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    when I can process what you lot have done, and can come up with something more than just thankyou without all the swearing that's been going on I'll say more. IP, you're just I don't know.........
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    Wow! You guys are awesome! Thank you! It isn't often Dean is speechless, although I am not sure if you can count swearing for 10mins speechless. I thought you might all appreciate this. Goughy's reaction Goughy's reaction part 2
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    I have done 26 Ironmans....I am 50...... I could today immediately stop due to fear of heart issues......and tomorrow I could be hit by a car and die..... I think I know what I'll be doing. Life is full of chances...I'll take a chance on my next Ironman
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    I hope I've had enough beer to mellow down enough to make sense now! And I never drink at home. I hope this isn't gonna just be sappy shit. I think I posted on here the other day in another thread that there's a lot of shit people out there, and you should surround yourself with the good ones out there. I already knew I'd done that....... but you lot a just friggin nuts. It's not like I haven't seen how generous trannies is in the past, and it's not like it hasn't personally touched me before either! But this is too much and I don't deserve it. And I can't even begin to convey how ridiculously generous you lot are. And you know, this morning I got to meet Ex, Mrs Ex and Little Ex, sit down and have a cuppa with them and leave with a bike for my daughter! It was already a great day........ IP - I already knew what sort of person you were, and told my mate such when I asked him if he minded if I gave you his number. Maybe I'm naive, but I had no clue at all. You know yesterday I was messaging my mate to tell him he should maybe check how much his lbs would charge to pack his bike, and that I had some spacers here to fit into the dropouts if needed. You guys...... really don't know what to say. I've seen this sort of generosity here before. What I love here, is we often argue (or worse), but still hold some level of respect for each other and at times everyone comes together and what might have been said in the past doesn't matter. It truly is a great community here.
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    Well, Nick is pretty impressed with you lot! Can't take a pic cause it's at my lbs getting that steerer cut! But I'm pretty sure the "seats too high" comments will be due! It's gone up 37mm from where it was, and he expects I'll need to lift my road bike seat too. Front end has lowered and moved forwards. He said as a bike it's a very good fit for me. Once I've had some time on it and done the exercises he wants me to do it could go down a little lower. While the changes are very dramatic, it was interesting to see how I could be more comfortable going lower and further forward - less hunched up and compressed. Only wants me riding 20mins few times a week building up to an hour over the next month to adjust. Seat height will take some getting used to, but even I could see that I wasn't rocking on the seat etc. Thanks again, all of you. Really really appreciated.....
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    I bet the animals arnt feeling so great as they line up to be slaughtered i normally don't comment on this stuff and won't again but this diet is soooo wrong ethically on just about every level all meat or mostly meat diet might have been fine when we lived in a cave and there was only a few hundred to feed not now , when the earth already can't sustain the farming practices of meat production today with the amount of over population on the planet not sure how anyone could think humans could sustain the production of this type of diet for any length of time without totally rooting the planet and agin what about the animals that are slaughtered, mistreated, and totally abused just for the sake saying well we used to eat this as caveman so it must be the best thing for us , I agree Les carbs is better but this is just way over the top we used to do a lot of things for lots of reasons but it doesn't make em right
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    We'll, first real ride today not on the trainer. That was just night and day! I'm sure it's fit isn't dialled in, and I will be going to Nick Formosa to get that sorted, but I really can't believe how different that felt. Even Brendon commented very early that I looked much more comfortable and relaxed on it. He is the obligatory coffee shop pic..... I'm concerned my seat may be too high
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    "Typing is very difficult for me right now, so apologies for this group reply to all the love and messages that I received today. As most of you are aware by now, I suffered a stroke on Friday night during the ITU World Multisport Championships in Penticton Canada. With the quick response by my amazing ITU Triathlon family, I was given immediate medical attention and care at the local Penticton hospital.Through that night a faulty artery in my neck pinged a small clot to the right hand side of the brain.Upon awakening, my left side was immediately affected. My left arm and hand took the full force of the stroke, with both now reduced to 10% of their normal mobility and strength. My speech and mouth were also affected. And I have a drunken left leg.CT scans during my hospital stay cleared me of any damage to the brain. That is the best news.The Australian Team Doctor led the way in my diagnosis. I was then cleared to leave the hospital to pursue further treatment back home. Penticton hospital was a smaller town hospital without the the full resources to cope with the diagnosis of my condition.I am now home. After visiting my family doctor, he insisted that I pursue further tests at Sydney’s best hospital Stroke Unit.I have now been readmitted into hospital for the next 2-3 days for speech pathology, neurology, MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound, and rehabilitation for my mouth, leg, and most importantly my arm and hand.I am on my way to wellness.I wish to thank you all for my phone calls, emails, and text messages. I am truly humbled by your beautiful loving reaction.I am also blown away by today’s volume of Facebook wall love, and the staggering amount of posted selfies taken over the years with beautiful ladies around the globe. I am truly a Stud.Delly "
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    Did I mention, how much I would love to buy my mates Ferrari if it ever comes up for sale............
