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    2 hrs all up. Rode to gym, 4.5k rower Upper and lower body stuff 2.5k rower 10min x trainer Rode home After 6 days off, felt like a limp noodle!
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    Maybe just writing the letters and cards and not posting them will help you? I know that I have done that with an email address for my daughter. I email her once a fortnight with some thoughts on what is happening in our lives at that time and a couple of pictures of stuff. Her mum makes enough money to put a fair whack away for her, I can't do that, so I am paying by way of love and the tears I shed writing the emails to her. And I have constant contact with her, besides a weekend off every two weeks. I really couldn't imagine what you are feeling Ayto ???? I will give her the password and address after she's 21. Just a thought mate ?
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    Well Macca has offered her a job so how about she helps him bring the women's event to fruition instead of whinging from the sidelines.
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    Chuckie, I always wanted to beat my old IM PB, and I reckon the IMM course is the one to do it on, even if I can hardly run at the moment. Do you think they'd take a late entry? If you can meet me at the airport, I'll get a flight straight down & be there before check-in closes. See you at the airport soon. I'll be the one without the Grand-Prix supporters kit.
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    100kms with 1,600m vert. Cracking pace today, avg of 31.8km/h. White choc lamington, didn't spot the donuts until I had paid.
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    Parkrun......set a new 5km PB for myself 21:56 (best 5km previously was 22:07 x 2). Felt like my lungs were about to vomit out....20min 5km seems just so far......
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    After separation from the wife and getting life and kids stable I've now found myself a really nice woman that seems to be a keeper. I have 2 kids aged 12 and 10 and she has none. She is 35, sane and really stable in life. When I first met her I asked where she could see herself in 5 years. She said blah blah a couple of kids blah blah. At this early stage of the relationship I thought that having more kids would be ok. A bit of time has past since that first conversation and I have now decided that I don't want to go back to nappies and being a taxi for kids for another 10 or so years. It was a hard decision for me to make as I thought to be a complete family again then a new partner would either have her own kids or we would have some together. I knew I had to tell her my feelings and did this in a very difficult conversation. I effectively told her i was walking away as i didn't/don't want to be that guy from stopping her from having kids. The unconditional love that kids bring is greater that the love I can give her. She then went on to say she was willing to not have kids to be with me. She wanted a month or so to think about it while she got to know me some more. The relationship has been going really well and we havent spoken about the kids thing since that day. I really like this woman a lot and would like to be with her but the real question I have to try and answer is "Can I be that person to prevent her from having children?" Even if she decides that she is willing to be with me and not have her own children, will I ever feel guilt free? Am i being a prick? Shall I walk away effectively taking that choice away from her? Any advice would be greatly appreciated from the Tranny collective.
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    Athletes like Chrissy, Crowie, Brownlee, Jan, Rinny etc will never test positive. The powers that be won;t allow it. Just like the UCI never popped Lance even after the swiss positive result that came out years later. Imagine the ITU busting AB. Duel Gold medalist and then gone? Please it would ruin the sport for the Olympics. We have no tradition like the 100mtrs. Triathlon would be dumped fast. I'm not saying AB was that athlete but it was someone, yet not one person has been named. Team BG have hidden it
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    How can anyone say Macca doesn't like women? He showed in Hawaii that he loves the ladies
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    I am over the garbage that comes china. I had a couple of components fail. I did ride a copy Time frame for a few years. It did hold up, from day one the headset never fitted quiet right. I ended up ditching it and bought a few year old BMC frame that was in mint condition hardly ever ridden. I feel much safer now on the road. My life is not worth saving few dollars with a cheaper option..
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    I read an interesting comment on another website which perfectly explains this exact situation and the dilemma that faced the organisers. To organise such a massive event and attract sponsors and tv rights etc there needs to be something to sell. In the mens event all 6 medalists from the last 2 Olympics and every world champ going back to 2008. A nice selling point to the media and the standard of the event. Now lets look at the women, because of retirement and pregnancy unfortunately there actually is only Holland, the bronze medallist from Rio, no one from London and Non Stanford and Duffy as world champions available going back to 2008. Not quite the same selling point as for the men. Also as the athletes were under season Contract, using replacements for top women would eliminate them from future events. Now as an organiser if they have been able to get things up and running but find themselves in this dilemma should they have just canned everything they have worked hard to set up so far, risking not being able to achieve the same media rights etc if all was postponed, or go ahead with what they have?
