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  2. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    I rode half my riding life without a helmet. Been riding approx 50 years. When the mandatory helmet laws were introduced overnight the bike shed at high school went from full, maybe 50 bikes, to about 3 - it was 'uncool' to wear a helmet, and really those old helmets were distinctly aesthetically challenged, but it wasnt just that, it became dorky to ride. As a result a whole lot of fat 50 year olds 30 years later. Well, that's stretching it, but at the core the point is there. I'd never go out hammering it without a helmet, nor even commuting when sharing with cars, but I'd ride without one on the bike paths, to the local shop etc. Micro versus macro. Everyone knows someone, maybe themselves, i.e. micro, who would have been cactus if no helmet, however, population wide we're worse off because people generally - the population - i.e. macro don't ride as much or make a habit of it because it's dangerous, and helmet hair is a thing, and it is still a bit dorky. Was at cafe this morning - gorgeous sunny day with a cooling southerly - inside the Melbourne inner city 'hipster line' in Brunswick on the Capital City Trail. Plenty - maybe 1:20 - no helmet, more women than men at a guess. No need for a helmet there when doddling along at 10-20km. Just like the pictures of cycling in Holland. The go-fasties had one, as they should. Single biggest public health issue now facing Australia - after big success in reducing smoking, and (to a lesser extent) drinking - is obesity, and type II diabetes. Got to get the whole population moving more (although we've had the obesity debate in other threads, and some would and do say exercise is secondary)
  3. World Age Group team 2018

    Any TA race up to June 30th next year you'll be in 65-69 that inlcudes HOTW. After 1st July you'll age up to 70-74. Any Ironman or 70.3 you race next year from 1st January you'll be in 70-74. If you wanna qualify for the Worlds on the Goldie you'll race the qualifiers in 65-69 but your time will be slotted into the 70-74 results for points. Then you'd race in 70-74 at the Worlds in September.
  4. Ultimate Callala - 2/60/15 Race Report

    Well done on finding a way to re-focus & got on with racing. Great report too, thanks for sharing
  5. SAAB, bought out by a multi national corporation (GM) the local team at SAAB didn't toe the corporate line and kept doing things their way and ended up being shut down. How many parallels can be drawn between the Wanda Group and the Ironman management group?
  6. Hand back your Pro Card

    If they are, and it helps promote triathlon, whats the problem?
  7. "You youngsters could do well to listen to Uncle Trinube, his weekly consistent routine is very sensible and has him in very good nick for his age and orthopaedic history!!" - Parkside

  8. Same thing happened to the once great manufacturer Saab... Once AP started driving one they slid, their image eternally damaged and eventually folded.
  9. Hand back your Pro Card

    Nah I'm more in ragging on age groupers who appear in the local paper and they talk about how they are racing for Australia at the world championships.
  10. What training did you do today?

    I haven't made it home yet, so there's always a chance.
  11. What training did you do today?

    No OW swim today then? You just don't want it enough.
  12. Scam. Everyone knows ironman is dead.lol
  13. Unions In Australia

    the thing is, it is the 'third umpire' and I might add, set up by the Labor party, yet the unions and labor for that matter accept any decisions by them. I have had unions tear up fair work commission decisions in front of me. Cotton eyes is correct, it is not legal for unions to stop work, yet they do it all the time. they couldn't care less about being fined and in fact love the publicity it gives them
  14. What training did you do today?

    It was -4C and throwing a blizzard down this morning. 50km commute up the A34 in the pitch black. Can't say it was training but my heart rate was pretty elevated.
  15. Hokas now at Podium Sports at DFO

    You could always call me... Like a lot on here have and do
  16. Meh, ironman isn't even hard anymore.
  17. What training did you do today?

    There is an ultra that turns at Point Danger, - http://rapidascent.com.au/SurfcoastCentury/ Turts should be able to give you some info on it, think she did it a few years ago (Check the race reports) Basically - run south. (That is my plan for Christmas, then get the Wife to pick me up somewhere near Anglesea maybe)
  18. Ultimate Callala?

    Quite clear, not much weed at all. Raced Saturday arvo in the Xterra - that was fun. Then backed up on Sunday morning for the club distance event, a good hit out on tired legs.
  19. What training did you do today?

    im going swimming tonight, but just booked accommodation in Torquay for a wedding im being dragged to in March...any good trails to run there? I'll be just past half way in my prep for Vietnam 70.3
  20. Ultimate Callala - 2/60/15 Race Report

    Well done Monkie. I can normally change a flat pretty quickly, but took me an age my first time I got a flat in a race, I feel your pain!
  21. Backward Bike

    Bloke I know had a significant brain injury from an accident and one of the suggested recovery exercises was to learn the piano.
  22. Kona 2017 NBC Highlights

    Red bull adverts and Charlie were annoying
  23. Hand back your Pro Card


    I watched an older one on Amazon yesterday called 'Black Mass' with Johnny Depp and Joel Edgerton. Based on a true story of a Boston gangster. Thought it was very good.
  25. Hand back your Pro Card

    See, I knew Ruley was the man for the job. The shaming should start at the next world champs selection race. Crowds with those big foam hands pointing at alleged crap "pro" with the accompanied cheer of " you're a joke" from the mob. What else?
  26. Backward Bike

    Interesting stuff. Shows how repetition programs in the process/pathways (whatever you want to call it) and enables complex automatic movements. I suppose the analogy here might be unlearning and relearning swim technique maybe..? Lap after lap after lap after..... On another note, the forcing of new learning is supposed to be (yet) another thing we can do for brain health as we form new pathways as a result. By coincidence I've just been given an old guitar that just happens to be strung left handed. Makes my brain hurt doing even simply chords, but maybe that hurt is doing me good?
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