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  2. What's the technical name for this

    I would describe that as a snude...
  3. What's the technical name for this

    I think it's a Craft Neck tube.
  4. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    And as for the Port to Pub swim I knew a few friends in different teams and the consensus was pretty much "Yay!" when it was cancelled. Another friend swam the 25km solo last year in 8:14:04 (@19:45 per km pace). This year when she was pulled out after 3hrs:40min she had done 8.5km (@25:53 per km pace) which would translate to a finish time of 10:47:04 at that same pace, i.e. about 30% slower than the year before! I think she was disappointed and happy at the same time!
  5. Neck scarf? Is it this? http://www.wiggle.com.au/craft-neck-tube/
  6. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    I don't think anyone is suggesting otherwise. My analogy was more around whether I personally could do it and have two optimal performances, which I don't think I could. I'd give it a crack though
  7. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    Yep, we were all wondering on the day where Daphne was. After we finished the swim we found out she had escaped!
  8. Facebook, I dont like it!

    Personally I'd be happy to sign on to an alternative social media platform if one existed that didn't collect and sell my data. Just want to share some info and pics with friends without the sinister bullshit that goes on with FB. I'd happily put up with a few Ads in return for keeping it free and simple.
  9. DC Rainmaker in Perth

    Always one dick. You knew what I was getting at.
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  11. DC Rainmaker in Perth

    You actually have to be over 12 in Vic ride on the footpath? Seems odd🤔
  12. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    I should have added that the SD at Cozumel was draft legal. So maybe for some at least they might have been able to save their legs a bit on the bike. Re SD versus OD qualifying depth, at least in my age group, Mooloolaba was a way bigger and deeper field than Luke Harrop.
  13. Photography

    Bugger what I think Ex! Hell, I even love her website address! I showed Rob and she just loved her work! Her portraiture was stunning, the wedding photos outstanding. And the only way to describe the nudes are that she really knows how to paint with light. Rob absolutely loved those! One of the architecture pics, Rob thinks if its in Brisbane then she's taken a very similar shot of the same building. I'm a fan of abstract architecture pics (changing cityscapes are my phone background). She should be very proud. Rob was really impressed and very jealous. We used our points to get her a Canon 80d a few months ago but she hasn't been up to taking any photos. Here's hoping that inspired her. The last bridal party pic I saw by my bil on FB had stormtroopers in it (and they weren't in attendance at the wedding). Rob shouldn't have encouraged him to get Photoshop and Lightroom.....
  14. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Yep, you're probably spot on. I've done a few Ironman events (five in the past 23 years) and although I love racing Ultra endurance stuff my heart is still with the grass roots and shorter events. I have way more interest in seeing people just out enjoying themselves than what I do following the elites - although it's especially great when the elites seem to be having a good time as well. Kona's great, but so are ITU Worlds .
  15. Swift Neurogen

    I think I might... I need something that is less stressful than a massive building and new company. You are a dick. There was no doubting that! But we love you anyway how’s your new steed just wondering? Would you still buy it after I’ve peed on it? don’t worry I’m so slow it matters not if I stop to enjoy the experience of a sprint-Ironman’s porta loo.
  16. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Good work, that's an interesting comparison, although you still can't really tell if the intention was to race both races flat out or just use the Sprint event as a warm up etc. From experiences (and without trying to offend anyone) in the past when they were both non-drafting events and you could only chose to do one of them at the World Champs, I found the Olympic Distance to be a fair bit more competitive than the Sprint Distance event. Once again, it's just my experience but there was a big difference.
  17. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    I'm not analysing anything. I'm not trying to qualify. I'm just saying that as you get older, it takes longer to recover from a race over an hour long where you have given absolutely everything, than it does for a young person who trains 4 hours a day to recover from a 10 second to 15 minute effort.
  18. DC Rainmaker in Perth

    We're allowed in Qld too.
  19. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    So are you going to analyse the times of the person that came 26th and only wants to do the OD against the person that beat them, but wants to do both? How will you calculate anticipated slowdown from fatigue to determine whether 26 is a better chance than 25th? Or is it just about giving everyone a shot at one thing.
  20. Photography

    There is some good talent there Ex
  21. DC Rainmaker in Perth

    No realist.
  22. DC Rainmaker in Perth

    Interesting just reading about this. In wa yanyone of any age can ride on a footpath. In vic it's 12 or above I think.
  23. Swift Neurogen

    I know what your doing.
  24. Thank God for race directors like EMO

    Yes he is a good bloke! disclaimer: I was paid to say this. Yamba not on the Calendar this season, last Ultimate Distance will be the flat and fast course of Capital Coast a new 2/60/15 format. In Broken Marathon I reckon we could see 2hrs go at the wayside. Correct strategy and use of recovery will determine the Weak from the Warrior. I have just raised the arch on the door so emo can get his head out of the office
  25. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    I did too. Raced much better in the second one.
  26. Photography

    Goughy, What do you think of this work, it's my niece's? I'm untrained, but to me it doesn't look too bad? https://www.ecologist-with-a-camera.com/
  27. Swift Neurogen

    Hmm, dunno. Probably about $1800 for Trannys.
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