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    The last two days have giving me great satisfaction. For the first time in a very long time I have felt wanted and respected. The first one was on tuesday i turned up to work (arvo/night shift). I started here in December. Went to my clipboard to check my client list for the shift. My payslip was there as usual but so was a card. A birthday card. I hadnt even told them. There was a gift card in there too but the best thing was the messages from all those work there. The messages were very touching to me and a one of acceptance and genuine want. Number 2 was yesterday (my actual bday). A guy with MS, a mum of a swimmer i have helped and a client who did rehab with post Cervical spine fusion took me out to lunch. Their words during lunch were very touching and a bit emotional. Both these experiences made me feel uncomfortable as it was unexpected but also very rare for me. So the take away i have got from these two days is 1. I have worth in my role and am respected. 2. I have some real friends 3. I have stuck to my guns and finally seeing some positives. 4. Dont change you because you are not the right fit for others. Find the right fit for you.
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    Haha I'm more than happy to cop it on the chin! I love riding a bike hard, that's for sure... It's interesting how different the half and full distance racing is from a pacing and nutrition standpoint and unlocking it is a bloody tough puzzle. In saying that though, when guys are going 7.40-8hr for a full, that is fast. I'm lucky enough to still be in my last year of uni and have relatively little expenses which gives me the opportunity to go into races with the freedom to put it all on the line. I've done 40 halves and started 4 fulls and to be honest, a lot have contained a lpt of physical suffering at the back end. The days when things pay off though feel bloody awesome! I'll come out with likely a slight different game plan at Port Mac, but make no mistake I don't know if I'll ever be a guy happy to sit in a bunch at 250w while there's guys getting 10min up the road.. All good though, I'm confident I'll podium at one of these bloody things one day in the future.
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    The contents of the gear bag is pretty lean. But who cares when you get a hand written note from a local school kid. Thank you Hamish of room 11, best thing I’ve ever received in a gear bag.
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    Wow. What a day. Full report to follow in annoying and exhaustive detail but top line is: swim amazing, bike tough, third lap of the run hellish. 11:22:44 and 31st in AG out of 82 which I'm happy with for a first hit out. Hope everyone else got round safe! Monkie
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    Morning all, I have a Entry to a Ironman race to be used in either the US or Canada up for grabs to a deserving trannie. Has to be a 2018 race. How is this so: Before xmas, there was an Instagram post by Ironman title paid promotion from "travelway" (a luggage company in the US). They were giving a way an free entry to Mont Tremblant for the best entry to the questions.......what's in your gear bag? I was reading a lot of responses and thought how boring and thought again....how easy would this be to win. So..... I put in my comments which was: "You can never have too many pairs of goggles in your race bag and what is plural for goggles?......it's 'oggles', hence you need "oggles of goggles". They contacted me on xmas day for the free entry which I cannot use due to my daughter being in the middle of HSC. So I have asked if this can be gifted to a fellow athlete. PS: The original entry was for Mont Tremblant. So..................... one of you trannies are being gifted a free Ironman entry to a US based race (excl Hawaii). If multiple people want it then I will have Roxii pull a name from a hat..... only serious contenders please. Cheers Foz
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    Wow, wow, wow. It's been a fking awesome day today and in fact 2018 has been really good for the bored@ family. After a terrible race at Ironman Chattanooga and the company I work for losing a major contract, that I have been on for 15 years. I decided to retire from racing. My plan was to concentrate on my career, study, getting a new house and one other thing that I still want to keep under wraps. Had my performance review for work last week and got a "significantly exceeded" with a comment about being identified as a future leader in the business and a resource the business wants to retain. The people who know the industry & company, I work for will know how huge this is and how much I love my job and what it means to me. Almost teared up in my review. We moved into our new house on Friday & couldn't be happier, we love the house and area. Today my boss approved $15k worth of training courses. Then at 2pm today I received an email confirming I'll get another crack at the thing I tried 22 years ago & failed. Then I received an email from Ironmanfoz with the great news about being selected to receive his very generous offer and opportunity to race in the USA again. I love the USA & love racing over there. This was the kick in the pants/motivation I needed to get back into racing. Chattanooga still hurts and bothers me but it's time to get back on the horse and give it another crack. I wish I could express my gratitude and thanks to Ironmanfoz in person. Words just don't do justice to the way I'm feeling right now. Thanks mate. Knowing you have given me this very generous offer will definitely help out on those training days when I'm feeling tired & lacking motivation. 2018 Goals are all done & dusted and it's only March.
