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    Bollox to you all, I trained, travelled, raced and qualified. Irrespective of the fact that it's easy because it's an overseas WC, I juggled a full-on job, a complex family life and managed to get enough points to be selected. As an FYI, it's not just gettting in the top 20 to go, TA will cut again depending on numbers. E.g. my AG is taking 12, I was placed 6th. So it can't be about doing just enough. The double points at the Nationals see all the guns race and smash their points - I got hardly any points there even with a PB. Yes, some races have small numbers e.g. Tasmania, but one win in one race won't get you there. Trying to qualify I found I had to race at my PB pace, making it a personal challenge. Many times people say you can only race who turns up, and race against the prescribed selection criteria. Think it's shit, then get elected to TA and change it; don't think it's worth shit representing your country in a WC due to this, then don't and stay smug in the knowledge that you're just too good. I'm actually pleased to be in a sport that allows me to race alongside the pros at many races and also gives me a chance of being proud to pull on the green and gold. I ain't the fastest and have never been on the podium, but I got a chance, took it, and will give my all and race beyond my limits next month.
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    Runners should be registered and wear a numbered vest so we can identify them.
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    I don't like kids, can barely tolerate my own but what the heck About a year a ago we bought Flipper a balance bike. It was stupid expensive but really light (an Islabike Rothan) and had a proper brake and pump up tyres. A couple of weeks ago we ordered her first pedal bike, another Islabike . (we sold the balance bike for just a bit less than we bought it for). Their site had a video about getting kids to ride properly and that it might take multiple sessions before you can let go etc. Basically they said the have the back wheel between your calves and hold them under the armpits so they are steering/pedalling etc. Flipper knew how to pedal from the trike at pre school. Last weekend we had a our first session, all prepared to put in massive efforts. First go and within about 10 seconds she was off down the path whooping to herself with me chasing behind, Mrs FP was speechless and I fell about laughing. Now she doesn't need even propping up and knows the difference between front brake and rear. She's 3yrs7mths old Man I hate kids
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    Brag time...... Ran in the 10km at Townsville yesterday. Was not happy with time and course always seems to be long (clicked over 280m beyond 10km, and was consistent amongst others too). Was personally unhappy with my effort, ran 46:57 (45:40 at my 10km mark which would have been 1 sec pb). Pacing was awful and felt cooked from 7km mark. Hammy was giving me some problems as I felt a lose of power when attempting to pick up pace. Blah blah blah........ Though I had come 8th in age group so didn't hang around. HOWEVER Finally found online link to result this morning, and I came 2nd in 40-49 age group. 8th female overall. 41st overall out of 597. Okay, feels a little better now.
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    As Ash is not a denizen of the board, I will share some of these nice comments with her, which she will like. She's had a virus the last week, and was very close to not starting. But she's a very stubborn girl, and sometimes this stubbornness plays into her favour. It's not the first race she's won when she was ill and close to not starting. She's fine today, but will likely need a longer recovery. Let's hope for a repeat in Stockholm!
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    I used mine on the second run of the Sydney duathlon on the weekend and ran faster with it on than off. Was 6sec/km faster with it on therefore scientifically proven to enhance your performance
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    This is going to be long... Cadence per se is a red herring. My point is that as a point of performance management then considering cadence as a factor in isolation makes little physiological sense. So no, I won't make much of a concession that cadence per se makes much difference to the physiological adaptations that matter for sports such as triathlon and IM (or road cycling for that matter). Cadence only has meaning when you consider it at the same time as torque or power, as well as the nature of the crank inertial load (essentially mass and velocity), crank length, the actual and intended effort level (especially relative to mean maximal power) and the nature of the resistance forces in play at any given time. IOW what cadence one ends up with and "makes sense" is quite a variable feast, both for an individual and between individuals. Anyone that tells you that such and such a cadence is best is blowing smoke up your arse. When riding a bike on the road it's not actually possible to control cadence in isolation. Try it. To end up with a cadence outcome we have to either change effort (power) which is a function of both the speed and force of muscle contractions, and/or change gear, and/or change the resistance forces in play (e.g. change from flat road to a hill). In general we can't control the latter, so we are left with effort level and gear choice. We can't isolate muscle contraction velocity from muscle force. The physiological adaptation of greatest importance in the sport of triathlon and IM is improving one's sustainable aerobic power - it's fundamentally a metabolic adaptation (rate of ATP production and turnover) and