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    11 weeks have passed.... Ive learnt a bit... Finally on Monday i start somewhere new...whilst only short term ...its opened opportunities etc and hopefully longer term... I've learnt... Where i can improve and better myself professionally.... Recruitment agencies are like car salesmen and real estate agents....many of them are scum... You can easily fall into a slump...which unfortunately has happened a bit... Time to dig myself out... Fortunately ive had my partner Clare and other close friends by myside the whole way as a great support... Training and sport have been hit and miss...spring tomorrow should help the goals...
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    Day 100 is here. I hit 50 runs this afternoon. Total distance 202 km Time: 23 h 10 min Stuck to the 4/2 R/W pretty much the whole time. Longest distance: 10.13 km (1:13) Longest break between runs 6 Days (Brisbane August sickness) Overall, I'm pretty happy. I didn't ramp up as much as I'd hoped, but my consistency was good. The trick for me is to not stop now.
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    Which I hope says ‘Here I am again’. ( gawd help me). Left Winchester after taking Flipper for her first day of school. Had a 4hr drive which started with a most beautiful blue sky day and by the time I got to Wales the sky was considerably darker. An hour out from Tenby and the wind had become very strong and it was pissing down, hooray! Im only doing this race on the basis that weather simply can’t be any worse than last year! The forecast is very mixed and meant to better on Friday, terrible Saturday and mixed Sunday but it seems to change forecast every few hours. It’s definitely getting windier though. Hoping to build on my result at LCW and have putt a lot of thought into how to approach the run. I had to drive down the hill that you run up today and was already getting PTSD As usual, Mrs FP has been an absolute legend and I’ve had heaps of support from family and friendsThis will be my last IM for a few years and really hoping to do myself and all you guys proud. I will get some more pics tomorrow when the weather is meant to be better.
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    Alright so worlds worst kept secret, I am slowly taking the reins of trannies away from Roxii and we'll soon have a tri shop up and running as part of it (so many of you are asking me for bikes, bits etc it seems like a natural progression - We have Felt Bikes and Ridley bikes so far). I had done some work into buying a ready established bike shop but I just couldn't get my head around it or the travel required to make it work. Anywho... First Specials that'll become a monthly thing for good standing members. Just got a pretty good deal come through my inbox for a Stages Left Side Power meter... $100 off RRP, 3 months free Zwift ($60 value) and shipping included. Trannies of good standing might also get something a little extra cause I'm a nice guy (subject to personal opinion ) Price will be dependant on model... But as a guide: 105 5800 - $629 Ultegra 8000 - $699 DA 9100 - $799 . (tons of other options available, not all on website - call if needed). Stages speak for themselves. Plenty have em. Pedal based more your style? Favero Assioma Uno Single $799 with 3 months Zwift or Assioma Duo Dual $1199 with 3 months zwift. < these come Willie approved, I'm a fan. Anyone chasing a Wahoo Kickr V4 (Preorder delivery end Sept) - I'll throw in 12 months free Zwift ($240 value) and free shipping. $1599 (delivery end of September) < Also Willie approved, we'll have a full Kickr Setup with Climb etc in store ASAP if you ever wanted to try that. Transitions Members Monthly Deals here Offers good til 30 September, 2018 for trannies of good standing. Shoot me a PM, call me 1300 300 060 or email info@runwith.com.au
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    Here’s the post race report! I am shattered, need to decompress a bit and may go for the final 30 mins. i think I went. 1.22 swim 6.58 bike 5.25 run plus transitions. Christ that was tough, very windy, mixed weather, mainly dry. suffered some gut and plantar issues. Wheels fell off last lap of run.
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    At certain angles I am the most rounded triathlete ever...
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    Hoping to get s little closer in the coming days. FM
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    Get a new bike. It doesn't really need a reason, but you could validate it by saying that you are finding riding the old bike hard with tired arms.
