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    I've paid up for the Kingscliff Individual Olympic Triathlon this Sunday 3rd November. KieranR your post motivated me to have a lash this weekend, I hope I can get the job done for your daughter's best mate... Thanks everyone for your encouragement, cheers Rod
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    The time you cross the finish line is irrelevant my friend, and the majority in this chosen sport of ours will applaud the fact that you turned up to the start and cheer your finish - whoever you are and however long it takes.
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    Well I had a good chat with the GM at the event tonight, I was pretty nervous but it was good and he engaged in the conversation well with me, I approached him and I went about it by saying that I’ve worked on a few jobs where this company has been on and I’ve always looked at them as having been the leading contractor on these jobs and from that I said that I had always wanted to work for them because I like how they go about things etc, I them challenged him on what he thinks makes this company what it is and he said it’s our people, I then said that I want to be an employee long term and not just this project and then be gone, it’s time to build a career, the the convo went into what I want to do (he asked me) and he said this is great as we always have a need for this role etc, he confirmed they do have training budgets and that he would like to have a meeting with me next time he comes up, he did ask if I had approached my manager and anyone else to which I said I have and also our training dept in Perth. I also mentioned that I’m happy to pay for the required training but that without an opportunity to work in this field the training would be wasted. Overall it was a good 5-10 minute chat and I’ve planted a seed I guess, he knows who I am now And I feel I made a good impression stating that I want to work for them long term.
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    Hi All, The other day I learned something that I didn't know (and so I reckon others probably won't know too) in that you can email the Samaritans. You don't have to be "at the end of your tether" either, if you just want to chat to somebody who has some training then you can drop them a note. More info here: https://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help-you/different-ways-you-can-get-touch/what-happens-when-i-email Might be useful to somebody. I'll definitely be bearing it in mind in case the bad times come back for me. Monkie
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    Come to think of it .... People. People get to me.
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    Okay, good news. I've started dating someone. He's a triathlete. Some of you might know him. (Ok, he's told me I can tell you, it's Stikman). I am very happy.
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    So some good news already, Yesterday at my meeting with my site manager i got my contract extension for another year, knew it was a happening thing considering my current one expired yesterday. during the chat i asked him if he saw me chatting with the general manager at the function, to which he said yes, and i told him what i was talking about and that i need to promote my goals to as many people as i can to start making things happen for me because if i dont no one will. And he mentioned that he has spoken with our project manager about me in the last few weeks about getting me into the panning side of things and working like a junior planner helping out our site planner as he is now a one man team with a huge workload. so things are definitely moving in the right direction here, im actually really excited. My site manager and I discussed this some time ago but with all the changes and redundancies i felt it had fallen off his radar, but it doesn't appear to have which is good news. I hope you dont mind but i said I'm using you guys as mentors to help me with how to approach these things etc. your guidance has been really helpful so thank you.
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    One guy went out and did the swim at night after he finished the run !
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    Day 2. Bloody hell. 276km ride. The first 220km in the rain which gave way to brutal, brutal winds. This thing is a massive team effort, but the bloke out on the road is phenomenal. He goes places I’m not sure I’d come back from. I’m glad to report no penalties today.
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    First time I did yoga, the instructor mentioned at the start of the class "too many people live in the past with regret, or are waiting for something in the future. They fail to live in the now" I thought that was a great idea & in 4 years when I paid my cars off I would start living in the now. Woke up at 4am & decided to sell both my cars. By 9am I had both cars cleaned & on car sales. Sold one of them by lunch time and the second one a week later. Cleared $20k in credit card debt, interest free shit & started living in the now. Taken my daughter on holidays all around Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, 9 x to the USA. About to book a trip to Spain, France, Italy & Germany in April. I roll the dice at work, take the risk & apply for positions I have no experience in etc. I'm not going to go out wondering "what if" Making some changes in my life now to concentrate on doing something I tried when I was 18 & failed. Never done a yoga class since........
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    I'm sorry for you. I’m sorry that you can’t dream big. I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles.
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    People who stand still on escalators blocking the path of those who like to walk on escalators.
