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    Straight to the pool room...
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    Well it turns out an ironman is a long way. A really long way. wow, what a day. It's going to take me a little while to get my head around that.
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    ***update*** we spoke at length to each other honestly at 2am yesterday after we finished packing for our holiday, she assures me that she still loves me and there are no immediate issues needed to resolve. She’s admitted she’s dealing with some stuff privately between her and her councillor but as I thought these relate to her childhood, she opened up a bit about it. These sessions have brought up a lot of stuff and she is dealing as best she can which is causing stresses and those are coming out in ways I described earlier. We both admitted we could get a tune up (as goughy mentioned so have agreed to do that) but only when she is on top of the other stuff first, I don’t want to overload her. Clearly she still thinks my moustache is seriously cool 😉 thanks for the messages and advice! I appreciate them all
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    Great day out. Saw a few trannie hats on the run and spoke to a couple of dudes helping in T2 who mentioned iFoz having technical drama on the bike? A PB for me at 11:32 , I was on a promise with my cardiologist to keep the HR in Z2 which I did with the exception of a couple of the bigger hills. Petty happy.
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    How about this ? The Voice now has a cap (I’ve given one of mine up) FM
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    I've got you covered FM in the photo comp looking over the swim course this evening
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    Looks like Clintred got a spot!!
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    The man and the book ..... FM
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    I was with my wife for 20 years. She fell out of love with me and I didnt even know - I thought she was just taking her normal hard heartedness to a new level due to outside stresses. One night she never came home and I got weird text messages saying she was at a friends house. So I rang the friend and they were interstate. Turned out she was with another bloke. As soon as she was discovered, she moved out. The 3 boys and I have been on our own for 10 years now. I would have done anything to save my marriage. I was never given a chance. You have a chance Kieran, you need to take it. Give her a hug, tell her you love her. Tell her you dont like fighting, you dont like the way you are drifting apart. Suggest going to see a marriage counsellor for some ideas. Its not a blame game, its about looking for a clear path forward for the two of you and for your kids. Dont keep going down this path mate because everyone is going to get badly hurt. Negotiate some counselling with her and make sure she knows its not an attempt to blame her for anything. Sometimes things can just slip away and its no-ones fault. I feel for you mate. Ive been there. I know what you are going through. Make a massive effort and leave no stone unturned. The relationship can be fixed and become even stronger.
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    Public shout out to Willie! I think we all know it but it never hurts to mention again, this is the only man to buy your running gear from. I popped down to the shop yesterday (even though it's on the wrong side of the bridge) and spent a very pleasant half hour trying on ALL THE SHOES and picking Willie's brains. Walked away with two new pairs (training and for the first time a pair of "fast shoes") which I'm extremely pleased with having taken the first pair out today. Not only do you get the benefit of a wealth of running experience, the prices are also significantly cheaper than you can find online easily so if you do need (or want) any new gear then head on down to St Peter's. Thanks mate! Monkie
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    So, Thursday morning. Beautiful day. Have done a very small ride. Some photos down down for you. FM
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    We landed in Faro today and headed about 90 mins west to a small fishing town called Bergau on the western edge of the Algarve region. Surf is flat unfortunately but might be hooking up with a mob for a one day excursion further west. Plenty of OWS opportunity and I brought my wetsuit. Planning on a decent running block, followed by plenty of local culinary re-fueling 😎
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    That’s my bosses doing......... she calls a spade a spade!!!!!
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    Paul Every just finished 13 km. And now the night kicks in. FM
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    Thanks guys - you can't stop someone else doing what they're going to do - my game plan is to go hard from the swim start to the run finish and hope nothing goes wrong - Not my best photo Flanman - I must have been looking into the sun - it's great to be back here again seeing all the familiar faces - we'll see what tomorrow brings 🙄
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    I showed them where to log in. FM
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    So swim over. Now down to the serious stuff. Bingo with the missus down at Port Bowlo. FM
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    Saturday - 15 km hilly run (for 70.3) Sunday - 73 km ride/2 km run (for 70.3) Sat/Sun - 2 beers each day (for the Beer Mile). Sun - Slow cooked garlic/lemon lamb with baked veggies (for replenishment) FM
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    I took a spot via the eBay auction last year, didn't pay as much as this one went for, but it was significant. Still conflicted about the whole thing, even 6 months after I finished the race. However, I don't regret doing it. I will write a review one day and post it in race reports.
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    Massive weekend for me with work and social stuff and then a hangover................and I missed nearly all of the day. Anyway congratulations to all the finishers, the first timers and all the Trannies. Thanks Flanman for bringing the vibe of the weekend here for us to experience. So Port has the Ironman for another 3 years? Hmmmmmmm.
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    Done. The surf and sea is phenomenal. Weather is great. Legs are shot. Vollies were marvellous. FM 9D2D755F-0B20-4674-A837-00F2D261755E.MOV
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    Trannies on T1 duty The lull before the storm.
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    Kieran I agree with DD Marriage counselling is the best way to calmly sort it out and work through it. If you want to keep your relationship then you will need to work for it, but unfortunately for us blokes, not in a "fix it" way. It will take a change in approach to everything you do. I have been through a similar situation. I'm single now and have shared care of my daughter. I say similar but definitely not the same. In my opinion it takes a lot of humility and patience to get through it. If you want it(marriage) you'll need to get help from a third party. And hugging her and telling her that she is loved and pouring your heart out is a great idea DD. Often we take it for granted that the other side knows this, but it's nice to enforce it. Good luck. PM me if you want. Cheers mate, Sam
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    I worked on the civil action against Pell's mate, Gerard Ridsdale, and the Catholic Church in the early-mid 1990s when I was doing clerkships in Ballarat. I don't know whether he is guilty or not guilty of what is alleged, but he was complicit in the covering up of the crimes of the Brotherhood and I hope he "swings". From my dealings, they are an absolutely abhorrent organisation and Pell is a despicable human being.