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    Got this print for my 40th in January from my best mate & his family. I guess they better start another frame for Maryland.
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    They should head down to Busselton and draw a shark over the roads. That should lead to a cancellation of the ride.
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    And she was kissing a guy in calf guards. I'll bet she never shows anybody that photo.
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    Bravo to them! So happy with this one!
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    Great bloke. Always got his finger on the pulse. FM
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    I love that triathlon is a sport where you come across beautiful people. I just got a FB message from the girl that was racked next to me at Coffs Tri. Somehow she ended up with my speed suit after the race on Sunday. She is going to meet up with me at Mooloolaba to return it. So if any of you know Belinda Johnson, tell her she is a wonderful person!!
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    Congrats to all the 300+ Australians at Ironman New Zealand and those that qualified for Kona in October! It was also great to see Terenzo Bozzone after trying for 10 years to come out on top with a new course record, a strong gutty performance! But Cameron Brown at 45 is truly a legend, to run a 2:41:55 and missing his own course record by only 40+ seconds is amazing. He is a beast and to keep competitive as a Pro for so long is unprecedented, heck I remember like it was yesterday bringing him in 2nd place at Ironman Hawaii in 2001! Hope to see many of you Trannies at Port Macquarie in May! Aloha, Mike
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    Just under 10:30 for me. Lost 20-30mins with flats and a pump that didn't work, saved by mechanics twice! Rode to hard making trying to make up for lost time and paid for it a bit on the run, no achilles pain though! Got so ne trannie support with my cap, cheers for that. Top day for it.
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    Nothing but I’m having a thousand beers at my cousins wedding and planning a long run along bells beach tomorrow! But in the meantime the dance floor had better watch out! Im about to own it
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    Hi. Thought I’d drop in. Just doing a little bit so I can get through my first tri in 18 months (post prang). NSW tri club champs. 2 weeks out. Sb a good comeback event as I won’t feel like I’m racing, just doing enough to get the club some points. Been on Zwift a bit. Swimming and running are a bit behind. Oh and I’m 6 kgs or so fatter. So what did I do today. Ran 2,5 ks to the pool. Swam a k and run 2.5 back to the office. That’s about 25pct of a normal day 18 months ago Glad to see lotsa of you still adding to this thread and encouraging each other. Gotta love that about trannies.
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    It all really starts at about the 30km mark, unless you get it wrong in which case it all pretty much ends at the 30km mark.
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    Match report. Grounds were presented in first class condition. Not a ripple, til we entered the pitch. The game went to plan for the first third. Came out of the water in 1:07 I was confused by the slower time than previous years but realised that the swim was longer, going around into the river to the boat ramp. First lap on the bike was ideal conditions split in 2:56 started thinking about a sub six hour bike split then Taupo enacted a strategy to wear down any ideas of a course conquering bike split. A strong headwind out bound on the second lap added around twenty five minutes over the outbound on the first lap. But it was still good to know there would be a tailwind back to T2. Serious chaffing in the jock box region that two aid station stops for Vaseline was unable to relieve. Taupo went one up in the middle third. Started the run with my mantra on repeat. Be Strong. Looking good to get one back with a sub four run. Overtaking heaps of O group competitors but not any of mine (Q). Started to think they had all hidden their calf markings. However, Taupo delivered the killer blow at thirty three km into the run. It went something like this, I was bursting for a leak but the sphincter would not release any. Me: “c’monnnn let it go, it’s killing my pace” sphincter: “No way I did NOT sign up for this today” Kidneys to sphincter: “Dude let it go, we’re swimming back here” Sphincter: “Sorry dude, I’m on strike until further notice” Kidneys: “Everybody: we’re shutting down!” At which point my kidneys start screaming, my fingers were tingling and I could tell I was becoming disorientated. Survival mode kicks in. I reasoned there’s a difference between being tough and being stupid. Time to walk to the next aid station about two km away. At the aid station I attracted the attention of the medical staff. Fearing being stretchered off the pitch, I assured them I was OK to continue, after some salts, electrolyte, oranges (awwww they were good) and a sit down with iced water. My game plan was shot and it was now all about finishing the game in one piece. Death before DNF n all that. I started running again from the aid station, though to the spectators, running might have been a generous description. I happened across a fellow TriTraveler also in distress and tried to help him and me get to the finish line. The final whistle blew at 12:00:30. Taupo 3-0 Foz After three attempts without a favourable result, Taupo is still my favourite destination race in ANZ. How lucky am I to have jagged three great weather years (the headwinds are a given here). In hindsight, I was very dehydrated, but that didn’t seem possible at the time as I thought I was taking plenty of water and electrolyte at each aid station. This race lesson: Just because you can usually handle hot conditions, don’t take it for granted.
