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    I'm back...quick race summary.. Overbike and paid for it on the run. I really worked hard on the run to hold it together somewhat causr it could have got real ugly... Still lots of positives to come away from the race and Jarrod Owen is an absolute gun! Stoked to pull this off after parting ways with the coach a few months back and it's been a really positive experience to get myself back on track. No kona spot. Money not a factor. My first child is due in May. I want to remember that. Doing kona will ruin that experience and that's where my focus will go after port. Had so much fun sharing the day with with other tranies and passed Sam just before the finish. He looked really good.
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    This is what IM is all about. Sam and his daughter at the end of the ride.
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    Well done Brett and Prizna awesome result! 10.27 for me which I’m happy with
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    I remember reading a post a while back that made me reflect on how much I’ve taken from this site yet how little I’ve given. I tend to keep my thoughts and opinions largely to myself, but after reading about how much people seem to enjoy race reports, I figured this could be a way of contributing to the site in a very small way. I had what I would consider a fairly long journey to KQ, so perhaps there are some useful insights that might help others along the way. For those not interested in the story, here are the numbers from Ironman Cairns 2018 – Swim – 1:02:04 Ride – 04:49:14 Run – 03:10:56 Overall – 09:07:35 2nd in 30 – 34 age group, 6th overall age-grouper, 23rd Overall and Kona Qualification Background My first Ironman was Busselton in 2012, where I learned a very hard but important lesson about over-biking. I walked my way to a 4h30min marathon and an overall time of 10h49min. Then Ironman* Melbourne 2013 with a significantly shortened swim in 9:33 (*probably add somewhere around 30mins to account for missing swim distance) Ironman Australia 2014 in 9.58 Ironman South Africa in 2016 with a marathon meltdown for 9.51 Ironman Australia in 2017 (first time being coached) 9.31 Ironman Cairns in 2018 for 9.07, 2nd in 30 – 34 age group and Kona Qualification. The Build After Port Mac in 2017 I did zero swimming, riding or running for around 6 months. Simply didn’t feel like it, so I just surfed heaps to stay active. I’ve never been a year-round triathlete. About 20 weeks out from Cairns I got moving again and just knocked out some very unstructured swim bike and run training, then once it hit the 16 week mark I got to work. I had a great run of health which meant I was able to be really consistent and get the sessions done. I think I ended up averaging somewhere around 16 – 17 hours per week, with no week being over 20 hours. Race Week My mate, who was also racing, and I arrived in Cairns a few days before the race to kick our feet up and add the finishing touches. I knew I was in good shape so I was very relaxed leading into race day. We were enjoying a few beers every night at dinner, and I always have a beer at dinner the night before the race to remind myself that, at the end of the day, I do this for fun so don’t take myself too seriously. Race Morning After a quick visit to my bike to put on my hydration and pump up my tyres, we just hung out with my support crew. I had my fiancé, dad, brother and his fiancé there which was awesome. I’m always so humbled by people who want to support me in what is a very selfish sport. I was in a great headspace race morning and was smiling all the way from when I farewelled my crew to the water when I made my first stroke of the swim leg. Swim - 1:02:04 I had an ordinary swim. I struggled to get into a rhythm, and instead of concentrating on finding my stroke I sort of just thrashed away. I made a pretty stupid mistake by doing a u-turn at the far buoy and swam in the wrong direction for around 10 metres before nearly having a head-on collision. My fault for not checking the swim course map. My shoulders started feeling tired at around 3km which has never happened before either, but I wasn’t too worried. It’s a long day ahead. Ride - 04:49:14 In Port Mac a year earlier, I’d let the race get away from me on the bike. I ran the fastest marathon of my AG that day which included a 3 minute negative split, but I simply ran out of real estate. This time around my coach (Chris Hanrahan of PB3 tri) came up with a plan to get to the front of the AG race and duke it out with the big boys. We decided that I would ride aggressively with the tail wind up to Port Douglas to maximise its advantage, and then ‘solidly but smartly’ back into the head wind. By around the 120km mark and heading back towards Cairns after hitting Port Douglas for the second time, I found myself completely on my own for around 20km. It was at this stage I realised that I was probably right up the pointy end. At around 145km a bloke from my AG joined me, and we created a two man pace line and rode into town together. I remember noticing he had a Kona drink bottle, so I knew I was in good company. We started riding through (and occasionally picking up) quite a few female pros on the way into town, including one who ended up podiuming. I’ll always remember a great quote from Sebbie Kienle when he was asked what it’s like coming in to T2 with a lead over the other athletes. He simply stated “Well, there are other advantages to being out front – like being a legend”. At around 175km I decided that I wanted to be a legend and come into T2 solo, so I moved to the front of our group of three (now including the podiuming female pro), dropped the hammer and blew them out the back so I could have the glory. It was totally worth it – I felt like such a stud coming in to T2. I was in the change tent completely on my own which was a very weird feeling. Run - 03:10:56 Ran out of T2 feeling like a legend, gave my support crew hi fives, and settled into 4.25min/km run pace. To be honest I didn’t really feel all that good, but I just backed my fitness and followed my plan. I wasn’t sure exactly