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  2. Shutup legs...and arms

    Were the roads closed to traffic?
  3. Respecting the Race

    NOTE: Please keep it clean, and not personal. The PJ thread was justifiably shut down. This isn’t about individuals – but my take on the amount that’s seems to be being said. The vibe of it. So there has been a lot of talk about pros finishing to “respect the race”. But I have a bit of a contrasting opinion to share. I disagree with the rhetoric about finishing regardless, as the only way of showing respect for the race – and that pulling out disrespects others and the race. Imagine an athlete who is a top level, pro, but having a rubbish day [or anyone really]. Through injury or illness, lack of preparation, lack of fitness, however. Even mechanicals. This athlete has 2 choices. 1. Suck it up, dial it back, and finish the race in umpteenth position 2. Bail out. Underdone, overcooked, whatever. Option 1 seems to be seen as the only thing to do – to “respect” the race. Those who take option 2 receive a lot of derision and sh#t-canning for disrespecting the race and the other races – even disrespecting the winner. But I don’t get it. The way I am arguing, if someone has a bad day and is going to finish slower than hoped, by taking Option 1, they are basically saying “yeah, I’m not going to win, but this race is easy, the course is easy, and even if I’m injured and feel like shit I can still finish easily.” If they bail out, they could be saying “ yep, this race kicked my ass. I’m overcooked/underdone/sick/injured, and either way the race/course/tactics/competitors etc got the better of me and kicked my ass. The winner still knows that they were the best out there on the day, and beat all others who attempted the course. Those they beat are made up of those that tried but weren’t fast enough, AND those that had their ass kicked on the day (either mentally or physically) and DNF’d. I don’t understand the psychology of saying that it’s disrespecting the race to pull out – and admit the race/competitors/situation beat you. I think, in a way, the option to continue regardless is less about respect – but about an athletes ego, sponsor time, camera opportunities, and subsequent media attention as being a hard nut and a good athlete. And they sure do get a lot of media beat up about it – including the bandwagon everyone’s on about finishing=respect. I don’t think it’s fair to berate someone who ignores their ego and possible media ops, to admit the race beat them. Thoughts?? (sorry in advance if this turns roxii But hopefully we can keep it “respectful” and not personal. )
  4. Sunrise or today

    I think it's usually somewhere between 2 and 300k that time in for any significant amount of time, but something like 600k including those who just kinda "check in" with each show. By night time ratings the numbers are actually pretty poor, but there's this big competition thing between them and apparently a good show sets up the channels day. The Goss is she was on about 1.1mill, versus 2 to 3mill for Karl depending on target bonuses. Supposedly 2mill for her from ch10. I saw her on The Project a couple of weeks ago, and even commented to my wife that it seemed strange she was on there. She was quizzed about it at the time and she said Karl was on 60 minutes, or ACA or something at the time, so it was a bit of a channel war and ch10 won! Was she giving a clue?
  5. Achilles Tendonitis

    Anusol has a different ingredient to Rectogesic, not sure if they all do the same thing, or if its the individual ingredients?
  6. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    Straight from Ironman (via the legal department)
  7. Jobs you never knew existed.

    Cool, more useless knowledge to annoy the wife with!!
  8. Jobs you never knew existed.

    Okay, different. in meat chickens, you bread a long wing feather male with short feather females (Ross birds) the chicks wings are inspected and the wing feather length tells the difference ( bit like x & y chromosomes). This is done at the hatchery on day old birds. It is done as the growth rates are different and targeted feed can occur. On layer (egg producing) birds even more important as the males don't lay so absolutely useless
  9. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    What response would you expect from them?
  10. Jobs you never knew existed.

    I think its actually for seeing if the eggs are a bit fertilised before they go into egg cartons.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Jobs you never knew existed.

    sorry whats candling, is this using a candle and romantic setting to get the chicks to come of and the bloke to hide in the corner
  13. Jobs you never knew existed.

    roxii, tell us how you do it. (i know as used to work in the chicken industry) and want to see if 1. reality match imagination
  14. The Mental Health thread

    Just want to say, as has been said so many times by so many people, you guys and this thread are just so wonderful. Thank you.
  15. The Mental Health thread

    You're dead right there. I was talking with someone initially, but I really don't feel she helped much. Which was essentially why I stopped seeing her. I've got to go and see my Doc in the next few weeks anyway, so the timing is good for a new MHP.
  16. The Mental Health thread

    I spoke to my dad last night again, he's really not well, so very distant, his slurry & stuttering speech has worsened, he just seemed so sad, my kids are going to call him this afternoon after school.
  17. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    http://www.triathlete.com/2017/10/news/van-collides-pro-matt-russell-ironman-world-championship_307533 What a piss weak response from Ironman IMO. The guy is in serious trouble and they responded like they were at no fault at all. Cmon.
  18. Long Course Weekend - Jervis Bay LCW

    Hmm... Any clarification on the comment from earlier about Road bikes only? (The course doesn't look TT-unfriendly)
  19. Hurricane Ophelia

    Hows it going FP. looks a bit feral on the weather reports
  20. Kona heat is back

    Yes it hot and humid but it's not hilly. 95% of the starters this year finished which I would have thought is a fair bit higher than most races - probably helps that most people have qualified and/or have done an IM or 2 previously so know what they're in for. I reckon it would be way worse to try and race in 40c than at Kona - anything at or higher than body temperature starts to give you real problems and Kona isn't that bad. As IP says there are too many people on the course which is made worse with the mass start and much more similar abilities that your average race so the packs don't split up. Having said that the mass swim start is part of the Kona magic.
  21. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    What race day insurance would he be eligible for? (Not including suing the crap pu of race management)
  22. Jobs you never knew existed.

    I dont know, Im pretty sure my chosen occupation as "chicken sexer" will be automated all too soon.
  23. Matt Russell crash in Kona (Bad)

    Latest I read was that condition had improved.
  24. TV Shows

    really enjoyed Mindhunter on Netflix.
  25. Jobs you never knew existed.

    The sad thing is all of the people taking the piss on the ironman applications in the past with various job titles are going to be seen as fortune tellers when the jobs they nominated end up becoming reality
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