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    As promised... the long and overly in depth race report! Build Up Was self coached throughout this, building on some decent fitness from the last two years of training and competing in various distances up to half. I built my own plan based on things from Tri-Radar and then later Trainer Road. The prep wasn't perfect... Honeymoon across Christmas saw me in NZ drinking far too much and not exercising anywhere near enough but came back in January and started putting some proper structure in place. Thanks to Trannie Strava group for helping with the motivation! I also adopted the Trainer Road Full Distance Triathlon Specialisation training plan for the bike which was an absolute game changer. It meant I did most of my training indoors but I feel it made a huge difference. I had some big 18 hour weeks and remained totally injury free which I'm happy with. If (when) I do it again I will try and not have the honeymoon three weeks (here's hoping there won't be a need for another one!) and I would sort out my taper... I tapered well from an exercising point of view but not from a not drinking / looking after myself place. I had a shed load of work, a trip to HK and a load of visitors in between... not good but easy improvement next time. Pre-race We flew over on the Wednesday, I knew my brother and his other half were going to come over from Singapore and my folks also were coming on their way round the world from Hawaii. The total surprise on the Thursday was when my little sister also turned up all the way from the UK... I was borderline fragile and this very nearly tipped me over the edge but having my entire family in town to support me was the most special thing in the world! Soppy I know but hey, I loved it. I got my wetsuit checked early on the Thursday then went for a run, Z2 was around 5:00 pace which indicated the taper had actually gone reasonably well and I ticked up to 4:00s for 15 mins without breaking a sweat. Got in early for check in and the whole process was smooth as, meeting the incredible volunteers was a privilege. I got my bags etc which included the very special letter from a local school kid. In my case Quinn who included the very sage advice to drink lots of "electralites"! We spent the rest of the day heading up to Hobbiton for a look around before eating superb pizza from Hells. Friday I went for an explore in the lake mainly to get an idea of temperature. It was chilly but with a wettie on it was all good. Pootled around for a KM and enjoyed the flat and crystal clear water, much nicer than Huskisson where I had already done the swim distance so a great confidence booster. I then got the bike into transition and was again amazed by the vollies. The race My totally plucked out of the air stretch target was sub 11... It wasn't to be but it acted as a good mental aim. Walked from the motel at 0545 and joined the awesome procession of nervous folk heading for the unknown, turned up to transition to drop off special needs, pump up tyres etc. I was again amazed by the incredible organisation of this race throughout and understood why you pay so much more for the IM brand (I'm only talking about this race, I know it's not the same everywhere and haven't experienced any other M Dot race). The Swim I headed down with the whole family to the swim start, we had hoped to see the traditional welcome but missed it by five minutes. At this point my sister cracked out the first sign she had brought with her. It was to be a feature! We watched the male pros go off with the very loud cannon signalling the start and then the females before we all headed into the water. This is one of the few IM mass starts left in the world and it was nothing short of sensational. 1200 people treading water and waiting for a cannon... I had some quiet time and calmed myself, reminding me that the swim was the warm up. I was ready for the cannon but when it went off the adrenaline spike was massive! The start (and the rest) of the swim was a total washing machine but it was one of the best natured swims I have been in. There was very little time I wasn't in or around or under or over other people but everybody seemed to be looking out for each other. Plenty of feet to hang off and I had many and various hanging off mine but dropping back every time they accidentally made contact. I loved the straight line out and back with the numbered buoys as it meant I knew where I was the whole time without checking my watch. We started heading towards the sun but the timing was perfect and it rose as I hit the turnaround. On the way back I tracked left a bit and found myself on my own which was calming and a great way to set up