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    OK, where to start? Race Day 4am and the ritual begins. I'd spent some time Saturday evening going through what I needed to do in the morning and laid it all out. I had my nutrition/bottles and everything I needed ready. I put my chip on so I wouldn't forget. Took everything down and had brekkie with the other athletes, on our different tables, everyone was quiet. You know the look! 5am transition opened, I joined the queue and trudged in. Transition is a 2 min walk from hotel, hooray, this I get my tyres pumped, bottles on, hand my street bag in (backpack inside to make it easier to carry all bags back) and then put my tri suit and wettie on in my room. Then it was a case of walking down to the top of the zig zag path and finding the 1;20 swim board. We also had a purple bag carrying runners for the interim swim to bike run and these have their own hook on the zig zags. With all that done and athletes shuffled down the path it was time to wait for the mighty Welsh National Anthem, it didn't disappoint, the noise was immense and so was the crowd of spectators. Pros went off and then we waited and at 7am, we were off. It took me 7mins to get to the timing gantry, in that time I did the usual mix of confident visualisation and complete self doubt. Swim Sea was not flat but pretty calm and despite the weather being extremely windy and dark storm clouds around, sighting conditions were good. I decided to try and swim straight, which was made easier this year by some sight buoys between the big turn buoys. I also decided to swim wide at each turn. I'm a confident swimmer but not fast and I know how to handle the surf but I'm not afraid to say the shit fight at a tight turnaround freaks me out. I took a couple whacks to the head and some general bumping but nothing major. The water was warmer this year, 16C. (look away Roxii!). I was pleased to see 39mins for lap 1, through the Aussie exit and the wise of the crowd was deafening . Lap two was a repeat and with 1.22 on my watch I was a couple of mins quicker than last. Considering my lack of swim training, I'll take all day day long. Swim to bike This year I had a plan and it went pretty well, run up the zig zags, grab bag, wettie off, wash sand off feet with a water bottle, slip on the runners with elastic laces and stuff the wettie in the purple bag and run with that in my hand. This went well and I was saving time. It all fell apart in transition tent, I took ages to get arm warmers on wet arms and faffing around with cycling socks, so I ended up still burning 24mins. Bike The weather was tricky to judge, the run up from swim was frigging freezing with a fierce wind, so I opted for a gilet on top of my tri suit. It was a 50/50 call but I figured I would lose more time if my core was cold. I also figured I could dump in my special needs bag (mile 77). I had a SN bag with a tube, CO2 and a bottle of nutrition with half of my needs in. I did not intend to use this bottle as I'm a fan of having everything in one bottle but I also took AP's warning about the risk involved on board. So a spare bottle as insurance was put in the bag. Being a slow swimmer and a moderately strong rider means the inevitable constant passing. I think I passed 480 people on the bike. The first section takes you out of town and into the beautiful national park, through some very rugged coastline. It was dry but windy and with my wet trisuit still wet, I was glad of the gilet, at least for now. The first sections is best describe as rolling to fast with some heart stopping short climbs but overall easy compared to what is to come. I had a strategy to ride within myself as again, AP's advice of riding like a person that wants to run well was ringing in my ears and I had backed myself for this run and IMO, was as prepared for this as I was at LCW. I had high expectations of myself and don't mid admitting. After 30 odd miles, the real 'fun' begins and you start to hit the climbs (and the crowds in the small towns villages). The weather was getting trickier, where it was cold it was bloody cold and where it was warm I felt over dressed. Anyway, still passing folks, I ticked away the miles until we got to Narbeth where there is a steep climb and an incredible amount of people all cheering, after Narbeth the climbs and energy sapping undulations come thick and fast and I felt like I was definitely too warm now. After some crazy descents we hit Wiseman's Bridge which is mental steep and already there were some walking and I saw two low speed crashes where folks just didn't have momentum. At the top of this climb there are loads of drunk folks dressed as nuns and monks giving blessings👍 After this, it's the might St Brides hill at Saundersfoot, this is the hill in all the clips. It is all also very steep at the bottom with crazy