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    Firstly, I'm super new to this forum, but in only a week or two it's been great and you guys are really supportive - thank you! I've only done a handful of sprints and 1 Olympic before this and then someone in my training group suggested WS as a first 70.3 and before I knew it I was training for it and entered... I've never been very athletic (I was the girl who cried when she got picked for the 1500m at school) and never ever thought I'd be able to do this. That's the excuses for a slow time out of the way! I had a really good training programme beforehand and train with a squad here in Newcastle who are all hugely supportive and motivating which was brilliant. The training was bloody hard to fit around life and work although I know that's nothing new to you guys, and I'm fitter than I've ever been right now and feel great - even the day after! We were staying in Penrith on Saturday night and checked in in the afternoon and racked my bike then went back to the hotel. Got bugger all sleep on Saturday night and left for the venue about 4am. My husband had a work commitment in Sydney which he couldn't get out of so he had to leave me on Saturday morning on my own and very nervous! I got to transition and sorted my kit out, and the remaining time went really fast. Swim I knew this would be slow, and it really was. I'm slow anyway, my recent outdoor pool swims in a wetsuit have been 1.47 ish/100m and 2.10 without so I was hoping for around 45 minutes. I was relaxed in the water and concentrated on not trying too hard because I didn't want to get too tired. I should maybe have tried a little harder because I ended up at 55 minutes! It felt like a very long way... Bike This is where I learned another couple of lessons for next time (not that I'm ever going to do another one right?!). I wanted to keep my heart rate at about 70% so I didn't burn out on the run and was aiming for 28-30kph at this rate. I couldn't even manage 25kph and keep my heart rate that low. I was still quite hyped up by the whole thing which wouldn't have helped and it was starting to get hot. I just didn't have enough power in my legs to go faster without my heart rate going crazy. Need to do strength work on my legs. I also concentrated on eating enough and drinking a lot so I didn't bonk on the run and that went well although I do also need better bike skills so I can refill bottles faster on the move cos I reckon I lost a a fair bit of time stopping and slowing down for that. I went just under 3.30. Run I really enjoyed the run. I'm not a fast runner (spotting a pattern?), but my heart rate was where I wanted it and my pace was good. I felt really good for the first 10k, the next 5 started to hurt a bit, the next 2 or 3 were a case of mentally knowing I could do it, then my husband got there and I saw him on the way past which was a fantastic boost, then all of a sudden there was only 3k to go and I knew I was going to do it. I even had a mini sprint over the line. Then felt a bit emotional, and so, so happy. 2.23 I got on my Garmin. I woke up this morning - after 11 hours sleep - with a massive smile on my face and feel really chuffed to have done it. I'd wanted to do around 6.30 and ended up at 6.55. By the second lap of the bike course all thoughts of a time had gone and I was just concentrating on finishing feeling good but I am still really happy to come in under 7 hours. I didn't finish feeling like I could have gone harder and know where I want to improve. It's a great race, the venue is amazing and the organisation and volunteers were exceptional. Tired but happy!
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    Starts tomorrow US time. Good luck to IP - not many lawns to mow on that side of the Island! But I did notice that you didn't call it IM Frankston #788 Travis “Trout” Wayth, M47, Victoria, AUSTRALIA Occupation: Mowoligist. Races: 4th time Ultraman. 2016, 2015 Ultraman World Championships. UMOZ 2016, 2015. IM Melbourne 2015, IM Cairnes 2014 . IM NZ 2014. IM Australia 2014. I’m good at mowing lawns. Entering Ultraman because: Love the Big Island and its community. CREW: Swim Escort: Mel Cockshutt; Land Crew: Rosie Spicer (Team Captain), Mel Cockshutt, Todd Cockshutt
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    My dear old mum used to say that 'two wrongs don't make a right'. I'm sure he'll be back when he's ready, he's also been very supportive of a lot of people.
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    Was it his grammar that annoyed you?
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    Just noticed this on Triathlon Marketplace.
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    5k parkrun. Ran the whole way. Was beaten by most of the dogs, prams and kids, but I didn't walk at all. I'm on the way back baby!
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    50 scoops rum 'n' raisin more like it.
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    Does this mean there will be a bad news thread soon with Ratdog heartbroken that he and Stikman have broken up...?
