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    My thoughts after loosing my wife last year is if I can manage something (financially or physically) now I'll do it now! I have just gone to a nine day fortnight so I can go and do things now whilst I'm still physically able to rather than wait till retirement which there are no guarantees I'll make anyway! Looking forward to using the extra days making regular solo back country alpine downhill long weekends at Bogong and Feathertop this winter. Also since childhood I've always wanted a certain car. We had discussed ways of getting one parked in the garage over the years but was on the "one day' list. Decided now not to wait and after getting it shipped over from WA finally got the club permit licence plates on it last week. Have received some snide remarks about buying it from various people but I don't care what others think! it is something I've always wanted to own so did the sums and bought it! It is a nice diversion from what continues to be a difficult time...
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    Two nights ago I spent a couple of hours running around in the dark with a torch looking for a friends daughter who had threatened to commit suicide. It ended well with the girl being found safe, but it did make me think about a lot of 'what if's'. I was covering an area of tracks and trails near my home and was using a bright bike light so I could scour the area on both sides of the track. I ran as I was due for a training run anyway (not that it mattered) and figured I'd cover more area (about 24km's) than if I was just walking. As I was running I was thinking that this girl could be anywhere. She could be alive, dead, or badly injured. I had no idea how many others were out looking for the girl, and I had no idea what emergency or support services had been contacted. I also didn't know the history and if this was the first incident with this particular girl or just part on an ongoing cry for help. The biggest thing I didn't know was what her parents and family must be going through. What I did know was that if I was in the same position as the parents then I'd like to know that there were others out there who cared. I knew that although my efforts were minimal in the scheme of things it was effort that I'm sure the parents appreciated. There was someone else out there looking and knowing what they were going through, and it meant that the area I was looking in was an area that they or others didn't need to cover. I didn't do anything that others (especially those that take the time to read this thread) wouldn't do. But the episode highlighted to me that when you are in the position that these parents found themselves in it is important to ask for help. You may not be able to do much, but anything you can do will be a help, both mentally and physically. No need to respond to this post, I just wanted to get it out there. There's lots of good people on this site, make sure you ask for help when you need it.
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    How's the training for IMOz going? Should be tapering about now? However, you should be looking at the main event at IMOz! So, it's time to get ready for the very famous 2017 Transitions Beer Mile to be held at Town Green on 8 May 2016 at 3:30pm in front of the pub at the finish area of IMOz. We are now recognised as part of the Finishers Celebrations and the Beer Mile will occur after the Roll Down Ceremony. I will contact our very special Secret Sponsor and hopefully they will be supporting the Beer Mile yet again....this is the 7th year that we have had this support from this amazing anonymous sponsor...Thankyou again. I believe that we will have some very famous IMOz Legends and Hall of Famers in attendance again....think Karen Pini, Ken Baggs OAM, DCM (DO Come Monday) and some more wonderful personalities, just like the 2015 30th Anniversary IMOz and accompanying Beer Mile. I would love to get some exposure on TV, such as Ch 8 (the Ch 9 equivalent for cities) and I have wriiten to Peter FitzSimmons several times to get a mention in the SMH and The Age (I expect). So, if anyone from Port Macquarie has any contacts with Ch.8 or Ch.6, then can you try to get some coverage for the event. I believe that we should also be part of the IMOz video highlights, that we used see at the Awards Ceremony, so let's try to swing them around for some footage. Anyway, for those that don't understand what the Transitions Beer Mile is about...It is the celebration and relief of having finished IMOz within the cut off time so that you qualify to race the Transitions Beer Mile the next day. It consists of drinking a can of beer, running 400M (440 yards), drinking another beer, running 400M etc etc, until you have run a mile (1760 yards or 1600M) and drunk 4 cans of beer. Your choice of dress is encouraged and we have the usual boys dressed up as girls, boys dressed up as dogs. Go Snoopy from 2015, there are also Fairies, Dinosaurs, German Beeren Hausen, ladies called Carrots, the Safari Suit Twins, the Stig, Angus from AC/DC, blokes wearing attire from their youth and the list goes on and on. However, you should look at some of the accompanying vids from previous Beer Miles. There is also the Transitions Mile Of Famers perpetual trophy and if you believe you should be on it for this year, then PM me and for $5 and a good record of service or participation in previous Beer Miles, I will get you on this year's honour list. Also, I see that there is a Half Ironman on the same day as IMOz, so we are having a Transitions Beer Half Mile for those from the HIM who want to enter. Also, as we recognise the Responsible Drinking of Alcohol we will allow those that want to compete and drink Chardonnays, Milk, Gatorade or even Soft Drink. Unfortunately, there is no award available for these responsible drinkers at this stage. We're hoping that Big Chris will come on board again with the Timing Guys to do the timing again and also set up the on-line registration for this 'training event'. So, look out for his link for registering. Here are some vids of previous Trannie Beer Miles and accompanying links to relevant items. 2015 IMOz Beer Mile Karen Pini... for those of us from Forster IM days, Miss Karen would welcome every finisher across the line and she is, like Ken Baggs an IMOz Hall of Famer. Ask some of your older IM mates for Karen's rise to fame, apart from Paul Hogan's show. Speedy Steve 2010 Beer Mile 2009 Beer Mile 2011 Beer Mile http://forums.transitions.org.au/index.php?showtopic=49434 Transitions Post from Ratdog for 2011 Beer Mile TGL's take on the 2011 Beer Mile If you feel any pressure to participate in the very famous IMOz Trannie Beer Mile, then please visit these links for assistance..... http://www.aa.org.au/ https://www.tomwaterhouse.com/ http://www.standard....arnival/?cs=383 http://www.triradar....t-ruin-my-race/ http://rethinkingdri...fusalskills.asp http://ie.reachout.c...ssure-to-drink/ http://www.google.co...iw=1536&bih=694 http://www.aptriathl...e-of-the-cycos/ http://www.smh.com.a...1210-2z42b.html http://www.smh.com.a...0320-354ih.html http://www.chisel-fi...lonby-cheating/ http://www.dummies.c...heat-sheet.html http://au.linkedin.c...fuga/45/47a/367 http://edition.cnn.c...-ped-explainer/ As we are now part of the Monday Official Celebrations for IMOz, we are being asked to turn around near the Finish Area and we will do 4 laps of such, just like I have been doing for the last 15 years. I knew my finishing performances would be adopted by the hierarchy eventually. Here is a clip of a typical turn around at the Finish Line! The reason for this is so we don't jeopardise the licensing of the area for IMOz. Our finishing area will be close to the finish line, but away from the designated licensed area. and finally http://www.youtube.c...bed/oXvJ8UquYoo As most of you city slickers go to gyms and train to music, here are some clips to help you with your Beer Mile Training.... https://www.youtube.com/embed/CZ85j6U2Fvs And finally if you want to lose some weight, have a look at this bloke's story..... http://www.nasvik.se/fat-to-fit/ I will post again in the next week with more info, but please post your intention to attend this 'training event'. Thanks, CoffsPete
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    I get what you are saying. I have not had to contribute to this thread apart from the stresses of losing then rebuilding the house and all that went along with that, but a few months ago I was just getting really, really sad.... a lot, which for those that know me, would know it is very out of character. I put it down to a bit of a combination of things, the first anniversary of my mums death, which I don't think I dealt with fully at the time due to the Tornado stuff going on, the end of a year of manic stresses with dealing with insurance companies, councils, builders, trades, refurnishing a whole house, the financial stresses that go along with that and trying to insulate the kids from those very stresses to a great extent. My son is also struggling with his ADHD and a lot of other issues at school and I feel like we are unable to adequately help him, and coupled with the fact that he has inherited it from me makes me feel more guilty. More than anything it did open my eyes up to how quickly things can change and while I'm lucky that I have a lot to be thankful for and feel like I'm over the worst of it I can see how for those whose lives aren't great in other areas can start to get into a bit of a spiral. Look after yourselves people.
