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  2. Now, forgive me for living in a box, but why do you need to apply to go? Why can't you attend events you want to? Is it the stadiums/venues are too small or is it that organizers want an even spread of spectators across all events?
  3. keep the fitness ticking over by doing what you want when you want. Rather than the plan If you feel like doing nothing do nothing, if you feel like a really quick 5km do it. The down time is as much mental as physical. If you don't have a mental rest and put some fun into it, about 6 weeks before busso you will be really over the structured training. (this is from experience of me doing the Cairns/Busso double). Trail running and MTB, bunch rides are a great way to stay fit but have more fun/social exercise
  4. There's nought you can do and no point. take solace in the fact he is an angry bastard likely having conflict everywhere he goes, you can be bigger than that, moving on in the comfort that you are neither a victim or unhappy pr!ck. road rage I often wind my window down and calmly say "gee you seem a cranky piece of work ... good luck with that in life", and leave it at that
  5. I do whatever training I want to do, swim daily and don't ride or run 6 times a week, just whatever i feel like doing on the day. Forget triathlon/Busso for a while.
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  7. Or similarly make a list of all the things that need doing around the house, all those crappy jobs you have been putting off ..... if that doesn't make you want to go for a ride nothing will
  8. Now is the time to paint that room. Clean the car do the jobs you put off for the last 15 weeks then in a month or so start training for busso.
  9. "We have realised we should have offered an unconditional apology to the court. "We offer that apology now and unreservedly withdraw all comments. "It's clear just how inaccurate our understanding was." In other words - "we are 3 dickheads who should learn to STFU"
  10. Long shot, John Daley the golfer drank and gambled away a cool 20 mil.
  11. So im feeling a little lost after Ironman Cairns, I will be racing again at Busso, so i have my next goal to work towards, but what do i do in the meantime as im still a good month and half form starting my build for Busso, do i just do little jogs- 5-10km, im going to keep swimming, do i join some bunch rides on the roadie and park the TT until i start to build, Im kinda just wondering around the house aimlessly at the moment, bit distant some would say.
  12. No, they're odd. FM
  13. I found doing a craplaod of hill riding changed my cycling times. As others have said, mix it up. One other thing that changed my times was core work. Getting the whole body held together by your middle is paramount to all disciplines. FM
  14. Do these guys even triathlon?
  15. I don't understand what you're paying for with the Tri? Allocated seating? Standing around the Broadwater park?
  16. Na. I like watching the transitions and they bike and run through transition anyway, don't they?
  17. I agree something needs to change but maybe it could be focusing on certain discipline a bit more. What if for a month you added another 5k swim set. Then for a month add a 20k midweek run. Then for a month add a 2 hour wind trainer session.
  18. The epic 80's Remember cruising around Malua Bay with Flick & Fanny, this blasting out of the 72 Corolla. Halcyon Days
  19. Sounds like a serial offender..... Not just in sport.
  20. I posted on Facebook... I'll copy it here.... 1. Looks like calf sleeves are out. The way I read it is that the lower half from hip to ankle is one continuous garment. Also that if you are going to the ankle on the bottom, then you go to the wrist on the top. TA should clarify that one.*shrug* I don't use them, but I would expect a lot more k-tape on legs. 2. A competitor cannot be accompanied by any non-competing person in the finish chute (unless an exception has been issued by the use of a special rule approved by the sanctioning officer or Technical Delegate). *shrug* again, I don't have kids, so I won't be doing that anyway. 3. Ruling on disc brakes still stands. No disc brakes in draft legal races. *mild rage* yeah this annoys me, but they are still only under test by the UCI anyway aren't they?
  21. We're on the same page. It's like my dad always said to me you can't argue with St Peter about whether the traffic light was red or not. BUT to have a go at a cyclist because they were put in danger by somebody else seems a little back to front to me. He perhaps could have done more but the blame is firmly and squarely with the driver who was breaking the law. She got what she deserved.
  22. Ok then, so maybe she's just a prick making excuses....
  23. I've just gone back to doing the opposite, and will keep it that way in the future! I did have my media PC hooked up via HDMI to our tv, then tv via optical to the amp. I'd never really taken much notice cause really the amp does a great job of creating channels from the stereo signal. And I never really looked at the front of the amp properly. But I've found that the tv won't pass the full digital or DTS signal through. In a couple of days I'll have my fil's amp, which has HDMI ARC (audio return channel). So my media PC will hook up to the amp by one HDMI cable. My tv will then hook up to the amp by one HDMI cable from the TV's HDMI ARC output. So everything from the media PC will go to the tv through the amp. And the TV's audio signal will pass back through that HDMI cable to the amp. Apparently that is the only way to get the Netflix apps full 5.1 signal, rather than just stereo. I also was chatting to my other bil and he has to hook everything up this way too as his tv won't pass the full 5.1 signal through. I have an LG TV, he has Sony. I've just had the L and R in ceiling speakers installed, and since I had two for standing speakers unused, I've stuck one of them up at the back wall so currently have a 6.1 system running. I'm sure once my wife wake up she'll have me get rid of that back speaker.....
  24. Ive been lucky to take this guy overseas racing and he is a really great person and I hope he does well in triathlon. He knows how to train hard and has the right temperament to be a success. I know that most people are time poor and cannot commit to huge hours training. If you are happy to be a middle of the packer and enjoy the social aspect of triathlon then that's great. Unfortunately if you want to do 'fast' times or be competitive in your age group, then you need to commit a lot of time and energy to that. Im not sure the OP can really improve his times very much with the hours available. There are no shortcuts.
  25. I think the car has tinted windows, which is often to hide the fact that drivers are on the phone.
  26. There have been changes made to the Race Competition Rules Changes are highlighted in YELLOW One of the main changes is regarding calf sleeves and the following explanation was given The rules have been amended to provide clarity around the use of compression calf guards in a non-wetsuit swim. I have provided below for you the rationale for the change provided by the TA National and Events Manager – Lukas Matys. The advice that we have had from both ITU and Ironman and swim coaches is that ITU/ Ironman have not allowed calf sleeves or ‘any clothing below the knee’ as it is impossible to check if these items contain neoprene or provide assistance to the buoyancy of the athlete (this is in line with our “fairness” approach). Once they are permitted competitors will start using them as an ‘aid’ and we have seen this with speed suits and neoprene bottoms underneath speed suits. These are left in transition and so we can check the calf sleeves are worn throughout the event. The swim must be unassisted and as elevation of the legs is the most demanding. If an athlete is unable to swim without calf sleeves because of an injury, the argument is that they should not be swimming. There is now adequate provision within rule 1.1.O for a competitor that wants to wear a full ‘sun safe’ suit. Competitors have the option to put on the calf sleeves in T1.
  27. anyone know how to setup your TV so that the optical out sound cable sends anything on your TV through your amp. have the cables setup right, just can't get it to send sound for things we plug into TV like apple tv and playstation/laptop through amp to speakers. Foxtel sound plays through amp and TV, have optical from fox to amp though. Thought there was a way audio out on the TV would send any source through the amp without having to connect them all individually to amp.
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