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  2. nah, not that one, it was indoor with about a dozen, think the peoples champ was in it...might have been in triathlete mag, certainly to much cattle in it for an australian ad. want to stress not body shaming at all, just dont think its healthy but understand the pointy end needs to do what they do to make a living
  3. Utopia

    Now fully into this. SO GOOD!
  4. Today
  5. TV Shows

    loving, Last Chance U. Finally watched the first season of black mirrors, enjoyed that and watched the leaked ep of GOT, I liked.
  6. Utopia

    its like corporate australia has identified change managers at the moment..... jobs left right and centre.... we need one of them, lets all create one at once
  7. Dick Smith fair go.

  8. Is this the new form of terror

  9. cronulla stopped at half time, did enough in the first 10 to win it.... 12 nil after 12 minutes, 26 - 16 at full time against a injured second string cowboys...2 points is 2 points though. glad i gave my bled tickets away......its a painful game these days when it comes to the wallabies. i think nsw winning the super 12/4/5? was the last great rugby moment. mind you 54 - 34 with 12 to go
  10. 10 minutes to drive, drink and park, 2 mins to order, she dusted you by 4 minutes...lol
  11. My first new TT thread

    A2K - it's all about lookin' good 😉
  12. Townsville Triathlon

    Yes that's me
  13. Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    I'm aiming for " Top Ten". Where are the Larsens? Giving us a chance this time around.
  14. Does world cross fit championship equal worlds fittest person

    A team of scrawny triathletes would probably do better against the All Blacks though.....had to turn it off, too hard to watch.
  15. Valgus Knee especially right side
  16. Townsville Triathlon

    Hey - just realized I was speaking to another trannies without realizing it ! I think ? Were you wearing the Hersey bay 100 shirt who was accosted by someone complimenting you on your speedy running 😂
  17. Is this the new form of terror

    Whereabouts? Just out of interest as Chatswood is home to me...
  18. I'd almost believe it but there wasn't a coffee shop there. Had to drive 10 mins after jus,t to get a brew.
  19. think i saw on her insta today she stopped mid race and had a long black. something about the benefits of caffeine on performance.
  20. wish i could find the photo from 5- 10 years ago one of the companies did to flog their stuff. must have bene done by a triathlete to think it looked ok, and had about 10 or a dozen top triathletes, male and female with stuff all on (maybe it was a swim company), but they never did a second ad. It just wasn't an advertisement for the sport. No offence meant to be given, understand they have to get thin to be competitive at the pointy end and when they retire they get normal.
  21. Is this the new form of terror

    Pedestrians were hit and injured by a car mounting the footpath in Chatswood today - and it wasn't any terrorist attack. High-density pedestrian areas probably should have had protection well before these incidents pointed out the vulnerability.
  22. The Politics Thread

    If Julie Bishop's performance this week is any guide, it's over-cooked.
  23. Looking for Training Wheels

    How about these? http://www.wiggle.com.au/shimano-rs10-clincher-wheelset/?lang=au&curr=AUD&dest=27&sku=5360467747&utm_source=google&utm_term=PLA&utm_campaign=AU+-+PLA+-+Returning+User+-+Generic+-+Components+-+Priority&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mkwid|sju4aaI7t_dc|pcrid|71612155092|pkw||pmt||prd|5360467747au&dest=27&curr=AUD
  24. I always thought michelle bridges was fit. But i smashed her by about 8mins in a 5k race today so one persons fit is only to one thing. She would however destroy me easily in pushups or chin-ups. Oh and in a 6pack comp.
  25. The Politics Thread

    Someone put a fork in this government. It's cooked.
  26. Is this the new form of terror

    I was in the Queen St mall in Brisbane today and there are now bollards there.
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