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    She is out of ICU and in a ward. Neurologists are amazed at the recovery. No memory of last week and can't process new memories as yet. Big relief tears right now. Very happy. I have been in touch with her brother about a possible visit on the weekend. Baby steps, but it's a start. Thanks all for the messages and support. You are bloody legendary. Cheers Sam
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    Saw a few trannies out there on the run course and gave some shout outs but not sure who they were. Great day for racing, much better than last year! I only entered on Friday arvo after a mechanical at IM Brazil cost me 16mins and a Kona spot two weeks ago. Managed to hold it together for a 9.26 and a KQ, bloody stoked but wouldn't recommend doing two full's in two weeks again! 😬
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    Thanks trannys. It was a great day out, easily my best ever executed race, and biggest win. Totally thrilled. I hope everyone else had a great day. I hope we can share some drinks tonight!
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    #worstnightmare, booked a hotel on the tablelands with 3 steps 😂😳
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    Hi everybody thanks for all your kind wishes. I'm just back from the hospital and it seems that Mia is doing ok - enough to be bored and start to play up. It also is clear that she didn't go into cardiac arrest yesterday - thank god! My wife just had a massive panic attack when Mia went into a dead faint in front of her - when she was alone in the ward room with Mia & the emergency staff put her on the crash cart and gave her oxygen and started feeling her chest and got the paddles ready just in case. After being non responsive for about 10 minutes they gave her a big injection - which Bernadette thought was adrenaline- but was in fact an emergency epilepsy drug. Mia's had about 6 such seizures since Friday afternoon and about a dozen lesser ones. So - it was bad, but not as bad as I was first lead to believe. Long term it is clear that Mia will need a series of very invasive brain surgeries- but the extent and timing of that is unclear and has been the subject of extensive debate by her surgical team over the past 18 months. My sense is that this episode will accelerate the decision making and the timing of the surgery. Of course, being the long weekend the full team will not be in a position to assemble until next week at the earliest. Fingers crossed!
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    Ok, Talked with my special friend on the phone today and we are now both on the same page with everything. *insert grinning like a school boy face here She recovering well, and being proactive about stuff. She's awesome. Just a final thanks for now to everyone. It was the FIRST place I thought to come for support when I heard about this event. Before even ringing my sister!?! So that tells me something! This is a great resource, keep the good and the not so good coming, I am certain that all who read gain something from it. Be open, be honest. Keep talking. Thanks Sam
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    Goodbye Nick. for those that couldn't be there ...
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    It is with a sad Heart I write this. At this very moment many of you are celebrating his life at the chapel. Rose and I so wish we could have been there with you all especially Ali and the girls. I will never forget Nick's friendship and support he gave me in my early years of working Ironman in Forster. He never judged and was the first one with a helping hand. We had so many laughs and when we were last together a few years back at the TA awards in Melbourne we started right where we left off. You will be missed Nick but your legacy will be forever! Cheers my friend. Mike Reilly
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    Got the privilege of having a text chat with her this arvo during my mail round. Lots of happy tears at both ends. It was better than winning lotto!! Was whistling for the rest of the day. Good to hear you are going okay Miss Jess. Keep doing stuff which is good for YOU. Cheers
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    Why didn't you stop him and explain you're a triathlete and have right of way no matter the situation?
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    Oh flap Sam, I can't imagine. But stick by her, she needs you, she's going to need lots of help! My younger sister was the last person who spoke to a guy in her class (year 12) before he committed suicide. I've never really spoken to her about it, as at the time mum said to not mention anything. She knows I have clinical depression, so does mum. Ayto, I know of someone who has an ex just like yours, hang in there. He has spent all his cash and then some getting access to his kid, he's winning so far. Meanwhile, I am much better. As frustrating as the job can be, I do not work for, and with, destructive, micromanaging, workaholic people. My contract was extended and for 12 months which is not standard. My blood pressure is better, my doctor says I look much healthier. Meds-wise she is not too fussed with me doing any further reductions until I feel ready. I feel ready to take on a half ironman knowing I have the support of work as well, they ask about my races.
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    never would have been a problem in the old days when AP was doing his first few hell of the wests at Gundy, In those days pneumatic tyres were yet to be invented so it was pretty hard to let down a solid tyre.
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    Yeah me and Brooky, we go way back!!
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    I don't use heart rate when racing sorry, no time to look at that! If I guessed, it would have been perhaps 155-60ish most of the way. My power on the bike was 259np, which I was really happy with. It's a number not so much I've been training to, because if I'm training to that power I'm going too easy (we can't simulate IM fatigue all the time, it's just not possible), but it is something I can't see going much higher for IM distance. Maybe another 6-8w or so, but probably no more.