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    Sorry for the lack of posting on here of late! I'm on here most days reading but just haven't been writing much myself. Was a pretty funny old day over in Malaysia with my steerer snapping in half and then 32-33k on a city bike. Owed it to the race to finish and glad I did albeit very slowly. In terms of Dimond, I will refrain from saying anything.
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    It's no surprise that someone looking for something to post on a slow news day will come up with a post like this Seriously, does anyone disagree with the message ? I haven't won a world championship and I have no formal dietary education but I say - include protein in every meal - avoid deep fried foods - avoid sugar - limit your intake of wheat to a bare minimum - make each meal 50-60% vegetable - eat fish often You don't need to be a dietitian to offer that sort of advice - it's just common sense If Pete said don't play on the railroad tracks some of you would say he's not qualified to offer that sort of advice
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    I did this years ago. I would classify myself as a non-gifted, no innate athletic ability, dead set average runner. I targeted sub 3.30 mainly because it is a nice round number in regards to pacing as its bang on 5 min pace, this is before GPS were in use so all the pacing was done by course markers, a watch and some dodgy maths in your head, so a round number was easy to calculate when the head started going fuzzy. I just found a 12 week programe and followed it to the letter as best I could and tried to make all my long runs at 5 min pace. Smashed out a 3.29:31
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    That photo's probably not a good Rapp for Dimond Bikes.
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    Well, credit due where credit is due. I was very disapointed with the turnout that the agents had at the auction on the weekend, however the last 4 days doubt I could have hustled as much as the agents did. We signed off the sale of the house last night at what I would have been happy with at auction, not the level I would have hoped to get to in my dreams, but a good result all the same. We had 5 offers on the table to choose from, all from parties that saw the property the first time on Saturday or after. Only downside is the offer we accepted had a condition of the pool table staying, however was high enough above the others to get a new one without the hassle of moving it so all up a positive anyway Move to the country is back on, we got the extension on the other offer and have just gone unconditional, moved the settlement date forward so should have the time required to get the vege patch in and sweet corn planted just in time to be putting corn on the cob on the BBQ on the deck by mid Jan while looking at the orchard coming along nicely out the back and wondering when the cow is going to stop pooping everywhere. (The cow is from my sister in law, they want to give their block a chance to rest so are sending it down to us, city slickers thinking they can keep a cow on an acre block...) Onto the packing...
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    My day out: bad swim! Took off well, cleared the people around me and then hyperventilated (I think that's it - felt like I couldn't breath). Couldn't believe what was happening, and am ashamed to say, I switched to backstroke just to keep moving. Eventually got under control and back to free and started clawing back places. Went hard on bike to compensate, got in some groups but they were easy to lose as people would take off too much speed into the technical sections and things would break up. Had to slam on a few times to avoid a crash and a few swerves around danger, but was aggressive as I could be into the bends - actually enjoyed the bike a lot! Was one of my slowest runs though, stomach cramps, a dry chunder and just no go (food poisoning two days before and a night on the loo might have been a factor). Anyway, enjoyed the atmosphere and really glad I had a bash, and the bonus is, I didn't come last!
