not until the second last aid station when I wanted to make sure I got some liquid into me, and then the last bit of the pinchy little hill before the long loop to the finish line. Two years ago I would have been embarrassed to admit to a 68 min 10k, now I'm proud to say I ran it. Total finish time 3:01 something. Compared to an all time best of 2:42. I'm pretty sore today, mostly calf tightness and other bits that don't get properly worked when you don't run. The "crook" knee is probably the least sore bit of me. Go figure. Now I am faced with a dilemma that I will work through with the physio over the next few weeks before I submit the race entry. I have automatic qualifiers for both Sprint (2nd at nationals) and Standard. My brain says do sprint, as does MrT. But my heart says go into the Standard distance as AUS champion and because the longer swim/bike are so much more fun. Maybe that's just vanity talking. Watch this space for the tortoise/Chicago saga.
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    Huge thanks to the Moderators for being on top of this as I'm away at the moment and internet speeds here are glacial at best. I support this post 100%. Regardless of our own moral compass or levels of pain tolerance or HTFU we can never be sure what it is that can push someone over the edge or be the last straw. I have lost too many good people to mental health issues that I didn't then nor do I now understand, but I do know one thing I would hate to think that something I did or said, regardless of how innocuous, "necessary" or helpful I thought it was was the last thing to go through someone's mind. Just be mindful please. If all else fails, at least on this thread, do what your mother told you "If you can't say something nice .........."