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  2. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Doesn't it depend on how much front nature gave you?
  3. Tyres, Tubeless ready, which ones.

    That is the key to cycling, look to where you want to go and not your front wheel, I need to remember this more myself. I rode on Sunday with 26/25 (back/front) which was down from 30/28 and it felt slightly better, so slipping out so will try that again.
  4. Will Sagan be remembered as one of the Greats?

    i think he must go down as one of the greats, or both his results and his personality. When i look at cycling news websites I look for Sagan, Cavendish as they are two of the greats but also personalities that make interesting reading. Allot of others may be great athletes but are just men who ride bikes.
  5. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    Sit on someone where you feel comfortable - or sit by yourself if you prefer that. Personally, I prefer to ride someone's hip - always hated sitting on feet. As for advice on what's 'better', the advice doesn't matter if you're not going to follow it because you're uncomfortable. The best advice would be learn to swim better.
  6. What training did you do today?

    Hour on the MTB around the UNE track at lunch. Strava PBs galore (but still crap compared to the fast guys & gals, though I suspect some have gone round on an RM125), due to the guys over on the offroad thread telling me to drop tyre pressure from about 40 to 25psi. "Your tyre's are too hard" is the dirty equivalent of "your seat's too high".
  7. Tyres, Tubeless ready, which ones.

    Thanks guys, took them down to maybe 25psi-ish, much more controllable and comfortable on the single track. Did a 50sec PB around my course and that was with a bit of a slip and having to re-clip in, and PBs on nearly all of the Strava segments at lunch. Tougher on the bitumen riding uphill home though. One trick I've discovered for faster cornering is to look through the corner more, less directly down where your front wheel is. Seems to give you a better feel for the corner.
  8. Tranny Kit! Any interest?

    Both are valid terms. Both are an affront to nature
  9. Srm not showing power ???

    You'd think so, which means it could be something else. Hard to say. Looks like you might be checking out the new SRM service centre...
  10. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    We'll have to agree to disagree. My last OW race, I swam like buggery to catch a tiny 14yr old kid that wouldn't have been half my size, but once I had him, it was an easy sit for the next 1000m. It makes a big difference in the swim. And if an n=1 case isn't good enough, try this published study. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9710869 This is the last sentence of the Results Abstract:
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  12. AFL 2017

    Just picked up my ticket for the GF GO TIGES!!
  13. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Yeah, but I thought it went further - or have they moved transition. All these Gatorade races sort of blur into one πŸ˜„ Maps are also not my strong point πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  14. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    No, the timing is awful - it's the week after Noosa and the week before Kawana. Getting older sux (then again, better than the alternative πŸ˜„) I may do the Elwood race in Victoria as I have lots of frequent flyer points. I considered the Jackie fairweather race but swimming in duck poo was a bit off putting πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  15. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    There still is that bit.
  16. Bitcoin - someone explain it to me

    You gotta love these type of PR Interviews. John, are you fantastic or awesome? Good question Jade, I like to think that I’m awesome, but I’m ok if people think I’m just fantastic. Seriously, it doesn't take a genius to know that the price of bitcoins is gambling, and any super-fund stupid enough to invest in them should be sued by its members. BitCoin was a way to establish and secure market-share for the block-chain technology, but obviously there will come a 'emperor has no clothes' day for the currency.
  17. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Are you still doing Kurnell ?
  18. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    Ex, same argument doesn't apply. Different matter (air) to water plus the environmental factors of gravity, wind and rolling resistance come into play. There will always be an advantage for a cyclist to draft another cyclist when the speed travelled is above approx 15 kph. Willie, the displacement factor is relevant to speed of the swimmer. We were talking about a group of skinny pro triathletes all swimming at similar fast speed. The disparity between their water displacement would be of a similar value. Ky Hurst on the other hand, competes against swimmers of a variety of size hence my comment. You at 104 kg swimming at a slower speed and displacing less water has no relevance to he discussion. The real thing thing Brownlee missed, is that if you are the front swimmer and someone is swimming on your hip and you want to get rid of them, just roll to your side and give them a kick in the guts. Brownlee obviously hasn't competed in a surf carnival swim race.
  19. storage boxes and flying

    Probably because they hear you talking about β€œblowing up” on your way home from each Ironman.
  20. Will Sagan be remembered as one of the Greats?

    The only cyclist I can find with a half decent palmares is Lucien Aimar, who won the TdF in 1966. Strangely enough, he was suspended for doping a couple years later, but they never took the jersey off him.
  21. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    Then using that same argument, a 60kg pro cyclist shouldn't bother trying to draft behind another pro cyclist, as they are far too skinny.
  22. Will Sagan be remembered as one of the Greats?

    Yes. All those second places as well. Plus the fact that everyone sits and waits for him to make a move so often. He does a lot of work for someone who wins so much.
  23. What training did you do today?

    Well done Skel Happy Days 🌞
  24. 2018 AG Worlds How Fast

    Have they changed the course a bit this year? Thought we had a longish stretch, parallel to the runners, along the lake/or whatever it's called - But it looks like we just go straight into the turns??
  25. Lachie's New Bike

    TBH I've been less than impressed with some of the lame arse excuses pros give for DNFing. Maybe I'm being overly harsh, but I've always thought that you should exhaust all options before DNFing. Just because you can't get on the podium doesn't mean you should quit. I've always thought of triathlon as paralleling life in a way, how you train/race can play a big part in how you live your life.
  26. So Ali Brownlee said re Swimming

    The difference between Ali Brownlee and Kye Hurst wouldnt be that different. Me swimming at 104kgs at 1.30 pace would displace way less water then Brownlee at 65kg at 1 min pace. Less friction from my big frame at a slower pace. Way more friction at the higher speed.
  27. Lachie's New Bike

    I raced over there on the weekend as well. Massive hats off to Lachie. He was more thsn happy to have a chat before & after the race. During the run, even after all of his issues he was still giving me shout outs. Kudos mate, you're the embodiment of "death before DNF" & I can't wait to see you race again.
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