crowds behind barriers. I was feeling it now but leg wise, I felt like I was well within myself. (no PM on my bike). What you don't see on the footage is that after the initial climb, it flattens out a bit and then you have a long drag to the to top, maybe 800mtrs. For the first time that I've seen, this section was also lined with folks but no barriers, so real TdF style cheering. it was very welcome. At special needs I dumped my gilet but kept arm warmers as it had been raining a bit and when it did rain it was clod. My theory was arm warmers pulled up and down are easier to regulate temp. I had been using my usual nutrition strategy of sipping from my gel bottle and taking water from the aid stations and also had a couple of Torq bars cut into pieces. This has worked before for me a few times. Back into Tenby with more crazy crowds and then out again for lap 2. I could see my tri suit was stained with some salt lines but didn't look alarming. I was still passing folks steadily and still felt like my effort was within myself. Lap two was the same but for two things. The first, I was really noticing the extra people 450 people that had entered the race this year, especially on lap two and a lot of people were 'coming back' to me. The other thing that happened was between Wiseman's Bridge and St Brides Hill, I got stung in the upper leg by a wasp or a bee, I couldn't tell. I had my left leg down for a RH corner and felt something hit my leg, looked down briefly to something yellow and black disappearing behind me. Then I got a load of pain about 10 secs later, it eased after a few minutes. I didn't feel full on, so maybe it was half a sting? Bloody hurt at the time though and is still red now. Last climb of St Brides, crowd had thinned somewhat but still great. Decided I could afford the 90 secs to stop at special needs and grab my gilet, tube and CO2 back and descended into the Tenby crowds and hit T2 in 6.58 on my watch, the race timing gave me 7.03 and considering my plan was 7hrs and I didn't look at my watch once, I think I was spot on. More tomorrow 😎 (not spell checked)
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    Reached a milestone today
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    Thanks for the assistance. These nurses are a tough breed. She had a few moments throughout but boxed on til the very end.
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    3k swim squad. Had a 100m tt in the middle. 1.12 which is my fastest for a few years. Amazing what consistency does even if there is no actual speed work going on.
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    What more can I say, a message from my son below.... Introducing Riley James Flanagan, born on 30 August 2018 at 902am by caesarean, weighing in at 3.53kg, 48cm long and 34cm head circumference. Mum is doing well. Bub is good but receiving some assistance with his breathing in special care nursery. All the nurses are happy with his progress and say he is doing very well.
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    Maaaate, settle down. Try and channel your inner Cranky and split it up. Max. one question per post. Even better, a new thread for every question
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    Even if it wasn't fake news (another term I hate like "my bad", "like ...." and "lit" etc etc) this is the sort of shite that people are posting all over the interwebs as though they are literary giants. It's also not too far from what she actually did post in failing in this endeavour. This business that it's all about the "journey", or crap like "it's not the number of breaths you take ...." etc etc really does my head in. It's all marketing spin by people who - in many cases - have achieved the sum of exactly SFA in delivering their "life advice". I think in years to come, palaeontologists will look back on this current generation as being the dumbest, most self-absorbed, greedy, light-touch, unaware group of dumbar$es in the billions of years that the Planet has been spinning. Sorry, rant over.
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    @Katzand I each had a small tub of her favourite ice-cream in the freezer and though I thought I had not eaten much of mine, or indeed any for a few days, she has assured me that I seem to have polished it off somehow while I was at work. While it was my goal to not eat the ice-cream and others are telling me that I did indeed fail at that goal I refuse to believe my haterz. I will pick myself up from this minor setback and knowing that the children are there for me, just as I am always there for ice-cream, I will purchase another tub that is not Katz' favourite and I will continue on my journey. I love you all, haterz and followers alike. We are all one people when ice-cream and children are concerned. Peace out.
