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  2. Cricket

    As an all round option, Cartwrights meds look pretty rank at Test level. He'd want to be top shelf with the bat. Smith has shown time and time again he doesn't rate Maxwell's bowling. The most obvious option is for Smith to pump up and bowl more (training and matches). It appears he is "electing" not to. Piss poor. It would give them better variety too. Then they can play 6 specialist bats. These barely impressive Shield level all rounders are a proven joke at Test level.
  3. Magic. So how?

    Nah I think its more like a version of this Penn's right leg looks a bit suss in the final reveal, I think there is a frame inside the box that Teller sits on or holds on to. Notice Penn makes sure they dont lift the box too high, if they did it would hit the frame or Tellers arse.
  4. WS 70.3

    cool thanks.
  5. WS 70.3

    If I go to the awards ceremony Ill let you know.
  6. WS 70.3

    I'd be interested to see how far the roll down goes, if you happen to hear, let us know!
  7. WS 70.3

    nah never done sunny coast. Weather sounds good. Little warm for run?
  8. Ironman AZ Lionel Sanders sub 8

    i see buns
  9. WS 70.3

    have you ever done sunny coast Zed? Old course? It has half the elevation gain of sunny coast. Mostly smooth roads, little rough on one of the legs but otherwise down on the bars and go for it...
  10. WS 70.3

    Whats the bike route like - flat, good tarmac?
  11. WS 70.3

    19-30deg, 1-5mm rain, wind 5km/h @ 9am...fast ride.
  12. Borrow a bike box?

    Ive got a Scicon available to lend at any time. Pick up and return to Wollongong.
  13. Ironman AZ Lionel Sanders sub 8

    Imagine how long it would take if you had to stop and eat that donut every aid station...
  14. Ironman AZ Lionel Sanders sub 8

    tranny trip to busso?
  15. Ironman AZ Lionel Sanders sub 8

    Any what?
  16. New motorbike

    Although I have bought yet another Kawasaki in line 4, I am aiming for a v-twin before I hang up the helmet and I reckon the V-Strom might fit the bill.
  17. Today
  18. Magic. So how?

    I think he gives a hint - electro magnets, think how a mag-train uses magnets to levitate, he then turns them on and off
  19. The Politics Thread

    She certainly became aware of it, and if I recall she pulled the rug from under the AWH deal they were organizing for themselves, and then put the stops on their other deals until the election. She was then a key witness for ICAC and was cleared by ICAC, but perhaps you know more?
  20. SBS Insight pushing the limits

    What about John and his 100 ironman in 100 days effort?
  21. Ironman AZ Lionel Sanders sub 8

    I didn't notice any donuts?
  22. Nike Vaporfly

    I actually was able to get them through a rep I know in Sept. I found them very soft, underneath is brittle and with the glued in sole. I had to butcher them to get my orthotics in. I have also been using the Zoom Fly and will stick with them for racing. Just feel more solid for me..
  23. Pushing hard enough on the bike

    My experience: constant power is not best way to get get fastest tt time as tri distance decreases and desire to get a place increases ability to be able to ride varying efforts in a race is more important
  24. Ironman AZ Lionel Sanders sub 8

    No Busso is way harder. I only pick easy races & one with....
  25. Magic. So how?

    Buggers me, but have watched a bit of them on Netflix and quite enjoy it. If we knew how they did it it wouldn't be magic, it'd be science!
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