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    This is very sad news indeed. My heartfelt sympathies to Ali and Nick's family. In a way we all became part of Nick's extended family racing in his events. They, Nick and Ali, would always remember you. Even years later, when we did the The Little Big Dash with our kids and it had been years Ali gave me a hug at "race" check in. That goes right back at you Ali at this time, along with my thoughts and prayers for you all. I got to work with Nick a little on the 2003 IMA. OLT, as he was then, organised a press pass and I was in the van with all these real journos, yes even one from the Wall Street Journal, no less, and we had "the crazy driver". This guy was going through roundabouts the wrong way (to the horror of the police controlling it) and just seemed clueless when it came to anticipating safe moments to overtake cyclists and just safe driving in general. It gave me an insight (that I didn't want) into how that French TV car hit and sent Johnny Hoogerland into that barbed wire fence on stage 9 of the 2011 TDF. Anyway, the wrong way through the roundabout incident had reached race HQ where Nick was in charge. Nick was already stressed as there were a few problems getting race updates from some of the checkpoints and he was working on getting those fixed. So my guess is the police had passed the news of this incident up the chain of command and so the news of this had fallen on him from a greater height probably with the threats that police would shut things down if there were any more incidents like this. We were "grounded" I honestly think most of us that had been passengers were relieved. I got to know both Nick and Ali doing the first Xterra series in Australia in 2002 and 2003. I was fortunate enough to race in Maui at the world champs both those years too. I really loved the Xterra series, they were smaller and more personable events than triathlons. Not only did I enjoy the off road aspect more but the character was like a bunch of friends racing each other. The crowd was small enough to know everyone and that included the event staff too. Ali would always be at check in and knew nearly everyone by their name. Nick as RD would be doing the announcements, and probably a lot more behind the scenes. With a name like Slowman it is like a self fulfilling prophecy and I recall at the Jindabyne race where as I finished, Nick rightly pointed out "here comes Craig Vernon, this is the beginning of the slower finishers!" Nevertheless persistence pays off and I got to Maui for good attendance I think. When we went to Maui we went as a team, Nick was the team manager and everyone in the team spent a bit of time together for photos and socialising. The big highlight of the Maui event was the after party meltdown, which was also a Halloween fancy dress party. In 2002 the Halloween after party was quite a messy affair, I believe I'd drunk myself sober. Nick was there at the beginning and I probably inflicted myself on him throughout the night with my ramblings. I don't think anyone who had been there could forget it. There was one lady in particular, memorable for her outfit which consisted solely of cat's ears, a g-string and sequined stars covering her nipples. Even at these events the camaraderie amongst all athletes was fantastic. I recall on the start line in 2003 congratulating Peter Reid on his win earlier in the week at Kona and wishing him luck for the "double". Nick and X-tri built the Canberra Half Ironman into one of the most challenging half ironmans in the country. Something everyone who raced it appreciated it for. It was no flat course and even though the run was relatively flat around the Lake, the couple of rises seemed like hills after the bike course took the sting out of your legs. I remember the hills out in the rural countryside they were a real test of your fitness, if it wasn't up to scratch you couldn't hide it! One year I was nearly taken out by a kangaroo that waited till the last minute and bounded out in front of me. I just missed it by a couple of feet, something I'm still very glad about! I never got to race Yeppoon sadly, I had always planned to but it just never happened but it was another race that everyone loved. I'm sure if I had there would be some rich memories of it too. I just wanted to say thanks Nick for all that you did and for all the memories.
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    Just waiting to cast off around 4pm. The missus is celebrating her birthday so she is currently upgrading our drinks package while I wait. See you in 12 days. Lukim yu behain taem FM
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    BREAKING NEWS: Moped rider clocked at a world record pace of 44 km/per hr over 180km. Strongly rumored to be 'Don' assisted.
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    About that good..... Extremely disappointed and sad at myself. Did a 21:57. Only 10 of us running across all gender and age groups, was in no mans land between first three guys and then a fair step back to the next group. Was actually quite warm and there was a decent swirly wind. My coach, who came to watch three of us run, said conditions were tough, but still not excuse. Just didn't happen. Did run against Ralph, aged 87, who ran just under 42min. Super impressive, as he had run the 800m an hour before. 1:37.37 / 1.42 / 1.40 / 1:42 / 1:43.50 / 1:47.00 / 1:48 / 1:49.24 / 1:49 / 1:50 / 1:51 / 1:50 / 48 Did medal, but was not the main aim. Really wanted a goodpb. Next goal Gold Coast 10km under 45min.