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    Haven't been doing much 'training' lately, but I did get to do a nice 30km training run up Mt Kosciusko this morning. A couple of friends & myself left Thedbo at 4.00am and ran to the summit to watch the sunrise. It was sensational at the top with snow packs scattered throughout the mountains (I'd add a photo if I could, it was pretty cool). A few Km's into the return journey I ran into a different friend and decided to go back up to the top with him. We then ran home the long way via Dead Horse Gap. The scenery was spectacular, what a beautiful country we live in and how lucky are we to be able to get out and enjoy it!
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    i liked the former fat lady.... what did you lose ? 35 kgs and a husband ....lol
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    Race report I went into this race with a number of goals, podium, spot at the worlds, sub 4.40 and sun 1.40 for the run. The key is set yourself lots of goals, you’re guaranteed to get at least one of them! I joined a different tri-club and did most of my training with them. Interval run Tuesday, squad swim Wed, ride Sat, long run Sun. On top of that I swam and ran by myself. Typically I’d be doing 10 – 12 hours a week, peaking at 14 hours for a few weeks. Run volume was between 60 – 70km, with a few 80km weeks. Swim was 4 sessions, totalling 12 – 15km and bike volume was usually 1 ride a week of around 90 – 110km. Occasionally I’d do a lunch ride of around 30km. So yeah a bit of imbalance with the training, but I’m all about having fun and enjoying training, I’m a bit conscious of the high burn out rate in this sport and will skips sessions if I need to. If it’s pissing down with rain, I won’t ride and will run on the treadmill instead. I do need to address my low bike volume at some point though if I want to compete with the big boys, they’re about 10mins quicker than me on the bike and they can run too. Swim It was a rolling start and I started in the 25min – 30min group, placed around 15th from the front. It’s a bit funny starting with a rolling start, not frenetic, very relaxed, it almost doesn’t feel like a race. There were a few people who shouldn’t have been in the first group and promptly got swamped, no idea why they would do that, can’t have been a pleasant start for them. Water was cool, crystal clear as usual, but there was a slight breeze, which had created a bit of chop, so I had to adjust my stroke and breathing slightly. I started steady and slowly started overtaking people. I hadn't managed to find any feet to sit on, it was a little bit harder than usual to draft because of the slight chop. The one guy I did draft off, kicked his feet like madman trying to scare me off. Plan was to get to the turnaround buoy and then pick up the pace the last 800m. We turned and started heading back towards the beach before I hit a guy on a paddleboard. I was just about to abuse him, when he told me to get out the water because of a shark. I climbed up the ladder on the jetty along with 700 others and made my way back to the beach a bit bewildered.. Turns out it was 2 x 2m tiger sharks fairly close to the swimmers, about 600m off the beach. Aborted swim 1.3km 18min Bike I was in a bit of a daze as I rode the first 10kms or so, already aware that my chances of podiuming and going to South Africa were most likely gone. Some of the top guys in my AG aren’t strong swimmers and a few of them didn’t even swim, whereas I’d done 1.3km. So they were fresh as daisies. Anyway one of the things I’ve learned in this sport is that being mentally strong and resilient are key. I felt really flat and just wanted to get off my bike and go home, so I needed to dig deep, refocus and crack on. The first 50km were hard mentally and physically, there seemed to a perpetual headwind and there’s a 25km section of dead road, rougher tarmac where you get no love and need to work to maintain a decent pace. I was averaging around 37km/hr which was more or less my target pace. I wasn’t riding to power any more. I sold my PM with my Cervelo P2 and haven’t bothered to get another one. Perhaps I will one day, but it was just something that I never really used and prefer to go on heart rate and feel. So I was keeping an eye on my HR making sure it didn’t creep up. On some of the smoother sections with less rolling resistance it would have been tempting to cane it, but I held back, critically aware I had the small task of running a half marathon on a stinking hot day. It was frustrating and disconcerting as I continually got passed by guys in my AG and club mates who I knew were slower than me, but I stuck to my plan. The last 20kms of the ride were sweet, tarmac smoother than my ballsack and a very welcome tailwind. I was able to sit on 38/39km/hr with little effort and cruised into T2 with a fairly low HR. I’ve got my flying dismount down pat now, jumping off like a pro wowing the crowd before tripping over the timing mat and going arse over tit, I afforded myself a wry chuckle, there seemed to be a few things not going my way today, but nothing was going to interfere with my new found resilience. Bike time - 2.27 T2 Uneventful. Kneeled down to “put on my shoes” I.e have a wee. Shoes on, race belt on, sunnies on