for transition. I was aiming for 1:20 in the swim and came out at 1:12 feeling fresh so was stoked about that. It was a long walk / run up to T1 about 800m but surrounded by cheering supporters it passed in a flash. I again saw the brilliance of the IM organisation as I arrived my bag was ready for me and I entered the change tent and got a great bunch of people sorting me out. Taking my wetsuit off hit my Garmin so the bike started too soon on the watch so I had some maths to do later but it kept me occupied! T1: 8:17 including the run. The bike HUGE thanks to the advice here on clothing. I went out on the bike in my trip top and shorts (worn throughout the day) but with arm warmers and a gilet on top. I was extremely grateful for both as it was chilly whilst wet. We headed out through town past the frankly ridiculously amazing amounts of support. I clocked my team early on who were easy to spot because of the "MOTIVATIONAL SIGN", so a quick wave and then tucked into the bike. The first real hill hits pretty early out of town and then keeps going for quite a while. My aim was to take it super easy up those first slopes and then get on with it once it flattened out. My cycle is still my weakest leg but I have to say this ride felt a world away from last time I tried the distance at Long Course Weekend. Yeah it had about 800m less of climbing but it was non drafting and I was over an hour faster. Hoping to be able to knock another 20 mins off with another structured bike training approach this year. The scenery was stunning, a couple of steaming geysers, middle earth backdrop and not too warm sunshine made it a pleasant ride on lap one. The road surface is not great especially where they have "repaired" sections of the road but there are hardly any potholes. My nutrition plan was 1 x SIS Isotonic Gel every 25 minutes with one with added electrolytes every third and then just drinking water. I switched out a standard gel for a Snickers whenever I felt actually hungry (about 2 every three hours). I felt nutrition was something I nailed in this race. Behaviour on the ride was pretty good, there were a couple of exceptions, one group of three all in matching cycling socks who were blatantly just towing each other round and working as a team and a couple of blokes on matching bright red P3s doing the same. I saw the threesome in the penalty box and saw the two P3s stopped with one of them looking like they had a blown up rear tyre (hooray). It was too congested to be totally draft free though on the first lap but thinned out later on. There were also too many people around for an "on the bike loo stop" to take place (I wouldn't want to accidentally baptise anybody) so I had a couple of quick pit stops. There's another set of hills on the way back into town but the last 6k of the lap are glorious, beautiful road surface, down hill and cheering crowds as you come into town. I went through the town and panicked a bit as I realised I had no idea where or what Special Needs was or looked like (turned out it was really obvious so no need to worry) but this meant as I went through the support station I was asking the vollies "IS THIS SPECIAL NEEDS?" to which nobody could answer so ended up overshooting and then needing to stop to get some water which meant somebody almost went up the back of me (apologies to them). A bit of a stuff up as I had been tootling along at 45km / h before that. On the way out of town another wave to the support crew followed by the best sign of the day... Up the hill again out of town and nicely into lap 2. I lost my GPS signal for about 30 mins and thought that was it for the rest of the race so realised I was going to have to race by feel, it came back 30 mins later but I was pleased with the way I handled the mishap. As we passed the 110km mark a serious headwind started up it also started to get hot. This was the grotty bit of the race, 110km up to about 155km which was approx the turnaround point. The way back was better with the wind behind us but the second lap cost me dearly in race time and energy. On reflection I should have sacrificed a bit more time whilst heading into the wind to leave a bit more for the run. Back into down down the nice downhill and into T2 with a total bike time of 06:03:29 which was a serious positive split, first 90km done in about 2:50 and then 3:13 for the second! T2: Nothing to report here but great volunteers again except I was let down a bit by the suncream folks who managed to miss most of my shoulders for which I am suffering now... hey ho, learn for next time! The run This is my favourite bit of most races where I get to start reeling some people in (not that this was a race against anyone else). I