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    Getting really tired of you dragging up this example all the time, just like your PJ claim to fame. You always fail to take responsibility for anything that came after these short lived successes. I remember Mike Honcho insulting me whilst hiding behind one of his other logins - something along the lines that I've only had one good IM and no other achievements outside Club Level... I've had 20 years in the sport, 7 IM starts and 7 IM finishes, all between 10.15 (at age 40 on accurate course) and 11.57 (first IM at age 35), 2 x IM age group wins, over 40 x 70.3s (countless of them sub 5), fastest time 4.43 at age 49 (on accurate course), many age group wins at all distances all over the World on all kinds of courses (including A/G win at Alpe D'Huez long course), dozens of overall wins whilst competing for 5 years in the Gulf, Kona qualified twice and completed twice (both under 12hrs on the hottest and windiest days they ever had 😂 ), World Champs 70.3 twice, never cheated (whether it be drafting or course cutting). Dropped nearly 2 hrs off my IM time and 1hr off my 70.3 times, not because I needed to lose massive amounts of weight, but because I worked consistently hard to make myself into an endurance athlete from a natural power athlete who couldn't even swim. After reading the responses in this thread, I'm becoming more content with my achievements even though they are firmly placed in Age Group level. Still going strong at age 50, same weight I was when I was 17, never outside of a 5kg range, no significant injuries in the past 10 years. Walk the talk. Don't feel like I need to prove anything to anyone. Honcho committed to a year or two, but then what happened? Was it sustained or was it a flash-in-the-pan? For what it's worth, I'm of the belief that full IM distance racing is bad for general health and wellbeing for 'most' people. That's why in 20 years I've only done 7 but have enjoyed 100s of shorter distance races of all kinds and well over 40 x 70.3s as they are far less damaging to the body and mind than a full IM. This approach is sustainable, the IM obsession is not.
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    Not my fastest & not my slowest. But it was my 20th Ironman & different race ticked off the list. My girls volunteered all day. My girls don’t care what time I finish. They just love me. Thanks again to Ironmanfoz for the spot.
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    I had a gut feel about an old work mate last week who has his struggles. I hadn't heard from him for a long time.I didn't have his phone number so I emailed him to asked if he was okay and to ring if not.It turned out he wasn't. He rang me and we had a good long chat.Always trust your gut feel if you ever have an hunch someone you know may not be okay.
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    I went and got the mower serviced so it’s not too hard for her to start. Who said romance is dead?
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    I took these in Kings Park....
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    Absolutely That's happened to me seven times now...
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    No drafting, but I cut the course. It was towards the end & the course wasnt marked that clearly so it’s their fault any way. I was chatting to the guy next to me & it made no difference to the results. I also lost time when I stopped to pick up a viagra tablet my wife left on the path for me.
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    Went for a walk.... Around Carnoustie... with Bill Murray 😂 Am I the winner of 'training' today?
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    It was the hottest windiest day ever. I had fun. The girls volunteered, I’m off to the other side of the island to get away from these Ironman wankers.
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    Ive never done a 13 hour ironman and I hope I never do but circumstances in life and on raceday might make that happen in the future and if it does I hope to learn from it. Some things that I would like to add to the discussion that I can personally relate to. 3 months ago I was in a huge hole, I never had time for family, work or triathlon, life seemed out of controls and exhausting. Fast forward Ive stopped resisting a lot of things and I now seem to have time for everything. I have had some help in the form of a hypnotherapist who said a few key things to me and it has helped a lot with stress levels. Minimising those seems to help make everything happen easier. It is amazing how much you can fit in your life if you allow yourself to do that. Willie said its harder being in 15 hour shape than sub 10. I have had a build back from a place I'd rather forget a couple years ago, I wouldn't have been surprised if I was in ~ 12 hour shape for a massive period if not 13hours +. Building back to sub 10 hurt, it hurt a lot, there was a lot of sessions with me walking back from runs I blew up in, laying in my front yard for 20 or 30 min post run, getting out of the pool after ~1k and even sitting on the side of the road wondering how the f#ck I was going to get home. Funnily enough I had very similar experiences in the 3 months before my best ever race where I got on the podium in my age group. I think the reality of the faster guys not struggling is very false, I struggle on a very regular basis and often have internal battles of whether I am good enough to complete a session I can do easily. If I did 100 sessions in the last 10 weeks leading into an ironman I would suggest at least 10 of those I would have a major struggle with something. 13 hours is irrelevant, no matter what your finish time is, you know if you achieved what you set out to achieve when you clicked enter here on the ironman page.