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    Feel free to get stuck in and add a profile pic to your log in, it adds a bit of colour to the place. BUT please keep them in good taste, any that don't conform will be deleted without notice. If you find your profile pic has been deleted please do not be a smart arse and try and replace it with something similar
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    Ultraman KPI session to see where I'm at ive done this workout before my last 2 UM just to see how I'm travelling 55khilly run in 4-30hr (and I mean hilly) 2hr on the trainer with 10 mins spin 10min biggest gear holding solid UM race pace watts 180-200 all petty easy HR stuff being in the biggest gear 5x2 reps just trying to run as well as good form and my legs would let me (these are the true KPIs ) 1 10-15 2 10-05 3 9-50 4 9-45 5 9-30 pretty happy with that as last UM prep I couldn't get these down below 5 min k pace sat was 230k hilly ride with a 1-45 hilly run off bike fri 10k swim then 2.5 hrs of very solid trainer work great UM Simulation weekend
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    Having lived away from Aus for many years of my adult life, I can honestly say that critisising people for simply 'having a go' or 'not doing it quite right' is an Australian trait. I suspect it's closely related to 'tall poppy syndrome'. This morning I was out riding with a guy on a $12,000 Speed Concept - hairly legs, white business socks, wobbling all over the road. No one gave a sh1t and he was lovin' it.
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    Not quite. Maybe the next one will be a Lotus... Australian delivered 1984 911 Carrera
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    Well I did it! An absolutely amazing experience. Unfortunately the Friday before I flew out they changed the cut off time from 4hr 30min back to 4hours. Having done an ankle ligament and generally being a turtle, I knew that was out of reach but I made it back to the stadium in 4hr 23-26...wasn't allowed to do the final 400m. So a DNF medal kind of...kind of not. Due to the time pressure, they stopped providing aid stations after the 25km mark for us slowies. They even started removing the road cones which provide directions. Harsh! Towards the end the yellow sweeper bus tried to make me get on and end my race. I refused. With 2km to go this guy goes "miss, you are the last, get on the bus". I rather boldy (stupidly? bravely?) replied "I'm not the last and I'm not getting on your bus. They probably don't get many interactions with tall, western, strong women! A few others had got on the bus and told me afterwards, they wish they hadn't. So I'm glad I stuck to my guns. I North Korea (or DPRK as they like to be referred to) is an incredible place. So normal and pretty in some respects but of course strange and sad in others. Luckily the complete lack of communications kept us in semi-ignorant bliss of what was going on on the grander scale. If/when things calm down I would not hesitate to recommend joining Koryo Tours (sponsors of the marathon and organizer of 6 marathon tour groups). It's certainly a marathon with a difference. My next marathon is Medoc in Bordeaux - a run and giggle around the chateaus in costume and drinking wine. I'm aiming for 8hrs!! ha ha. A bit different to Pyongyang I'm sure.
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    Would think a psychiatrists report would also be worthwhile Swimming (456 laps with 25m) Bike course (146 laps with 3.7km) Running course (40 laps with 3.17km)
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    Not sure when I said I wasn't going to pay for it? But hey, come to think of it I coach the lady that put me onto her husband for free along with about 8 others Say it aint so! Someone not trying to gouge money from people through coaching and a store, I'd rather make sport more accessible and affordable. So if you need a hand with that half mara, please gimmie a bell and I'll decide wether or not I'd want to coach you
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    About a thousand of us rolled across the line this morning paying tribute to Mike. Kristoff laid flowers on the steps of the opera house...i chatted to him afterwards for about 15 minutes
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    Wow mate that sounds tough. Don't be afraid to speak up here if you need a leg up. Good luck
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    My heart goes out to the family & friends of the athlete who died in the swim today. It puts things into prespective. non wetsuit swim for a 1:16, 2min quicker than Ironman Arizona. I got knocked around a lot but got it done. Bike was tough esp the second half. The wind come up & it was a head wind no matter what direction we were heading. I copped a BS penalty for drafting in the first 20km. They got me on a rise. The tent was full of ppl who had been done. I copped it & got on with the ride. I think I went 5:36 on the bike. A 32 min PB for a 4:02 marathon. Ended up with a 11:06 & 28min over all PB. The chase for a sub 11 continues. Wetsuit & non penalty I might have got it this time. Just sitting in a restaurant waiting for my burger, fries & donuts.
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    Appreciate the offer, but if you can find someone who needs one, ill just do it as a pay it forward. Or sell it and take the bucks if you want. Its yours now!
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    The 70.3 is just laps of the hill. So you will do it approx 90 times.