off I go. I ran sans socks for the first time in a half and was hoping to not get blisters. I was running in Asics Hyperseeds and they turned out to be fine, despite being wet with water, sweat and no doubt a little bit of wee sloshing around in there. Aim for the run was sub 1.40, but hoping for low to mid 1.30s. Realistically I knew low 1.30s wasn’t going to happen with the heat and humidity. I don’t necessarily struggle like some do in the heat, but I do run slower. There are some guys that don’t seem to be heat affected at all, I’m not one of those, I’ll always lose a few minutes. Run I had my Fenix 5 set to 500m alerts, something I do for races, not training, where it’s set to 1km alerts. The first few kms I went through 4.10 – 4.15 pace which felt good. I deliberately dialled back the pace slightly knowing if was probably too quick and settled in to 4.20 – 4.25 pace. I went through the first 10km averaging 4.22min/km picking up quite a few people who’d overtaken me on the bike. I’d come off the bike 49th overall and 10th in my AG. I got to 11km and by this stage it had really started heating up. Fortunately I had a jet black trisuit on #sarcasm. I was feeling a bit sick from the gels and really needed a poo. Pace slowed down and I didn’t push it. Kms 12 – 16, for me anyway, is a danger zone where things can really go pear-shaped. I was smashing water and coke and getting hosed down at every opportunity, trying to cool myself down. So I stopped looking at my splits and waited until I got to 17km before picking up the pace. Looking back at the data after the race, I saw that kms 11 – 17 were really slow, averaging 4.45, I probably could have kept up my 4.20 average, but there is the danger that you can hit the wall, which is what I was worried about. 5kms to go though, despite feeling like shit I knew I could pick up the pace and salvage my run, I was mostly on 4.30s for the last 5km and managed to come home in 1.38. Run was slightly long, so official HM time was 1.37, a 3 minute standalone HM time. I crossed the line spent and desperate for water, ended up having a bizarre conversation with some volunteers. volunteers – Would you like your photo taken? Me – water, please water volunteers – Would you like your photo taken first? Me – I need water, I think I might be dying volunteers – what about afterwards? We can take your photo then? Me – water, please volunteers – returns with a paper plate of whipped cream Run time - 1.38 I managed to come in 5th in my AG and 22nd overall out of 730. Sounds impressive, but a lot of the top guys were racing the full, neverthgeless reasonably happy with my placing considering there was no swim plus the heat. Officially it was supposed to be 34, but I heard it had crept up to 36C. A few people had compared the heat to races like Lang Kawi, but I spoke to a mate who has just raced Lang Kawi and Kona and she just laughed, reckoning it was like a cold winters day In comparison, who knows it felt fvcking hot afterwards sitting in the shade drinking icy cold Coronas… I spoke to a couple of guys in my AG and they were keen on going to South Africa so I didn’t think I’d get a spot, especially when pretty much every 1st and 2nd placegetter took their spots, but luckily there were 3 spots, 1st and 3rd didn’t take their spots and I got the last one. Not quite the race I wanted and I’d made a promise to myself that I had to podium in order to take the spot, but a lot of people persuaded me to take it, so I did! South Africa here I come!
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    Mate you would need to ask the bureaucrats that question. There is a lot of research to say that they actually inhibit learning rather than enhance it. Everything we do in the classroom is political - some politician or bureaucrat has decided it looks good in the eyes of the public. What we do has NOTHING to do with best teaching practice. As a Primary school teacher, I have to teach the new national curriculum. In my school, I am not only told what to teach, but how to teach it, when to teach it, and in many cases the exact words I need to say when I am teaching it. Teachers know it doesn't work, the results keep going down down down but we have to do what we are told. I spend so much of my school day collecting useless data ...did you know there are more people working in the Data section of the department of education than there are in curriculum? Governments are obsessed by it, and its a waste of time. Now all teachers are being "accredited". More paperwork. Hundreds of hours of paperwork. I spend more time collecting paperwork for my accreditation than I do teaching kids. I got a letter this week to say I am accredited as a proficient teacher. Thanks for that, Ive only being doing it successfully for 30 years. Oh, and I have to pay $100 to the system for the privilege. This is all so politicians can say that they have weeded out all the $hite teachers. Only problem is that the $hite teachers could still fudge the paperwork. And in 30 years Ive never met one of these underperforming teachers. They are all amazing. Trying to do their best with their hands tied around their backs, with no resources and no time. Anyway Im having a rant. And Im not supposed make critical comments on the internet. So I will delete this post shortly.