not so much a neural one (speed/timing of muscle contractions). The forces are just way too low and relatively slow for cadence factors in isolation to really matter much. What does matter is the amount of work we do, the way that work is executed (i.e. the progression in workload) and the mix of intensities in that workload suitable for eliciting the desired adaptations that matter. Cadence really isn't much of a factor in any of that. The 4 things that influence sustainable aerobic power are: gross efficiency VO2max fractional utilisation of VO2max at a given sub-maximal effort level the energy released per litre of oxygen used which varies a bit depending on a few things such as fuel substrate mix (i.e. fats v glycogen). As you move into higher non-sustainable power levels then alternative and inefficient metabolic pathways come into play in order to supply the power demand. Of the above, the one factor we have most trainable control over is fractional utilisation of VO2max at threshold (doesn't matter which sort of aerobic threshold you choose, the principle still applies). We can make some changes to VO2max through training but it's significantly a factor of who your parents were. Efficiency, well, not so much but there are some things one can do. In ultra endurance events such as IM, there is a natural tendency to gravitate towards a style of effort that results in a higher efficiency of motion rather than maximal sustainable power for the duration and since IM cycling is a sub-maximal effort it tends to be associated with a riding style that results in lower cadences than what a time triallist might end up riding at. There is not a lot in it though and the minor differences in efficiency are largely swamped by other factors, such as race day fuelling strategy and power pacing strategy for variable terrain courses. Ride too hard up one hill and in a handful of minutes you can blow all the efficiency savings made elsewhere. Some might talk about running after cycling - sure but again that's going to be a function of how hard you rode and what's left in the tank than the rate the cranks were turning. And when this was examined in a controlled manner it was found that prior cycling cadence (from 60rpm to 100rpm) had no effect on subsequent running performance. Hence the answer is it is unlikely to be much benefit in going down a path of seeking to control or change one's cadence for its own sake. There mere fact that so many have experienced success at each end of the cadence spectrum should tell us something. As to those with personal experience of what worked for them, that's great but it's impossible to remove the bias and lack of controls in such self-selected anecdata, such that it can be conclusively be a causative factor as opposed to simply a correlation, and most certainly one should not think that what they believe worked for them will be right for others. Overpowering belief with objectivity is a really hard thing for humans to do.
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    It might help to set some small intermediate goals, like working on an particular aspect of your performance that could use attention - it might be a skill, a tactical execution matter, or a particular discipline that needs a bit more work than others typically, perhaps an equipment matter that needs attention. Most of all do enough of the stuff that you enjoy doing and have some fun. The hours are less important than keeping the motivation level high enough to be consistent with the hours you do. Maintaining a basic fitness level is much easier time wise than seeking to raise fitness/form to peak or near peak levels, and it will pay dividends when life allows you to devote more time to your training. 11 hours/week is definitely plenty for this purpose. Even if you are only able to do a handful of hours per week, they can be constructive, enjoyable and good for your mental well being. A brief respite from life's stresses - and that's where making the training enjoyable/fun helps a lot - when training itself becomes a mental stress added to rest of life, you can fall off the cliff. Sometimes it means getting creative - trying perhaps to combine family time with a form of exercise, even if not as hard as you might do yourself, it has its own rewards. When you get the competition goal in sight and rest of life factors change such that you have the opportunity to commit more time, then building from a basic level of condition is much easier and way faster than having let it go.
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    So, instead of a Mo-bot, we'll have an And-roid?
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    Race is on tomorrow morning. Stunning scenery around here weather forecast changes every 4 hours and is different across the whole course. Looks like 12c here and then 6c up on the plateau after the first (40km) climb. There's still snow up there and a good view of a glacier as you ride along... T1 is a complicated setup. You swim up the fjord to this point We drove the bike course in reverse. 5 climbs with two being big and around 7-8%. Plus side is a 50km descent after the first climb and around 30km descent into T2. Out of T1 I think there are 4 tunnels to go through as you climb which aren't well lit and bikes are normally banned. On race day they shut the tunnels for the descending traffic so at least don't need to think about that! Looking forwards to it (I think).
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    Or maybe they should pay employees to do the job like all other professional companies do, rather than relying on vollies? I'm not selfish at all, but I'm not giving my time to a multinational company making money out of an event. I would rather give it to the RSPCA.
