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    Based on 32yrs competing - 45 Ironman finishes - 25yrs triathlon coaching including 76 Kona qualifiers - 1 Australian junior OD champion - 1 Kona male winner * lack of self belief is a major cause of disappointing long course race results * too many people focus too much on training figures and neglect confidence building experiences * diet and supplementation of that diet can drastically improve development of the athlete and the heights reached * incorrect fuelling and poor pacing strategies in long course races is the major cause of poor run splits * accepting free advice from people who mean well but really lack the experience in either coaching or competing is unwise and can cause you to go down "dead ends" * too many good athletes are undermining their performances by over training (or under recovering) * too many competitors are carrying too much weight, and many are relying on training to burn it off when dieting is the answer * too many athletes lack clear goals, or think they have goals but what they think is a goal is simply a wish, they lack commitment * not enough attention is focused on body maintenance, too much of the budget is directed to equipment purchases and too little to body maintenance * EMF is real and does affect quality of sleep and the internal harmony of the body, without good quality sleep you'll never reach your potential * older athletes often train too much, recovery is where it's at, not training like a 35yr old when you're over 55yrs * good technique in each sport is more important than volume done with sloppy technique * taking advice from anonymous forum posters (often with no proven results of their own) is at best "second hand knowledge" gleaned from internet research * if you have a coach, listen to him/her, trust in what they tell you, don't go searching "for a better way" on the internet, if you don't believe in the path you've been given, move on, don't waste your time and the coach's time
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    At the risk of starting something up, can we all just get along, please? I only know or have met a few of the people on this forum and you're all pretty decent characters. I remember Cranky's dilemma's, reading FP's reports and helping Kieran further himself in the workplace, just to name a few instances. However, there seems to be a battle going on between a couple of factions on here that is worthy of some self-moderation. Not ascribing blame or naming names, but we get that you may not get along, so probably best to leave the discussion there. Otherwise, can we keep the "community" in this thing, or I'm off!
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    Thanks Bosco, honestly mate, the thought of seeing if this is even possible was only raised when I initially said to my wife that it would be good to see the worlds being that it will either be here in WA or at my home town of Taupo, it was just a holiday idea, but then she said would I try qualify, that hadn’t even been a thought of mine, but I thought why not have a go and see if it can be done. I’ve come a long way since I started exercising, anyone can have a go right? So why not, I’m only going to better myself and if I’m lucky enough to grab a spot then woohoo for me. My wife and I have had a very good discussion about lots of things this week and have agreed to have a go at this amongst working on other things as a family. I’ve got some good support in my corner to have a solid crack, the worst thing that can happen is I don’t qualify, life goes on and it’s not the be all and end all, but I’ll be the fittest I’ve ever been and we will still go on a holiday as a family afterwards. cheers
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    thanks all for the support.... its actually a relief that it happened...the stress i was under in that place was rediculous... life's too short to be in shit environments work or personal..... yeah i got a nice payout, and providing i can turn myself around reasonably quickly it will work out for the better.... reinvent myself a bit and see it as a positive 🙂
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    Long term stalker here, minimal poster but I have sucked a lot of information out of this site . I just find the recent need to post and argue irrelevant crap (in TriChat) really devalues the forum. I truly believe some of the best information for long course triathlon can be found over in TRiGold. It came from discussion and input from a various inputters and viewpoints. There appears to be 5-6 main posters at present and the weight of their posts is giving me the feeling of overload. But - I was recently reminded you only get out what you put into things - this is a reminder for me to put myself, posts and questions out there in this forum to help create the discussion.
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    Next Sunday I start working on my main goal for 2018 - on October 13th I am going to be in Hawaii for my 19th go at the Ironman - I have traditionally swam OK and ran OK but lost places on the bike, even though I had often had the fastest bike in my age group in Australia. This year I am going to go there in the best shape I can possibly be. I intend riding six days a week for the 16 week build. I'll be racing basically the same group of guys who have come up through the different age groups with me, I can't stop them doing what they're going to do. All I can do is go there in the best shape possible and go hard from the swim start to the run finish. I can't set a time goal, conditions vary so much - I can't guarantee a position goal but I will be laying it on the line to be hard to beat 😎
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    70.3 maybe in Amsterdam supporting a close friend who is in a massive battle with Cystic Fibrosis n then if I really can do a 70.3 I'm reaching to be just the 2nd bloke ever with CF n lung transplant to finish n a 140.6 - an American, Scott Johnson, did it at age 33. I'm 47 n its a massive ask however why can't I do it I ask? Hahahaha Thanks everyone
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    They'd be crazy not to let him race. Will make a great story for them.
