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  2. The Last Jedi

    I saw the Last Jedi at midnight screening and again this morning at 9.30 am. (life long fan) I liked it. What are your thoughts?. Don't want to spoil it for the uninitiated
  3. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

  4. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    I think this is a similar model: Go to around 1:30 for a look at the hinges and the way it folds. Mute the "music" there is no commentary.
  5. What training did you do today?

    I find a pull buoy helps me for speed-wise for anything over 200m (though it's only a small one) but under that I'm much quicker without. I suppose it's cause I use a 6 beat kick and it's quite efficient. It keeps my body in good position & actually provides propulsion when I put the effort into it over the shorter distances. I just wish I could get rid of this shit shoulder. Got it smashed up playing league as a teenager and it's never been the same since. I can maintain it in a reasonable status doing the mileage I do, but as soon as I add paddles or butterfly it goes on me. Physio has helped, but not enough. And yes, I am continuing work on it.
  6. Darwin peeps

    Crocosaurus Cove. Apparently there has never been a complaint about the food.
  7. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    He wants to race for the good country
  8. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

  9. Today
  10. The Movie Quote Game

    Okay. "You've been away too long Craig".
  11. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Not too worried about office. I'm pretty sure the school put that on for us. 2 in 1 - She's not real gentle. Rushes everything. I'm concerned that she's going to try and pull it apart or put it back together too quickly and bugger it. Maybe i need to look at one IRL Yeah, ideally 11" Not too concerned about price so long as it's value for money.
  12. The Movie Quote Game

    A quote I often hear around here. I always wondered where it came from.
  13. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    This. Alas.
  14. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Need to attend qual races in UK. Looked into it myself.
  15. So froome is a drug cheat

    We all know the only reason an Aussie didn’t win any sporting event is because everyone else was cheating
  16. What gets on my quince....

    ... If you're not out of the way, you're in the way!
  17. Music

    I love this. They sound more Radiohead than Radiohead! The second half reminds me of Neil Young for some reason.
  18. Giant Trinity TT module

    Cmon Shrek, you know you want it anyone keen before I stick it on Facebook.
  19. So froome is a drug cheat

  20. How did shane kelly ride this?

    That saddle - ouch
  21. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    I'm gonna say it! Just buy the Lenovo yoga one that Tyno linked, the second one. Those other ones may as well be sold at Toyworld as they're not much more than that. Jasmine is entering grade 11 next year and will be using nearly the same sort of system as that Yoga (cept hers is a Dell). The flip over screen will be fine. She was carrying a 15" laptop in grade 9 and it was killing her.
  22. So froome is a drug cheat

    So where does Cadel Evans fit on the inhaler ---------> needle scale?
  23. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Oh and 11 or 12 inch screen is going to generally be lighter for your little girl to lug around than a 14 or 15 inch screen..
  24. Laptop needed for 8 year old at school

    Of those 2, the Lenovo has the slightly better spec, but it will likely weigh more and you don't get the O365 subscription If that's your price point, I'd look at: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/laptops/hp/hp-stream-x360-11-ab015tu-2-in-1-laptop-with-office-365-1yr-subscription-aqua-bl/350715/ Just a bit of a step up from the one you posted. Bear in mind with the HP Stream models, you don't have much space to save/install stuff locally, they are pretty much designed to work with cloud storage/apps.. If you can stretch a bit more, I'd be tempted to go with https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/laptops/lenovo/lenovo-yoga-310-2-in-1-laptop-white/421350/ More local storage and better processor should mean better performance, but it depends if you'll need it.
  25. Bike Rego (Christmas fun)

  26. What training did you do today?

    I use massive paddles and a HUUB big bouy. Aerobic strength. Try to get/keep my cadence up at 30 usually about 27-28
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