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    Well to put a smile on my face this arvo I decided to leave work early and go and watch my daughter do her introductory to scuba diving course, only 8 months until she can do her junior open water dive ticket. In the meantime I’ll be taking her for shore dives up to about 8m with her breathing off my octopus (emergency reg for the uninitiated). She nailed it in the pool today.
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    At my work, this is how we refer to them, but we omit the "t"..... Note: I work alone!
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    You could build a wall and get your neighbour to pay for it.
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    SadLy I’d love too but just read this.
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    So we went overseas for Christmas to see my dad in Nth Ireland and took a side trip to Finland (Lapland about 250 k inside the arctic circle) to hopefully catch the northern lights (wife’s bucket list) Things weren’t looking positive then this happened Not a great photo but we made the decision to enjoy the moment and not worry about trying to photograph it. we got two nights of lights, they are a magical sight, cost an arm and a leg to go there but totally worth it.
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    Another 107km in the hills. That's about 340km in 3 days.
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    Back on the bike after over 6 months break. Did an hour yesterday and an hour today. Nothing flash and everything hurts.
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    I haven't been strong enough to support others on here lately, but my thoughts are still with you all. Well done and thanks to all the stronger folks who provide value and keep this thread going. Even when I don't get on Transitions much I still usually cast an eye over this thread and find comfort in the fact that there are so many good, supportive and positive people around.
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    Finally got to see the ad to see what everyone is on about. I can't see what all the fuss is about. It's an advertisement, and it's a good message. If you see another male acting badly then call them out on it... Nothing more, nothing less. I'm possibly older than 'most' people on here and over the years I've seen some pretty poor behaviour by both guys and girls. I wish I'd been stronger in the past to call it out - nowadays I usually do. Gillette is selling razors to males with the slogan 'the best a man can be' (which is a play on their original slogan 'the best a man can get'). They can hardly be expected to be telling girls to call out bad behaviour from other girls in an add for male razors... Just sayin! There is definitely no way that I am offended by this ad. And I'm a classic overthinker!
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    I think the point is that we progressively lower the bar of acceptable behaviour with these kinds of attitudes which makes it less of a leap to do bad things. Once the individual (the victim, be them male or female) is dehumanised, it's easier to justify the violence for the perpetrator. It saddens me that men are all lumped together in the way they are. I am often annoyed by the focus on violence against females when that is just one part of a much bigger problem of violence against others. We as a society appear to be becoming more selfish, less respectful, and generally more tolerant of violence against each other. It's a big problem that requires across the board change. Violence against women is just one part.
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    It would be a good start if the media gave someone deserving - maybe Toby Price - more media coverage on his achievements and just started to ignore the little boys temper tantrums
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    I watched the video and thought great ad if it stops one father/male etc and makes them think about their actions and how influential they are over young minds. Then it's a great ad. My Dad is ex-military old school hard ass. Boys shouldn't cry, dob on others etc. Women were never treated equally and children should be seen & not heard. The way he explained homosexuality to me as a child was brutal. He binged drank, smoked and never helped around the house. I have done everything I can to break the habits my Dad taught me.
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    I've observed teenage boys & girls ('white & privileged') growing up (ours & our friends), and from my observations, girls can be positively evil to each other compared to the boys....I can't recall hearing of the boys being bullied, but the girl stories! Maybe Lorna Jane can do an add telling young girls not to be total cows toward each other?
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    20 yrs ago all the cool kid Vedder wannabes wanted to cite Waits as some great influence but he 'sings' like a drunk that's swallowed a bucket of pebbles and his last shit was an angry hedgehog with herpes. I never understood the hype around that flake.
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    Same here B@W. Got my arse handed to me yesterday by the cycling guys. Just on 97 kms and over 1,000 metres of climbing through Camden, Razorback, Nattai and Burragorang lookout. Stuffed after 60 kms but hung on - slow but got there. Another attempt next week. FM
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    I have a road race in 3wks, 20 mile (32.18km), a few at work are doing the 10 mile option. I was targeting 3hrs (5.30km pace) but I've just done a 26km in 2:21 @ 5.28 and there was not a lot left in the tank. eek
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    Did my first Tri in over 18 months. Slow and steady will never win the race, but you do feel damn proud when your done though
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    Definitely is - but we have to do body maintenance - the older we get the more we need I've been at this for 35yrs - 46 Ironman races - but I have never run more than 70km in any week - that's the longest ever week We have to back up our physical work with enough good nutrition to refuel and rebuild our bodies, not just carbs to refuel your energy supply - we need quality protein for our muscles - gelatin for our connective tissue (gelatin is a protein) cheapest supplement you can buy We need to balance work with rest, more is not better - we need rest days You could say I'm lucky, I've been told I'm genetically gifted, but none of my brothers or cousins got the gift (our mothers were identical twins) - it's lifestyle - it's never too late to start balancing your training and rest, taking supplements which will help you absorb the training. Isn't it better to train moderately, eat well and maybe not burn out early, a lot of guys who used to beat me are gone from the sport. I've seen guys in their sixties push too hard, stroking their egos, and injure themselves out of the sport. We have to adjust our training to suit our age Apart from an odd sore bit here or there which was cured by stopping what I was doing for a week or so, the only injuries I have had were caused by falling off my bike. At this moment no member of my squad is injured and they're going pretty well. I make sure they have sufficient recovery time between hard efforts, I make sure they all do their core strength work three times a week as a group (this is real important in avoiding injuries) also we have a lot of focus on good technique in each sport.
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    Nobody is trying to denigrate your hard work but a colleague of mine who happens to be a black lady put it very well: "When you walk into a room people automatically listen to what you have to say before you've said anything because you are a white man. When I walk into a room I have to prove I'm worth listening to before anybody pays any attention." So no matter how hard you have worked, then as a rule you would have had to work even harder if you had come from a minority background. I am a 33 year old white, heterosexual, privately educated man. I have more privilege than the vast majority of the world could ever hope for. But I recognise that. I'm not ashamed of it, I don't feel bad about it but I do know that my experience of life will be very different (and on the main much more pleasant) than many other people. One tiny example... I am referred to as an Ex-Pat... if I were brown or black the default label would be immigrant with all the baggage that goes with that term. I would love to see everybody as people but that assumes we are starting from a fair playing field. We are not. The deck is so stacked in my favour that I believe we need to pro-actively bend back the other way to ensure equality of opportunity. Nobody is playing the victim but if you can't see how your gender and your race have given you advantages in life then I think you should spend some more time exploring other peoples' experience. Some things that made me think: In particular the bit about how you are lucky. Whether you want to admit it or not luck has played a huge part in you turning our like you are. The sooner you can see that the luck of your birth (or lack of it) is hugely influential in your life the happier you will be. https://www.netflix.com/title/80233611 Nanette. The stand up show by Hannah Gadsby. Confrontational but definitely worth a watch. Is that the work of a "victim"? Or of a strong person broken by constantly fighting?
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