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    There's no "one size fits all" - the smaller girls have traditionally got their power from higher cadences - we're all individuals Someone made the statement that 90rpm is from cycling and we're triathletes not cyclists - why does anyone think that spinning at 90rpm is going to somehow hamper your ability to run off the bike - where is the science behind this - there is none - it's just an opinion Now the franchise coaches being fed this line all repeat it - but if we look outside that magic circle of their's - there are lots of cases of very good triathletes who spin at 90-100rpm and get off and run very fast times Cyclists came onto the cadence of 90rpm because it was the most common rhythm of winners - there were the odd ones who pedalled faster and those who pedalled slower - so in answer to Cranky's question - for a start don't "worry" about cadence - but don't believe everything you read in a recruiting post - you're young enough to experiment - look back over your saved data - see what was "fast" Stick with what works for you - but taking your size into consideration - I seriously doubt that 76-80 will give you the best results
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    Hi Just an update which may help some of you who have to experience anything similar. I was set to go in initially about 5 weeks sgo. It wasn't until he hospital rang me and said it looks like your private health insurance doesn't cover you. Anyway, yep, they were right, I thought i had the top cover and the only thing it didn't cover was any cardiac. So the cardiologist got me into he pubs system really quickly. Iw as lucky. That was scheduled for 4 weeks ago. My sister came to pick me up and take me in and just as she arrived the hospital rang and cancelled me as their were no beds. They rescheduled me for two weeks later. this time i made it in. I had to sit in a waiting room until 10.00am till 4,00pm though. but i was okay and wasn't complaining as i had me music with me and laptop. (though hospitals don't have wifi). So it went pretty quick. i had my wrist shaved and went straight in to the theatre. They give you a valium so you are awake for the whole procedure. I had an artery 80% blocked so got a stent. Another artery was 50% blocked but they don't stent those. change in lifestyle can fix this. Had to stay overnight which was hell, as you don't get sleep as so much is going on around you, and they come and wake you up and do blood pressure and pulse every hour or so. the food was pretty bad so really did touch it either. Got home, had a few days off then returned to work. after two weeks, had a small gym session which went okay. treadmill about 15 mins, no issue. most excitng thing was i had my first run yesterday. just a half hour. kept heart rate low. My heart rate has never been lower. Will build up to an hour tomorrow just at a really low heart rate. totally zero symptoms. I transferred my sunshine coast 70.3 to bussselton in december so will be fine by then. I had entered sunny coast half marathon and half tempted to run/walk it. just for training, as no one refunds money on those events. There would be hundreds of people out there though walking around with blockages so at least by exercising at a high rate, i found out.
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    The benefit is to the 3 week cash flow of the altitude room operator. Use the money for something worthwhile, like a surprise for your significant other.
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    Only tranny at bondi hotel award goes to me.
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    Hope you're okay. It certainly sounds like you had to make the break for the sake of your health and happiness, and your daughter. So well done for making the tough call that had to be made. Doesn't make it any easier, I know.
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    Yep, I know Tri clubs that run aid stations get entries they can then raffle off for the following year. I think the volunteer whinge is a bit over the top. Without these groups willing to pitch in, events would either cost a fortune to enter or not exist at all. Ironman make money out of the races because they are a business. If they don't make money they won't do it for long.
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    I made the uninformed decision during a weekend stay in Brisbane to go for run unfortunately in the counter-direction to Parkrun along South Bank. Keep left means nothing to those guys in the quest for a PB - the most one sided game of Red Rover I've ever played (and lost)
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    No, I'm suggesting Quorn tastes like shit and anyone promoting it deserves all they get.
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    Cracking day out and completely smashed by the end. Goal was the black t shirt and managed that. This was the climb that started 25km into the run, 1800m of ascent with the last 5k over a boulder field. Will add some more later when the traveling slows down ?
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    If you are anti-gay you should let them get married and then they will suffer horribly like the rest of us. ?
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    I didnt think you had any teeth left
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    Canyon best bang for you buck bikes out there and are great bikes to boot trek speed concept are great also bmc are worth a look
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    Makes my blood boil! People suing people for being dumb f@#ks. So I guy slips in the shower farrking own it mate ! Guy carnt swim well gezzus! The ones that get me are the work ones where some one might trip over a chair or something ! Watch were your going!!! Ahhh rant over... lol
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    Been away for a bit. Thought I'd pop back and say I did the City to Surf y'day for the first time in 33 years. Longest run in 12 months. Had a ball. 72 mins Cycling a bit. Had about 5 rides back on the road. Trying to get the nerves out on fast descents. Have discovered Zwift and using a bit). Swimming is hard. Can't get left side of body working without pain. But will get there. Had put 10kgs on. Now lost 1 Hope to do a tri somewhere this summer. Hope all are ok. Will try and catch up on a few threads. Cheers.
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    just like to say YOU ARE SHITTING ME A 1st place for aus and this is all it gets?? 3 comments. Well done Ashleigh, so excited to finally be seeing some top results for Aus, with you and Birtwhistle, the balance is finally coming back around to the green and gold. Tokyo is looking like aus will again be in the mix.
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    Last time they were here I really wanted to qualify. I was probably in the best short course form Id been in,, ever. Then I got whooping cough and the qualifying season was gone. In the end I pursued racing for Ireland and even though it was a bit of a "walk up start" I loved every minute of being there, racing in the national strip and carrying the Irish flag across the finish line (see my photo <----). M family loved it all, my folks were super proud and it was something I had always wanted to do, race at a world champs. If I felt that desire again or if anyone else does, I dont care what distance you race, what country you race for or in, if its what you want, go for it for no mater how hard or easy it is or others tell you it is, it may always be your last only opportunity. Grab it with both hands.
