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  2. IronJimbo

    Port 2019

    Yes, yes, I'm looking forward to meeting you too 😎
  3. Tooling along, getting the swim KMs in and keeping the bike and run ticking over. CTL flatlining at around 113 before cutting back seriously next week. Race check ride on Saturday... I'll be the dweeb on a training ride with the disc wheel and aero helmet on
  4. Stikman and I trained for a post-IM binge-fest.
  5. A different Anzac day. We did not go to the dawn service this year nor watched anything on the TV. We decided to make our first visit to my great great relatives in The Oaks Cemetery. They are on my father's side, who I have had no contact since I was six years old. My wife had done a lot of work looking back over 200 years of that side of my family. We also celebrated Anzac day by visiting our countryside, Camden, The Oaks, Burragorang Lookout, Picton then a nice lunch at the Bowling Club. Seeing hundreds of people out with their family and friends is really a great feeling and having those that gave so much in our thoughts and hearts. FM
  6. monkie

    2019/2020 Season

    After Port it's 3 weeks off for me and then into Sydney Marathon (hoping to get near to 2:45) then, alas, it's time to head back to the UK so we shall have to see what that leads to. Although if I break 2:50 then I should get a spot in the London Marathon so that will be at least one race in the calendar!
  7. I did the B&B swim this morning at Manly. They had a 10 minutes or so service and the last post. Then about 1000 people did the swim. I was lucky enough to be one of the first to hit Fairy bower and when I stood on the beach and looked back at about 1000 pink swim caps all coming towards us it was an amazing site.
  8. Flanman

    2019/2020 Season

    So as always coming up to my last race of the season, I have started planning for the next season. This keeps my mind active and how I can build on previous years.This was my smallest racing season for a lot of years, which is normally about six. Only three races this season (Nepean, the Gong Standard and upcoming Port 70.3). I added the Sydney to Gong ride plus a 380 km TdC ride. After looking at my stats, my winter will focus on getting my weakness (running) into better shape. I will also continue to keep my increased riding strong. My swimming will take a back seat (sorry, winter Swim gurus). I will look to do a few winter/spring running races. This will be a great launching pad for next season - with Nepean and WS 70.3 paid and targeted. Will decide after that for the rest of 2019/2020. After all, I'll be in a new AG for the full season. FM
  9. Monday 22 April to Thursday 25 April - zippo. Tomorrow, Sat, Sunday - zippo. Then a quick swim on Monday and Friday next week and a short brick on Wednesday. That should ensure this infection has the best chance of being gone (it has started going now). FM
  10. I think that's why Richie and Alex broke up!!!!
  11. Flanman

    Port 2019

    The first and last 11 - 12 kms of each lap are very lumpy compared to most courses (out /in of Port). A lumpy bit around Bonny Hills but not too bad. The roads to Dunbogan and Camden Head feels like they go on too long (you are waiting for the turnarounds) with it being bumpy and very dead. Be careful not to lose anything from the bike. You have a good run of 10 kms from 70 - 80 kms where you can quite easily sit on 30 - 35+ kmh. Then after that, you strike the last 11 - 12 kms from just short of the Golf Course. Enjoy Elvis and the gang of supporters on MF Hill. After MF Hill is over, the lumps are there all the way into town. Make sure you leave a little in the tank and head for them. If you are suffering on your last lap (or 1st in the 70.3), let your adrenalin help you after Flynns Beach. A great ride up Stewat St with all the club tents. Each person that is watching/cheering are there for YOU - take their energy. Into town is just a blur. Be carful of the turns then the last right hand turn roundabout from Short St to Buller St - the camber is a bit negative plus your concentration wanders as there is only 300 metres to go. Great ride gang. FM
  12. Let's talk about abortion instead... anyone?
  13. It's either creepy uncle Joe or crazy comrade Bernie atm Fun times
  14. I would probably have voted Liberals this election, as their policies see me a little better off, but I cannot for the life of me vote for him. His duplicity in so many things is cringe-worthy. The fact that he had a go at other candidates for not living in the electorate (one lives less than 10 minutes outside, and has worked in the electorate for 12 years), when he first stood for a seat on the south side of Brisbane while living 25km north of Brisbane, and then 3 elections ago trying to parachute himself into a safe Gold Coast seat, but got rejected by the local party. edit: I just heard he sold his Canberra apartment last month. Maybe he's seen the writing on the wall.
  15. Dutton is an absolute arse-wipe. I'd be delighted to see him in offshore detention for 7 or 8 years.
  16. This was Pete last night bringing the house down with his comments that he was from a poor family and didn't get to go to, in his words, "a Tier 1 School". He was only able to go to St Pauls.
  17. Out of interest what have you changed your mind on? There are some people out there fortunately who are able to look at each issue in isolation without being blinded by their left/right allegiance. I'll admit in right leaning but still call the libs out when they deserve it (which is increasingly a lot) but my mate is a hard core Labor supporter and no matter what they do he finds and excuse to support them. It's infuriating and just stupid. So we don't talk politics anymore. To be honest though I've given up on politics, they are all self serving Muppets who for the most part would have a clue about the real world.
  18. willie

    Garmin 945

    Considering the price (even at wholesale), I'll stick to my 935 thanks.
  19. I don’t agree. I have changed my mind on religion. I have also changed my vote or should I say who I will vote for compared to how I did in the last election.
  20. Joe is 76 years old. Will be 77 in 2020. Why would America want to elect a great grand father? Don’t they have anyone that isn’t one 32 tables a day that wants to be the American President?
  21. Not true. I've changed my mind on a few subjects over the last few years.
  22. What probably didn't help was my "pre-triathlon" days of running barefoot. Cross country trails & grass were probably ok, but I also used to do fun-runs & road training barefoot.
  23. I've had a couple of pairs of Shoes get to that point, but with the soles still a small bit of life in them. I usually store them up and use them for a trail run where the conditions are wet and / or muddy and throw them out after. (Just need to hide them from the wife and her one pair in, one pair out rule) Glad to hear others get past the 1000km mark, I'm carrying more weight than I need to and still seem to get past this mark consistently. I usually rotate between at least 2 pairs though as well
  24. There are sites in Vic where it is, not all of them but some tradies who are employees need to have it to work on certain sites
  25. It's not just the juniors and casuals. I see cases in senior work as well, told the AMNF about a nursing home where my wife worked for a few weeks before getting out. The staff there were told to stand next to the aged home patients while they smoked, not just to take them to the smoking area, but explicitly directed to stand within an arms reach of them while they smoked. The AMNF still has done nothing despite it being a clear violation of OH&S laws, and having a number of members working at the home. So tell me again how paying money to a union helps? PS, I hate these employers immensely as well, everyone of them causes tightening of the laws which makes it harder for everyone. And that's on top of the injustice issue...
  26. My wife's Great Grandfather fought at Gallipoli, then came home to farm and then teach at Wagga. We were down there for a Uni open day and looked around for farm names we had dug up. Found a road named after his family then when we got home I tracked a map in National Library online with landholdings and owners names, his family owned all the property adjoining Charles Sturt Uni in North Wagga. If my daughter ends up studying there it will be kind of poetic.
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