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    The planks in front of me at the ATM when I am queued, who insist on: 1. waiting until the ATM is free to get out their purse/wallet and find their card 2. putting in the wrong PIN 3. checking their balance before they transact 4. realising they put in the wrong account 5. standing there while they count their cash, carefully fold it, put it in their wallet/purse 6. check their receipt, carefully folding it and placing it carefully in the waste slot provided. FFS, stop wasting time, you are elderly, likely soon to die, you can't afford to waste your life at an ATM.
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    WS 70.3 Race Report Pre Race 4 weeks out from the race I managed to tear my calf which obviously prevented me from running in led up. Prior to this I was running probably the best I have ever run. With only 3 Alter G runs in the 4 weeks, I knew I was lacking run fitness. The upside was I could concentrate on my swim and bike. This was my 13th or 14th half distance race. Race Day I was feeling great and ready to race. It has been 2.5 years since my last bigger event so I was really excited. It was very warm early in the morning so I knew hydration would be a key factor. My calf felt great and I was keen to test it. I was quietly hoping for a sub 5:30 race if I had no issues. Swim Waiting for gun and no one seemed to want to come to the front of the start, so I assumed no one was confident in their swim so I moved up the front ready to go. I hear it is a slow swim in the lake so I predicted a 33 min swim. With 10 sec to go 3 guys moved directly in front of me and the gun went and they hardly moved, which blocked me from getting into open water. I stayed behind them for 50m or so before just swimming over the top as there were no gaps (apologies if this was you). In reality it would have only cost me 5 sec, but I had clear water pretty much the whole way after this. What surprised me was passing people who started over 20 min before me at the ¾ mark. It was a pretty uneventful swim and I stood up at 35 min (a bit slower than hoped but happy with swim). Official Time: 35:29 including run to T1 T1 Given it has been a while since last longer distance race I made a few minor mistakes with set up, but was out reasonably quick T1 Time: 2:28 Bike As I said above, I had time to work on my bike in the previous 4 weeks and it worked. I am not the strongest biker and usually ride 3 hours in race, this time I was hoping for a 2:55. This course is fast with the majority of it being on very smooth hot mix with little wind. The first lap out was strong with a lot of congestion and making staying legal very difficult (as a former TO I am a stickler for the rules). The far turn around roads were the complete opposite, pretty bloody ordinary and bumpy which slowed things down a little. On the second lap I noticed the speed had dropped due to a slight headwind, but was happy in the thought that it would be a tailwind home. What surprised me most was the amount of gear that had fallen off bikes (tyres, CO2 canisters, complete spare storage units and even 1 garmin head unit). Almost all were on the better parts of the road. How does this happen? I rolled back into T2 feeling happy with ride as I smashed my goal time whilst still feeling pretty fresh in the legs and HR in control the whole ride Bike Time: 2:46 T2 Uneventful, in and out T2 Time: 2:40 Run This was unknown territory due to lack of run training, but excited to see how I would go. The first 2km was fine and it was warming up. Suddenly I felt very ordinary, not sure if I wanted to spew or s*^$. I played it safe and walked about 30m and it settled down, so off I went again. This became a regular occurrence over the next 4 km. Hitting the aid station with the coke was a welcome relief. Endura, coke, water and ice in and i felt better, but it didn’t last long. Hit the same aid station again on way back with better results. I managed a better period knocking over a few km’s at a reasonable pace meeting Flanman along the way (more on this at the end). Hitting the entry back into the regatta centre still feeling ok (I kept up the endura, coke, water, ice at every aid station from then on) when the wheels started to fall off due to lack of fitness and the heat (gee it was getting hot inside the SIRC). I knew my goal time was long gone so just tried to get to the finish line in some sort of shape to enjoy the rest of the day. This turned out to be the second slowest half marathon I have ever done (my first was just slower). I had hoped to go sub 2hr but did not even come close. Run Time: 2:22 Overall Really enjoyed the race and was not unhappy with result, it is what it is and gives me motivation for the next race. All the vollies were exceptional and by far the most polite and friendly people I have experienced in any race. The whole event was very well organised and it seemed to have a very friendly vibe amongst all athletes. Overall Time: 5:49 Side Note Just prior to race start I was sitting in the grandstand with my wife waiting to go. There was a bloke sitting next to me wiping his eye, but I could see he was having trouble as he was covered in sunscreen. I asked my wife for a tissue and passed it to him. He was very thankful and said I can now hope for good Karma which was a nice gesture. About 5km into ride and I got stung by a wasp!! I thought lucky for the karma as otherwise it may have been something much worse to bite me About 8km into run and I recognise the guy who wished me good karma from a distance and when I got closer I noticed he had a Tranny hat on. It was Flanman and I introduced myself quickly before running off (this was during my good period of running). I was lucky enough to catch up with him again after the race for a chat which was great. Nice bloke. Cheers NSF