where I was in my AG (turns out I was second off the bike), but the athlete whom I’d rode with for most of the final 35 kms of the bike leg ran through me after a couple of kilometres. I wasn’t concerned – I had a lot of confidence in the back-end of my marathon and I only ever worry about myself in these races. That’s all I can control. Throughout the marathon I just tried to stay relaxed and follow my hydration and nutrition plan. At around the 21km mark I switched to just coke and water as the gels started to feel a bit gluggy in my guts. At around 32km I was told that I was 3rd in my AG and second was just up the road. I’d seen at the previous turnaround that I’d closed the gap right up with the bloke who ran through me early, and it was pretty clear he was starting to struggle and I was quickly eating away at the time gap. At around the 38km mark I pulled up behind him, sat on him for 10 – 15 seconds, took a moment to gather myself, and then dropped the hammer to blow right past him. I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t come with me – I really wasn’t in the mood for a run battle to the finish by that stage. As I passed he gave me some words of encouragement and that was it. He had nothing left. The final few km were pretty typical of any Ironman – gritting my teeth and questioning if the signage was wrong and the last 2km were, in fact, 10km. Running down the finishing chute with a big smile, I gave my team high-fives and fiancé a kiss. As I crossed the line and looked up and saw my time I was in a bit of shock. I don’t time my swim and I never really do the numbers to work out where I’m at with overall time. This ensures I stay in the moment and don’t get caught up in chasing an overall time. It was at that stage I knew I’d executed a race well beyond what I thought was within my capabilities. Overall Time - 09:07:35 Finally, after 6 Ironmans, I was off to Hawaii. Kona race report to come…
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    My daughter so kindly reminded me that its race week....and also shark week starts on tv later this week also.......she said with an evil laugh lol. Then i reminded her that her kids race goes in the ocean too and kids are easier to eat than adults
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    I’ve been visiting here, and posting occasionally over the past few years – and have found it a great place for advice, info and general banter… I happened to stumble across this section for the first time earlier this week and found it amazingly powerful and deeply moving about some of the issues people face and the supportive nature of this little community, so I thought I’d open up, say ‘hello’ and share a few of my thoughts and experiences… I started triathlon with an enticer at Nepean about 9-10 years ago, when a 300m swim was the furthest I’d ever swam, I was genuinely scared of getting that far… dabbled with a couple of other tri’s but then was diagnosed with two slipped vertebrae and stopped exercising for about 18 months to protect the spine but in doing so ballooned to about 105kg and got pretty down about that side of things… At around the same time, a relationship ended in disastrous fashion (self-inflicted) and as a result I went through a good few years feeling pretty isolated and not really liking myself very much, which isn’t a great place to find yourself in. In many ways triathlon became a huge help to me – I set myself the goal of completing an Ironman, joined a training group and set about getting myself on a more positive path. For the past five years this has eventuated – I’ve ticked off some bucket list things - enjoying races all round the world, steadily improving things that I’m not great at in the sport, and most importantly making lifelong friends and trying to be a better person with the people who matter most. I still suffer with a bit of anxiety and lack of confidence in certain situations (parties where I don’t know people, making small talk at work events etc) but they’re not really big things or big issues. Happy to say I keep myself on a pretty stable setting nowadays and have found amazing people who enhance and enrich my life to the point where I don’t mind writing something like this and sharing it. Realise my issues seem relatively minor compared with other folks, but the mind is a funny thing and can stuff you around plenty… Best wishes to everyone on here, stay strong and race and train as hard or as easy as makes you happy!
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    So, I've been having a little think about this recently given I am a little over a week away from a 15-16:59:59 finish time which I will be completely happy with. Why am I happy with a finish time? Well, there are a range of reasons: 1. The wheels feel off life generally and I am just glad to be back living a happy life again; 2. I've had 4 years off any kind of training or racing as I didn't have any time once I started back at uni, so really shouldn't expect too much in terms of performance; 3. Due to not doing any regular exercise due to lack of time and motivation if I am honest, I had a significant flare up of the back injury a while back which I am really only just getting back under control again; 4. I only decided to race 8 weeks ago and as such have only really been training for 8 weeks; and 5. I am glad to be having the opportunity to reconnect with a sport and a community which has brought me so much pleasure. So, the finish time will suck. I am ok with that. I'm just glad I will be there doing something I love (though hate with a passion at the time), with a motley crew of misfits (that's you lot) behind me in both person and in spirit.
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    Fking boom! I hit my 2018 goal today. 22 years ago I joined the military. I was too young, immature and not ready for military life. It has haunted me every year since. Every Anzac Day, Remembrence Day etc was a reminder that I failed. At the age of 40 I went back & finished what I started. I marched out a 9am this morning. My Wife, daughter & parents were there to see me graduate. This means more to me than any Ironman, Ironman time or racing Kona.