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    Thank you all for your kind comments. I've had time to reflect a bit now, and summarize: There were 1980 entries and on the day the race had a DNF rate of 14%, not sure if that's high or not? I don't know how many DNS but the security at transition we're telling me there wer quite a few bikes spots that were never racked. I came 118th out of 166 in my AG, and I think 1309th overall. I made a lot of mistakes, namely: Not moving to a flat area after the swim and trying to de-wetsuit on the sloped path. Drying my feet for the interim run, this was futile as they needed drying again in the tent. Bag organization needed to be better. Needed a full change for the run. IMO, I spent too much time concentration on being aero. In that weather, a better approach my have been to ride upright more, keep my hands on the bull horns and boss the bike a bit more. Would have killed my wrists though. Not taking enough time in the chute, missing seeing my Mum who was there in the crowd. Things I got right. Finishing
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    Pretty much the same ex, growing up in a rural community never even knew of a gay person. One kid at school got teased relentlessly as he was quite "non-manly" and came out around 10 years ago as being gay - long after he had left and moved to the city. I was in my 20s before I got to know them and really there is very little difference - even the stereotypes are not correct - some of them are the worse dressers and have no interior design skills A friend of mine passed away a few months ago. I know he struggled with his sexuality and being from a farming family in Walcha I doubt it went down too well, particularly as he took over the family farm from his aging parents. He did have a male partner in Sydney for a while (very openly) but it didn't last too long, followed up straight after with a hetero relationship with a woman that was just not right for him, but one of convenience (which didn't last too long unsurprisingly). His death was ruled a suicide and I can't help but wonder if part of this lead to his final decision. I'm voting yes just to ensure another Matt doesn't have to get to that point and let the small number of bigots in these communities know their judgements are out of line, as the community is alot worse off without him
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    "Typing is still difficult for me right now, so once again apologies for this group reply. All my hospital visitors on Saturday mentioned just how good I looked. They feared the worst. Stroke is an ugly word. But please be assured my episode was the best case scenario of an ugly word. I’ll be back stronger and sexier, and it wont be long. Day 5 in hospital. A lot of tests have been done. I still have a good handful more scans that will keep me here for another week. The good news is that the brain has no damage. My heart is as strong as an ox. My blood tests are all clear so far. Open that bottle of French Champagne. Pop that cork. The neurology professor is still targeting tests and scans at my neck and that faulty right artery. The left facial muscles have all got their bounce back. I still have my cheeky mischievous sexy smile. Speech pathology was short and sweet. Doc was super happy with the way I opened my vowels Now as you can see, I still have my sense of humour. Each specialist ends our session with ‘are there any questions?’, I invariably reply with ‘can you tell me where i can get a decent meal in this hospital’. I’ve managed to make them all laugh except my neurology professor. My leg has recovered to a happy healthy trampoline bouncing 99% mobility. So the problem. My left hand and arm. There is no numbness, no pins&needles, it feels normal. It just doesn't respond. I have started my physical therapy programme. I wont lie by saying it’s easy. To move my hand to grasp a small water bottle is exhausting and frustrating. I need a one hour nap after 5 reps. There have been sessions of tears & anger, and sessions of gritty teeth determination. I have watched Rocky1-4 repeatedly since I was a teenager. Rocky 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 etc were crap. My concentration in each physical therapy session have been focused on replaying scenes and Stallone’isms from these 4 movies. Now I know why Rocky was a fictional hero in my life. Life long friend and non-fiction hero of mine is John Maclean. He visited me on Saturday. Each time I face a wall attempting to move my fingers in session, I tell myself ‘what would John do?’. I know that he doesn't quit. He is the most persistent bastard I know. I have seen it and I have photographed it over the years. I keep repeating phrases from his book ‘How Far Can You Go?’ . When I leave this hospital in a week from now, I face 4-6 weeks physical therapy on my hand at a specialist hospital near home. The response to my illness has been overwhelming. 2000 Emails, phone calls, text, and Facebook messages ! I have had love from the Rowing fraternity. The Swimming world. Photographers & the photographic community. My 3 schoolmates since Grade 5 were the first here by my bed. Friends from my days in the corporate world have visited. 30 years ago I walked through a revolving door. On it was a little sign that said ‘Triathlon’. The tsunami of love and messages from my Triathlon family worldwide has stunned me. Over my time in the sport I have collected so many friendships, faces, worldwide experiences, and memories. I have lived my triathlon life according to Delly, 30 years of Delly being Delly, 30 years of humour, friendship, mateship, hard work, devotion & passion, and that has boomeranged back to me in one solid swell of energy from around the world. Messages that have made me cry, laugh, smile and be thankful that I did walk through that door 30 years ago. I can honestly feel that wave of energy. I truly do. The Triathlon world is supporting me with open arms. I am truly blessed. Thank you."