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    Hey everyone. For the past 6 weeks I have been dating a fantastic woman who is very special to me and who knows me, warts and all. I was lucky to know her enough to share ALL my history, and she shared hers. We come from similar backgrounds and experiences. I was taking my daughter to watch her play netball this afternoon at 4pm. I showed up to the court where her team was warming up and waited with the usual school boy like butterflies she gave me. Her team were looking around the crowds to see if she was on her way as she was strangely late. My daughter asked where she was when the game started without her and her team left a player short after an injury to the Goal Shooter.... I told my daughter she's probably just having a tricky time dropping her kids at her brother's place etc. But in my gut I had a knot....I knew something serious was happening. So I text her phone saying that I hoped she was ok and that she could call me if she wanted and to take great care. I jumped on the phone as it buzzed with a message from "her".... It was from someone else via her phone saying to contact her brother.... So I rang him immediately. I was shaking and felt sick. Her brother told me that she is in an induced coma in the hospital because she'd tried to kill herself. She is barely alive. Now I am not sure what to say from here on here about this. But I really really liked her a lot. We had so much in common on all levels and I knew I could trust her and now I might lose her. The last message I got from her was at 10:57am and at the time quite normal. But looking at it now there was a call for help. I didn't see it. I did text her after that message with no response...... I know why now. The eerie thing is that I have been in her position. But made it through. And to be in this position and see and feel someone who you feel very strongly for hurt that much is torture. She's the prettiest kindest girl I have met since being single. Now she might be gone. If ANYONE is seriously thinking about self harm or suicide. Please just talk about it. We will listen. Someone will listen. The pain is not as great as you are special. You're loved. Reach out please. Thanks to Roxii for facilitating this thread. I am going to try and get some sleep, I have my daughter this weekend and I need the rest. Hug your loved ones. Tell them they are great people. They might need it. Take care all. Sam
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    TRI GOLD And then tell him about your session and your last race and show him the new watch.... LOL
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    Oh don't worry it's very much family time, we tacked on a holiday after Cairns, went home to Townsville so the daughter and wife could catch up with their friends etc, back in the west now in Karratha, took the young fella to footy today! But I also want to keep good fitness up, I don't have a history of being fit so I'm a little worried if I stop I'll get fat (I know it's a stupid theory). I'm not an outwardly social person so my wife has said go do some group rides and meet some new people, which I struggle with doing. So early this morning I went and joined the local bunch for their Time trial race! Was nice to meet some new people and have some fun while riding fast destroying the legs
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    Live in a company house where if anything needs doing I just ring the hotline and they come do it 😂😂 and our own house is on the other side of the country so can't do anything there either 😂😂. So we just went for a husband wife run/ walk as she wants to learn to run 5km, put the kids on their bikes and let them take off in front, was nice and casual actually! Enjoyed it
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    But is this typical of cyclists, or just another antisocial member of modern society. One would never lump alll truck drivers together because one hurls abuse, or bus passengers because one is caught on video in a racist rant. Car drivers aren't one group all tarred with the same brush. this guy might be a dickhead, but it's nought to do with cycling
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    Oooh awesome I love getting parcels
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    Shit if Alistair Brownlee doesn't have sporting integrity no one does... I don't think he's the kinda dude that takes no winning and/or DNFs lightly. I also doubt he's doing it for the pay check. But I do know he's trying his best to stay injury free and that could have something to do with it... maybe he'll have a win at 70.3 champs. Would that be enough for him to have some sort of sporting integrity?
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    Mtnboy is off to Kona. Woohoo.
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    Very sad news! My thoughts go out to Nick's family. RIP NickI Along with many others I have fond memories of Nick going back to the early Ozchat days where he would try and keep reigns on All the troublemakers (Greyman, Flanman etc). Funny story: when I was regular contributor to Ozchat (prior to Transitions) I'd use the sign on "Kamahl". From memory Nick used to moderate Ozchat and one night myself, Ricky Martin, Swoon King and a host of other clowns were dishing out a heap of shit to all and sundry making life rather difficult for Nick. In the middle of proceedings, the home phone rang and my wife answered... "Chris, it's Nick Munting for you". I went as white as a ghost... thoughts ran through my head such as "how the f*ck does he know who I am"? I answer the phone... "hello Nick" in reply I get "No it's Ricky Martin - Gotcha"! A lot of laughter and expletives followed! Those were fun days indeed! We'll miss you Nick!
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    Was talking to Hiltz on the weekend and we were talking about Nick and his history in the sport. I would hope Cairns has a fitting tribute of some sort this weekend.