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    My number 1 bit of advice to first timers is “ don’t worry about your finish time” just have fun. Stop & thank your family & friends before u cross the line. Enjoy your day. I love the regional races with a large number of first timers.
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    Hold on, just doing some preseason training.
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    The community loves this race. Just another small thing they did.
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    15:15 (Forster 2002) 13:53 (Port M 2009) 16:01 (Port M 2010) 13.21 (Cairns 2011) Who cares what the time is. I am super proud of myself that I got to do one, then come back 7 years later after a major motorbike accident in 2002 (where I should have died) and then did another three (on one home soil) and then 3 ultras (100, 65, 64) I trained hard and did what I could do on race day - worked on my weakness (bike) and did a PB in 2011. Not too bad, as I learned to swim and ride a bike in my early 20's - yes - all true. Every race had challenges, but I over came them, never thought about quitting, just about making cut off for each leg and getting to that finish line. I made some amazing friends, had amazing times and enjoyed every single minute (well, may not some).
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    I hope you dont try to cheat this year by starting 10mins early 😉
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    Lucky he doesn’t live in the shire
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    I know Ironman get a lot of shit but this is a really good idea. For IM Maryland they ran a “buddy” program, matching first timers with multiple IM finishers to help answer any questions & support them before the race. Its a great idea. I helped a guy from Brooklyn. We spoke via email & Strava for a month or so before the race. We then went out for pizza & beers before the race (I had Pepsi) It’s a great way to meet new people especially when traveling to races overseas. It also frees up volunteers and race organizers to concentrate on running the race before the event. People like to bitch about all the negative changes IM introduce but this is a great idea. I will sign up for it again if other races start doing it.
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    Going from what SG has said, the assumption is she was violently raped by Macca, it's hard to believe the US authorities don't want to press charges or even interview Macca. Rape is a crime against the state, so even if the victim wanted to withdraw the charges the police would continue to charge him. And what about a civil suit? "carrying her to the car because she couldn't walk" - the implication being she was that badly beaten she couldn't walk., the police would have taken her to hospital and interviewed her there. Personally I think SG is full of shit.
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    Me. After a promise to myself that I would look to have a better winter and upcoming season, I have let myself down. Too many beers and mouthfuls of food. Too many excuses - not enough training. It's not the willpower - its the wont power. It's the same thing almost every year. As one of the newly acquainted folk - time to give yourself an uppercut and JFDI. So, a stake (not steak) in the ground today. I have taken my weight and a plan is made. Time to get ahead of the curve before the end of year. Only doing Nepean beforehand ad the Sydney to Gong ride with friends. The proof will be in the output, not the talk. See you all on the flip side. FM
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    I went cycling with Jenson Button in 2009. We then had a couple of beers and I probably gave him some advice. He then went on to win the F1 World Championship. Just sayin' 🙄
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    Oh and I only do these things for medals. This year from theft to right 11km, Half Mara, Marathon, Marathon Its a keyring not a medal 😴
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    Port Mac this year, really ramped up the solid training weeks at Christmas. was averaging 7-10 hours leading up to that. Did the first block 10-15 hours a week, then progressed incrementally as the bosy got used to the laods. Had a softer week every 3 weeks to absorb the training. Normal week was about 6-7km swim, 250km riding, 50km running. Ive never been a swimmer, fastest I had swum leading in over 1km+ was a 1.50/100 average. that just means you spend a long time in the water. I swam a 1.18 at port. Riding I feel is my strongest- but again thats relative. Rode 6.20 at Port. Ive never been a runner like a lot on here - leading up my fastest 5k was probably 24min, I had done one marathon leading in and did a 4.40. Had a hip problem in the marathon at Port and ran a 5.02. Ive since started working with a coach, and have a lot more structure to my training. Im swimming a little faster, Running quite a bit faster (just PB half Mara at 1.46, Mara at 4.20) but considering the training, nutrition etc that I put into the sport, Im just not that fast! It doesn't mean I don't love it though! Link to the race report is here -
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    Have done 5 all 14 hours +.I am not that good tbh, but just enjoy the training and the challenge on the day.
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    I've just done it, it was 18 questions with 4 responses, i had to pick the most relevant and least relevant for each question. No maths or anything like that. Just questions about, decision making and best approach to certain scenarios I feel i did OK, a lot of it was common sense, integrity type of stuff.
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