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    Thanks all. Just did a pre brekki 25min shakedown ride in the worst conditions. If this keeps up, the bike will be a matter of 'don't crash' rather than 'go hard'. On the plus side, it's so wet that my brakes aren't squealing any more Swim practice in a couple of hours time. I made an essential.addition to the bike, my most important upgrade
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    Just what kind of Grass is it you mow?
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    I don't think he has sworn that much in the entire time that I have known him. (and you only got a short clip! That went on for at least 10mins ) He much like me, is only an occasional F-bomber. We both even cut that back when we had the kids. Now that they are getting older have become more relaxed with it. But for him to swear that much especially in front of our son, you have an indication of how surprised and overwhelmed he was. It certainly made my day and I am still grinning over it now. Unfortunately our daughter was at work for the event but I showed her the vids.
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    Get your bike fit sorted, get us some photos, then get farkin training.
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    Future Mrs Tyno finished.
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    Today was 3 x1km (goal 4:10) and 5 x 200m. Ran (in order) 4:10, 3:59, 3:52 --> (a new PB for 1km - previous was 3:55). Felt like road runner today - meep meep
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    Had a call from Delly this afternoon and chatted for about 20 minutes - he's going OK. Still a bit limited with his left arm and hand but making improvements and, in his own words, "in a far better place than a month ago". He's doing fine motor skill rehab (picking up toothpicks, rolling golf balls in his hand etc) and that will continue on. The rehab is aimed at helping him get back the appropriate functions he needs to work. On typical post-stroke meds and goes back for an MRI in 3 months. Sounded pretty good overall although a bit disappointed he won't be in Kona - first one he's missed in 25 years. Also disappointed to be drinking decaf coffee but he'll survive...
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    I can't see how swimming on someone else's hip will slow them down ? But one thing I have noticed is that a lot of guys who do a lot of posting on internet sites and don't do much swimming, swim pretty slow times
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    Had the flu the week bwfore. PBd the swim, ride and run, but the 10min run from swim exit to T1 chewed that back up again. Had a great time ho!
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    That 8% active fee is the biggest bullshit deal I have ever heard of - 8% is just robbery
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    I have had a couple of people contact me about stuff Hiltz was selling. First thing I did was check out what he was selling decided I didn't want it & then gave him a good review
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    It's not so much about who they pick, but who accepts the terms.
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    OK, so Part II... T2: As I'm getting closer to transition I really was in two minds about whether to carry on and my heart sunk when I saw just how many bikes were already racked (had I really been that slow?). I very gladly hung up my bike and headed to the change tent. I had been worried about what was going to happen clothing wise on the run, as most of what I was wearing was still wet. I had fresh socks for running and another pair in special needs but the rest was a lottery. I thought I'd put on a fresh base layer that I had in my bike bag under my tri suit top but very stupidly, I'd forgotten to transfer it to my run bag so when i fished it out of bike bag, it was soaking wet. dumb, dumb, dumb.! I had a clean and dry cycling top in my run bag so decided to wear that over the top of my suit and carry the gilet in my jersey pocket. At this point I hadnt looked at my watch because my arm warmers were covering it and they seemed to be super glued on. However, once I'd changed and slapped on my old school Trannie hat I felt a bit better. Certainly better than the 5 or 6 guys near me in T2 that said they weren't going to run at all. Run: As you can see from the profile and pic below, the run course is a bit confusing. Basically, it's 3 flat streets then a 2 mile hill out of town to some very exposed, wide main roads, a turn around down a little bit, up another dog leg to a turnaround (this is where you get lap bands), then back down the hill, into town, another dog leg hill turnaround and into town proper where it's all up or down and takes in all the streets where the shops are. You do this 4 times. To quote Lucy Gossage (female winner) 'Whoever designed that was on drugs' So I headed out, it's still light and and I saw my Mum and told her to go to the hotel because it was going to be a long cold night (she didn't!). The rain had stopped and heading out of town my legs were hurting but doing what they were meant to be doing, albeit slowly. The crowds were cheering and going crazy, mainly because they'd been on the cans