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  2. What's wrong with Floyd?
  3. Korn guitarist has come out and called him a coward. some people should just think before they say something!
  4. Ive just been looking for accom in Huskisson, lots of choices & nearly signed up for one on but they want 50% booking fee if we cancel. So I didnt take it 😕 Organising accommodation sucks esp after a long day at work. I need 'people' to do this cr#p for me lol
  5. I really hope you guys get behind this. It's a great concept and you know Emo will put on a fantastic event.
  6. No dnf for me. Hamilton told me I missed the cut for their 4 sponsored team riders but then selected me to ride in their team for the state 100k teams time trial. I said not a chance, esp as McCullough was driving that train. I was your observer in your team car with (Briz Blasters) Shane Norton. Totally unbiased 😇 lol Those Brizzy Tri Club jerseys were probably the reason I stayed with Ham Wheelers. White shirts with pink, yellow & blue bands.... yuk
  7. I think it should just tuck inside the hole where the strap comes out.
  8. Surfer 101 asked 'Is it time for a LCW thread?' Only one way to find out... Doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interest on here, but it's on 27th to 29th October 2017 so if you're keen to do it then it's probably time to start thinking about accommodation etc. Plus starting to do a little bit of training might come in handy. I'm still a bit undecided, but I'm a social creature so will probably have a crack if there's a few going.
  9. this is the link, may have to scroll down
  10. Yeah, you're right Ex...more reliable was not the right term. They are hard to kill and probably why you only ever bought one. I do still remember when I'd put a new spool of line on, usually 12lb back in the day, and head out for an evening cast. All too easy for a loop to come off and wrap around the top of the reel in the dark, only to find when you cast, you cast no where or the sinker and bait disappeared into the darkness.
  11. This fight should actually go until someone is knocked out. 100 million each. Mind you Floyd seems to be doing okay.
  12. I get it, begorra.
  13. It was fairly logical in the end and you carried all of your gear from the first bike to the run up Ben Nevis. Logistical nightmare as we had to have someone who could take two days off work, could be insured to drive the Cayenne (and me trusting them) and who you could trust to be in Fort William at a certain time to collect and load bikes through to the finish. Funniest part of the weekend was my mate from Melbourne went from the Balmoral (5 star) to the Smithton Pub outside Inverness (1 star) to a YHA .... and then onto Qantas 1st Class home.
  14. I thought you DNFed with Hamilton. And yes, they were rather gay.
  15. I bet that Lance doesn't even own the shirt on his back. His accountants have had plenty of time to prepare the books to show where the monies gone and why there's nothing left for US Postal and mofo Floyd landis.
  16. I put a link in the article but just for you here it is again.
  17. Ian Jensen was a machine, along with Greg Redan two older athletes who often podiumed back in the day.
  18. Bloody good idea where can I buy?
  19. Ah yes remember that race well. My calves starting cramping big time around the 60k mark, and I was just the neutral observer in your following support vehicle. You guys also had the gayest team jerseys I've ever seen.
  20. 5k arvo swim at Centenary Pool, a great way to ease into the weekend
  21. Great story well done chaps
  22. wonder why suicide. so hard to understand
  23. Did this sell??
  24. What width tyres? I'm 80kg and run 24-25 rear and 22-22 front. That's on a HT with a 32x120 fork. I rarely get rim strike when riding Menai. Could probaby go lower on my duallie. Maybe start at 28 and 26 and see how it feels. If you start striking rims or it feels squirmish, up the pressure slightly. If it feels skittish, try dropping it a touvh till you find a happy medium.
  25. Cheers
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