hadn't recced the run route so was surprised by the gradient and amount of hills. It's not flat! The support through town was again, incredible but it became a bit harder the further out you went. By this point the sun was properly up and it was getting seriously hot. My plan was to run between aid stations and walk the stations to give me time to get some proper hydration on board and to relax the muscle tension a bit. I stuck to this nicely for lap 1 (5:01 pace) and just about for lap 2 (5:13 pace) and then lap 3 I decided to allow myself to walk up the hills too which then became generally run when I could and walk when I couldn't. I set myself targets for the walking and forced myself to kick up into running after 100m (which then became 150m after the 35km mark). I had massively overestimated my run speed, I was hoping for 4:45's... LOL. I struggled to get enough water in just at the aid stations, next time out I will definitely have a small running bottle with me and fill it each time. I can do a standalone marathon off the aid stations alone but that is (as I learned) a different world. That third lap was a killer. Setting out on it I was thinking "Yay, 2/3rds of the way through... easy now" and then you realise "No, it's still 14km, that's still far." Coming back into town was grim... I was waiting for the magical "YOU GOT THIS" feeling but it wasn't there until a stranger spotted my coveted third band and just told me to "Get it effing done Chris". I started to run fast (well, it felt fast) passed my parents who hadn't gone to the finish in case I needed the cheers to get me there (bless them!), a quick walk through the last aid station for some water and then the run up towards the turnaround point where I could finally go straight on. As I got nearer I heard Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer start to play at the finish and that was it, I started bawling (I'm a cryer at the best of times) and hurled myself around the top curve to see the red carpet. I managed to high five my sisterand kiss Mrs Monkie before getting over the line and hearing those words for the first time spoken by the big man himself... Run time: 3:53:32. I felt remarkably fine after that, I reassured the medics (I tried to tell them that I did medical cover for finish lines of marathons in the UK, they didn't care) and weighed in only about 400g lighter than the Thursday check (which I did in jeans... maybe I put on weight?). I didn't hang around in the finisher tent as I knew if I stopped I wouldn't start again so headed straight out to meet the family for some more hugging and a tiny bit more crying before wandering down to the lake for an ice bath for the legs. Got showered and went out for dinner, had a beer and ate enough with the intention of heading to the finish line to watch some late finishers but at about 9pm I just crashed and had to head to the motel to get my head down. Next day I felt great... except for the sunburn which was the most painful bit! An incredible few days in a beautiful part of the world surrounded by some of my favourite people and supported by a bunch of amazing strangers. The very, very best of times.
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    Alright trannies, I have a few huge specials that are only being advertised here. Obviously RunWith site isn't up and I'm using the other companies site I own... RunWith should be with us very shortly (although wouldn't ever feature a deal like this!) First up - New Balance Zante V3 - $169 $84 (50% off) Click here for New Balance Huma Gel Strawberries - $99 $45/box 24 PLUS buy a box of strawberries and get any other flavours for $58 (40% or more off!) CLICK HERE FOR HUMA Please feel free to give me a bell about anything else you might need! I've helped a lot of trannies out and happy to help a few more.
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    Don't worry, everything I do and plan is with Gilesy and I have 100% faith in him. I choose to share on here as I feel as though it can provide some insight above and beyond just a results list and I truly love being a part of the wider triathlon community. Hopefully, this can provide some insight into my journey and a bit more of a 'story'. I also enjoy following everone else on here at the same time!
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    Mixed sprint session today, but did smash a new 1km pb. On a grassed surface. Previously 3:53. Today..... 😁😁😁😁😁😁
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    Nah, that romance was over a long time ago. All Turts wants to do all day is swim, ride and run... We have nothing in common! Besides, my wife probably wouldn't like it much... She's funny like that!