all afternoon, lucky bastards Once heading out of town it goes quiet and you start to get a feel feel the the enormity of the task ahead. There were lots of fast AGers still on the course at this point so you felt 'amongst it'. Most people were walking various parts of the hill and on lap 1, I 'ran' much more of it than was probably wise but I quickly adopted a fartlek approach to it, I would pick a sign post of feature to run to, then walk to another. By this time the rain had started and the wind was really hampering progress but I was getting hot because my two shirts were rubbing against each other. I tried not the think about it and concentrated on being insanely jealous of those with any lap bands on their arms, especially two or more as I did not have any at this point! Finally made the furthest most point and turned down the hill, then to the dog leg to pick lap band 1, there is an aid station here also. Foe the bands, they had a layout like a toll booth on the bridge, a lane for 1,2,3 or 4. It was very depressing to head to lane ! when others going to the right but once it was on my arm I felt like I was 'in the game'! Shuffled down the hill past the loads of spectator parties that had set up there, all blasting music, bbqs and dancing. They all kept this up all night and were life savers out there in the boonies. Back into town and the noise and lights and smells were amazing, hot food, people cheering, lots of little hills but due to the narrow streets, were relatively wind free so you felt a little warmer. Despite the weather, I was still not comfortable with two tops, so I ditched my cycling top at special needs and would pick it up on my last lap (a bold plan considering how i was feeling). I put on my gilet and that was how I stayed for the rest of the run. Lap 1 was nearly done but they cruelly make you run within sight of the finish line before heading out of town again, it was pure agony, especially as i had to run past my bloody hotel each time. I saw my Mum again who said I was doing great (I didn't know she such a good fibber haha) Heading out of town I had no idea how I would do that another 3 times. By now it was getting dark and I still hadn't looked at my watch. Lap 2 was pretty much rinse (drench) and repeat, except the walk points had got longer and the self doubt louder. IP's words again rang in my ears and I notices some folks didn't have any bands and some were coming down the hill with two bands. So I was ahead of some and not far behind many. It was properly dark now and the cold was wind were biting. I kept asking myself why I didn't put a complete change for the run in my T2 bag and the only that came back was 'because you're a friggin idiot'! And that's pretty much how the run stayed, shuffling along, sipping Coke and water with the odd half banana at stations. When I started Lap 3, I finally looked at my watch, I think it said 12.40 so I had over 4 hrs to do a hilly half marathon. At this point I had some hope and I saw another 'two bander' out of town and he said 'don't panic, we'll be fine'. My body was hurting and my hip injury was making itself known but not getting a whole lot worse as long as i kept the pace way down, which i had no problem doing! Akll you could hear was the rustling of some people running in space blankets. Finally made it to pick up band 4, and the home stretch into town, it felt so good. I'd been thanking vollies and the crowd all day but they got an extra thanks on this lap. On my way back down, there were lots of folks from Ironman willing on a girl that looked be early 30s maybe, I wasn't sure if she last, I assumed so. She had virtually a whole lap to do and was walking slowly, I hope she made it. Into twon and the crowds had thinned, some had gone home drunk I guess but a lot had moved up to the finish for 'hero hour'. There were still a load out but not like it was in town before but they all shouted 'nearly there'. When turned the corner and headed to the chute, i took my Trannie hat off for the photos. I started to get a zillion hands for high 5s but I was looking for my Mum as i couldnt see and she wasnt where she was before. As I went through the chute I think I was too tired to be very emotional, more a case of 'thank f**k, that's over'. I still couldnt see Mum and figured she'd gone to the hotel (unlikely) but the lights were so bright I couldnt see faces. They called my name, I crossed the line and got my medal. Finally over, I just wanted to get out of there. It had been an amazing day but I was done. I collected my things and went to the spot where I'd arranged to meet Mum but she wanst there. Turns out she missed seeing me finish, so I was at the hotel texting and trying to call but the weather was playing havoc with a lot of people's mobile signals, so she didn't get it. She turned up at 12.30, saying how sorry she was that I'd DNF'd, and then I told her that I had finished well over an hour ago She was over the moon and I was just bloody knackered. So, 15:44:50 a time to forget but a day that will live forever in my memory. I have to leave for Winchester now, not checked for erroros, and no, I still haven't cleaned my bike yet. Thanks for reading.
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    Right, as promised, in the kit...Flying tomorrow via Heathrow and then Belgium...hmm...Belgium Beer...