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    Yes, but if they didn't call them the Age Group World Championships and instead called them the Funding Model for Professional Worlds, no one would want to go.
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    Its easier to buy than roast ur own. Ever tried catching the buggers?
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    Proud Dad moment yesterday (though a little sad). My little baby girl moved into a unit. It's all kind of surreal at the moment.
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    She's only 35 to 39 so must have looked crap... ?
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    They heard you have a credit card
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    If nothing else it will give us something to talk about on Transitions - might need a bit of fibre to keep it moving through you Imagine being on a long trip with a vegan and a meat and water only guy - would be interesting sitting around the campfire with them of an evening
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    Anecdote, anecdote, Let's get into anecdote. I want to hear your cadence talk... Sung to the tune of Olivia Newton John's "Physical"
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    I see a number of similarities to both you and AP's approaches philosophically to life and circumstances despite the different levels of desire for performance... Both of you dont really seem to suffer from any internal conflict with regards to what you wish to do vs what you do, your desired realities are seem quite similiar to your actual realities. This is not luck, just hard work, being brave when required, and making decisions to align your lives including friends, partners, fiances/work to go do the races you wish to do, with the races you wish to do decided by yourself for your own reasons with not a huge concern for what others really think of it. You both seem more than somewhat satisfied with the outcomes you achieve and the process/journey along the way. I'd suggest that there are quite a few who might not want specifically what you both go after(though there are many here who do) but they wish that they could have a similiar level of alignment in their life between their actual desires and what they get to do. To be the man/woman in the Tao Te Ching who does not have to think first but already knows exactly what he can do, and should do, and just does it...
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    This bridge how much?, and what lenght? It may be cheaper for a few people than building one
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    I agree with this and always have. If you think of them all as murderers Lance is the guy who won't tell the relatives where the body is.......... probably because he boiled and ate them.
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    PB at Parkrun, 20:51 Yippeeeeeeeeee.
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    2km jog/walk at lunch time today. Knee felt good. Super wrapped.
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    Hey FP. Someone from another forum gave me the frame when I mentioned I was building her a bike, and others supplied the brifters etc. I think it's more the sporting community rather than just this site that is like that. Why should I leave a perfectly usable bike in a shed when someone else needs one?
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    I miss the old days when Ninja Warrior was hard.
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    Just grow up Australia and finally divorce yourself from one of the last vestiges of religious dogma that plagues peoples' right to be equal, and marry yourself to a celebration of love, happiness and a recognised commitment.
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    From the gov website Pretty much all here https://www.humanrights.gov.au/publications/same-sex-community-guide yeah it's pretty shit they dont have equal rights Being married is only a small fraction of their issues
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    So much smoke around Farah Borrowed from Twitter but: 1 Miraculous transformation aged 26 2 The two missed tests (minimum) 3 The doorbell excuse (it's a classic) 4 The @BBCMarkDaly Panorama doc 5 Subsequent FBI investigation into Salazar 6 Lying about his connections Jama Aden 7 Jama Aden's subsequent arrest for EPO in Spain 8 Taking 83 times the recommended dose of Vit D (USADA report) 9 Using prescription drugs without medical need (USADA report) 10 The Sabadell/ Font Romeu debacle 11 Being flagged likely doping by WADA (then cleared) 12 Training in Kenya until the testers moved in 13 Then training in Ethiopia 14 Lying about the number of TUEs he had 15 Getting a two week retrospective kenacort TUE from Gabrille Dolle 16 Claiming no knowlegde of the Panorama documentary even though he'd been told about it weeks earlier 17 Lying to @EwanMacKenna at Rio 2016 18 Lying about taking L-Carnitine as a drink not an infusion, which the USADA report disproves 19 Badly kept medical records re L-Carnitine 20 The dodgy dealings that went on with his charity foundation 21 Constant associations with dopers including Hamza Drioch,Justin Gatlin etc 22 The interesting admission of khat use 23 Making testers wait two hours to get a sample in Font Romeu, which he videoed for Facebook live Maybe he is clean? But no one has ever been that good over such a big spread of distances (1500-5000-10000-half-full).
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    Very good point - I must be a selfish twerp as well - I'd say the 8% "active fee" should raise enough money to pay volunteers to run an event - does anyone now what in the hell a "8% active fee" is for or where all the money goes
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    Whatever they're offering I'll double it. I have some troubled water I need to deal with.
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    Because that's when the baby needed feeding. Apparently the little blighters don't really give a flying proverbial what other plans the mother might have when they really want a feed.
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