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  2. Near new tri shoes in excellent condition having only been used three times in races. Shoes come with shimano cleats in excellent condition. Having used a number of tri shoes these are the best ones I have found, with the strap and fit of the shoes being just as good a a full cycling shoe. Selling as I'm not racing any more. $50 ono
  3. PeterW

    easy clipping out

    Hey Everyone. My wife is always complaining about how hard it is to clip out of her pedals on a bike that she uses to commute to work. She has Sidi shoes with Shimano red cleats and Durace pedals (off one of my old race bikes). Is the clip-out force adjustable (I know there is a little screw/bolt thing but I don't know what it does) and does it make much of a difference? Are some pedals sloppier/easier than others? Please help - she's driving me nuts about this!
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  5. BarryBevan

    Busso 2019

    Bored@ is onto something with busso though, you can go 5 hours at 180 watts, is this that easy or is it a draft fest?
  6. As political as triathlon?
  7. Sorry, I forgot it was the Trump thread.
  8. Hey-Zues!!! Maydena is crazy. Steep, wet, slippery and long. Someone post me some new hands. Cooked. Had a big off after an amateur error changing directions on the slippery boards at speed. Lucky not to do major damage. Young bloke just hit the pro jump line. Fark I would be in strife if he busted himself there. First run I hated the place, but it has grown on me. Gaps jumps aside, I'll have a crack at everything but this sh1t is next level hardcore. Almost too hard to enjoy.
  9. I think my second reply was a response to a 2004 era thread where the OP asked how long the Bay Run was, the first answer said 7km, I said I've measured it using GPS as a bit longer than that and you may as well take credit for the extra 250m or so, the next post was some guy who did the measuring for various fun runs around sydney, jumping down my throat saying how inaccurate GPS was and my opinion was crap. When I replied to ask how far he thought it was, his value less than 20m different to mine... Not bitter or anything 🙂
  10. Using facts and logic again
  11. I was on CR for years and I learnt so much from them when I first started running 10 years ago. They were so helpful to newcomers and no question was too stupid. There would often be debate but it was mostly well intentioned. Then two people started bringing politics into every thread and bullying people who didn't have the same opinions as them. That's when I left. Sad to see it go, but there were fewer and fewer posters...
  12. Honestly didn't know it even existed.
  13. Been lazing around on the lounge since nippers and was looking through photos came a cross this shot from my last indo trip a few years back this shot doesn’t do it justice on the shear size of this day .and how it broke directly onto the reef i didn’t paddle out on this day my pants were full of .....!! couple of mates did one got busted up
  14. He didn't ask for a ruling. He simply claimed it and told his staff and former staff that they were not to testify. The reason there was a ruling made is that one of his former staff went to the Federal Court to ask them what to do, as he'd been subpoenaed but told by the white house that he wasn't to testify.
  15. I did a few qualifiers and worlds in 2018. 100 would be enough. No jumps etc. Some technical with rocks, slippery, climbing etc. But pretty tame really so go lighter. I went big and chose poorly.
  16. It's a grey area with much nuance and individual experience guiding people's thoughts and actions. come on this is iron jimmy
  17. You do realise that many people identify as members of a religion and do not agree with, or live 100% of that religion's teachings. You will call them out as hypocrites, they would probably call themselves pragmatic or progressive. It's a grey area with much nuance and individual experience guiding people's thoughts and actions.
  18. There were four crocs sunning themselves or floating in the river adjacent to the Highway Crossing last time I was there (June last years); including one light grey coloured 4.5M behemoth. ...
  19. I have only completed IMs in one location and have 15 HIM/long course at various NSW locations. The 400 metre finish line shute , down the hill and next to the beach, at Forster was magical. FM
  20. Bummer. I didn’t visit there often but always used the calendar for runs. I did a few Fat Ass races with Kevin and Sean Greenhill being so welcoming. FM PS: Just found a Fat Ass photo from 2000. Lost Worlds of Kuringai run. I am 4th from the right.
  21. Yeah, did that too. Yes, that was pretty special! And at the Beer Mile at Port
  22. Hahaha... Bit defensive there Bored@ . It's not like I've ever heard you talk about Ironman before . But the whistling emoji was because I'd mentioned some of the races that I'd done myself. You've got to admit, talking about past IM's is a favourite pastime for many IM finishers. But then again, I guess this is a triathlon forum .
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