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    So just back from an awesome 4 days in the Grampians around Halls Gap with the primary focus of running in Wonderland for the second year. Last year was a wet one, very wet with a few inches of rain from the night before through to after the event. We decided to make a bit more of a time of it and pulled the kids out of school for a few days, and headed off on Friday morning (surprisingly no complaints from the kids). From door to door in the South East of Melbourne it was right on 300km door to door, all up about 4 hours of driving with the stop start of the city for the first hour. Lakeside caravan park is awesome for anyone looking for recommendations, great heated pool (around 30 degrees) to relax in and great facilities. We left the caravan at home this time and went a cabin which was quite luxurious compared to many others we have had. The Saturday is all about the kids and family events, there is a 2km and 8km run put on, and an obstacle course is set up for the kids to go at as they wish. My kids went through it many times before we took them for a hike up to the pinnacle. We had a bit of bad weather as we got to the top, my wife and youngest (4YO daughter) stayed a bit below the summit while I took the older 2 to the top, only for the cloud to obscure all views. The night before the call went out that the race would be enforcing mandatory gear. For the 20km runs, this is basically 500ml of fluid, and a compression bandage , however it is strongly recommended you go with the list for the 36km run which includes rain jacket with minimum requirements, space blanket, food, whistle etc - so that if something happens you will survive until help reaches you. The forecast was possible showers, however as it had been like that on Saturday and it rained most of the day, the reason for the gear requirements was for good reason. I'd recommend everyone to at least get the rain jacket, my cheap one last year didn't do much, and after getting a good one this year was dry on both the Saturday hike with the kids and through Sunday as well. The race starts are 7am with a few wave starts. The wave starts are self seeding with 36 and 20km runners taking off together. The course for both distances starts off with roughly 1km of open trail / road until you hit the first climb, which is steps that are basically single file. The single file continues for the next few kms with little room to overtake, so when you get the chance you either let those behind you go past, or take the opportunity to go. The other runners are really great at allowing the quicker ones to go so it's not really much of an issue. Just before the 5km mark you hit the pinnacle, some take the opportunity to take a look, take selfies and update their facebook profile, however most keep going. It's hard in the first part of the race in good weather not to just take in the views, it really is amazing scenery and well worth going just for this. I hit this point at just over the hour mark. From the pinnacle the next few kms is downhill, over rocks mainly and again a few spots with limited overtaking. At the 7km mark is the first aid station in Sundial carpark, a quick scull of a small amount of coke (throat had a tickle from the cold going around) and straight back into it. Shortly after the aid station the course splits and the 36km runners head for Mt Rosea, being in the 20km we start the descent down to lake Bellfield. For the most part the descent is free from rocks, however it is still technical and again this year there was at least one case of an ankle injury. Not a great place to get one as you have either a few kms back up a steep hill, or a 3km downhill over steep terrain to get to help. At the 11km mark you come out at Lake Bellfield and the next aid station. I hit this just over the 2 hours mark. From lake bellfield, it is around 10kms on bike paths and forest trails, with a creek crossing (dry feet though) and undutlations on the trails pretty constant. The 36km runners rejoin the 20km runners over the forest trail and I had 3 fly past me in this section with a fairly large break between each. The final 1.5kms is along the path back into town, with the final couple hundred metres down the footpath in the main street of Halls Gap and across the finish line at the hall. The support of the spectators is great and I don't think anyone walks the final 500 metres with other competitors encouraging you on as well. I PB'd over 10 minutes from last year, which I was stoked with considering the 4 months training lost with kidney stones in the lead up and getting cold a few weeks out. This is an event I've already booked accomodation for next year and strongly encourage everyone to consider, even as I sit here with legs as sore as any event has left them.
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    knock up a logo, some tshirts and trucker caps, charge them $20 for the privilege of joining you on the run and you might get more takers.
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    Life would be pretty $hit if you couldn't do stuff like this! Enjoy!
