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    Weekly check in. Tuesday Am: Swim squad (4.2km) Mid morning: 2hr/70km ride with 6x4min SE @ IM pace (300w) followed by 20min @ IM pace on race cadence (78-80rpm) Early arvo: 65min/15.5km run as 20min warm up, 5x4min @ 3.35-3.40/km on 1min float recovery, 20min cool down Wednesday Am: Swim squad (4km) Breaky then straight out for 190km/5.20hr Sorrento return ride. Just aerobic base today (231ap/251np).
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    No, no video of you. But someone did get an on course photo.... You're the one on the left, right?
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    And im just playing along. All fair and cool between me and Cranky. We make each other work and race hard.
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    Just over 8km this morning. 2 x 4km laps. Headed off well before sunrise with the silhouette of Mt Coottha as my marker to the first turn, & by the time I got there there was enough light to see where I was going to the other end of the dam. Sun finally came up at about the 3km mark. I did another Moneghetti Fartlek over the last 1500m. Felt really good today after a day off yesterday, and managed to blow away a couple of guys in IM swim caps over my last couple hundred metres, even though it was my warmdown from the efforts earlier. #feelgoodinthewater Edit to add: I just noticed I had intervals set at 500m, and they were fairly consistent between 8:50 & 9:15, except for the 14th & 15th which were my fastest 2, at around 8:15 & 8:30 (during the Fartlek).
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    RS, not a good idea... just report them and they will be hundreds of dollars out of pocket and they will learn their lesson... hopefully! When I say not a good idea... it's a very bad idea to confront someone you don't know, particularly in a motor vehicle. There's a lot of bad people out there... a LOT, you've got no idea. The stuff you see on crime-stoppers is simply the tip of the iceberg, trust me! So many people carry weapons in their cars these days, and dare I say that the type of person that carelessly throws out their cigarette butt is more likely to be one of these people. Look after yourselves, because ultimately nobody else cares about you (other than your family and friends).
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    Sometimes, you gotta proof read, Cranky
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    They should strike all his results.
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    When you consider the route is used by 7,000 to 10,000 riders most Saturdays and Sunday, the numbers of accidents are really low. Fine another road used as much by bike riders and work out the stats. My biggest fear on beach road is the retard riders that can't hold a wheel and crash into other riders. There is nothing like coming back up it in a pack of 200 people doing 45+ K an hour. Other than praying someone in front of you doesn't crash.
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    I'm a Clif Bar fan, despite a problem I had with them 17 years ago (yeah, call me an elephant). Interestingly I use them just as much, if not more, on race morning than the race itself. NSF, I break them into smaller pieces prior to the race. This way, they are easier to use. Being soft it an added bonus. I haven't tried the energy gels yet. FM
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    Only thing that makes it dangerous is the car parked along both sides of the roads which then drop it to one lane which a bike rides in then a driver gets pissed off. Nothing wrong with road just dickheads on it from both sides
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    It's kind of the safest route from central melbourne. Kinda scenic. Flat except for one huge climb that is about 250m long
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    If someone flicked a cigarette butt out the window would you pull them over? Just wondering because people seem to have no hesitation at all and no concern at all who sees them do it. I get the feeling society has just accepted it now. I've often flicked my lights at them and I'm sure they are honestly confused why I got their attention.
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    Ever had a fly lodged up your nose? Breathe through the mouth with teeth together as a filter. :).
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    The Customer is always right & trained with Sutto. He's trained Kona champions. If you are getting DOMS try taking the Customers approach & see what happens.
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    This Strava page makes me feel so average! Love it! Will be used as amo against my husband who thinks I'm obsessed Edit to add: Having Monday as your rest day doesn't do your ego any good on this page!
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    What times you looking at Peter? 30min for the swim will get you up with a reasonable pack to draft off, so a cruisey 2:50 on the bike will give you 2:30 for the run. You should manage that. Mind you, you'll have to have a shorter nap, but seeing it's a half Ironman, you should only need half the sleep.
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    Easy run, then get bowled over by dog not on leash chasing a ball across the run path in a park. Not sure if leash on area. Foot not happy at moment though.