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    This sprintcar lives across the road from us and my young fella has been itching to sit in it, he got the chance last weekend ( yes he’s in there if you look closely), all the race car drivers up here in all classes are brilliant and will always ask the kids if the want to hop in, they all hand out stickers and posters to all the kids, it’s a real buzz for the kids
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    We had 9 along for the inaugural Brisbane Ice Mile this morning. Not really Ice, but the water temp was 15 near the beach area, and 17 out at the turn, so it was pretty cold. This completed my 125km target for Winterfish, so I'm stoked. Thanks to everyone on here, because I know that without Winterfish, my togs & goggles would have been in the bottom drawer a few weeks ago now, and I'd be having a much harder time kicking off next Spring. And that's the whole point behind Winterfish.
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    BogFrog, Limited & I are both chasing an additional 50km in the next 50 days, so why don't you join us. Keep your own spreadsheet unless you know how to modify the current one, but keep yourself honest with regular updates on here. We drove 7 hours to Rocky yesterday. I felt shocking when I got up this morning, but the recce I did last night showed a 50m pool 600m from the motel we were in, so I went down & did 2.2km this morning before anybody else got up. I feel great now. It's a great pool, and get this. Only $2 entry.
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    short version: 5hrs23, calf went bang with 4km to go. hobbled home, shattered. more later
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    Great choice mate. Athletically, Chris has taken me to places that just 2 years ago I thought were so far beyond my potential. We started the same way you two are - we set a goal, I committed to his program 100%, had complete trust in his guidance, and in less than 2 years working together this produced a result two weeks ago at IM Cairns that I had only ever dreamed about. It takes courage to put yourself out there and let a public forum know your goal, and I’m sure you expected to have your doubters. I can promise you that you’re capable of a lot more than what you, or anyone else, thinks you are. You’re in great hands with Chris. Trust the program, truly commit to it, stay the course and the rewards will come. Looking forward to following your progress mate.
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    And how welcoming is it for a new person to approach a bunch of blokes in a pub hanging shit on each other? If you want Transitions to be just a place for the usual fellas to have pub jokes and a sledge, then it's not going to attract and keep new folks interested in triathlon. Theres a time and a place. And it isn't every thread, started with a genuine triathlon interest. Nothing to do with sensitivities of mine. But pub sledging shouldn't be the vibe of the place if theres going to be a diverse future and membership.
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    If you really want our opinion, I think you should follow these guide lines for an inside aero test. Get yourself a really big fan and set it up in front of your bike which is on the trainer, maybe a few metres in front. Then find a big 44 gallon plastic drum and fill it full of those little tinsel/confetti like gold stars. Set up a video camera across the room, sideways from you, and run it recording on a high speed (so we get a slow mo vid), and start it running. Stand the drum on top of a ladder beside the fan and attach a rope to the top lip, and then run the rope to a pulley your screwed into the side wall and then back to yourself as you gently spin on the bike. Make sure the fan is blowing, ramp things up, get aero, and then pull the rope, tipping the drum over and all the tinsel/confetti stuff falls into the airflow of the fan. Then we can see, via the confetti, how the air flows around you! Do this test twice, with each different setup. I'd suggest you do this test in your lounge or bedroom. Most importantly, keep the camera running so when Mrs FP comes home and sees the mess we can see her reaction!
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    6 hr mountain bike race done, got 5.5 hrs in as my last lap wouldn’t have made it in time. Anyone want a MTB, I don’t even wanna rode it home I’m that sore 😂😂😂 no crashes, a few tank slappers moments though
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    Anyhow, To get back on track, I am going to apply myself over the next couple of years and am aiming for qualification at worlds 2020, Im confident i can get there and after doing some sussing out of coaches, i decided to approach Chris H from pb3 coaching and see if he was willing to take on a bit of a basket case like me. To his credit, and he maybe is a bit crazy, he is willing to coach me toward my goal, I've seen some of the results he has made with Hoffy86, Impressive stuff and I cant wait to start. Cheers.