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    Way back in 2003 when we set out the course for IMWA to take place in 2004 we had a two lap rectangular swim. After that the council lobbied for a swim around the jetty as it was seen as iconic . I had a lengthy and somewhat heated discussion with Ken Baggs about the stupidity of sending people straight out to sea for 2km. My argument was if the jetty wasent there would you ever lay out a swim that went straight out to sea that far.....we both agreed you wouldnt do it in an ironman as it put people a long way away from a foothold on land and delayed rescue time. In those days the access on to the jetty from the water wasent as available as this came later during the jetty rebuild. So you can see where im going with this...tourism wanted it because it looked great on TV. I still believe today we should be using a two lap rectangular course or swimming parallel to the beach to keep people closer too the shoreline.Yes i realise that there is an issue with the rising sun and sighting of the bouys whilst swimming east...this can be rectified by placing more bouys on the upward leg to avoid swimmers having to look too far ahead.On the downward leg or with the sun behind you the bouys can be spaced out further. With the Shark issues of the last few years people may feel more comfortable being closer too shore. Yes i am well aware that the busselton jetty swim in January goes around the jetty and has done for a long time....but so what who says its right. As i said previously we need to adjust the way we approach the problem of sharks and reconsider the risk stratagy and this may be one way of looking at it.
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    Even cheaper in that you don't have to buy a wetsuit or pay for swimming lessons.
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    IRONMAN WESTERN AUSTRALIA SECURES FUNDING UNTIL 2020 IRONMAN Oceania Managing Director Dave Beeche welcome the announcement that IRONMAN Western Australia has been secured for another three years, with the Western Australian State Government announcing funding until 2020. “Since its inception in 2004 IRONMAN Western Australia has become an integral part of life in Busselton and an important stop on the global IRONMAN calendar. I am sure both the local community and athletes from all over the world share my delight with the State Government’s announcement.” “Busselton is a stunning race destination and one of the favourite destinations for IRONMAN athletes who make the annual pilgrimage from all over Australia and overseas. While SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia is renowned worldwide for the stunning Geographe Bay and the iconic Busselton Jetty, I am always reminded by athletes that one of the greatest attractions of the this event is the local community and their ability to make everyone feel at home and part of the family,” he said. Western Australian Tourism Minister Hon Paul Papalia said IRONMAN Western Australia delivers significant economic and social benefits to the State and a positive impact on the local community with the employment of more than 100 local contractors and 1,700 volunteers. “The State Government, through Tourism WA, is proud to support IRONMAN Western Australia for a further three years. This event has been running in WA since 2004 and continues to attract thousands of visitors to the State each year. “Last year’s event attracted 4,098 out-of-state visitors, including competitors and spectators, resulting in approximately $8.3 million direct expenditure to the State. “The course highlights some of the most stunning scenery that Busselton has to offer, including the iconic Busselton Jetty, and with approximately 58 per cent of the field from outside of Western Australia, it will provide fantastic exposure of the South West region,” he said. Western Australian Minister for Regional Development Hon. Alannah MacTiernan said the benefits of the IRONMAN Western Australia being held in Busselton are far-reaching in the local community. “These benefits include local infrastructure projects, employment and volunteering opportunities. The event appoints approximately 100 Western Australian companies and recruits a significant number of volunteers from local sporting and community groups to assist with the delivery of the multi-staged, 17-hour event,” she said. IRONMAN Western Australia event is proudly supported by the Western Australian Government through Tourism WA.
