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  2. willie

    WTB - Treadmill

    I have the one out of my shop. You can have it for $800 and I'll even help you move it out of my garage. I think it's got about 8.5hrs on the motor.
  3. I’ve often wondered, are you actually allowed to take shoes off in the gym? Our gym says on the door that shows must be worn. Where does one stand if they take them off and drop some weights on their foot crushing toes
  4. Some Vegans have spray painted shit on the road up Mt Coot-tha where we do reps. It can't be a good diet, because I was always going too fast at that point to spray paint anything legible on the road.
  5. But wasn't it the hottest & widest Kona ever this year.
  6. I did ask for a $3.5k for a new set of wheels. When my wife asked why I need them. "KOMS" I'm currently sooking around the house because the purchase didn't get approved.
  7. Yeah, but he wouldn't have got near that time on a lot of other years. If it had been a hard one he would have blown a lot worse.
  8. Aren’t Strava segments meant to challenged/beaten? should keep you motivated to get better?
  9. My wife calls it internet bullying. I actually enjoy it have found it has improved my top end sprint speed. *cough, cough...... managed to jag a second in the crit on Wednesday after doing 60% of the work on the front. Up a grade next week
  10. I found that doco very Hollywood and little scientific evidence (didn’t watch the whole thing). My little brother has been a vegan for 5 years and he said the same thing about the doco. my little bro is very lean although he was always very lean to start with, he has commented that he always has an abundance of energy although when I talk to him he always sounds lethargic. he is racing the blackall 100 tomorrow but is not using vegan nutrition i know nothing about vegans but what I’ve seen of his diet..........I couldn’t do it
  11. I think Alex Holbrook is a vegan.
  12. There was a big ruckus a few years ago on here and Roxi ended up banning all the Vegans. Not sure if that ban still exists?
  13. zed

    Sträva segments

    Maybe it was you guys who I read about!?
  14. Got it sorted. He went anticlock wise I went clockwise. My wife said 9:45 at night is too late go out. So I will get it tomorrow.
  15. I did it for Feb this year. It's a lot of work being a vegan. I raced well & dropped a bit of weight.
  16. Go to this thread, there were a few that gave their experiences to start with
  17. I have just watched the vegan documentary that showed numerous athletes doing very well on a vegan diet. Are there any vegans or vegetarians on here and if so I would be keen to hear your experiences of your transition to vegan eating.
  18. Yes and their rate is pretty much the best you will find.
  19. This is my workplaces. 2 gyms 1 spending time watching clients playing tennis 20191014_204309.mp4 InstaSave InstaSave
  20. Sorry I miss read your post. I thought you were saying cash wasn't required. Does transfer wise lock in the current exchange rate or the rate when the money was transferred into the account.
  21. Source out some anytime fitness gyms and if they are up for refurbishment you can get a commercial treadmill (lifefitness brand) about a $13000 tready for $1200
  22. Exactly what's happening with me. I got emailed a segment for a guy who has been targeting my KOMs (he set his account to private) I went out & smashed it today. Then I uploaded & it doesn't show me on the leader board. The map shows me as having ridden the road by no segment is recorded. I equalled his other KOM he got today. He set it at 3:45 & I had to go out after work when the wind had died off. For all my flat fast segments, he sends his mate after them. He takes it so series I find it funny. I like it because it pushes me to improve. When I started taking his KOM he deleted me on facebook & blocked me on Strava, Zwift etc... I find it funny as
  23. As I said with TransferWise you can just get money out here.
  24. The closest thing would probably be making them private
  25. Yeah his time would have been good for top 10 most years bar 2018.
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