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    Don’t worry all you newbies you will eventually clock up the years and then you will feel the power of telling everybody that “IT WAS WAY F$&king HARDER BACK IN THE DAY “ 😂😂😂😂
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    Friday was an easy 1k of drills at the pool. I should have had a rest day but I wanted to try out my new in-line snorkel, cheers Cranky 👍 Saturday morning was the Qld Rottnest qualifier 10k open water swim at Redcliffe. Finished in 3:09:50, pretty happy with that 😁 Absolutely perfect conditions for my longest o/w swim to date. Feeds at 2.5k 5k & 7.5k on Willie’s Huma Gels & flat Pepsi. Felt like I had so much more energy than my 8k Magnetic Isl race so I recon I have my race feeding sorted now 👍
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    Mrs took me to Jenolan Caves for the weekend for my birthday, mainly because I have always wanted to see a platypus in the wild and they are known to be in the blue pool there. Box ticked
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    Hey FFF. Nothing to add to above. Only, just spent a week over in WA traveling in a camper van from Perth to Freo, Busso, Margaret a River, Augusta, to Cape Leeuwin-Naturaliste and (nearly) every dirt road leading to the coast. First time there, pretty special. We even ran the length of the Busso pier, nice and early in the morning, the head wind back was fun......lol. As someone who has done a few, and been a BOP, enjoy the day for what is. My advice, smile, have fun and smile a bit more. PS.....a photo I took....
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    Well done everyone! Personally, I was happy to put together a consistent day despite a sub par swim. Here’s my file for you Peter (ignore HR, it was losing the plot!). For reference I’m 68kg.. clearly need to work on my aero!
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    I'll start the poll asking if we should ban RBR shortly. Family before Kona is a ban-able thought, surely?
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    8:23 & 6th for Lochie.
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    When I saw the thread title I never even had the slightest inkling it was real. Lighten up.
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    Final instructions to FFF from TC: Stop liking my insta posts and get yourself to the start line!!!!!!
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    I can't think of any sport more encouraging than triathlon where the BOPers get as much support as the FOPers. Long may it continue.
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    I work at a Uni and we have had quite a few bike thefts. The cozzers have now installed a bait bike, an expensive bike with shitty lock and a GPS tracker. They move it around the campus. It's been stolen (and recovered) 7 times in 3 weeks! 6 people have been arrested and charged including a couple of students. One guy has multiple charges as he stole it twice lol. I guess he hasn't pegged it's a bait bike.
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    Just a quick message This applies to all here and beyond. If you are struggling. If you can't cope. Talk about it. Openness is a way out. Being open is brave. Hiding is not the best option. I had a coffee with an old friend today who has struggled severely with mental illness in the past. She is going well, thankfully, and she attributes it to her comfort in expressing her feelings and thoughts. Not bottling it up. Take care all
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    I can confirm FFF will do Western Australia proud. Today he disappeared off after the first hour and I didn't see him again for over 90 minutes, then he shows up in front of me talking casually on the phone. I assume he must have ducked into the bushes somewhere and caught an Uber to shortcut the ride in true sandgroper fashion. In all seriousness though, watch out for this man. The only shame is that in the condition he's in he won't be able to enjoy the race for as long as some of us more joyous souls...
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    May I suggest you keep this new found understanding to yourself
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    I just wanted to say it all again. Not because I feel like I have to, because I ****ing want to. Thanks very much for all the help you have given me in this adventure. All involved deserve 1000 hugs and I am really humbled. I often think about who's helped, reached out(not around @KieranR😂) and tried to settle my head and offer years of experience in kind words. This is really cool. Really cool. And it's because of a group of people who I haven't ever met ffs..? Crazy. Really amazing. This site can move mountains. @willie I know you are busy building and maintaining your business but I apologise for any undue stress that I have caused in the past few months, especially the past few weeks. I'm really excited about this. I have let go of the time goals I had and I will just be out there having fun, geeking out on the day. When I was in the midst of the 21hr weeks I lost sight of the end goal and having never trained like this I was going through emotional stuff and physical stuff that I can't explain. But because of the week or so I was sick I've dropped 18 CTL and can think clearly, and I would describe the process as a thing of beauty and I can really see how people get hooked. The MKC program is like a symphony of endurance and strength, to get me in the shape I'm in now off an extended break is masterful. If I had eaten better and been more patient then I would be leaner and probably would have avoided the illness. It has me wondering if off a consistent "off season" I would be able to complete the program as it should be 🤔🤔🤔 see what I mean about addictive 😂😂😂 how quickly I forget. But any further races will have to be carefully considered before entering.... I have other fish to fry first 😉🤐 And finally for today, if your phone rings and Willie asks you if you want an Ironman entry..... Ffs say YES! You won't regret it 😎✌️❤️