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    Only 2.5km this morning. Called it short at squad as it's my youngest's 16 birthday today & wanted to make sure I was back before he got up. As it turns out I could probably have gotten 10km done, then hung around for coffee before heading home. He's turning into a real bed pig these holidays.
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    It's OKJ, we went through this with Cranky for 18 months
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    IP is still feeling pretty ordinary. He has reflected on the race and I guess he will continue to. He will share more I’m sure when he feels up to it. He picked up an award tonight for showing the spirit of Ultraman for finishing despite all his problems. He is much loved here by the Ultraman family.
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    I am sure we can give it to her for free... Lose weight Set your alarm for 3am Spend January and February in your small ring only Do 10 mins of corework before 3 swims per week Spend a month eating fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner Worm yourself Do monthly 100km TTs Run 1km repeats off these TTs Drink Endura. Book your Kona accommodation.
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    I thought it was a very poor episode. I was expecting a more scientific analysis with appropriate experts discussing the pros and cons of endurance sports and an in depth look at our physiology. Instead I got what would appear a number of people trying to amaze us with craziness and heroics. Maybe to the average folk it is. At the very start they showed a few snippets of people talking before they did the intro to the program and the people...... that Tim Franklin guy said a few things and I thought...... I don’t think I can watch this crap. I was right. Watched it all but it was a struggle. We also said where did they get these four people from! I think SBS missed the chance to show something special.
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    They'd go OK in the swim, but they're bloody useless on the bike.
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    that's all good and well if their arse is in their mouth, but I am guessing it isn't.
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    I've raced world champs, I posted about it on FB and on here in the appropriate thread. I even have it on my bio read out before I present: "represented Australia at Age Group level at the World Championships" - because I've done it, it's factual and I don't given a damn about all those who mock it because it's easy and think I'm a w'ker because of it. Perhaps that's why the atmosphere at the worlds is so good - the self righteous "it ain't a real world champs so it's below me" stay the f away!
  40. 4 points
    My biggest beef with this sort of stuff is that despite the educational gains, kids at 8 shouldn’t have to be responsible for an expensive bit of kit like that.
  41. 4 points
    laptop for 8 year olds......god help us all.....
  42. 4 points
  43. 4 points
    Do you also jump in the car and not put the seat belt on cos you're only going down the milk bar and it's not very far?
  44. 4 points
    Soooooo, if I get this right... Barnaby Joyce abstains from voting on SSM because he believes in the sanctity of marriage and then reveals he has separated from his wife of 20+ years Ummmmmm WTF?????? These are the people we pay to run the country!!!!
  45. 4 points
    I got a response Kieran, Always good to catch up with members of the team. As discussed, continue to discuss your development focus with site and I’ll make a plan to touch base next time I’m on site, in the New Year. Have a safe and happy holiday season. Regards, Zoran
  46. 4 points
    Stikman will have a story to tell. Katz is still in the sauce. Zed will have news. Thats all I know. Lol
  47. 4 points
    If it's any consolation FM, I think your hand modeling days were well behind you anyway
  48. 4 points
    SOLD. Someone got a bargain
  49. 4 points
    Curious how you don't read many posts saying: good solid prep- totally injury free as I've been doing my core exercises. Nutrition nailed in training - Time to roll the dice and rock ! 😂
  50. 4 points
    Mat & Lino for sure. I once did 1km efforts with a 1min walk between. Only problem was the tread mill was set up in the lounge room. Sweat went all over the place. Including the three baskets of clothes waiting to be folded & sorted, the couch & the curtains.