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    I had a wonderful partner I'd been living with for 15 years, and I loved her dearly. However, I also knew that she was desperate to have children. It's what she'd wanted since she was a young girl, and had planned names, schools, house, the whole deal. She would have made a fantastic mum, but I'd been resisting it because I was convinced and afraid that I'd make a really crap father who would have likely just managed to parent f*-up kids. After going through a difficult period, partly because of it, I decided that it was unacceptably selfish of me to continue the relationship while not agreeing to her desire for a family, and ended it with her best interest in mind. It was a horrible decision to make, which I handled really badly and which hurt both of us very much. Understandably, she never forgave me, and I never forgave myself for the way I did it and the pain I caused her. She eventually found someone else and people tell me she is now happy, but she never had kids. I never found anyone else (she was the one) and these days my biggest regret is not having kids. It never occurred to me at the time, that the decision was not mine to make, and looking back it's obvious now that it was just as selfish of me to deny her the opportunity to know my thoughts, feelings and fears, and make her own choice or perhaps even change my position. I guess the thing I perhaps learnt the hard way is that you don't make decisions like this based on what you think is in someone else's best interest, but can only do it via honest conversation where both parties have the opportunity to understand the other's thoughts & feelings, and then make their own choices, which the other needs to accept and trust, because that's what relationships are about.
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    Just saw Tyno's post from a while back. Trying to waste a bit of time while I wait to get out the front door for Easter.. My wife Liz got an invite and is enterred. Currently doing a 100k event each month in training. She just clocked up her 35th 100k event with a handfull of milers on top of that. Separately, she's training on the course at least once a month with a few people that she does a bit of Expedition Racing with. The real benefit is that I get dragged around a bit running in some pretty speccy places.
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    Check up on your friends and family, work colleagues, open the discussion up at work, at home, anywhere anytime, I lost a former colleague yesterday who decided to take his life. We knew he suffered, we tried to talk, he never wanted to, maybe we didn't try hard enough with him, maybe we did. will never know why, he will never get to meet his unborn child. Devastated. *as a side point, i have been here in my new job for 6 months and I've not once heard anything about mental health and well being, I opened the discussion in our prestart today* Please Never ever think you are alone
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    Well its Sold! Bit of mixed emotions our dream home I built is no longer . We are excited ..nervous. .all in one kids are pumped I was quite chuffed to see there happy little faces when we told them tonight. So it was on for 14 days we had 95 groups through in total and I still find this hard to believe but agent said we had 3298 email enquiries so my theory on the bubble is ...what farrkin bubble. Any way look out for my new topics .. Lawn mowers.. Vegie Gardens... Best bang for buck MTB and wear do I get an R.M Williams sticker of the bull horns for my ute...lol
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    I see flogs every day in the gym. Doing complexes (a circuit for dumb people) using dumbells on an incline bench in the squat rack, then med ball situps on the deadlift platform followed by some other franken-list of stupid exercises clogging up every piece of usable space on the weightroom floor. Then proceeding to leave every piece of shit they've used for their invisible mum to pick up
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    However, all these tools/toys might be the only thing she likes about swimming so if they get her in the water, it's a good thing.
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    Yeah that's awesome. They can be Willies willies!
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    The plan worked! Third in my AG. Yes it was 3/5 but we don't need to mention that.
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    This was an interesting response to Jordans post: Lots of folks, myself included, asked your opinions of the Dimond in very recent months, including via PM's, and you lied your ass off. You never spoke of any major issues. Now you want people to fund a defence for you. Piss off.
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    I will start by saying I am in no way suicidal, but I agree with the stress thing and I have noticed it in myself a lot in the past 6 months. Work stress and deadlines combined with what I see as a lack of leadership at work and a terminally ill mother have all meant that life is a lot harder than I feel like it should be. I have lost a lot of motivation for parts of life. I no longer spring out of bed to go training, my work output is not what it should be, and at times I have found myself mid-conversation and realized I am not even listening to what is being said, that never used to happen to me! Luckily for me I have my kids that are the shining light of everything and the hug I get before I leave for work and the moment I walk through the door make everything a lot better. My wife is also there to support me, and our communication about this sort of thing is getting better all the time. Given we have been married 9 years I am proud of that. All of that said, I can understand how stress and depression can take hold, if I did not have those shining lights I might be head down that path!
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    I don't get why John is doing anything now other than support his wife. She is on track to do something quite exceptional and he keeps trying to drag the attention back to himself. What is the point of him doing a full now?
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    I'd have cooked it...
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    Seriously is that what the guy is referring to as a tear? What a ****wit.
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    Ironman flags are up in the main Street and town green. It's amazing how your motivation drops with 2 or 3 weeks to go then once you see the ironman logo it all comes flooding back.
