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  2. If that's what you took from that,,I'm out.
  3. Right... The only sides of the fence qualified to argue are those scientists working in the field, and everything else is just noise. It's not about me being personally convinced, as I suspect like yourself, I'm not a qualified climate scientist, and I'm not about to start going down the "it's all a conspiracy" or the "I don't believe the experts" route, as that's just another version of "anti-vaxxer" mentality. Instead, it's about acknowledging the advice of the 98% of publishing climate scientists supporting the consensus on anthropogenic climate change, as detailed in the last IPCC report, and their projection of a dire situation. Of course, it's possible that the 2% of dissenting scientists *COULD* be right (regarding the IPCC projections and/or cause of climate change) but on a crude basis of odds, it's highly unlikely they are... and so it's about risk assessment and the cost associated. As a tax-payer, I would prefer to see public funds be invested in development of solutions to the problem, and not in pointless lip-service programs or investing in exacerbating the problem simply to support denialist dogma and vote buying. However, if you are so convinced they are all wrong, then perhaps you might consider selling your own house and mounting a campaign to illuminate us all to the "facts" according to you.
  4. Greyman

    Froome GONE

    I'm gonna make the call now, he will aim for the 2020 Sun tour here in Victoria as his come back race. It's a pet event for him.
  5. I see what you sneakily did there Xcom!........... You took my “Besides , both sides of the fence show proof it either does exist or doesn’t exist.”........ and made it about “scientists” to suit you agenda. I never said anything about scientists. I was referring to the debate on climate change itself. But whilst we are on the subject of scientists, let’s go back many years and it was the scientists that busted Al Gores “inconvenient truth”. And just because someone is a scientist doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about....it depends who is paying them. Remember all thos scientist who work for sugar and soft drink and tobacco companies who say there products aren’t addictive and aren’t harmful........ how could they be wrong.......... welll we know they are wrong!!!!!!!
  6. So my take on this is..... diesel is better for the environment that petrol which is cleaner..... And if 57% of your energy bills is tax then yes....... the govt is clearly pissing your money up a wall.
  7. Both statements above are ridiculous! And not true! But given you are so convinced.......... what you should do is sell your house and take a gamble. Invest all your proceeds into a company that’s going to solve the worlds climate change issues. Are you going to make that bet........ well are you punk! I am guessing not!
  8. Not only that.... but Matty is probably one of the most impressive athletes going around. And......he’s been doing in for 35+ years.......
  9. Perhaps it's your lack off..
  10. Right, the old "unless you can guarantee success we shouldn't do anything because it's expensive" argument. There is only one 98% guarantee available at the moment - do nothing and we will pay dearly for it. Reducing CO2 emissions is currently the only game in town, and power generation is the primary source. Whether that means renewables + storage or nuclear (preferably LFTR technology) or other non-emitting power-generation tech, we can't choose to do nothing without accepting the risk and cost that may be imposed on our children. If you think we struggle with keeping a lid on 'illegal immigrants' now, just wait until entire areas of the planet become uninhabitable. We will then either have to spend a small fortune building a fortress, or contribute sufficient foreign aid to avoid that migration from happening - either way, if the projections are correct, doing nothing will not be a no-cost option. Of course, we could invest in developing tech for this, that may even be advantageous to our economy, but why do that when we could spend public funds building a new coal-fired powerstation.
  11. Peter

    Froome GONE

    Fark. Not good.
  12. Haha, you had a couple of handicaps! If I wasn't faster I'd be well worried.... Sorry didn't catch you at the end. Turned out there was so many people I knew there who wanted a chat. Got distracted. Next time!
  13. Youll be right. Just need to manage expectations.
  14. Parkrun. First 5k straight in 6 months.
  15. Fa Nice to see you on track...too fast for me today though!
  16. My understanding is that there have been less cyclones here, and less tornadoes in the US If you have evidence to the contrary, happy to have a look at it
  17. This is extremely impressive Ironman allow this. Sometimes you just aren’t ready. Allowing this is a good thing.
  18. Cool So what do you propose we do about it? What difference will it make, and how much will it cost?
  19. I suppose as one example if you don't think that that those more regular bigger than normal typhoon/cyclone/bushfire has been created/increased due to climate change and thus an increased body count then none.
  20. No, it's just choosing to ignore the risk and potential cost. As I stated, if the 98% of climate scientist are correct, and the IPCC projections are anywhere near accurate, then the risk of catastrophe is serious. Low laying heavily populated regions such as Bangladesh or drought affected regions, would see mass exodus and strain resources that will risk wars, etc. Even if you ignore the human cost, that's nevertheless an economic cost that needs to be accounted for, not just ignored and dismissed.
  21. I'm not aware of anyone being killed by an event definitively linked to climate change I am aware of many, many people who struggle to pay their power bills, to cite but one example
  22. How many have been impoverished by climate change as compared to killed by climate change policy?
  23. 16km easy run, that's the last hit out before next Saturday. Hip is not happy but strangely, seems easier running than walking. Netflix and strength work for the next work and a healthy dose of 'she'll be right mate' on the day. 🤞
  24. Given that more people have been impoverished by climate change policy than have been proven to have been killed by climate change, I would suggest that my question is more topical
  25. No, the actual question is how many people are you prepared to kill by choosing to ignore the warnings and do nothing.
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