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    Pieman's cut and paste is pretty much right on - long course racing, whether it's HIM or IM is 98% endurance - endurance and fuel efficiency (fat burning ability) takes years to really develop to your potential. Always doing something, keeps the ball rolling. Athletes who do crit racing, cross fit or touch footy in their off season are virtually stalling their endurance building progress. To be successful at this sport (long course) we have to be building endurance year in, year out for several years to achieve our biggest goals. If the goal of being able to walk out the door any time in the year and swim 3km or ride 100km or run 2hrs, will always have you in a position to train up for an respectable Ironman in 12-16 weeks. On the body weight issue, drastically reducing the consumption of wheat and sugar can be the key for most of us. I suggest athletes in my squad try to eat 50-60% of their diet as vegetables, and include protein in every meal. It's a very flexible eating plan which leads to lots of variety. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle. I think the most important part of an eating plan is that it is sustainable long term. In order to stick to something long term it needs to not be too rigid. I suggest out of 21 meals in a week we're disciplined for 18 of them, that leaves 1 breakfast - 1 lunch - 1 dinner each week where you have what ever you feel like. On the EMR issue, don't put too much faith in what science is telling us at the moment. Remember science told us that sea levels would be 1m higher by now 2018, science also told us that fats were bad for you and you should be living a high carb life. Science also warned us against nuclear power plants, but they're building new ones all round the world and there are lots that are fifty years old with no problems. Science has many opinions, they're not all the same, studies can be found to support any belief you have. All I'm suggesting is leaving phones, ipads and computers outside of the bedroom, at the very least it may help your relationship.
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    I'd need at least six beers to talk to it - twelve to dance with. FM
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    Mongetti Fartlek but did it round the wharfs so had some straight lines. Managed 2:45/km for 90 seconds. Chuffed!
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    Thanks Surfer. It wasn't pretty. Swim was fine, except it was two loops in the Thames and heading back both times the sun was right in your eyes. Water was cleaner than I was expecting and I came out in 39 mins, as expected. Bike went OK, those drags really took their toll on the 3rd time around! I rode within myself and had AP's words about riding like a guy that intends to run well, in my head. Trouble was I had no idea if I'd be able to run at all! Anyway, got it done and passed quite a few of the faster simmers. There were three other distances going on so never easy to know who is in what race. It started to get (for Pommieland) hot and the mercury was nudging 25C on the bike. My bike time is 2.44, which I was a little disappointed with but given there is a massive field you have to run to and from transition, before you can mount the bike, I was a bit happier I guess. Roads were awful. I had a plan for the run, IF my calf had been ok and that was to run at 5.20/km for the first 5km and take 5secs per km at every 5km lap. However I knew the calf wasn't going to play ball in the first couple of minutes. Temp was now 27C. The calf was aching but not really painful and I could manage it if I kept the pace to 5.25-30 per km. Then 16 kms in on the last lap, it just got really painful. Then it was a case of hobbling/walking to the finish. The run is short, it's 20km and I went 1:50. So my day didn't go to plan but still a solid time for me. Finishing was painful and a bit emotional but my sister was a great supporter all day and I'm thankful for that came 38th overall, I think out of approx 200 but official results aren't out yet, so the printout only has my times and position. I was 14th in AG, again not sure how many.
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    Same here. It was always a given that I'd rather receive a call to pick her up at 2am than a call at 4am from the police.
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    I believe there are also some inside jokes, that to an outsider reading here look like some pretty angry and passive aggressive commentary.
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    Yes mate, don't worry you are not alone, similar views have been passed on to me by others recently. I don't expect everyone to agree all the time, that would be extremely boring and wouldn't be much of a discussion forum but it is the way people choose to disagree that is the issue. *Edit to add, I moved this to the main page as I want to ensure it is seen.
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    Pithy Power Proverb: Power calibrates perceived exertion, perceived exertion modulates power. Long distance triathlon presents a tricky pacing challenge because unlike a cycling time trial over the same distance, the bike leg is ridden sub-maximally.