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    4th for me today in the stinking hot duathlon, happy with that considering I'm a swimmer from Victoria. Pro tip: if you don't shower before flying home, you get a row to yourself
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    That's nothing, I rear ended a Highway Patrol car once, should have seen the response to that one
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    I'd be about the same. Very little difference if any over the last 2 years, but I've still improved on the bike - eg I can hold 90%.FTP for much longer than I could before. Increasing FTP is great, but there are other things to be improved also. Today was play day for me and I loved it. An 18km "long" run followed by brekkie with a friend and then the pool. As tri season is officially over for me, it was play time. Did a firm set of 5x200s to ease the guilt, but then played. Did some IMs and a bit of fly. Took the fins to the pool for the first time in a year as I knew my fly (ie quads) would've gone to shit. Anyway, had fun :-D
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    I hope the trannie rock is still there
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    It's true there is a fair bit of misunderstanding (must be a minimum speed to benefit, yaw, cross winds, hills, acceleration rates and so on) and plenty of anecdote but to be fair, the industry itself hasn't helped with its marketing. Rear disks are faster in just about all scenarios, even for slower riders. Maybe a steep hill climb TT isn't ideal, but even then it's touch and go depending on the circumstances. Disk covers and good tyres are the best equipment bang for wheel performance buck. 808 + cover = usable as disk all year, remove cover for Kona. If handling is an issue with a rear disk I do have to wonder about bike set up/position but in the end, if an individual feels more comfortable about being on a particular set up, that's what they should ride. No point being out there and wasting mental energy worrying about your equipment choice. If FP wants to buy a nice rear disk, then why not? It's not like our vice is smoking 2 packs a day. Could the money go on something else? Perhaps but so what, this is what we enjoy doing, so have some fun doing it. There are other choices than the Zipp though, especially in the UK so look around.
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    Would love to give each and everyone a free entry if I could and I really wanted it to be the full ironman. long way to go for a half!! The person chosen was the first to reach out to me. He firstly said....."is this a troll post". Fortunately for him it was not. His second mail to me was....I already have leave approved by work. (Note: this was before anyone had even posted on the forum). And he is also coming out of retirement to do it....so his mails suggests. Love it!!! Just had a quick call with Roxii to find out who this dude is..... and he agreed that nearly everyone would be very happy for him to get it!!!! So.... the WINNER is: Bored@work Bored at work. send me a mail with your full name and email address. Ironman are waiting for you. Enjoy!!!! And stay in touch!
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    Did an OD tri, which wasn't quite an OD tri. 1100m swim, 39k bike and a 10.25k run.
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    Thought I would sneak in a little incognito swim without my tranny kit at the Sydney Skinny with the Mrs. Turn up and Matty Harris is on the mic. Cover = blown seriously fun experience though PS no tippy toes photos of today’s exercise
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    ParkRun.... 21:42min, (season best for me so far); 10th and 1st female. 170 odd, even with floods and road blocked. I was doing four runs sessions per week, but was getting slower. Back up to five sessions for the last two weeks and paying off already.
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    No idea.. Maybe after getting to top step of podium he's realised there's more to life than Ironman... Maybe you'll reach that same point IF you ever do the same...?
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    This will be my first ironman. Did the 70.3 there last year as my first long course, 6.02. Did western Sydney at 5.45, and Husky at 5.29. Aiming at sub 13, there are a lot of unknowns with something this long. I had a great training block leading into Husky, and am in another big one now to start ramping up hours and distances. Pretty happy with where I am currently. Its starting to get very real.