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    So briefly Goughy's situation at home , where he is a carer for his wife and obviously for the rest of his family he is a kind man and always puts them first , well before himself and more so his love for triathlon for sometime now goughy has gone on and on and on and on about buying his mates bike when it is put up for sale well it was picked up on this site by some astute members that the bike was ready to sell but unfortunately goughy wasn't in a postion to buy it a private PM was sent to many but not all regular posters on here (unfortunately it wasn't possible to send a msg to all due to the way the site is set up and the uselessness of the person doing it LOL) and the money was raise to buy the bike it was then organised for the bike to be dropped off T Goughy's plAce while he was out and then he came home to a surprise thT we have seen in the vid Above which was filmed and posted by our newest member clikchic (mrs goughy) now the hard work begins on getting goughy out the door and training for his next big race on a very nice steed cheers ivp
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    You know I stopped posting in the training thread, and cut off of strava as it felt stupid getting thumbs up for the pathetic crap I was doing. But maybe that pathetic stuff was just the fresh start.......
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    The same to you, and the rest of you. I never thought I'd see the day that I join a tri forum. LOL
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    Yep, some will happily tell the Muslim community that Sharia law is not acceptable in Australia because there is only one law for all people regardless of religion or cultural background, and then on the other hand try to tell the LGBTI community that they are not entitled to be treated equally by the law because doing so would offend Christian beliefs, culture and sensibilities.
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    Here's the highlights: - Swim was choppy and I hadn't raced a tri in 2 years. Kind-of bricking it. Loved the nervous energy. Got through it reasonably well and found some form. Didn't swallow too much salt water. Quick transition - some people should look at how the ITU guys do it and take some Bike was great, but I knew I was a little underdone. It was the first time I'd raced the new Litespeed Blade and it is a jet of a bike. Anyone who says that Carbon is the optimal material hasn't ridden Ti! Also used the BYOS suit from De Soto and it is awesome - actually kind-of felt like racing in the nude! Was cruising along and keeping everything in the plan (hoping to be off the bike in 3:30ish. The roads were awful in places and I lost a couple of fillings along the way. Then, just before the halfway point, the saddle clamp came loose and the saddle went vertical. I tried to fix it, but I didn't have any Allen keys with me (see the irony of my earlier post on what to carry!!!). I waited 45 minutes for a mechanical support, by which time I was cold and fed up and wanted the Sag. Waited for a further two hours with another guy on the side of the road, before walking 4km down the road to The Poachers Inn where they let us in to the warmth of the snug bar and gave us coffee. So, 2017 summary is: - 2 OW Swim races 1 Triathlon, 1 DNF 1 mouthfull of abuse from local drug addict whilst walking the broken bike back from Transition 1 MBA. As I had no money to pay the pub for their hospitality, I have just sent them a cheque for £50 for their Christmas Party. Hopefully some good karma will come of it. Time to move to Ireland (this weekend) and go XC Skiing in Norway in January. FP is still a good bloke, although I am questioning his sanity after already thinking Lanzarote is a good option after Wales last weekend.
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    You know what's shitting me with this debate (not on here, just in general). The lying being used to legitimise someone's own opinion. If you do or don't support ssm, just say it. It might be for your faith, or not, or because you just do or don't like it. That's fine with me. But when they have to sprout the crap coming out as the reason for their stance.... just man up and say that what you believe is what you believe because that's what you believe. You don't need more of a reason than that, and using falsehoods as your argument to try and "legitimise" your stance just makes you a dick. Own your opinion, that I can respect.
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    Ironman emailed a warning about the severe wind that is forecast and using deep wheels. Bit bloody late now, everyone is here haha. Perhaps they will follow up with the surprise news that shallow wheels can be bought at the expo. Finish line taking shape and the sun finally showed its face.
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    If a couple of you haven't received a message - it wouldn't let me send you a pm. You haven't been forgotten. Still can't get over this.....and am still overwhelmed by what you've all done.
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    I've been fit on my other bike, so was going to transfer its measurements over. Am going to do that in the next day when I get some time. As soon as it's set, I'll get clikchic to take another vid for the critique........but this vid I'll remember to suck my gut in!
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    That is excellent! What is even more impressive is that I was able to show that vid to my wife and friends, and prove to them that here is a really decent guy who drops the F-bomb more than me
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    Balance is my middle name. There's more to life than triathlon and no amount of 'success' would be enough to sway me away from other things like traveling. And family. And friends.and going to the movies and going to a party or a bbq or whatever. When I'm lying on my death bed no amount of plastic trophies or ribbons will be able to replace all the good times i missed to achieve those things. I've come across quite a few serious insects in this sport and they are boring AF. Balance is good for your soul.