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  2. time for a new bike........ a mountain bike.....
  3. He should have asked Crowie as to how he was able to exit Orbea. He should have asked Macca as to how he was able to exit Hawaii
  4. . Rappstar Apr 30, 17 13:18 Post #4 of 7 I believed refunding the money was the right thing to do. I am working with my counsel to prepare a formal statement explaining. I'd ask for your patience and understanding in the interim Same counsel that aplroved the first post?
  5. Maybe he thinks he is Jarryd Hayne!
  6. Probably similar background Goughy. Raise in strict catholic family (weekly church services etc), my dad (builder) gave countless years of service doing additions and repairs to the local church, catholicschool from Kindy to Year 12, I was once an alter boy (avoided being raped), wife has Masters in Theology and teaches RE as part of her job as a teacher .... its not like I haven't been exposed to it, or don't understand it etc. I guess as I got old I stopped believing in all the nonsense. When you think about it God has the best job in the world..... if something good happens then he gets praised all over the place - apparently he's responsible for everything from Academy Awards to sporting achievements to giving people food to eat and nice weather etc ..... BUT, if anything bad should happened (you know, disease, starvation, murder etc) then there is always someone willing to stand up and say God is not responsible (its a test, its a warning, people have free will .... of the good old classic, 'God works in mysterious ways') I would love to sit in on Gods end of year work appraisal: "Well, God..... you've done lots of good stuff......... and a heap of bad stuff happened as well but we can just sweep all that under the carpet ..... final appraisal score 10/10, no suggestions for improvement" Quite frankly, if God exists then he's an asshole....
  7. Yep and I'm too lazy to ride there
  8. Not a bad idea the way the legacy program is filling it will take 5years to get to Kona soon , after you get to 12 and apply of course
  9. Good stuff, it must be getting close to sold out, Life happened for me yesterday, my 4yr old boy has health issues and his body is letting him down at the moment so my planned 4 hr ride yesterday just didn't happen, I was hoping I could have hopped on the trainer for a couple hours last night but that didn't happen either....hopefully i can get in the pool tonight Tossa - thats a shame mate, hopefully It's not a show stopper
  10. What a load of crock
  11. The thread could have showed him that! Asking people for money, seeing who/how many pony up, and then refunding it, is just an ego trip!
  12. My refund is going to fight wrongful PED convictions among pro sportsman.
  13. Posted by Rapp I have decided to end the GoFundMe and refund all donations. More than ever being about the money, I was looking for support. And that has been made extremely clear. So thank you. The value of that support is invaluable.
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  15. Outing myself here a bit I guess ............. my wife sometimes asks me this. I was raised catholic and clearly made my own choices etc. Strangely enough I always did really well in religion at school. I actually have no idea what I believe when it comes to religion, I'm still in some grey middle ground....... I won't say it's confusing as such. But I am completely 120% with science and evolution, but still have this thing in my head I can't justify! And what you've said there ttb440 is one of the main reasons why........... I don't know if there's a heaven or hell, but I kinda hope there's more to all this than just this. But if there is a god there I'd love to have a chat and find out why they are such a sick ****!
  16. Hey, Alanis Morrisette played God in Dogma and was pretty bloody convincing, what's this crap of blaming all this on a bloke? Just cause some believe she sent her son....
  17. Thanks goodness I'm being refunded my Gofundme donation for Rappstar, now I can use it to support that poor innocent girl in Colombia who thought she was importing 6kg's of headphones!!!
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  19. Episodes released are pretty raw, wouldn't be 100% sure they are the finished product. No haven't watched them, but saw a snippet of one, it has some coding along the bottom and a countdown on the top of the screen
  20. I think we've had this discussion on another thread (most likely the Cardinal Pell thread...) I always ask religious people a question - I think I stole it from Hitchens or Dawkins or someone... If you walked into a village with 100 children starving to death, and you had the means to provide food/water/help, would you do it? Of course everyone would, wouldn't they? Then why does God not help? If there is a being of un-ending power, then he either looks upon starving children and can't help (so he's not God) or he can't be bothered to help (from some reason.... maybe 'giving us a lesson' or something...?) What sort of sicko would have the power to help starving children, but choose not to? Do you really want to get your morals and life lessons from someone like that? Quite frankly, if that is the view of your god then he (or she) is NOT the sort of person I want to associate with, let alone praise as the almighty. (in similar arguments ... he's the guy that gives kids brain cancer? .... what a top notch bloke!).
  21. 5k walk with pups. Bit sore but i dont walk on my shoulder!
  22. jeez thats unlucky.....whats the plan now? Still committed to Cairns? I signed up yesterday after 4hr tide and 40min run. So all locked in now.
  23. yep +1 for fusion. Tend to run in just normal running gear but the tri-shorts I've had from fusion have been great.
  24. Been some hype about that. They reckon they have other shows from other networks as well. Apparently weren't asking that much money from netflix as ransom, but they refused to pay.
  25. Maybe we all drive Datsun 80Ys still?
  26. Tweaked my calf on the weekend. So frustrating, this has haunted me for almost 2yrs now. Perhaps I'm just getting old 🤔
  27. Yeah I think strength training (body weight or free weights) has its place to target imbalances e.g. glutes, shoulders for office workers and also in rehab work. After coming back to training after a heart op I will be using it to correct my own imbalances this winter. Agree with comments you made earlier that sprint work / vo2 Max work is of far greater benefit to increase the s/b/r performance. Investing in a power meter for the bike > investing in gym membership.
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