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    Who is doing it? The Merglers?
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    How did VB get into any "finer things in life" discussion?!
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    You need to be at peace with yourself before you can be rich. That richness is not measured with things around you but things within. Reward yourself with the good things in life - family, friends, good thoughts and humour. And don't forget, a new bike goes a long way. FM
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    I've come to the simple conclusion that they're all sh!t. The world would be a better place without them.
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    Niseko and Rocket Salad. This is first and foremost a Tri forum. I'm happy for people to be here and just socialise, but if the only reason you are here is to pop up when there is an opportunity to offend or try and offend others then please remove yourself from the forum or I will do it.
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    Flogs seen many today. While I was cycling a blind man walking across traffic lights legally, he drops his stick and becomes flustered stops the lights turn green for cars, they start honking and abusing him telling him to get off the ****ing road. I got off my bike and went and helped him and the **** drivers just went straight past us like there was nothing happening we were still on the ****ing road for christ sake. At least we made it safely to the footpath and no one flogged my bike. Seen many flog drivers but today takes the cake this is case of what the **** are people thinking?
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    I tried to post a photo but a message popped up and said it was too big. I guess I need to lose weight. FM
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    Like x 1000 The fitter I get, the better my technique becomes
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    Is the same sort of "coffee" that Beth invited RS to? You and FB clearly have beef due to you always speculating in regards to drugs about his missus but you need to get over it. he clearly has some form of depression and last thing he needs is you piling on to him (oh yeah and telling someone to get over it etc is not a winning strategy..) FB- you shouldnt even be reading a thread that has Garmin or gadget in the title. We all know it doesnt interest you so just dont even click on them as we dont need to hear your anti technology rants. Why dont you focus on where you can add value (like the teach me how to run thread) and the payoff you get from that, and lack of negativity will do wonders for your state of mind...
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    Ditch the gadgets and focus on what you are doing rather than what pace your are running. Best attack IMO is to run/walk. 10x2min with 30secs walk in between. Focus on cadence feeling light, running tall. It is easier to do this 2mins at a time rather than trying 5km where you just dig a big hole. Also do some skipping. This will generate some spring and also emphasise light on feet. Start small though 30sec with 15secs rest. As strength and fitness builds then you add time to the run but still maintain that walk bit. Heck a lot of people train to run a marathon by running in a ironman yet probably walk most of it.
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    From one 90kg'er to another forget pace. I still record all my runs with my Garmin but never watch pace. I only run to RPE. Run more and just run at what ever "comfortable" is. Most likely you'll be doing 6:30's for a month and before you know it you'll be back in the 5:XX's. I lost the enjoyment of running after getting fat because I wanted to run at 5 something kays. And hated it. I'm back running at about 5:40 now with the same RPE that 6:15 was in January.
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    Well, it was great fun to actually race again (albeit in an unfit out of shape kinda way)! Good to see lots of Trannies going around. But the highlight for me was the feel of Roxii's firm but shapely left buttock in the palm of my hand as I passed him on the run leg. Truly inspiring...
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    I don't get why you're so bent out of shape about what he's doing? I don't get why either of them are doing it and I'm pretty sure they could throw $100k at the Red Cross of their own money without blinking. However, they are doing it (after a fashion) and whether I think the effort is warranted or not, I don't take any pleasure in seeing them not achieve it.
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    Nuffink again - knee still sore. Fortnately it felt good enough this evening to take my new toy for a spin. Money cant buy you happiness. But it can buy you toys!
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    On a positive finish, zed the star has couriered the suit to FFF who is stoked and gonna take it for a splash this arvo. Happy endings! Thanks for all your work zed - much appreciated. I owe you a beer or three (or whatever ur poison is). All the best at busso!
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    Well done Zed. Turts, I reckon you take Zed's offer of getting something. After all you were not happy at all about losing 50 or so bucks on postage and added to the 170 would have most of Denmark being evacuated due to the stench. It doesn't look like a bad wetsuit and as Rog and Pete said it is minor, so you should earn at least a couple of Pineapples.
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    Luckily with Flipper in tow, we always have a ton of baby wipes, so it looks new again
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    Timely article http://www.slowtwitch.com/Bike_Fit/The_Bike_Market_s_Gaping_Blind_Spot_6305.html
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    Triathletes wearing sleeveless jerseys and ankle socks when cycling.