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  2. 18km run
  3. Sounds good to me. see you there. FM
  4. Sounds good, the roads there are sooooo much better than what we have here.
  5. 100kms with 1,600m vert yesterday and 75km with 1,200m vert doing Buttermans Track both ways today. Cake, ice cream, beer, etc etc. Bit tired now.
  6. Interestingly data shows that the more cyclists there are the safer it is for them as people are looking out for them automatically... That doesn't take into account people being deliberate tossers though.
  7. Great.... Can't wait to run across it during the run.... I hope that 10m has a strava segment. Will be going for the PB.
  8. They just resealed the carpark at marine rescue... while we were standing in it! I'm sure there are bits if the course more in need of repair.
  9. Today
  10. 6km run today including MFD. 1:11 on strava. Hopefully I'm no slower riding up on Sunday.
  11. Great training today. I took my swimming coach to the dam and set the session for us. She couldn't stand the cold, it decided to pull up short after less than 2km. She can't complain if I decide to pull up short next session in the pool.
  12. I think she is considering a Dimond
  13. The roads as you well know are getting better and better each year , still not super but certainly a lot better than 7-8 yrs ago
  14. Ha.....
  15. Yeah, irony is that first one has a long history around here of cyclist menacing. Some of their people ride Harley's & play chicken with cyclists. There was one c*ckhead taken to court for playing chicken on his motorbike with the local cycling club about 10yts ago (because there happened to be a cop in the cycling club). I suspect it was one of these dicks, but it hasn't stopped them taking great delight in purposely conducting near misses. Yes. Armidale. There is sweet FA traffic out here, and no motorist is ever held up by some poor bugger on a pushy for more than 10 secs. Still many hate us. The incident where the last near-miss happened is on the most popular cycling road out of town. Just 30m past where she nearly got me, the council has put up a 'Caution Cyclists Next 20kms Sign'. The Fly6 was a Mothers Day gift for my wife when she was riding, but I use it now as she can't bring herself to ride on the road anymore. Fair dinkum I only ride about 60kms/week on the road now and I'm pondering the wisdom of even that small amount. But it is my favorite form of exercise.
  16. And sometimes we need to be politically correct / sympathetic to other readers....... But I am good at reading between the lines
  17. Appropriate, because it's as close as F#$% is to swearing.
  18. Since Ironman Oz last year it would be $0 for Wiggle $354.00 at Bens bike shop (New chain . New tyres, bar tape and a full service.
  19. How are the roads..... Pot holes etc. Any improvement from last few years?
  20. I think u have said all that needs to e said
  21. Feel free to elaborate:)
  22. The P76 was actually a much better car than is commonly given credit for, but encountered a perfect storm of bad-timing.
  23. Is 'out here' country/regions? In my somewhat limited experience, country towns and roads seem to have a hardened minority of cyclist haters. I think I need to get one of those cameras for the commuter, been tossing up for a while now If I had to put up with those risks I think I'd evaluate not worth it, and just run and (maybe) swim.
  24. I got mine at Pace Athletic for the same reasons. Needed local advice and try on etc. They are true experts and have run just about any event you can mention, usually many times. They don't seem to have a Melbourne store but maybe call them? I know the Mosman one does UTA gear checks by Skype so maybe they can sort you out?
  25. Waiting for mid year bike specials I believe.
  26. Well he's out for now after tripping, falling and tearing something in his shoulder. So not even able to support deb on course. Can babysit tho!
  27. Yeah i rode home. Then went to hospital. They let me out this morning. But they had good drugs!
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