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    I've had the opportunity to work with coaches on both ends of the spectrum, as well as in between, and all bring with them very different qualities. 1. Traditional/squad environment - This is where I started my journey here in Melbourne (with Tri-Bal which no longer exists). I think as someone new to the sport and also being young an impressionable, this gave me a great grounding and allowed me to let my competitive juices flow. It also let me learn a lot from more experienced people whilst creating a fun atmosphere that kept me extremely engaged with the sport. 2. Old school, big volume - After Tri-bal, I moved onto Cam Brown. Go have a look at Brownie's instagram over the last week where he's been documenting his training... Something like 23k swim, 650k bike and 130k run + gym this week. Dude is an absolute animal. I loved challenging myself with the massive volume stuff, however my body ultimately broke. I do, though, think that my period with Brownie has helped develop a massive base which I can now launch from. This approach never really explored the mental side but perhaps the challenge of simply completing the training provided that mental stimulus. 3. The more rounded/mental approach - Next up was Gilesy. For those that know Gilesy, he is an awesome bloke. In terms of training, it was a fairly similar approach to what I had been doing with Cam, albeit less volume, with a big focus of SE and race pace work on a weekly basis. Further to this, Gilesy was a big proponent of the mental aspect surrounding training and racing and the idea of how we associate with certain physical feelings. He is a big believer in utilising techniques to quite the "noise" in the mind and I can certainly see how this is relevant in a sport like ours. I have learnt a lot from Grant and whilst in my own coaching, I may never implement it to the same extent, I certainly see the value of mental engagement in the training and racing process. His workshops and ideas could certainly provide tactics which allow an athlete to explore the extra few % of their ability on race day. 4. Scientific approach - This is where I am at now working with Prof Paul Laursen. We utilise a lot of data points to analyse progression and also mix in a good amount of Vo2 work which is something I have certainly neglected previously. Further to this, Paul's approach is quite all encompassing, monitoring heart rate variability and diet as well. However, it is important to note that there is still an underlying belief that the mental is an extremely important underlying factor with recommendations for quite time and meditation a constant, high-importance, message for performance and general well-being. The point of the above is to indicate that there is always a variety of ways to skin the cat in training from a physical standpoint. In my opinion the basis must always be aiming for consistency and this is how I intend to coach, adjusting programs on a micro level as other parts of life dictate with a larger, longer outlook in mind. However, working with an athlete to help discover areas where easy improvement could be made from a 'mental' standpoint, shouldn't be neglected. Similar to the physical side of things, there are many different pathways to doing this, most of which can be very subtle, and they should differ from athlete to athlete dependant on their circumstances. Promoting strategies to reduce overall stress and anxiety (of which endurance exercise in itself can be one) is fantastic not just for triathletes but for humans in general. I suppose the short version of the above opinion, as has been mentioned before, is that the physical is damn important if you want to improve in this sport. The mental can help you implement that improvement on race day and also perhaps aid in creating a healthier day-to-day life.
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    Trifun’s goals resonate with me, except for the last one 😂: unless it’s the sprint, then sub 2,10 is doable..... but seriously, I suppose I want to do the best I can and finish with a big smile on my face. I have no expectations time wise, although I do have a vague goal of particular run and bike speeds I would like to average (stress on the LIKE) I haven’t a clue where I will finish, and to be honest not sure I care. The women I regularly race against will have had various preparations, good bad and indifferent and whether I finish in front of next to or behind a particular person won’t impact on my own performance or enjoyment of the races. For the first time in ages I will actually have family watching me go around on the Sunday which will be totally awesome. Bring it on I say and best of mechanical luck to everyone 💪
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    ..and speaking of HR monitors - I whipped up this little gadget out of spare parts to test HR monitors. It pretends to be a HR strap and sends whatever heart rate you dial up with the big black knob on the box with a range of around 5 to 10 metres, The 935 seems to have a lower limit of 30, by the way. Kinda fun if you hide the box under the table and you dazzle your friends with your amazing abilities to change your heart rate using "mind power".... (I know, I really need to get out more!)
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    31km run. 2 hours in Z2 and then 40mins @ 4:10. Finished at the pool, met the wife and had a 45 min recovery swim. Tired now! Week of travel coming up so will do what I can!
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    I'm probably being churlish but every time I see that #WomanOfIron hashtag I want to puke.