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    Just looking back..............can't believe this was 2006 Two gentleman no longer with us.........Chris and Nick.
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    Actually, lust wise, I'd love a Llewellyn bike, custom built for me. Darrell built one of my first race bikes when he was working for Hoffy. These days they are a piece of art.
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    Just catching up here and geez, what a rollercoaster. So, so sorry to hear of the problems but very pleased there's a light at the end of the tunnel. It might be a bit touchy, but 'you can't ask that' had an episode on suicide survivors a few weeks ago. Whilst it was pretty confronting, at the end they almost universally said they were glad they survived and life was now great. Wishing the same for you, your friend and both your kids. http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/you-cant-ask-that/LE1617H003S00
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    There may be the occasional upholstery question over in the Sandbox.
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    Thanks Ran this morning. Daughter was in front of me on her bike, which was good because behind my sunnies and beneath my Trannies Trucker it was all tears. When we finished I just blamed the cold air for the tears and snotty nose, luckily my daughter bought it. Thanks again.
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    I have to go to the Burpengary weigh-bridge to get an accurate number.
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    There's so much of this stuff everywhere. People not yielding to others in the supermarket with trolleys etc etc. I choose to yield in life without compromising my values and basic requirements. Lot less stressful.
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    My first run today! 6min run, 3 min walk on the AlterG. 5km in 38mins. So happy. The Achilles feels great. :-)
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    At least Phil would have given you a full and thorough history of the castle.
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    So to KQ I just need to cut the gear cable on the 50 bikes belonging to the guys faster than me . Deflating the tyres wouldn't gain me enough time.
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    Managed to walk, rather than crawl to the bathroom. Bit of a win
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    160k MS Brissie to the Bay bike ride yesterday. Geez that was tough and it hurt. But was over the moon to raise over $1K for MS.
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    Thank God Tony axed that Carbon Tax. My electricity prices have been dropping ever since that visionary move.
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    12:56 for me, not quite the 12:30 goal but still a PB so I can't complain. I found the swim rough, I felt like a bobbing cork on the waves, but sounds like it was just me. Bike was fun, surface rougher than I remember but it went quickly up to the last 20-30km when the wind was a bit much. I saw quite a few TOs and people in the pen box early on. Legs went bad after about 20km of the run but the coke pulled me back together and I ran between the aid stations to get home. I have plenty of ideas in how to improve for my next IM in 2019 - I need a year off IM to do other events - thinking of the LCW, Centennial Park Ultra (if it happens), Mooloolaba, AAA (if that happens in 2018), and will enter the Norseman lottery again with no expectations of getting in.
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    Rory dog looking good in the cap. Thanks Roxii and Cranky for the cap.
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    It's not like its a spectator sport, so who gives a faark- besides i bet the organisers knew that AB was focused on Leeds when they signed him. He gave them good value - lots of pre race publicity. Pushing the best for the swim, bike and first lap of the run. Sure, he might have done himself some PR favours if he ran the last 14km at tempo - as a cooldown at 4min/km, but really other than picky Trannies I don't think anybody else cares ...
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    Meanwhile, back on topic, some commuter cyclist behaviour sucks.
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    Say I'm fast. Triathlon is my passion (or cycling TT). I invest all my hard erned dosh in a super duper race bike. I decide to commute to work by bike insted of drive/bus/etc as it's a nice day, and whatever..... Am I to be laughed at? WTF? Plenty of times on here when folks are looking at buying a new bike the suggestions are made to get the best one you can to race with, but still do other rides on as well. Drafting off strangers is bad. Drafting on aerobars is bad. But commuting on an exxy bike? Or not going super fast on an exxy bike? Seriously? Whats wrong with that if you don't know the person or the story? Some people are a bit high and mighty about triathletes being wankers, fast bikes can only be ridden fast in races etc..........thats wanky.
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    The onus is largely on the lead vehicles to maintain the appropriate separation and hence the integrity and fairness of the race. You can't expect the lead cyclist to repeatedly slow down if the lead vehicle(s) persistently encroach within the legal distance. It's the lead vehicle with the power (literally and figuratively) to control the situation. The race leader shouldn't be afforded the position where he has chance to cheat.
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    Yes and no. For a professional yes. It ruins their career For an age grouper no. Sitting out 4 years for an age grouper is easy. I haven't done a bike race under the cycling Australia banner in 5 years. I haven't done an ironman since 2012 I think first time needs to be 4years or life if you have tested positive for an injected drug. It's not like people accidentally injected epo or other such drugs.