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    I ran for about 3ks then walked for another almost 2 ks back to the k after a damn stitch. I suspect it was due to being a tad (lot) dehydrated after a few drinks last night.
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    3.5km jog with my daughter around Lake Monger. She did really well. Awesome fun too.
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    Toughen up, go hard, don't worry about the numbers during a race.
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    What distance is "club distance" Monkie? If it was 30km or under, and you are fit (which it sounds like aiming at 3rd) then just go for it. The only way you are going to learn how hard you can race, is to race. Grab every opportunity you can to race (club, small event, big event, what-ever), and see just how hard you can go on the bike and still be able to run. As I said at the start, just go as if you are aiming at the outright win. If that's too hard, then back it off just a touch next time until you find the sweet spot. There is no substitute for racing. It's harder these days with the cost of races, but you used to find the guys that knew how to race hard, were the ones that were there every weekend doing just that.
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    I've found improvement on the bike is always made by spending more time training on the bike. But .... before you beat yourself up about it....check your transition times, compared to the person who beat you by 2 minutes. There are easy gains made in Sprint and OD racing by sharpening up T1 and T2, without spending any money or excess time training. Isn't Sprint and OD racing hell for leather on each discipline anyway?
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    Always have a target . In a congested race I pick out a kit a couple of 100 m ahead and work hard till I catch them (if I can) once caught, select someone else. No option of slacking off. In a more open race with nobody around I'll glance at my bike computer periodically and try and lift the average speed (ignore current speed)
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    In usa for 2 week. They all drink bottled water. Its more expensive than petrol. Now thats wasting money. Yanks are farktards. $5 a week is cheap.
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    Maybe a few crocs will be sharing you!
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    You can have the dam to yourself as I'll be up at 1770 for the week. I imagine I'll have that pretty much to myself as well, though maybe sharing with a few crocs.
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    Box hill seems like ventoux for me at moment... And then i find out the default trainer setting is for 50% so my 7% gradient is really only 3.5%...
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    Yep. Loved it. First 1.7km lap solo before sunrise. Had the ducks for company. Clear skies & a light mist in places on the water. My brother joined me for the 2nd lap, then had the dam to myself for the next 2 laps. A couple swimmers & a paddler just entering as I got out after 2 hours. The only issue I have at the moment is that whilst I don't feel cold in the water while I'm swimming, now, about an hour later I start to get real cold & shiver. I suppose I lose a fair bit of body heat in 2 hours, but it really hits me afterwards.
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    Ditto. I ended up with a Specialized Siteo.
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    I’m going to invest in me! I’ll accept the 2/2 and take it as a good thing, like goughy said, think off all the training, I’m also going to do a primavera P6 course, I like the little bit of work I’ve done with our planning dept and it’s something I think suits me, also going to look into some autocad courses as something that has interested me for a little while is scaffold design, I have absolutely no idea about it, but hey, 2 weeks off a month should give me plenty of time
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    Same lady that gave you grief at Noosa?
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    You'd know if you spoke to a triathlete (they'd tell you)
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    Lake Oberon. Campsite in bushes near small creek on lower right of photo.
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    For me, I'm at my happiest when I'm some place where fossils arn't being burnt. Out in the middle of the bush or in the ocean. New Year was with three friends at Lake Oberon in Tasmania's Western Arthurs Range. Three days to walk in, more to walk out. Most memorable New Years Eve that I have ever enjoyed.
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    Or this Unicorn clip...
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    Alaways take he positives. A couple of gouges from the doctor revealed some nasty cancers underneath on the top of both my hands. Will be getting rid of the rest in 3 weeks time. More scars but hey, I am here. FM
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    4hrs on the bike trainer. Cooked!