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    57km ride with a bike shop ride in the middle. Pace was mega high for me but once a month won't hurt. Great fun, nice people.
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    Expect a NWT Ventum add on EBay soon
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    Good points on Insta from Liz Blatchford. https://instagram.com/p/BSA25ZyhNqX/
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    My thoughts too, a panic statement maybe. I can't say all as I don't know with certainty but many of these athletes would be on the ITU out of comp testing programme and many also on their countries OOC programmes. The ITU can not complain about lack of drug testing when they themselves have swept a positive test under the carpet for a Brit athlete after Cozumel world champs. I have found the current ITU testing pool athletes list if anyone is interested. Not as many on it considering the numbers in a wts race ooct-jan-mar-2017.pdf
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    Some great advice there Ratty. I agree that the fact that you care so much about doing the 'right' thing shows that you are deserving of a nice person in your life. I can't advise you on the correct thing to do except to say to be honest and upfront and hope that your partner will do the same. No matter what you decide it will be the best decision based on how you feel and what you know. What I can tell you is that when my youngest had grown up I thought to myself 'thank god I don't have to deal with young toddlers and babies again'. Then just over 12 months ago I became a Grandfather, and I can't get enough of it. The feeding, the nappies, the lot! I know it's not a full time gig, like it is when you're the parent, but it's so much easier now that I'm a bit older and more relaxed & experienced. I know your girls are only young themselves but maybe have a little bit of a casual chat to them and see what they reckon. You never know, their reaction might help you look at things from a different angle. Failing all that, just trust that this lady can make a good decision herself - Although I must question her sanity in choosing to go out with you in the first place! Somehow these things just always seem to work out for the best. Good luck with it! I'll also leave you with these words from Mark Twain (again)... “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
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    Just completed 5x5km with 30min Bike on trainer between.
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    What a poor response from ITU. Not to say their comments didn't have merit. The opener on media was just a token positive comment in amongst the sour grapes. Perhaps they could have focused as much on all of the great things that happened like how good the racing was, the calibre of the athletes, the unpredictability, the attraction for the viewer and the accessibility. Yet they talk about athletes which they should be drug testing themselves and it has been made perfectly clear that females and AGers will be there after they have got the process up and running. ITU have had 25 years since F1 to put on a show like this and present it to the world, but they've chosen to not to that. Super league racing is offering the elite pro racers so much more that I would expect ITU to feel threatened by this, and perhaps so they should.
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    I'd hazard to guess that most professional bike deals would be. He are 2 bikes. We now sponsor you. BMC would be crazy to give cash. Maybe as a bonus for winning but not up front.
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    I go sub 5 on 25km running per week (or sometimes less). Have never done Challenge Melbourne though. Probs not ideal, just injury management for me - most people could and should run a lot more.
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    Just watched the video of Sarah in Adelaide, what a super woman! I'm in awe. She's pushing on to Murray Bridge tonight.
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    Swim 2-3 times a week before ear surgery. How long out for swimming post op? Pretty simple, swim ride and run 3 sessions of each a week ideally. Start doing brick session like swim, bike and bike run, you only need to run 4-5ks off a 2hr bike. Build up to one long run per week 10-15ks. One speed seesion and a brick session. I don't think you need to do 40k of running a,week for a half IM. 20-25ks is plenty, unless you want to get injured. AP is an awesome coach and he will have you confident leading into the race.
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    Run more you should be able to get 20 mins off that run time , but u have to reamain bike fit so u arnt smashed going onto the run better off focusing on a 20 min better orun than a 3-4 min better swim as far as coach goes I'd get onto the mkc 16 week plan. , lots of slow stuff in the program so it won't break you google matt koorey or PM mjk on here
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    Im still trying to talk the Mrs into taking the money and moving to Qld now that the house is new and clean and undamaged.