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    Good on you Miss Jess and all the Transitions members. It's time for a change of Race director for Transitions Beer Mile and fortunately Miss Jess has put her hand up with beer entwined and is seeking the glory and panache of being the Transitions Beer Mile Race Director. After much consideration and discussion with the previous Beer Mile RDs over the years, including the instigator Peter Coulson from Melbourne, then Alex from Dubai(?), then RatDog from HillSong Tri Cub and then me from Coffs Harbour Tri Club we welcome Miss Jess into this very prestigious position. I will be continuing my IMs and will be there in May for the IM and Beer Mile. Thanks for taking this very worthy event on and I know everyone will support Miss Jess in her RD role and watch as Transitions Beer Mile goes to even greater heights. As Mike Reilley has said on several occasions "I can't believe that you get away with this, right under the Ironman banner and at the finish line. It could only happen in Australia!" Good on you Miss Jess! Oh, a word of warning, Miss Jess also comes from HillSong Tri Club and is friends with the PIS club too. See you in 9 weeks time at Miss Jess's First Transition Beer Mile and IMOz.
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    Big thanks to PARKSIDE for a thorough going over today. Not out of the woods yet but a few more hopeful options to pursue before going for drastic measures
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    I don't ride girls! So there.
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    REI statement on relationship with Vista Outdoor 03.01.2018 REI does not sell guns. We believe that it is the job of companies that manufacture and sell guns and ammunition to work towards common sense solutions that prevent the type of violence that happened in Florida last month. In the last few days, we’ve seen such action from companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart and we applaud their leadership. This week, we have been in active discussions with Vista Outdoor, which has recently acquired several companies that are longtime partners of REI. These include Giro, Bell, Camelbak, Camp Chef and Blackburn. Vista also owns Savage Arms, which manufactures guns including “modern sporting rifles.” This morning we learned that Vista does not plan to make a public statement that outlines a clear plan of action. As a result, we have decided to place a hold on future orders of products that Vista sells through REI while we assess how Vista proceeds. Companies are showing they can contribute if they are willing to lead. We encourage Vista to do just that.
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    I finally have a 15h finish.
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    You could always go crosstri. There is an ITU worlds for them too. I raced the Nationals at Crackenback yesterday. Picked up bronze in the cross tri and silver in the aquathon. Then again, its frickin hard. Must put alot of people off. Theres hills, and rocks, and obstacles, and weed in the swim....... dirt, 100m creek run,
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    Thanks guys. We were working through last night the train/coach thing (thanks Lyn). He was lucky enough to get the local hospital then transfer up to Melbourne. He has a hospital bed overnight in Melbourne. The specialist has strapped and said he can fly so we are just organising a transfer back to Sydney today. We have organised doctor and specialist today via the missus and my daughter (she works for a radiology place). Just waiting for a call to confirm what time I'll pick him up today at the airport. Thanks Lyn, Surfer, Cottoneyes and especially Pete for the offer. Much appreciated. And yes CN, it has to be plated. It's a clean split in the middle so he needs it. Pete, I left my mobile at work. He is a bit pissed off. He was doing the Gong Enticer race in three weeks on his new "Tyno steed". That's race is gone now. He's even more annoyed as we had two golf games organised in Port Mac in the middle of March (he might be able to put by then). Trannies..... just a fantastic bunch of lunatics. They come to the fore when needed. FM
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    I reckon that the AI software was instructed to replicate the habits of human drivers and it just went into a rage when it detected a bicycle. ..
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    There's some strange people on this forum
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    Now I have to go & buy all new stuff to replace all the gear I just sold off..............
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    Have a break. Let your body recover. Tri will still be here once you're body is fixed.
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    1st day. At lunch after 112 kms. A couple of photos including Ten Pints and me. FM
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    Not my day out there. Pinned it early with Skipper after a sub standard swim to get back on (first 40k in 55.40) and then went straight to the front and kept pushing which was silly in hindsight. Lost BTA bottle cage with garmin on it at 60k and then ended up getting off the front at 70k with three others coming with me. Unfortunately had a glute issue since Thursday after geelong and flared up at 115k and I lost 8min to the break in last 60k... tried to get running and was ticking off 4min/km or so looking at it after but everything just got worse and guts bezerk went too and ended up pulling the pin at 16k.. a lot of things to sort put before Port Mac. Also need to find the balance between aggressive and smart.
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    Is getting a coach the easier way? I wouldn't get out of bed without a coach, I need someone to set my sessions for me and be accountable to. Without them I stay in bed.